Beneath the cut is the first part of the new Watchers 'verse story that's been kicking around my head a while back. Here we finally get to meet The Boss (though he is not referred to as such, as he thinks of himself as "Victor" and not "Boss" like all his scared little minions loyal subordinates do) and see Yalora be really fucking scary. Needs a lot of polish, and the precocious baby dragons haven't been introduced yet, but I wanted to get this up and maybe get some critique.


We will be paying a few of the Courts-in-Exile some social calls. )
So there has been a suspicious lack of DA2-playage this spring break so far, as I've been distracted by the muses suddenly plinking a Watchers 'verse story in my head.

They have the worst timing, I swear. So gaming has been put on the wayside whilist I wrestle with this idea.

It's got potential. Rhakunvar and Yalora drop their hatchlings off at Watchers HQ (an emergency's come up that requires their immediate attention (i.e., the Sidhe have rendered them a grave insult, so they're gonna go eat some uppity Fae) and the babies can't be left unattended at home, of course), and Hilarity Ensues as six precocious baby dragons wander about chased by their honorary aunts Nora and Savannah trying to keep the damage to HQ and their sanity to a minimum.

It's totally an excuse to write about Rainbow Bite being cute. It's also the perfect excuse to show Rhakunvar being a creepy-scary son of a bitch*, but for all his creepy-scariness, when provoked, Yalora is worse. :D

Now I just need to figure out how to start this sucker. Damnit.

*Okay, I'm finally going to admit that I've always envisioned Matthew Settle as Rhakunvar (at least when he's bothered to put his human glamor on), and I'll probably remove all meta jokes about that if I ever turn this 'verse into a proper novel. I've always loved Matthew Settle's portrayal of the scary-intense Captain Speirs from Band of Brothers, and I honestly believe he could pull off Rhakunvar's Yalora-is-going-to-let-me-eat-some-pathetic-lower-lifeforms-slasher smile veryvery well. DON'T JUDGE ME.
A Year of Dragons: It's okay to be afraid of Rhakunvar, everyone is. Just don't let him know.

Finally finished the last of my Watchers 'verse edits and am immensely pleased with the results. It was really fun expanding this particular story - I got to flesh out Rhakunvar more, for one, which was awesome. :D

Find myself contemplating a search for books on homes in the Berkshires, though. There are some pictures floating around of the country homes the crazy rich built back in the late 19th and early 20th centuries (mostly in Lenox, so I don't know for sure if they were built elsewhere in the region) that inspired what I think The Manor Yalora and Rhakunvar own looks like, but I'd rather not rely on Wikipedia for specifics. Eh, something to do when I have time.

And now - Dragon Age!

Work work

Feb. 9th, 2011 09:44 pm
Wires and Wormwood is now up at deviantART, yay!

"A Year of Dragons" is definitely going to be a bit before I upload it, though. I've been tweaking and fiddling and editing for three hours and I've barely gone past the first page. Still, it is my favorite Watchers 'verse piece that I've yet written, so I want to take care with this baby. *pets it*

Regardless, I think I'm going to take a break from story editing for the night. Probably shouldn't watch Once Upon a Time in the West, I've gotta be in bed by midnight, but perhaps The Princess Bride? Or maybe Stardust. Something fun.
dt_maxwell: ([TV] Snappy Dresser)
Another morning in the Law Auditorium, with another bagel and another cup of coffee. Don't why I bother with coffee, honestly, caffeine makes me sleepy.

The predicted snow showers for later this afternoon have apparently decided to get a headstart, because there is a distinct lack of snow going on outside and quite a lot of drippy wet rain. And me without my umbrella.

Damnit, I want a real snow day this semester.

Continuing with the edits of my Watchers 'verse stories. Downtime is now up at dA (and includes new tidbits of why Nora thinks Rhakunvar is a scary son of a bitch), and "Wires and Wormwood" will likely go up later this week since there's nothing I feel can be added to it. "Not Your Average Neighbors" (to be renamed "A Year of Dragons"), however, is receiving a lot of new content and that's going to take a while to polish.

Hm, I nearly forgot about that zombie story I wrote for Halloween two years ago. Might hold off on editing that, at least until I spend a day wandering around the North End.

Have the seeds of a new Watchers story brewing in my head. We'll see where it goes; I'd like to try and submit it to Strange Horizons if I find myself liking it enough.

God, I know I always get here early, but damn, there's at least a few other students who've shuffled into the auditorium by now!



Feb. 2nd, 2011 09:09 pm
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Today was very much a terrible, no good, very bad day. I'd rather not go into details at the moment, but suffice to say it sucked hard and I'm glad its over. I'll probably bitch about it tomorrow.

In the meantime, I'm going to spend my evening editing some of my Watchers 'verse stories for posting on deviantArt. The Hunters of the Dark, Can't Get a Word in Edgewise, and The Unlikeliest of Neighbors (formerly "Let Every Eye Negotiate for Itself"). All three have received varying amounts of editing, but ultimately I'm satisfied with them - for now, anyway.

Fiddling around with an idea for a brand new Watchers 'verse story, but God only knows when that will get written. Still nice to know the muses haven't completely deserted me.

Righty then, to work!

2010: Day 3

Jan. 3rd, 2010 07:12 pm
So 2010's been rather all right - we got dumped with more snow last night and today, but it only looks bad because it's so damned windy. We've got maybe two inches on the ground at the most, but if the weather stays as cold as it's been it'll be a while before the stuff melts away.

Finally found out the rest of my textbook list, then grumbled. As much as I enjoy my political science classes, taking them means having to be up to date on current events, and that means the book requirements are for the most recent editions and there aren't any cheap copies to buy because they've obviously only just come out. My bank account is not happy. Luckily Dad's putting some money in my account tomorrow so I can buy my textbooks online and have them ready for pickup when I head back to BU sometime Saturday or Sunday.

Muses are poking me, telling me I should write an angsty set-in-winter drabble starring Danny McCormick. Told them I refused to write about sad boys in snow, especially when the drabble was more likely to turn into Nora throwing snowballs at her brother until he stopped moping and started doing something useful, like making a snow fort. (Nora's not heartless, but her sympathizing is like to turn into annoyance if the brooding goes on too long.) The muses sulked and went back to their corner, thankfully, because while I definitely want the Watchers 'verse to have serious elements and Danny's got hella lot of issues, I also want it to be a fun 'verse where my characters aren't wrapped up completely up in their own little universes.

...I'mma gonna step off the writer's soap box now.

Right then, time to eat. And after that, time to run a few heroics. Or RP in guild chat. Or something. Yay, fun times!

Also: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] dragon_mouse! *throws confetti*
Happy New Year, everyone!

Been brainstorming the past couple of days and have written down assorted random facts concerning my Watchers 'verse. Some of it will likely be relevant to the story, others not so much, but it gets the ideas written down and fleshes out the world a little bit more. And I felt like sharing, so enjoy!

Miscellaneous Watchers 'Verse Factoids

*The relationship between Nora and Sav is best described as "heterosexual life partners."
*All mages have higher than average metabolisms, due to the stress large reservoirs of magic put on the body, though many average mages experience few negative side effects other than those associated with draining their reserves. Active duty battle mages regularly employed by the Watchers need to consume roughly 8,000 calories a day in order to keep up their magical reserves and maintain healthy weights; Danny, as an S-class mage who can only safely (relatively) use his magic in large bursts or for powerful spells, needs to eat around 10,000 calories daily or risk his magic ravaging his body to keep functioning, but is often several pounds underweight despite his best efforts (and Mama McCormick's).
*Danny says it best: "Being an S-class sucks."
*Lunchtime (or breakfast, or dinner, or any time, really) in the Boston HQ cafeteria during or after a particularly harrowing shift and with five or more mages present is more properly referred to as a "feeding frenzy."
*Nora and her siblings are Irish-Italian, Roman Catholic, born-and-raised-Bostonians. This may or may not explain some of their eccentricities.
*Sav is Haitian-American and from Baton Rouge. Despite living in Boston since her college days, she still has not yet fully adapted to New England winters.
*Watcher-employed battle mages often consume high-energy and/or high-sugar products before engaging in a fight as a cheap magic boost.
*All first aid kits used by the Watchers includes a small bottle of Vermont's finest maple syrup for mages going into shock after expending too much magic.
*Danny is a complete and utter whore for Nutella. Nora exploits this to the fullest.
*Nora is a complete and utter whore for fresh ricotta. Danny exploits this to the fullest.
*Mark attended Columbia University for both his undergraduate and graduate work, and after his freshman year came home a Yankees fan. His siblings have never quite forgiven him for it.
*Nora often calls Rhakunvar "His Nibs" or "His Scaliness" (though never anywhere where he can hear). Yalora finds it hysterical.
*There is only one thing that Rhakunvar fears, and that is an angry Yalora.
*Rhakunvar prefers his humans with Tabasco sauce rather than ketchup. (He hasn't eaten a human since 1904, though, and finds them too gamy and too small to satisfy his appetite.)
*Nora has perfected the art of the knuckleball (a fact that both Jake Warner and his doctor can attest to) and worships at the altar of Tim Wakefield.
*Danny was a chemistry major in college, with a special interest in physical chemistry and especially thermochemistry. He's really good at blowing things up even without magic.
*Veronica is currently attending MIT as a computer science major. Her ultimate goal in life (other than ruling the world) is to usurp Bill Gates in a hostile corporate takeover of Microsoft.
*Nora owns (or is owned by) two Siberian females: silver-shaded with white Mish-Mish and patched tabby with white Zoe. They enjoy acting like dogs, dropping their toys in the water dish, and smothering their mom while she sleeps.
*There is a highly competitive betting pool going in the Boston HQ about how, when, where, and why Aces and Nora will hook up that many of the employees are in on. What they don't know is that Aces and Nora are first cousins (Aces's mother is Nora's father's sister), know about the pool, and have secretly gotten their bets in the book, and plan on robbing everyone else blind. Sav and Danny are quietly laughing in the corner.
Title: Not Your Average Neighbors
Author: [ profile] dt_maxwell
'Verse: Watchers
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: Sav and Nora get roped into another thankless assignment involving the state's resident dragons.
Notes: Aaahh, the seventh challenge; this baby remains one of my favorite written pieces. Rhakunvar and Yalora are two more favorite characters of mine, and definitely qualify as my OTP. (Yes, yes, I ship my own characters.) Contains references to Downtime and is also a semi-sequel to Let Every Eye Negotiate for Itself – I suggest you read that first if you haven't already.

You know the drill by now. Feedback!


Nearly three hours in a car put both Watchers in a foul mood, Sav doubly so because she had to drive. )
Title: Wires and Wormwood
Author: [ profile] dt_maxwell
'Verse: Watchers
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Language
Summary: Nora finally has some free time and uses it to catch up on both her hobbies and her boozing.
Notes: Originally my sixth challenge piece over at [ profile] randompulp. The first time I read through this I wasn't particularly happy with it - I felt I'd rushed it to meet the challenge deadline - but after read through many, many months after the fact actually has me liking it. (Which is odd, because normally looking at my older pieces makes me cringe.) Only some minor edits this time through, as a result.


If she wasn't allowed to shoot anything, she intended to get drunk and work on some personal projects. )
dt_maxwell: ([Misc] Fire)
Title: Downtime
Author: [ profile] dt_maxwell
'Verse: Watchers
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Language
Summary: Nora and Danny chat over cheesy movies and Irish coffee.
Notes: DIALOGUE STORY! Oh my God, I love dialogue so much, and I took [ profile] randompulp’s fifth challenge as an opportunity to splurge. Also, I unashamedly admit that Nora and Danny are my favorites of the McCormick sibs, and probably some of my favorite characters period. (With Sav, too, of course, someone has to keep Nora from stabbing or shooting everything in sight.)

Feedback is loved and appreciated and like crack for writers. Give me a hit?


Straight on the money, Danny-boy! Drink up! )
dt_maxwell: ([Anime] Smiles are Free)
Title: Can't Get a Word in Edgewise
Author: [ profile] dt_maxwell
'Verse: Watchers
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Language
Summary: The McCormicks' idea of relaxation involves boozing, taunting, and arguing. Lots and lots of arguing. Well, more like brow-beating.
Notes: Originally my fourth challenge over at [ profile] randompulp, in which we’re introduced to all four of the Siblings McCormick; continuation of sorts of the third challenge. I adore this messed up family, I really do.

I can has feedback? Please? Pretty please?


...I think you'd make a good Frank-N-Furter.  )
Title: The Hunters of the Dark
Author: [ profile] dt_maxwell
'Verse: Watchers
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Language, violence
Summary: Killing a High Court Sidhe is just another routine assignment for Nora and Sav.
Notes: Originally the third challenge from [ profile] randompulp, now tweaked and edited to my satisfaction. Also the first true Watchers 'verse story I ever wrote, and thus it has a special place in my heart. *smishes it*

Feedback is awesome. I can has? Pretty please?


Honora McCormick and Savannah Bishop had been on duty for over eight hours now with four more to go. )
The library is still a fantastic mess and just thinking about trying to get my books in order (never mind Mom's and Dad's and what few belong to Billy) makes me cringe and whimper and want to gnaw on my thumb. I'm resisting that last, but just barely. Also, I now know for sure that one of my boxes of hardcovers/large softcovers is missing, because I haven't the faintest idea where my copy of The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is nor my hardcover copies of Kushiel's Scion and Kushiel's Justice.

I believe the word I am looking for here is crap.

In the meantime, I think I'm going to proofread and edit some of my challenges from [ profile] randompulp, specifically the Watchers 'verse ones: The Hunters of the Dark, Can't Get a Word in Edgewise, Downtime, Wires and Wormwood, and Not Your Average Neighbors. I'm rather blah about Downtime, Part 2, although I think I can salvage it into something vaguely respectable, The Shadow over Innisfree isn't part of the 'verse (and I dislike it intensely), and A No Good, Very Bad Day is more Watchers 'verse apocrypha than anything else.

I'll post one a day for five days (or six, or seven, depending on whether or not I want to touch Downtime, Part 2 and/or A No Good, Very Bad Day), starting maybe tomorrow or Thursday. Not tonight, tonight's raid night and as a gamer I have priorities. *maniacal laughter*

Ahem, yes. Editing! Editing and proofing and adding on to do. Yes. Should start that now.

Well, things have ground to a halt with the Watchers Christmas story. Combination of not really knowing what to do next with the damn thing and reading science fiction (specifically The Dragon Never Sleeps by Glen Cook). Any kind of science fiction, from Star Wars novels* to more generic space operas to military sci-fi, gets the muses fixated on my space pirate 'verse.

I don't necessarily consider this a bad thing. I rarely get good, solid ideas involving the motley crew of the Schadenfreude (and none at all concerning its sister ships, the Willensfreiheit and Fallschirmjäger**), so I'm going to let the muses have fun with this 'verse and see what they can put together. A bit of an introspective piece with Captain Shae Valya? Or maybe some crew hijinks while off-duty, the possibilities are endless.

Right, while the muses play, I'm going to go hug Powder Puff. She's being cute and fluffy and I need to rub that belly!

*Specifically the X-Wing series, which are my favorite. Especially the ones by Aaron Allston. Yay for Wes and Hobbie! Yay for Wraith Squadron!
**Three gueses as to how I got that for a ship name, and the first two don't count.


Dec. 16th, 2008 10:08 pm
Got my financial aid award from Boston University today. EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS IN GRANT MONEY FOR THE SEMESTER, YES. I love my brain, I really do. *pets it gently*

Worked on my Watchers Christmas story today (bickering, sugar highs, tinsel fights and more booze than you can shake a stick at) and a little bit on the Watchers glossary (why Upstairs is scary, why any mention of the Sidhe Wars of Succession make the Watchers cry, and just why Rhakunvar is a scary sumbitch). I'm hoping the story will be up sometime next week, hopefully just before Christmas, but I don't know if I'll post the glossary or not. Depends on if I get enough feedback on it.

Last of my ordered gifts arrived today, and they've been wrapped and hidden in my room until we get a tree set up. (We always get a tree rather late, plants tend not to last long in the house. Except the cacti. We couldn't kill those if we tried.)

Right, I still have some saltwater taffy to polish off. And a book to read (Empress by Karen Miller - review forthcoming upon finishing it).

...Holy shit, I turn nineteen in a little under three weeks. o_o;

An update

Dec. 10th, 2008 08:39 pm
Well, despite the Cold From Hell, my day has been made better. Mom dragged me out of the house while I was in mid-sulk for errands; stopped by the post office, where I was able to get my package, thankfully, than we took the scenic route to the TJ Maxx in Dedham.

I now have saltwater taffy and chocolate maple cream cookies. Yummy.

Inspired to write a Watchers Christmas story; was originally thinking something based around just the McCormicks, but I've instead decided to center it around the annual office Christmas party (inspired in part by the mention of it in this story). Because really, the Christmas party for a bunch of supernatural exterminators is bound to be entertaining. Plus I get to introduce more characters beyond just a mention, like Doc Tanner and Hatfield and Aces and of course, the Big Boss.

...Dear sweet Jesus, the Yankees are going to sign C.C. Sabathia for seven years and $161 MILLION. Oh. My. God.
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Turkey Day is coming! A quick recap of what that will be like:

Mom: *running around like a madwoman to get things finished*
Me: *fetching any and all items from wherever that Mom needs*
Dad and Billy: *elsewhere*
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade: *is ignored*
Dog show on after the parade: *is intensely scrutinized*
Mom: Dalmation! *cries*
Me: *patpat* I think the doberman looks good.
Dad: Nah, someone from the herding group, maybe.
Billy: Hell, what kind of dog is THAT?

And the day after Thanksgiving:

Me: *crawls downstairs* Mom?
Mom: Next to the radio!
Me: *pops a Trans-Siberian Orchestra CD into said radio*
Radio: *plays mixture of full orchestra with electric guitars*
Me: Aaaaah. "Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24." Been waiting eleven months for this. *starts humming along*

Also, Wednesday I go back to BLS to pick up my yearbook. I think. Maybe. Anyone have details on what you actually DO when you go back?

More ideas for Sav and Nora and the Watchers 'verse. Most involve our favorite supernatural exterminators babysitting Rhakunvar and Yalora's five hatchlings AKA Rainbow Bite. (Yeah, I went there.) Hilarity will ensue.

Right, time to make some lunch
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Title: And the Dead Do Walk
Author: [ profile] dt_maxwell
'Verse: Watchers
Rating: PG-13, borderline R
Warnings: Language, violence, disturbing imagery
Summary: A disturbance in the North End takes Nora and Sav from their usual beat. It's going to be a most unpleasant evening...
Note: I haven't been up in the North End for a while (I obviously need to rectify this), so I used maps and some images of the neighborhood as references for what I couldn't remember. Also, a huge thank you to my good friend [ profile] barcelona_pho for beta'ing this for me. *HUGS*

Happy Halloween, everyone!


Tonight is a bad, bad night. )


Oct. 30th, 2008 01:58 pm
The zombie story is almost done. Just a few more lines and it's complete.

I'll proofread and edit it today and post it tomorrow (or maybe later today, I haven't decided just yet).


EDIT 3:20 PM: Typical. Can't think of a proper title. *facedesk*

EDIT 3:31 PM: Have a title! Now, should I post now, or tomorrow? Decisions, decisions.



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