Nov. 7th, 2012 08:21 pm
Watching the Pennsylvanians freak out about the snow earlier was really, really funny.

*cackles and sips her tea*

/unimpressed New Englander

(Put some boots on, wimps, it's just frozen water.)

P.S. Have graded memo assignment, probably going to want to kill myself sometime within the next week. Ah, law school.
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Taking a quick break from my research paper (just hit the fifteen page minimum and I am still not done! Woohoo!) to share the hilarity myself and some friends on Facebook (and by friends I mean people I actually know and have seen in person) are indulging in regarding what the weather in Boston is going to be like this week.

Some gems include:
  • "New England: where in the morning you wear a parka and have the heat in the car on high, and in the afternoon you wear shorts and have the air conditioning blasting away!"
  • "This week we will be experiencing highs in the high 80s AND the low 50s. Welcome to New England, where the forecasts are made up and the seasons don't matter!"
  • "I'm Drew Carey and I'll be your host today. The first game is called "holy fuck I would have worn shorts today had there not been a layer of snow on the ground.""
Oh, Boston. As much as I bitch about you, never change, my love, never change. 
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Should really start packing stuff up for move-in. Mom and I are going to get to Boston early on Thursday to get my keys, and start the move-in process, then it'll be off to LSAT prep at 6PM per usual, then back home to the Cape, and then we'll finish moving in Sunday. (Because Mom point blank refuses to have to drive herself home to the Cape on a Saturday afternoon on Labor Day weekend and I can't blame her.)

So, so ready for the semester to begin and be back in Boston and ugh. Have I mentioned that I hate living on Cape Cod? Because I really hate living on Cape Cod.

Despite general apathy toward packing, I'm still feeling really good. Hurricane damage was minimal - the locust tree in the background was blown completely out of the ground, roots and all, much to Dad's displeasure, and all the locust trees in the plot on the other side of the road were either pulled out too or snapped in half, but there's no damage to the house or anything else - and we only had a few brief moments yesterday when the power flickered. Yard's covered in lots of little sticks but that was to be expected, honestly, but Billy doesn't have work today so I don't have to do clean up. *smug happy dance*

Also, I took my third diagnostic exam for my LSAT class on Saturday (did it at home, really didn't want to drive up to Boston) and eeeee! I scored a 151 on the first exam at the very beginning of class - basically I was right on the national average. The second exam I went down to 148, which isn't unusual during the course. But this third one?


*mad grin* If I can keep up this rate of improvement and get my way to a 170, I will totally have my pick of law schools. I'm so utterly ecstatic I'm seeing some real returns on all my hard work.

Let's just hope adding classwork into the mix won't kill me dead, eh?
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Another morning in the Law Auditorium, with another bagel and another cup of coffee. Don't why I bother with coffee, honestly, caffeine makes me sleepy.

The predicted snow showers for later this afternoon have apparently decided to get a headstart, because there is a distinct lack of snow going on outside and quite a lot of drippy wet rain. And me without my umbrella.

Damnit, I want a real snow day this semester.

Continuing with the edits of my Watchers 'verse stories. Downtime is now up at dA (and includes new tidbits of why Nora thinks Rhakunvar is a scary son of a bitch), and "Wires and Wormwood" will likely go up later this week since there's nothing I feel can be added to it. "Not Your Average Neighbors" (to be renamed "A Year of Dragons"), however, is receiving a lot of new content and that's going to take a while to polish.

Hm, I nearly forgot about that zombie story I wrote for Halloween two years ago. Might hold off on editing that, at least until I spend a day wandering around the North End.

Have the seeds of a new Watchers story brewing in my head. We'll see where it goes; I'd like to try and submit it to Strange Horizons if I find myself liking it enough.

God, I know I always get here early, but damn, there's at least a few other students who've shuffled into the auditorium by now!

French Toast Alert Level: High Heavy snow predicted. Harvey Leonard breaks into huge grin, can't keep his hands off the weather map. Proceed at speed limit before snow starts to nearest supermarket to pick up two gallons of milk, a couple dozen eggs and two loaves of bread - per person in household.

(Sounds about right. Anyway.)

I have lived in Boston my entire life and I've never seen us get hit by so much snow by the start of February.

I'm done with classes for the day, thank goodness, so I'm currently ensconced at the table in my apartment's common area, staring out over snow-covered Cambridge, the frozen Charles, the slushy mess that is the MassPike, and the university-owned Bobcats trying to desperately keep the Aggannis Arena parking lot and back road for the BU Shuttle clear. Am still profoundly glad the BUS is still running as I haven't spotted a single city-operated plow on Comm Ave all day and trying to cross the BU bridge on a good day is already a terrifying endeavor, never mind when the snow's piling up, the crosswalks aren't cleared, and the roads haven't been salted or sanded.

Oh, Boston. Getting punched in the stomach today and due for a kick in the balls tomorrow. Of course, I keep hearing that this is what winters were like back in the '70s and '80s, so I'm just going to chalk this up to a return to normalcy and smirk viciously at anyone obviously not from New England who starts bitching and moaning in public about the weather.

Oh my God, just read that Cambridge's snow emergency isn't going into effect until eight TONIGHT. That means they don't have any plowing or sanding going on. Oh, Cambridge, giving me yet another reason to be thankful I don't live within your borders.

Wondering why they don't just dump all this snow in the harbor instead of taking it to "snow farms" to melt. I mean, yeah, salt and chemical pollutants from the road and whatnot, but the snow melt is going to end up in the ground water which is going to go to storm drains which will dump it all in Boston Harbor, so save some of the state's rapidly-dwindling snow removal budget and shove it into the harbor. Geez.

And the tea kettle is whistling at me angrily, so it's time for some Earl Grey goodness.

EDIT (12:14 PM): No longer friends locking my journal, though anonymous commenting is still disabled. You don't scare me anymore, Internet.
Boston hasn't been hit yet by the full brunt of the storm that's been making mincemeat out of the Mid-Atlantic coast for the past few days, but we're getting there. Alternating rain and snow right now, but the commute is supposed to be bad later this evening, approaching blizzard conditions, and so BU closed the Charles River campus at two o'clock.

This meant no 2 PM or 3 PM discussion sections today. Rock. On.

Unfortunately, since a possible Thursday cancellation of classes is still up in the air, I still have to study for that sociobiology exam I have tomorrow.

And then I have a calculus exam on Friday morning which is immediately followed by a quiz in my Chinese class.


Yeah, I'm really hoping they cancel tomorrow's classes.

All righty, time to go over my lecture notes and some of the recommended readings. Here's hoping that Murphy decides to take pity on me and the administration will decide classes tomorrow aren't worth it.

2010: Day 3

Jan. 3rd, 2010 07:12 pm
So 2010's been rather all right - we got dumped with more snow last night and today, but it only looks bad because it's so damned windy. We've got maybe two inches on the ground at the most, but if the weather stays as cold as it's been it'll be a while before the stuff melts away.

Finally found out the rest of my textbook list, then grumbled. As much as I enjoy my political science classes, taking them means having to be up to date on current events, and that means the book requirements are for the most recent editions and there aren't any cheap copies to buy because they've obviously only just come out. My bank account is not happy. Luckily Dad's putting some money in my account tomorrow so I can buy my textbooks online and have them ready for pickup when I head back to BU sometime Saturday or Sunday.

Muses are poking me, telling me I should write an angsty set-in-winter drabble starring Danny McCormick. Told them I refused to write about sad boys in snow, especially when the drabble was more likely to turn into Nora throwing snowballs at her brother until he stopped moping and started doing something useful, like making a snow fort. (Nora's not heartless, but her sympathizing is like to turn into annoyance if the brooding goes on too long.) The muses sulked and went back to their corner, thankfully, because while I definitely want the Watchers 'verse to have serious elements and Danny's got hella lot of issues, I also want it to be a fun 'verse where my characters aren't wrapped up completely up in their own little universes.

...I'mma gonna step off the writer's soap box now.

Right then, time to eat. And after that, time to run a few heroics. Or RP in guild chat. Or something. Yay, fun times!

Also: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [livejournal.com profile] dragon_mouse! *throws confetti*
So, the Blizzard From the Depths of Hell has finally hit Boston, as the meteorologists have been preaching for a good week or so. They're predicting anywhere from six to twelve inches in Boston and twelve to eighteen inches on the Cape. It's windy as all Hell outside right now, so the snow is more blowing around like mad then actually falling. We'll see if the weathermen are right in a few hours.

(My dad and I were discussing last night that since everyone canceled school today, including Boston Public (which doesn't believe in snow days, they only close when it's like the Second Coming and not even that is assured to get them to close), that it was pretty much guaranteed not to snow. We were duly surprised when the snow finally did come, four hours after it was predicted to start. Ah, New England weather.)

Billy's home for the holidays until January 23 or so (lucky punk), and I intend to fully bug the hell out of him as is my right and duty as his twin sister. Also, he brought his X-Box 360 home and I am so wrestling the controller away from him so I can play The Force Unleashed. Or Mass Effect. SOMETHING.

All righty, time to do some writing. Or reading. Or WoW'ing, which reminds me that I've been thinking of doing a series of reviews/posts on the expansion called "Northrend Exposed," from the point of few of Lailya, Ashke, or both. We'll see.
I gush about how much I love Boston (or bitch about the people running it), but it's stuff like the weather that makes me wonder just why the hell I want to stay here.

Three days ago we had snow. Two days ago the temperature was in the lower teens with a windchill that made it feel like single digits aka January or February. Yesterday was average for December. Today is mid-April: rainy, windy, and almost uncomfortably warm. Tomorrow is late December.

Coastal weather sucks, especially since the extreme temperature changes means I now have the Cold From Hell and I am rapidly running out of orange juice, V8 V-Fusion juice (strawberry banana, yum), and tissues. It's also becoming difficult to convince Bam-Bam that no, used tissues do not make for good toys. (He has his moments of brilliance, and this isn't one of them.) Jazz is snuggled against my side, steadfastly ignoring the antics of the younger generation for she is dignified and sulking because Mom just gave her her medicine.

Also having difficulties with the postal service. I've been expecting a package from Amazon with some Christmas gifts and I tracked it through the website. Website tells me they tried to deliver the package yesterday morning and a notice was left about picking the package up at the post office. One: I've never had to sign for a package from Amazon before and I've been ordering from them for years. Two: THERE WAS NO NOTICE. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? So now I'm going to have to call the post office to see if they really DO have my package and if I can pick it up without the damn notice.

Something tells me this isn't going to be a good day.


Feb. 14th, 2007 10:43 am
Jesus Christ, I hope Mayor Menino and School Superintendent Contompasis are getting massive amounts of hateful phone calls from outraged parents.

The BPS is probably the only damned school system that isn't closed. Fucking Hell, people, a bad storm isn't determined by the amount of snow on the ground! There are high winds, it's warm enough that it's SLEETING, and the temperature could drop any minute and cause EVERYTHING to freeze over! It's dangerous out there!

I'm not in school because my mom wasn't willing to risk the roads, and my dad was in full agreement, nevermind the fact that if we'd left at seven I more than likely wouldn't have gotten to school until 9 or 10. The roads weren't even plowed until 9, which would have made driving worse since that means they probably still haven't been salted/sanded, and nevermind the accidents the moronic drivers of Boston would cause every three feet (especially on the damned Jamaica Way). Dad's current jobsite is down in Falmouth, and he knows every south-bound route out of Boston, and he couldn't LEAVE Boston because there were so many accidents involving tractor-trailers that were blocking the highways!

THIS IS BAD DRIVING WEATHER. What the fuck was the city thinking?! I'm willing to bet that the T was screwed up badly, and then there are the teachers from out of town! WHAT THE HELL, CONTOMPASIS?!




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