What follows is an introduction of the main characters of my space pirate epic. Sort of. Maybe. We'll see.

Pretty sure this qualifies as one of the strangest thing I've yet written.

Logging onto Galactic Communications Network. )
So other than getting some insight for my Heaven'n'Hell 'verse that resulted in a complete rehaul of it, I've mostly been confronted with writer's block. No clear ideas for any stories of any sort. Rather than force it, which is the fastest way to making sure I can't write a damned thing, I just sat back and did my own thing. I figured the muses would eventually whack me upside the head with a large sledgehammer when the time was right.

Holy crap did they hit me with a sledgehammer yesterday. *gingerly rubs head* And surprisingly for the old sci-fi mini-epic I wanted to write but never got around to. 'Bout damn time.

A quick summary (perhaps a bit too flashy for my usual tastes, but it works):

Captain Shae Valya and her not-so-merry crew of pirates are the terrors of the spaceways. They attack merchant ships and make off with the cargo, they smuggle every conceivable illegal good known to society, they rob banks, and they even dabble in the occasional con. If it can make them a pretty penny, chances are the Sunstealers have done it and gotten away with it spectacularly. The combined bounty on their heads is more than the annual gross domestic product of some small star systems. The Retruvian Imperial Navy has a shoot-on-sight order.

They are hated, they are feared, and they are envied. They have a

They are also currently without a ship.

The Sunstealers got out of their last job by the skin of their teeth, and their old clunker of a ship, the
Sun Dragon, took so much damage it's been unanimously declared a flying death trap. Without a ship, the pirates can't actually, well, pirate anything. Buying another is out of the question: word gets around quickly in the galactic underworld, and the last thing Captain Valya needs is to appear weak before her rivals. Hijacking a merchant isn't an option, either, as most of the models flying today would have to be rebuilt from the ground up to serve as an adequate pirate ship.

Valya has a plan, though, and one that will kill multiple birds with one stone. She'll get a new ship, a few new allies, an expansion to her criminal empire, reaffirm her status as one of the greatest pirates to ever live, and utterly humiliate the Retruvian Empire. It's perfect.

She's going to steal a warship right out from under the Imperial Navy's nose.

It's like Ocean's Eleven meets Star Wars meets Pirates of the Caribbean, to put it loosely. (I'm actually probably more influenced by the Wraith Squadron books by Aaron Allston from the X-Wing series. Good times, those books!) I've already got some major scenes all laid out in my head, it's just a matter of writing them and connecting them and making the theft/con believable.

Here's hoping I can stick to it this time.

P.S. My brother played his first complete game of baseball in five years on Monday, for the Yarmouth-Dennis team of the Cape's Senior Babe Ruth League. He got two hits! HE GOT A MENTION IN THE CAPE COD NEWSPAPER. I WILL SPAZ MORE ABOUT THIS LATER!


Dec. 25th, 2008 02:42 pm
Merry Christmas, everyone!

Small haul this year, but that's okay, watching Bam-Bam go nuts with the wrapping paper was nothing short of hysterical. Haul this year included Hellboy II (from [livejournal.com profile] predikit and it is SO FRICKIN' AWESOME), Bullitt (ooohhh, Steve McQueen and car chases, I am a happy fangirl!), a UMass t-shirt (that'll be interesting to explain at BU), a cozy red Red Sox zip-up sweater (warm and toasty!), black leather cowboy boots (they pinch a little, but I just need to stretch them out), and my favorite, a black Ascot cap! (Hat! Hathathat! Haaaaaat! Hat!)

Got some writing done today, too, so hopefully the first chapter of my mini space pirate epic will be posted soon. (No ETA, yet, y'all will just have to be patient.)

All right, Jazz is demanding snuggles, so it's time to indulge my kitty.

Also, HAT!
Presents are wrapped and under the tree. Bam-Bam is still frantic to get outside, although that's not happening today because it is icy as all hell out there and no one is willing to break their necks right now. Hot coco is being made, and there is a giant prime rib for Christmas dinner in the fridge right now (giant because it's prime rib, half of it is inevitably going to end up in my brother's stomach).

The muses are twittering in excitement as I plot out my next Schadenfreude 'verse story. It's definitely going to be about how Captain Valya and her patchwork crew originally got a hold of the ship (as well as her sister-ships Fallschirmjäger and Willensfreiheit), which doesn't so much involve things going boom as it does carefully planned sneaking and sabotage, bullying rival pirate captains into doing Shae's bidding and making fools of the corporation that built the ships. And from all the stuff that would need to be written for this, this might turn into my first original story with chapters, zomg.

...Right, yeah, Billy's currently got Fight Club playing and holy crud, I think I just saw Eion Bailey, what the hell?

Funny, stuff like that makes the muses cackle madly. Not going to complain, though, the less distracted the muses are, the better. I want to write this story, damnit!
Title: Singing Steel
Author: [livejournal.com profile] dt_maxwell
‘Verse: Schadenfreude
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Language
Summary: Captain Shae Valya does more thinking than is probably good for her. Her ship may or may not agree.
Notes: Completely unbeta’d, mostly written on a whim shortly before midnight and finished up when I was conscious again. First time using present tense in one of my fictional pieces, not sure what I think about the results. Have more ideas for my pirates, though, so expect to see more of Valya and the crew in the future.

Also, feedback. Do want.


A ship that doesn't sing isn't home. )
Well, things have ground to a halt with the Watchers Christmas story. Combination of not really knowing what to do next with the damn thing and reading science fiction (specifically The Dragon Never Sleeps by Glen Cook). Any kind of science fiction, from Star Wars novels* to more generic space operas to military sci-fi, gets the muses fixated on my space pirate 'verse.

I don't necessarily consider this a bad thing. I rarely get good, solid ideas involving the motley crew of the Schadenfreude (and none at all concerning its sister ships, the Willensfreiheit and Fallschirmjäger**), so I'm going to let the muses have fun with this 'verse and see what they can put together. A bit of an introspective piece with Captain Shae Valya? Or maybe some crew hijinks while off-duty, the possibilities are endless.

Right, while the muses play, I'm going to go hug Powder Puff. She's being cute and fluffy and I need to rub that belly!

*Specifically the X-Wing series, which are my favorite. Especially the ones by Aaron Allston. Yay for Wes and Hobbie! Yay for Wraith Squadron!
**Three gueses as to how I got that for a ship name, and the first two don't count.



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