Been beating my head against the wall with a Mistwrought ficlet the past week. Lailya and Halion and Farran and the morning after a truly epic absinthe bender and the drunken blackout thaumaturgical engineering (this ficlet, in fact, only came to exist because I wanted to use the phrase "drunken blackout thaumaturgical engineering" because seriously LOOK AT IT is that not an awesome phrase?) that said absinthe bender resulted in and "Fuck what did we create?" "It's going to get us preemptively banned from another five realms at least, whatever it is." "It's an unholy mating of engineering and arcana, we're looking at someone declaring war." "Oooh, we haven't had one of those recently! :D" and it's stalled out on me for various reasons, most of them boiling down to Lailya and Halion and Farran deciding to be temperamental bitches and not cooperating. AGAIN.

Why do I love these three so much despite the agony they put me through?


Had funtimes last night in the wonderful world of Azeroth! Ran through Icecrown Citadel 10-man on heroic with the guild for achievements and titles and it was awesome! Got the Glory of the Icecrown Raider achievement (hel~lo there, Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher, you are my precious new shiny) AND the "Bane of the Fallen King" title (it's my favorite title in-game, too) on (original!)Lailya. The Lich King remains my absolute favorite boss fight in the whole of WoW - great mechanics and a truly epic ending; Deathwing honestly kind of sucks on various levels - and on heroic it's still tricky for a group of level 85's with top-tier raid gear. We steamrolled through the rest of ICC pretty easily, but wiped four times on Arthas. So much fun.

Also, still way too obsessed with BPAL for my own good. We'll just end it there.

Feeling antsy, otherwise. Must find something to do and/or entertain myself. Meh. Where did I put my copy of The Alloy of Law...
I should not be this damn happy to go daily-questing in Deepholm's Crumbling Depths, idly decide to use that bomb from that other daily to launch myself up to the otherwise-inaccesible-chamber to see if maybe Jadefang has spawned, FIND THAT JADEFANG HAS SPAWNED AND THERE'S NO ONE ELSE THERE, kill him, and get myself the Tiny Shale Spider companion pet at long last.

I really shouldn't. And yet I am, mostly because I am NEVER this lucky.

Tiny Shale Spider: *squeak!*
Lailya: *kisses its carapace* I'm going to name you Sirpa.
Sirpa: *squeak!*
Ituhala: *eyes the spider* It's animated stone and precious gems, how in the Nether is it able to squeak?
Lailya: Don't know, don't care. *coos*
Sirpa: *squeak!* *scurries up Lailya's arm and shoulder, and ends up perching on the warlock's head*
Lailya: *squee* So precious!
Sirpa: ♥
Ituhala: You worry me.
Lailya: Hush.
Goddamnit, Blizzard.

Stop sending me "play for seven days free!" e-mails. I am sick to death of them. I am not going to play WoW again. Not ever. There is nothing you can do to make me go back.

No, not even if you made it F2P. Like that would ever happen, anyway, you money-grubbing, soul stealing bastards. I'm this close to deciding to not get Diablo III, even though I've been eagerly anticipating it for years. Always connected? Real fucking money in auctions? What the flying fuck, Blizzard?

Yes, I miss playing Lailya something fierce at times. No, it's not enough to make me resubscribe. Lailya will continue to exist as a snarky, demon-summoning, cane-wielding, monster-plant-raising bitch of an elf in some other form. How about the owner of an interdimensional tavern? Yeah, I've been fiddling with that idea for years. Lailya is all mine. I don't need Azeroth to have one of the best, most fun characters I've ever played to continue existing.

I quit you, you goddamn sonsabitches. Leave me alone.

No love,

P.S. Star Wars: The Old Republic and I are going to have so much fun.
Blaaaaargh. Long semester. Thanksgiving break is nearly upon us. Yaaaay.

Getting into gear for Cataclysm. Mad explosion of RP on the guild forum, which has made the other Iron-Singers and I do happy dances. Expecting good things come the expansion RP-wise. (Also, raiding! Achievements! Questing! Whee!)

Don't remember the last time I read a book for fun. Much saddened by this. Hopefully I can start (and finish!) The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson before 2011 begins. Unlikely, but I'm gonna damn well try.

Kind of burned out from college this semester. Really want to write something, but just don't know what. Silly Nora and Sav hijinks? Rhakunvar and Yalora being all cuddly and sappy and terrifying everyone around them? Lailya picking up her terrible manathistle-cigarette smoking habit again as Azeroth burns? That Brindlewood story that's a barely disguised BoB AU with hints of my one true literary love that's been sitting in the back of my head for two years?

Meh, I'm done with classes early tomorrow. Maybe I'll finally get around to typing some of these ideas out.


Jan. 29th, 2010 07:48 pm

So yeah, today was effin' cold, especially this morning when it was windy and the windchill made it feel like negative ten. Srsly. I love mah hometown, but there are down sides to living in Boston. Like JANUARY. (And February. Fuck, next month is not going to be fun.)

Hoping it will at least not be windy tomorrow, as I'm heading down to the Coolidge Corner GameStop to indulge in nerdy-goodness. Won't be walking (waaaaaay too far), but the stroll down to Kenmore to hop on the T ain't going to be pleasant if I can't feel my extremities.

Should go start prepping for the ICC raid tonight (PLEASEGOD LET US DOWN DEATHBRINGER, I AM SO DAMNED SICK OF THAT ENCOUNTER). Will likely instead end up reading fanfiction of the porny variety to giggle over (shutup, it's better written than anything found at the Pit, let me have my vices) until we start pulls. Yar.

Should make myself a Lailya icon. <3 my acerbic, soul-draining, whiskey-and-coffee-drinking warlock.

Ohheythere, made the Dean's List again. Muahahah.
Well, damn.

Spoilers, HO! )


Aug. 14th, 2009 10:03 pm

(Also, the information provided in the link in the cut has yet to be confirmed by Blizzard, so take everything with a grain of salt until an announcement. Please know that this post will also contains the gut reactions of a dedicated fan and gamer to this information and has yet to be thought of rationally.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled post.)


Blizzard, I love you. I hate you. WWWHHHHHHHYYYY?!


Aug. 4th, 2009 10:25 am
Patch Day, Patch Day, Patch Day!

New pets and mounts and quests and druid forms-

Ituhala: YAY!

-and Northrend Children's Week-

Lailya: *cuddling a wolvar pup and cooing*

-rogues can use axes (which makes sense, they're good at weaponizing everything)-

Ashke: *hefts an axe and carefully examines its edge* Meh, I'll stick with swords.

-engineering stuff-

Raseleane: *mad scientist laughter*
Ituhala, Lailya, and Ashke: *inch away slowly from the gnome mage*

-and it's PATCH DAY, YAY!

Ituhala and Raseleane: Cheap riding skill! Yay!

...Hello, my name is DT, and I'm a World of Warcraft addict who talks to her characters.
This morning
Me: Huh. Got some time before class, but not enough to really get into the last part of my paper. Maybe do some dailies real quick? Yeah, why not...

In Dalaran
Marcia Chase: ...Lots of goodies down in the sewers. Just fish up some corroded jewelry and I'll give you something for your troubles.
Lailya: *shrugs* Works for me.

In the Cantrips & Crows in the Underbelly
Lailya: *sitting on the dock, swinging her feet and humming as she casts her line* Ooh, hey, something shiny there! *reels her line in*
Giant Sewer Rat: *clutching fishing line*
Lailya: o_o?
Lailya: *SCREAMS*

Sreng: You gunna eat dat?
Lailya: *staring at the rat, wide-eyed* I'm pretty sure I'd catch a disease if I tried. Dath'Remar's bones, that thing is bigger than a gnome...
Lailya: *shudders*


Apr. 14th, 2009 10:37 am

Patch 3.1 is downloaded and ready to go for when the realms go back online later today. *rubs hands together and cackles*

...Aw, crap. I told myself I'd do more work on my research paper today. Dammit. Better to wait until the blasted thing's completed, anyway, less guilt. Also less people clogging up the new Argent Tournament grounds; that place is going to outdo Dalaran and Shattrath on their worst days in terms of lag.

Also, re: Secrets of Ulduar sneak peak trailer:

King Varian Wrynn of Stormwind is a complete and utter BASTARD and I despise him with all my heart and soul. I know he has issues with the Horde, but DUDE, the Horde took TREMENDOUS losses at the Wrathgate, too, you self-centered bastard. Also, letting your prejudices get in the way of a much-needed alliance to, you know, STOP AND KILL A NEWLY RELEASED OLD GOD OF DEATH THAT MAKES ARTHAS LOOK LIKE A PUSSY AND WILL REND THE WORLD ASUNDER? You suck so hard.


Annnnd time to head off to class.


Mar. 17th, 2009 08:26 pm
You know it's Saint Patrick's Day when you stumble into the dining hall at 9 AM and see nothing but a sea of green. Very disconcerting when you haven't had your first infusion of caffeine yet.

Also, proof that we did indeed down Kel'Thuzad last night!

Cut because my screen resolution is ridiculously large and so are the screenshots I have. )

Also, there was this article in today's Metro that well and truly made my mind boggle. Just... read it for yourself. There are no words.

Right. Time for a quick nap!


Mar. 17th, 2009 12:23 am
Ironsong Tribe downs Sapphiron and Kel'Thuzad! Naxxramas has fallen!


Screenshots in the morning when I'm not half-dead.



Mar. 13th, 2009 08:17 pm
Billy's home for his spring break just as mine begins to come to an end. I'm going to convince him to come visit me at BU so I can show him off and prove that yeah, my twin brother is a foot taller than me.

Touareg's still being worked on at the dealership; they know some kind of wire is fried, but they haven't found which one. In the meantime, we have a rental that's either a Jetta or a Passat, we can't tell, and it is an ugly piece of shit pussy car that my own five foot five inch Italian mother can't sit in properly it's so damned small. (She got a backache from driving it, and the only reason she was driving was because there was no where near enough room in the front seat for my dad.) I'm tempted to call it Cobb. Or Sobel.

Contemplating leaving The Rig at home and bringing The Bitch (laptop) back to college with me instead. Easier to transport, obviously, and by some miracle Dad and Billy got the thing working after my last visit home. Will think on it. If The Bitch is running better than ever, I may even deign to give it an actual name.

All right, time to pet Jazz before she decides to sit directly in front of the computer screen, and after that, get ready for Naxxramas. Woot, raiding!
Bit bored today, so I thought I'd do a little something to alleviate that.

So, here's a little idea I had. It's not a meme I picked up anywhere, but I thought it'd be fun for me to do nonetheless.

I've got a lot of original characters banging around my head - some I've explicitly written about, like Nora and Sav and a few of the other Watchers 'verse guys, and some I've only mentioned in passing, like Aces and Cahill and my WoW-based characters. So, as a way to get to know my own characters better (especially the ones I haven't written much about yet), I'll list twenty or so them here and let you guys pick any three you want to know more about - I'll give you a brief rundown of their personalities, quirks, and background but feel free to ask specific questions about them.

1. Lailya Lunamortis (World of Warcraft)
1. Ashke Crowfeather (World of Warcraft)
3. Honora "Nora" McCormick (Watchers)
4. Savannah "Sav" Bishop (Watchers)
5. Daniel "Danny" McCormick (Watchers)
6. Mark McCormick (Watchers)
7. Vanessa "Nessa" McCormick (Watchers)
8. Charlie "Aces" Buchanan (Watchers)
9. Harrison Cahill (Watchers)
10. Robert E. Hatfield III (Watchers)
11. Rhakunvar (Watchers)
12. Yalora (Watchers)
13. Cynthia Bradford (Brindlewood)
14. Sophia Wyndham (Brindlewood)
15. Shae Valya (Schadenfreude)
16. Donovan Fisk (Schadenfreude)
17. Veronica "Roni" Fisk (Schadenfreude)
18. Lachesis a'Kleva (Schadenfreude)
19. The Schadenfreude (Schadenfreude) (Yes, I consider the ship itself a character in its own right.)
20. Freebie - if there's a character I haven't listed, but you know I have somewhere in my head (even the "retired" ones), ask!

Let's see how this goes, shall we?
So, I was just minding my own business this morning, surfing the 'Net 'cause I had time before my first class, when lo, I idly decide to check out the awesome that is And what do I find?


Ulduar raid! Yogg-Saron boss! Hodir himself! (Well damn, it's about time, maybe he can tell us where all the Daughters of Hodir have gone, because the Sons haven't been getting any if the quests are anything to go by!) Titles! Mounts! Pets! ([ profile] predikit hasn't stopped spazzing about those two.) Dual specialization! Patterns!

Lailya: PATTERNS?!
Ashke: Ah, hell.
Eboncloud: *facepalm* She won't shut up now.
Lailya: PATTERNS! *dive tackles the tailoring patterns and sobs happily*
Ashke: Freak.
Eboncloud: There's something wrong with you if you're more excited about making clothes than currently raiding Naxxramas with your new guild.
Lailya: SILENCE, HEATHENS! Sshhh, babies, mama's here, don't listen to the silly Death Knights...
Ashke and Eboncloud: *sigh*

...Um, yes. Patterns. AND A TOURNAMENT! The Argent Tournament! Titles! The ability to represent your faction in the tournament or all of them at once! MOUNTED COMBAT! OH MY GOD, WE FINALLY HAVE MOUNTED COMBAT!

Somewhere in Icecrown
Highlord Darion Mograine: ...I was under the impression you and the Argent Crusade were preparing to build Justice Keep.
Highlord Tirion Fordring: Nope, Argent Coliseum.
Darion: But, Arthas? In Icecrown Citadel? Right over there? *waves vaguely in the direction of the gigantic metallic structure that dominates most of Icecrown*
Tirion: Screw Arthas, we must have blood sport!
Darion: *headdesk*

And new talents and abilities and items and Ulduar is shiiiiiiiny, lookit all the siege weaponry, and ooohhh, legendary item!

Ashke: *rubs her temples* Where's the booze?
Hit level 80 on Lailya today. BOOYAH! Now I just need to finish the last non-daily quests I've got with her in Icecrown, including a rather longish chain, but that may take a bit of doing because they are nasty group quests which I cannot solo, for I am a squishy, cloth-wearing warlock. Draining souls can't help you if you're dead in two shots.

Mildly disappointed with the yearbook. My father was not impressed with the picture quality, and after dinner he broke out his high school senior yearbook from 1968 and entertained us with stories of his classmates. (My dad is a ham now and he was a ham then, if those pictures I saw were anything to go by. Snerk.)

Also, a bit of flailing on the part of me and my dear brother tonight.

TV: *showing CSI commercial*
Me and Billy: *barely paying attention*
TV: *Laurence Fishburne comes on*
Me and Billy: *whip around to stare at TV*
TV announcer: Laurence Fishburne joins CSI on December 11.
Billy: O_O
Me: Eeeee!
Billy: O_O!!
Me and Billy: *high-five*

Good times, good times.


Nov. 13th, 2008 06:26 pm
World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

I has it.


Death Knights and level 80 and Northrend and adorable in-game undead pet and zombies and ghouls and Nerubians (NERUBIANS!!!) and walrus-men and new talents and frostweave and pretty soundtrack and frost wyrms and ice!Tauren and dragons and OHMYGODSOCOOL.

I'm in love.

(Also, I now have hordes of plot bunnies and evilly cackling muses. I am seriously considering sicking Speirs on them. Or Soulcatcher. Or Shelob. Someone to get them to shut the hell up.)


Nov. 12th, 2008 11:54 am
So, yesterday did some errands with Mom yesterday and got to visit Borders for the first time in a while. Yay, books! Didn't go crazy, though, I've still got those books from the Science Fiction Book Club to finish. However, I picked up Hellsing volume 9 (FINALLY, IT'S OUT), and two Glen Cook books: The Tyranny of the Night and The Dragon Never Sleeps, the latter of which is a space opera. Woot, space opera!

Currently vaguely amused with Blizzard's incompetence at the moment. The servers have been down since yesterday morning and didn't go back online due to the fact that during maintenance they apparently broke the mail system. If they aren't up at midnight when Wrath of the Lich King goes live, people are going to be pissed. Me, not so much, mostly because my pre-order of the Collector's Edition from Amazon won't arrive until tomorrow. Eeee, artbook! Eeee, baby frost wyrm! Eeee, DEATH KNIGHT!

Considering breaking out my dad's "Man With No Name" trilogy that I got him for Christmas last year. Mmm, spaghetti Westerns. Mmm, young Clint Eastwood...

Which reminds me of this awesome little bit about Westerns my grandfather said in a recent letter to us: "I love those old Westerns (you can watch them with a family member without being embarrassed). A stranger rides into town, shoots all the bad guys, kisses his horse and rides into the sunset, leaving the town to be taken over by the next bunch of bad guys until a stranger rides into town..."

Obviously my love of Westerns is something that goes back a few generations.

Now, what should I watch first? A Fistful of Dollars or The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly? Decisions, decisions.

You know what I need? More Western icons.

EDIT 12:04 PM: Well, would you look at that. Blizzard finally got most of the servers up. Let's see how long this lasts.
So, I finally started playing WoW again.

Yeah. Bye-bye, soul. Nice knowing you.

*facedesk* I am so weak-willed.

No, damnit, Muses! Back! Stay back! Don't you DARE put that crossover in my head! That's unholy! It's wrong! I DON'T CARE IF HE'D MAKE A GREAT PALADIN! Don't you fucking dare! There is a line between crack and wrong, and you're crossing it! I will not put the boys of Easy in Azeroth! Get back, ye demons of the pit! BACK I SAY!
So, didn't get to go to the game today. One, Dad absolutely had to be on the Cape today because he had a big team working on the homestead (as we've come to call the family property in West Dennis) and so couldn't get back to Boston with the tickets, and quite frankly, no one here at home was willing to endure a three hour (at best) round-trip drive to pick them up. Two, with so much rain the game was postponed anyway so there was no point.

Also, we got slaughtered last night. I stopped watching when it was 13-5; trust me, it was ugly. Which also means the Rays take the AL East and Jesus Christ, that is so damned wrong on so many levels. The Rays, not sucking? Why haven't the Four Horsemen shown up already?

So instead I amused myself for most of the day by finishing The Darkangel and then plowing through A Gathering of Gargoyles, which I actually enjoyed more than the first book. The second book in a trilogy better than the first? I'm not even sure The Lord of the Rings can boast that (and this coming from a girl who considers Tolkien her Literary God). I haven't started The Pearl of the Soul of the World yet, mostly because I need a little time to absorb what happened in the first two books. Yeah, Meredith Ann Pierce is my Literary Goddess.

After I finished reading, I watched some movies with Billy: Balls of Fury (stupid as Hell and it completely reaffirmed how much Christopher Walken scares the crap out of me) and American Gangster (Denzel Washington is made of pure awesome and Russel Crowe is the same as always). And since the game ended up postponed, FOX has been showing the Cubs-Brewers game, so we've been watching that. We were pretty impressed with Ted Lilly's pitching and hitting, although his teammates screwed up his potential no-hitter. My interest is flagging, though; it's not quite the play-offs and I can't bring myself to give a damn about the National League just yet.

Been fiddling with the talent calculators over on the WoW website. I think I know what I want Lailya's build to ultimately be, but since I'm not in the beta I can't really test it out to see if it needs tweaking to make it more viable as a leveling/grinding spec. You can see what I've got here and any input from my fellow WoW geeks would be much appreciated. I haven't even thought about Ashke's build; I'm rerolling her as a Death Knight on Blackwater Raiders (Lailya's staying put on Silver Hand for now) and since I don't know how DKs play at all until WotLK launches I haven't the faintest idea of what would make a good spec. I'd go troll the forums, but the official WoW forums are cesspools on a good day so I'd rather not touch 'em.

All right, I'm going to go watch the WotLK opening cinematic again and drool over that frost wyrm.



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