Right, so, still no Beep. We're going to expand our poster reach by putting up posters at both the Super Stop & Shop off Morrissey Boulevard and the Shaws in Lower Mills, stopping off at the Neponset Pet Center again to talk to the techs (much more likely to see Beep than the front desk people) and ask one of them to put a poster up in the back so the vets can see it, dropping by Angell Memorial with a fresh poster (Mom needs some blood work done so we'll be in the area anyway), and maybe-possibly the post office down the ways on Washington Street. We're also looking into putting adverts in both the Ashmont Outlook (which is a monthly newsletter that circulates only in Ashmont Hill) and the Dorchester Reporter (the weekly newsletter that circulates all throughout Dorchester, duh). We especially want the posters up at the supermarkets because of their high traffic profiles (people gotta eat, y'know) and the Reporter; the more people see Beep's picture and our contact information, the better.

And now on to other topics, 'cause I desperately need to get my mind on happier things.

On the writing front, I've been doing some massive rehauling of my Heaven'n'Hell 'verse. For one thing I've chucked an entire class of demon because they bore too much resemblance to the Harpies from Anne Bishop's Black Jewels series. On t' other hand I still find the idea of vengeance demons incredibly awesome and decided to use the Erinyes (better known as the Furies) for my own devious purposes, and tweaked them to suit my setting (and enrage classical scholars the world over). Most of the tweaking involved making them a species with both males and females rather than just females, although with a definite matriarchal bent.

Of the new characters that waltzed into my head following this reorganizing of Hell, the most prominent was Thanatos, Dranyari's big brother type figure and the eldest son of the Erinyes Queen, Alecto. Blatant bastardization of Greek mythology? You betcha! But that's how he introduced himself and I wasn't inclined to argue.

Thanatos will also firmly remain Dran's big brother figure (as well her regular drinking buddy and partner in crime); I briefly toyed with the idea of some romantic element between Dran and another character (not Eitan), and then promptly made said idea die in a fire. Romance? In Hell? If I couldn't suspend my disbelief, there was no chance I could make any potential readers do so, either.

Speaking of readers...

So. Many. Books. I want. To read!

Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson: It's Brandon Sanderson, I'm already in love with this book. Elantris was fantastic, I'm still spazzing like a loon over the Mistborn trilogy and it's effing Brandon Sanderson! This man's world-building skills leave me speechless and the summary for this book makes me wiggle in my seat and giggle hysterically. It's not coming out for another week and I want it NOW.

Santa Olivia by Jacqueline Carey: It's Jacqueline Carey! While admittedly I've gotten very, very behind with her Kushiel series (I still need to read Kushiel's Justice and Kushiel's Mercy, and now Naamah's Kiss is nearly out...), I love her writing style, and I'm really interested to see where Carey goes with this. It's a far cry from her Kushiel books: werewolves plus comicbook-style superheroes. Oh hell yes. It sounds like a fun read and I wants it, precious, yes.

Dragon Rule by E.E. Knight: FUCK YES MORE AGE OF FIRE BOOKS! Admittedly it's not coming out until December 1 and there isn't even cover art up yet much less a summary, BUT THERE IS NO DOUBT IN MY MIND THAT THIS BOOK WILL ROCK MY SOCKS OFF. Draaaaaagons. *makes grabby hands*

Tales from the Perilous Realm by J.R.R. Tolkien: I had no damned idea this was out until I saw it waaaay down the line on my Amazon "Recommended for You" list and I was mad as hell because holy crap, it's TOLKIEN and it came out in NOVEMBER. Four Tolkien novellas I have been dying to read ever since I started fangirling Tolkien? HELL. YES. (I'm not entirely sure I'm all that excited about "The Adventures of Tom Bombadil," which is a poem, but oh my God, "Farmer Ham of Giles" and "Leaf by Niggle"!)

The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun by J.R.R. Tolkien: ...Do I really need to say more?

Norse Code by Greg Van Eekhout: Fun with Norse mythology! Steven Burst speaks highly of him, plus a renegade valkyrie? Hell yeah! Good old urban fantasy fun. Sounds like my cup of tea.

Traitor to the Crown: The Patriot Witch by C.C. Finlay: First of a series; is to the American Revolution as the Temeraire series is to the Napoleonic Wars, except no dragons. That's cool, gimme a copy! Sounds pretty damn awesome, plus I'm of the opinion the American Revolution needs a bit more love in the alternate history department.

*sighs happily* Books.
Manny Tests Positive, Suspended for 50 Games


Karma. She is a nasty, vindictive bitch, isn't she?

Also: new episode of Supernatural tonight. But also Red Sox game tonight, though Thursday is usually an off-day for them (that or Monday). So. What to watch while studying tonight...

On a similar vein, have been spending far too much time over at TV Tropes this past week. The snark! It is awesome and epic! *smishes happily*

Am very confident I did well on my public policy final yesterday. Can only hope I repeat the performance tomorrow for Campaigns & Elections. Pretty sure astronomy final will be ugly.

Siiigh. Back to studying.

EDIT 1:30 PM: Was texting with Dad re: Manny. Made the Karma comment as said above.

Dad: Is Madame Karma on one of your rings of Hell?
Me: ...Ooooh, IDEA!

Dranyari and Eitan are cowering in fear in their corner of my brain. Meet Madame K, everyone. Don't mess with her. She will fuck you up.

My daddy's an enabler. ^_^ He is awesome.


Apr. 20th, 2009 10:20 pm
You know, normally I don't mind it so much when the Muses decide to be uppity bitches (it is the default setting for at least three of my six Muses), take an extended coffee break, and leave the Writer's Block Demon perched on my shoulder, chittering away about butterscotch-and-white-chocolate brownies (CURSE YOU, FOOD CHANNEL AND YOUR PROGRAMS ABOUT COMFORT FOOD!). The Writer's Block Demon isn't so bad, and is an expert on food, movie and TV trivia, and which books on Amazon might be worth it. Normally the WBD and I can get along.

But I have a presentation for my writing seminar due first thing tomorrow at 12:30 PM on my third and final essay topic for the class and I've been staring at a blank Word Document for the past three days!

You can see my problem.

Normally, I would be more than pleased to explore the ideas for my Heaven'n'Hell 'verse currently bouncing around in my head, especially since it would mean extensive revision of my celestial and infernal hierarchies and I love making lists and the universe is so much more upbeat (or at least sarcastic) than it used to be and I would dearly love to write banter between Dranyari and Eitan (who I still feel needs a new name, but I don't want to use one of the typical -(i)el names from A Dictionary of Angels 'cause Eitan isn't a and-then-the-Lord-spoketh-and-there-was-an-angel-angel but rather a human-who-died-and-went-to-Heaven-angel) while beating up another would-be Anti-Christ (and that's another post entirely) and this sentence has gone on long enough so I'll get to the point. The point is I NEED MY BRAIN SPACE TO BE FOCUSED ON SOMETHING THAT COULD MAKE OR BREAK MY FINAL PAPER AND SONUVABITCH I WANT TO SLEEP TONIGHT.

Stupid fickle muses.

EDIT 10:33 PM: *pinches the bridge of her nose* Of course it takes me bitching about it, nearly having an aneurysm, and then sobbing hysterically for five minutes to convince the muses to evict the WBD and get to work. Fucking typical.
dt_maxwell: ([TV] *headdesk*)
Due to a combination of A) growing interest in fantasy noir books a la Glen Cook, B) having my copy of A Dictionary of Angels: Including the Fallen Angels constantly at hand, C) a relatively recent return to watching Supernatural after two years, and D) an overactive imagination that's procrastinating like the pro it is since I have a large exam looming on the near horizon, the muses have decided to chuck ideas at me.

For my old Heaven-Hell mystery/supernatural-noir/whateverthefuckitwas that was my first major novel idea back when I was what, ten?, and which I decided to put on indefinite hiatus two or three years ago. New plot, reworking of some of the concepts, complete character revamps and redesigns for both Dranyari and Eitan. (Eitan's in need of a name change, I think, and Dran's weapon of choice isn't a scythe anymore. It's a baseball bat. Bludgeoning's more her thing, anyway. Or just tearing 'em apart with her bare hands.)

Goddamnit. I don't need Dran challenging Nora and Shae Valya to a Snark Off in my head! Sonuvabitch.

Stupid easily available occult lore. Stupid show with awesome characters and a really frickin' pretty blue-eyed angel (and, therefore, stupid hormones). Stupid overactive imagination. Stupid muses. Ah, fuck it, where's my writing notebook?



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