I finally have a villain for The Book.

My new writing blog contains the details.

*runs around, jumping for joy**sing-song* I have a villain, I have a villain, I have a villain...



Jul. 16th, 2006 10:11 pm
Whoot, I finally got to the bookstore yesterday!

Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden volume 4
Rurouni Kenshin volume 2
J.R.R. Tolkien: A Biography by Humphrey Carpenter (and I love it)
The House of Medici: It's Rise and Fall by Christopher Hibbert
Insurrection by Thomas M. Reid
Exile by R.A. Salvatore (eehh! Pretty cover!)
MacBeath by You-Know-Who

Aaaahhh. My brain feels so much better.

Been writing up information stuff for The Book, specifically the Harpies. They've changed a lot from the original design, but overall I really like 'em. I'll post what I've got about them a bit later, methinks.

And my dad is watching Steven Seagal movies on Spike. Oye. Talk about no plot. This one just started and I have no idea what in hell is going on. *sighs* Oye.

Why is the English final always pointless and insulting to one's brain? Why, why, why?

Aaannnd my draft for the research paper for Sanford-Devil is now done. Ugh. The first part makes no sense, but I blame the migraine I had earlier this afternoon for that. And if I mention to any of you that I'm reading a Frank Herbert book, smack me, okay? I don't think I can read his stuff again. Ever.

And KH2 is wwwooooaaaahhh. You know the crazy cut scene they kept pimping when a whole hoard of Heartless come running at Sora and the gang at Hollow Bastion and Sora basically runs off to fight them alone? You actually get to fight those Heartless. All. One. Thousand. *SQUEE* It was so fucking awesome! Best part of the game for me so far. Except maybe the reintroduction of Squall/Leon. *purrs* FFVIII Squall = angsty lil' bitch. KH Leon = sexy hot leetness. XP We luvs him, yes we do. (And my secret KH OTP is now Leon/Aerith. I still ship Cloud/Aerith, though, so no coming after me with pitchforks and torches. Oooohhh, Cloud/Aerith/Leon... *eyebrow wiggle*)

As for The Book... Good God, I still have ideas for more scenes. o.O I just wrote one today that involved Eitan, book!DT, and my version of the Grim Reaper in a diner. Yes, a diner. No, I'm not off my rocker. Yes, it does make sense in context with the scene. Shut up.

Okies, time to get ready for bed. Tomorrow after school I can go back to KH2 again... *weeps with joy*


P.S. Methinks I need to get the OSTs for KH and KH2. Yis.
So, lots of crap to be endured since my last entry.

Saturday, NAHSMUN. It sucked. ICJ just pissed me off. Blergh. And on the ride home in the rented van, I went to turn off the overhead lamp (which had apparently been on for hours), and as I pulled my hand back, my thumb brushed against the so-called 'guard' and got seriously burned. I mean ow, and I don't have much pain tolerance to begin with anyway. So when I finally got to flop in the comfy chair when I got home at 6, I just slept until 2 AM before trudging up to bed.

Sunday, didn't go to Anime Boston. Just too damned exhausted. Did, however, finally buy Kingdom Hearts II. *maniacal laughter*

Monday, was going to go visit Aunt Roo at the Bourne National Cemetary. However, sudden emeregence of the Cold From Hell and really sticky-hot weather cancelled those plans. Plus the drive home would have been sucky.

All this week, suffering from cold still. Grah. I don't deserve this kinda shit so close to the end of school.

Tomorrow, SAT II World History. Not worried. It's history. My idea of a good time is ranting about how much of a military genius Patton was, how much of an idiot I think Montgomery was, and gushing over the leetness that is a perfectly executed battle plan. And the hot-sexiness of those black leather trenchcoats Nazi officers wore. Mrow.

Shonen Jump came yesterday. Yay! The whale in One Piece was so awesome. XP I wants one! And DBZ ends - YAY! Finally, no more of that god-aweful thing. And next issue there's a sneak peak of Zombie Powder by Tite Kubo. O_O OMGWTFBBQ! *squeal of joy*

Book stuff? While I'm not writing the whole thing yet, I've been scribbling down sporadic scenes as they pop into my head; helps me figure out certain stuff. Eitan is turning into a smug little angelic man-bitch, book!DT is wonderfully snarky, and things make sense! To me, anyway. I threw out everything I didn't need, rebuilt my versions of Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory, and I am satisfied. :)

Okay, yeah, time to go back to trolling through old fics. *pokes [livejournal.com profile] chrissy_sky* I found Parody From Hell on MM.org. Hon, you have got to repost that baby somewhere, it still makes me laugh out loud. ^_^



Feb. 28th, 2006 07:02 pm
Jumping Jesus on a pogostick, it's only Tuesday and already I'm exhausted. Damn last-week-of-term weeks to the lowest pits of Hell.

Let's see, Chinese term final today (which I think I did okay on, but I refuse to become complacent), declamation tomorrow, Chinese declamation Thursday (and we only found out yesterday, damnit all), annnnd... *thinks* History test Friday. Not worried. Really need to finish reading Lord of the Flies. Possibly geometry quiz tomorrow or Thursday, not too worried, been doing pretty good this term.

Contemplating going to the Faculty Talent and Fashion Show after school Friday; anyone else planning on attending?

Dad's birthday Saturday. Need to get something for him. Possible trip to bookstore or other places with Mom in search of present for him; he likes action/mystery/horror stuff, so maybe I'll get Stephen King just to freak him out. XP Or something about baseball. He still worships the huge Baseball Encyclopedia we got him four years. Heh.

Speaking of which, early baseball dose this year! World Baseball Classic starts Friday. The Dominican Republic team will own everyone, mark my words.

Let's see, from the Sox, we've got Alex Cora for Puerto Rico, Lenny DiNardo for Italy, Trent Durrington for Australia, David Ortiz for the Domincan Republic (Paaaappppiii!!), Roberto Petagine for Venezuela, Manny Ramirez for the Domincan Republic, Adam Stern for Canada, Julian Tavarez for the Dominican Republic, Mike Timlin for the US, and Jason Varitek for the US (all hail V-Tek!).

Ooohhh, yeah, DT is pumped!

Now if you'll pardon me, I need to go beat the plot for my Book back into submission. Ciao.


P.S. My WoW subscription ran out. Sad now. Need to definitely bug Mom into taking me to Best Buy so I can get a new prepaid game card.
So I've essentially sold my soul to WoW for most of the vacation and only managed to get up two levels. *grumbles* Although I'm almost to 57... Level cap, here I come!

Anywhoot, finally managed to finish my last Sunken Temple quest today. And my group cleared the instance. Whoot. Got some nice loot (nothing I could use, but that's what vendoring and the auction house is for), went from the veryvery beginning of 56 to almost 57, and had way too much fun killing things. Muahah. Now I have to start doing Blackrock Depth runs so I can finish the nine quests I've got there AND get the hardest part of the Onyxia key quest chain over and done with. Again, muahah.

And I spotted a boss mob floating around outside the glass in the middle of the Deeprun Tram called "Nessy." I promptly fell over laughing, ran BACK down the tram after reaching the Stormwind end, and took a screenshot. E-mail me if you want it. ^_^

And for those of you interested, [livejournal.com profile] predikit and I started a WoW-based RP group: Booty Bay, named after one of the neutral towns in WoW. Obviously, character and storyline based, although some basic working knowledge of the game is required. No angst or emo, please, we're going for humor and whacky situations that Alliance and Horde members can get themselves in. XP

Oh, and three days ago, I downloaded Bleach episodes 2 to 69 in an hour and a half. *pats her laptop* I've watched up to... *thinks* I believe episode 8. Keep in mind I've been Blizzard's slave all week.

Yesterday, bookstore run. Am uber pleased with haul:

Black Cat volume 1 (Interesting so far.)
Descendants of Darkness volume 10 (Eeehh! I love the shiki! And dear GOD, there's this one picture of Touda... *slobber*)
Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden volume 3 (Oh my GOD, I adore Namame! *snuggles*)
Godchild volume 1 (MUAHAHAH!)
The Once and Future King by T.H. White (Insert more evil laughter here.)

Need to start memorizing my declamation for Wednesday. >.< Was hoping my crazy voodoo would outdue my dad's crazy voodoo and there'd be enough snow for Monday off, but nyeh, should have known. Damnation.

Aaaannnnd the book-plot idea is trying to morph after this weird IM-RP storyline I did a few days ago, based on a world dominated by thousands of different religious factions and the havoc that celestial and demonic magics wreak on creatures of all sorts. While that setting would certainly make things more interesting and slightly more probable for my original plot and characters, I really want to keep my original Nine Rings of Hell plan. Who knows, maybe I could pull a CLAMP and use that universe as some crazy crossover point for all of my OCs later on.

Okay, need to start memorizing crazy Iago's lines. *grumbles* Sanford and his declamation ideas need to go away. Far, far away.




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