It's been a while since I've said anything of note, so I figured it was about time to let the LJ crowd know I'm still alive.

Fall break starts tomorrow (it's just four days, Friday through Monday, but a break's a break), and Mom's coming down to spend the weekend and YAY I get to see my mommy! Class has been going well - civil procedure still makes no sense, criminal law I'm slowly starting to get my head around, and torts is awesome even if it is at 8:15 on Mondays and Wednesdays - and I survived my first law school exam yesterday (torts midterm). I can decide if I love or loathe legal writing, but I suspect many feel the same; my professor is amazing, though, and I definitely feel like I'm improving.

Been hanging around on tumblr a lot recently. I've gotten back into SWTOR and there's a really awesome SWTOR community on tumblr (made some really awesome friends, and one even lives nearby and she came to visit me shortly after I moved to Ardmore when I was still really down in the dumps and homesick and she flat out told me that if an emergency came up to call her ASAP and really, that made me feel so much better knowing there was at least one person in Pennsylvania I knew I could count on), so I've been bouncing around there a lot. Also just haven't been up to long and involved posting a la LJ, and tumblr's good for quick bits of fangirling and squee.

I've also been posting my perfume reviews up on tumblr, for both BPAL and Delightful Rot Perfumery; they can be found here.

Oh! One of the really awesome things about living in Pennsylvania is that horse country isn't too hard to get to. This past Saturday I took the train up to Devon for Dressage at Devon at the Devon Horse Show grounds and EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ALL THE PRETTY HORSES AND DRESSAGE AND THE PRETTIES THEY WERE SO PRETTY THERE WAS A FRIESIAN I DON'T HAVE WORDS TO DESCRIBE MY SQUEE SATURDAY WAS THE BEST DAMN DAY EVER I TOOK SO MANY PICTURES OMGOMGOMGOMG SO PRETTY OH MY GOD.


Right. I need to get going, I want to talk with one of my professors before the end of her office hours, so I need to scram. I'll be doing a baseball/Red Sox post either tonight or some time this weekend, because I have Feels about My Boys. *sigh*

Nov. 8th, 2011 05:34 pm
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*takes deep breath*


*shrieks with glee*

*does a cartwheel*

*collapses into a pile of madly giggling fangirl joy*

(My copy of The Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson is here. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!)
So. I have been in possession of Codename: Sailor V volume one and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon volume one for a week now.



*ahem* And now that that's out of my system, we can move on.

First off, I must say that I really love the bindings. Excellent size - as much I loved my old Tokyopop editions when I was younger, I really freaking hated the "pocket size" thing, sooo hard to hold open the damn things even with tiny hands like mine - with a nice depth and heft to it and I love the pages! They're thick and lightly textured; they're also a bit off-white, which I actually like, as I think it imparts a softer look to Naoko Takeuchi's art that fits with the way I've always imagined Sailor Moon. The cover art is beautiful, and the first three or so pages of both Sailor V and Sailor Moon are glossy and full-colored, which is so rarely done with manga in the U.S. that I couldn't help but squeal when I saw them. It's little things like that that make me happy.

The art's been very nicely touched up and updated, which I'm aware Takeuchi originally did for the 2007 revival in Japan. I don't have my Tokyopop editions to compare with at the moment, but I do recall the art being a little...wonky at times, likely a result of the flipping they did. Some little background updates to the art that blend in pretty well include something I noticed during Act 2 when Ami is introduced: the seminar (cram school in the old translation) Ami attended originally used floppy disks, and the art and dialogue has been updated to change it to CDs. Next time I'm home I'll have to see how digging up my Tokyopop editions to make side-by-side comparisons.

The translation is much better than the Tokyopop one though I wouldn't call it perfect. There are some minor spelling and grammar mistakes, and some of the English seems stilted at times; I personally think both volumes could have benefited from an editor tweaking the translation to something more natural sounding. They also constantly had the term "Legendary Silver Crystal" bracketed by quote marks and good God did that get annoying fast for me, 'cause hello, we get it, it's important and powerful and a WMD of epic proportions, IT DOESN'T NEED QUOTATION MARKS, IT'S DISTRACTING, MOVE ON.


Other minor things I had with the translation: "bump head" and "bun head" as teasing nicknames for Usagi? *blank stare* Why. They're ridiculous and don't really flow well and yes, I know the DiC dub was shit (but Saban could have gotten their hands on it, so we got off lucky!), but "meatball head" does work as it is poking fun of a hairstyle that looks like a food as with the original "odango atama" taunt, yes, it's not a proper hairstyle name like dango and argh, it annoys me, okay? And for the most part the use of honorifics was handled all right, except in one glaring case where Luna says, "We must find the Princess-sama and protect her."

*facepalm* I don't think I need to tell you how ridiculous that is. Sometimes direct, literal translations just don't work. They could have just said "the Princess" or "Her Highness the Princess" to be more formal if they wished and it would have worked fine.

So, overall, squee and joy and happiness and OMG IT'S SO PRETTY *spazflailcartwheel*. Not perfect, but I'm hopeful as the translator continues to work on the forthcoming volumes, the dialogue will flow a lot better and be much more natural. Practice makes perfect, after all.
Well, damn.

Spoilers, HO! )
This morning
Me: *stumbles down the stairs*
Billy: *has thermometer stuck in his mouth**muffled* Get over here, I'm going to show you the greatest cinematic trailer ever.
Me: Blarghgawhat?
Billy: Sit!
Me: *sits, rubs eyes, yawns*
Billy: *hands over laptop* Read that first.
Me: Wha- ooohh...

Thirty seconds later
Me: Dude!
Billy: Yup. And now... *hits play* I give you Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Three minutes and fifty-two seconds later
Billy: Did you get chills?
Me: O_O *nodding* Oh my God.
Billy: *nods*
Me: Oh my GOD. Oh. My. GOD!
Billy: Exactly what I said.
Billy: That amount sums it up nicely.
Billy: I know, right?
Me: *watches again*

Thirty minutes later
Me: *on her own computer, broswing the TOR website* Dude. Dude, this is beyond epic.
Billy: And those screenshots are only from Alpha.
Me: Holy fuck the finished thing is going to be so fucking sweet.
Billy: Indeed.
Me: Fuck the Force users, I want to play a bounty hunter! Jet packs! Blaster rifles! Wrist-mounted flamethrower! MUST HAVE NOW.
Billy: No ETA yet. Patience.
Me: But it's so pretty...

In summary: Fuck you, Blizzard, I just found my God.
Right, so, still no Beep. We're going to expand our poster reach by putting up posters at both the Super Stop & Shop off Morrissey Boulevard and the Shaws in Lower Mills, stopping off at the Neponset Pet Center again to talk to the techs (much more likely to see Beep than the front desk people) and ask one of them to put a poster up in the back so the vets can see it, dropping by Angell Memorial with a fresh poster (Mom needs some blood work done so we'll be in the area anyway), and maybe-possibly the post office down the ways on Washington Street. We're also looking into putting adverts in both the Ashmont Outlook (which is a monthly newsletter that circulates only in Ashmont Hill) and the Dorchester Reporter (the weekly newsletter that circulates all throughout Dorchester, duh). We especially want the posters up at the supermarkets because of their high traffic profiles (people gotta eat, y'know) and the Reporter; the more people see Beep's picture and our contact information, the better.

And now on to other topics, 'cause I desperately need to get my mind on happier things.

On the writing front, I've been doing some massive rehauling of my Heaven'n'Hell 'verse. For one thing I've chucked an entire class of demon because they bore too much resemblance to the Harpies from Anne Bishop's Black Jewels series. On t' other hand I still find the idea of vengeance demons incredibly awesome and decided to use the Erinyes (better known as the Furies) for my own devious purposes, and tweaked them to suit my setting (and enrage classical scholars the world over). Most of the tweaking involved making them a species with both males and females rather than just females, although with a definite matriarchal bent.

Of the new characters that waltzed into my head following this reorganizing of Hell, the most prominent was Thanatos, Dranyari's big brother type figure and the eldest son of the Erinyes Queen, Alecto. Blatant bastardization of Greek mythology? You betcha! But that's how he introduced himself and I wasn't inclined to argue.

Thanatos will also firmly remain Dran's big brother figure (as well her regular drinking buddy and partner in crime); I briefly toyed with the idea of some romantic element between Dran and another character (not Eitan), and then promptly made said idea die in a fire. Romance? In Hell? If I couldn't suspend my disbelief, there was no chance I could make any potential readers do so, either.

Speaking of readers...

So. Many. Books. I want. To read!

Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson: It's Brandon Sanderson, I'm already in love with this book. Elantris was fantastic, I'm still spazzing like a loon over the Mistborn trilogy and it's effing Brandon Sanderson! This man's world-building skills leave me speechless and the summary for this book makes me wiggle in my seat and giggle hysterically. It's not coming out for another week and I want it NOW.

Santa Olivia by Jacqueline Carey: It's Jacqueline Carey! While admittedly I've gotten very, very behind with her Kushiel series (I still need to read Kushiel's Justice and Kushiel's Mercy, and now Naamah's Kiss is nearly out...), I love her writing style, and I'm really interested to see where Carey goes with this. It's a far cry from her Kushiel books: werewolves plus comicbook-style superheroes. Oh hell yes. It sounds like a fun read and I wants it, precious, yes.

Dragon Rule by E.E. Knight: FUCK YES MORE AGE OF FIRE BOOKS! Admittedly it's not coming out until December 1 and there isn't even cover art up yet much less a summary, BUT THERE IS NO DOUBT IN MY MIND THAT THIS BOOK WILL ROCK MY SOCKS OFF. Draaaaaagons. *makes grabby hands*

Tales from the Perilous Realm by J.R.R. Tolkien: I had no damned idea this was out until I saw it waaaay down the line on my Amazon "Recommended for You" list and I was mad as hell because holy crap, it's TOLKIEN and it came out in NOVEMBER. Four Tolkien novellas I have been dying to read ever since I started fangirling Tolkien? HELL. YES. (I'm not entirely sure I'm all that excited about "The Adventures of Tom Bombadil," which is a poem, but oh my God, "Farmer Ham of Giles" and "Leaf by Niggle"!)

The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun by J.R.R. Tolkien: ...Do I really need to say more?

Norse Code by Greg Van Eekhout: Fun with Norse mythology! Steven Burst speaks highly of him, plus a renegade valkyrie? Hell yeah! Good old urban fantasy fun. Sounds like my cup of tea.

Traitor to the Crown: The Patriot Witch by C.C. Finlay: First of a series; is to the American Revolution as the Temeraire series is to the Napoleonic Wars, except no dragons. That's cool, gimme a copy! Sounds pretty damn awesome, plus I'm of the opinion the American Revolution needs a bit more love in the alternate history department.

*sighs happily* Books.
Printed out a bunch of "lost" posters for Beep yesterday, went around the neighborhood with Mom this morning to put them up and hand them out to anyone walking by. Only was able to make about forty before my printer finally ran out of ink, so after going to put a poster up at the Neponset Pet Center we hit up Staples for ink cartridges.

Mom's making a late lunch for us while the printer prints out more posters; once they're done we'll go put posters up on Alban Street, Ashmont, Roslin, and maybe stop by the library on the corner of Washington to put some up there. One of the neighbors we talked to this morning said she had a friend whose cat was missing for twenty days and was found because someone saw one of the posters the friend had put up and called, so pretty much the goal is to inundate the neighborhood with posters and hope someone calls.

So while the printer's still going, I stopped by Amazon in an attempt to cheer myself up a bit.




My outlook on life is a lot more cheerful right now! (I still want my cat back, though, Goddamnit.)


May. 9th, 2009 11:13 am
Freedom! Sweet, glorious freedom!

Took my last final this morning, and surprisingly I think I did all right on it. Was done in about an hour, which was doubly surprising because I was taking my time. Ah, bless my Adderall.

Had woken up pretty early, so I finished packing up most of my stuff before I went to take my final - mostly my bedsheets and comforter. After the final, went to one of the many little cash-for-books kiosks set up along campus to get rid of my textbooks; got a total of $69 back, which is slightly enraging considering how much I paid for them in the first place (and I treat my books well, so mine were still in pristine condition).

By then it was about 10:30, so I called Mom and said, "I'm done! Come save me!" (That's a direct quote.) She laughed and said she'd call when she left; she had to wait for the pound cake to finish baking and then take a shower, but she'd be at BU by 12:30 at the very latest.

In the meantime, I trooped downstairs to get one of the moving carts, and managed to fit in four plastic tubs, three duffel/travel bags of various sizes, and three smaller grocery bags with miscellaneous stuff in 'em. The tubs and travel bags contain all of my clothes and/or laundry, bed sheets, plush animals, and pillows. I am very good at maximizing space. (Mom taught me well.)

So once Mom gets here, I'll throw my bookbag on and wheel the cart downstairs and outside, then bring the cart back to the Resident Life office before hightailing it. Will finish moving me out tomorrow when Billy and Dad can help with the heavy lifting. But tonight, I sleep in a comfy bed and I can hug my kitty!

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Apr. 19th, 2009 09:04 pm
So I was feeling schoompy and kinda high on a sugar rush after eating an entire bag of mint milano cookies 'cause I was hungry and dinner just didn't cut it so I texted Mom saying, "I love you, Mommy!" 'cause I am a TOTAL Mama's girl and I haven't hugged my mom in more than a week and seriously, I love my mommy.

And she texted me back with the same. :)

It's the little things in life that make you happy.

And thus, today really was awesome.

This cavity-inducing post is brought to you by Sugar Addicts Anonymous.


Apr. 19th, 2009 11:06 am
So the Red Sox beat the Orioles handily last night 6-4. And the Sox winning is always awesome, right? Right.

You know what's even better than the Sox winning?

The Sox winning and the Yankees losing.

And the Yankees didn't just lose last night. They were crushed.

Last night, at the new Yankee Stadium, the New York Yankees were thoroughly beaten by the Cleveland Indians by a score of twenty-two to four. The Indians scored fourteen runs in the second inning alone. New Yankee Stadium was apparently empty halfway through the game.


Today is going to be AWESOME.


Apr. 11th, 2009 01:29 am
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So, home for the weekend (that it happens to be Easter is coincidental, I swear), puttering around on Mom's beat-up laptop at about 12:50 AM and considering sleepy-times. Cell phone rings, don't recognize the number, don't pick up.

Voicemail message left.

Raise eyebrow.

Check voicemail.


Make mental note to add [ profile] predikit's home number to address list. Immediately call back.

Spazz SO FREAKING HARD. (And also laugh myself to the point of asphyxiation.)

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You finally finished that paper for your writing seminar. (You're good at writing them, you just hate doing it.) You've had dinner. You've showered. You called Mom for your nightly check-in. ('Cause if you stopped now she'd think something was wrong and she'd freak out and you'd feel really bad for making Mom freak out and you are such a mama's girl, really.) You have no pressing engagements for the rest of the week, except the guild Naxx run Friday night, but that's less obligation and more "Woohoo, killing stuff, sweet loot, and frickin' awesome guildmates!"

What to do?

First, make sure the door to your room is closed. No need to have witnesses to your overwhelming nerdiness.

Now, reach under the bed for that package that came in Friday. (Amazon said it'd be delivered Monday, but packages from there always arrive early so no big deal.) It's already open since you had to check to make sure everything in your order arrived. (It did.) You told yourself you'd indulge after the public policy exam was done with as well as the paper, so you closed the box and shoved it under the bed for later. (You kinda wish it had come in Monday, 'cause that would have been a few days less of temptation, but you're Catholic. Maybe not a devout Catholic, but you sucked it up anyway.)

Guess what? It's later.

Open the box.

Take out the very shiny hardcover copy of All the Windwracked Stars by Elizabeth Bear. Mmm, science fiction. Ms. Bear is totally your new favorite science fiction author. (You still haven't forgiven Frank Herbert for the travesty that was The Dosadi Experiment, the bastard. You likely never will.) Then take out the copy of The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead by Max Brooks. Giggle a bit. (You're totally taking it with you tomorrow to read before class.)

Take out that other thing and put it aside for a moment. That one needs to be savored.

The last thing to take out is the official guide book that goes with that other thing. It's really frickin' huge. (You thought the Kingdom Hearts II and Final Fantasy XII guides were huge. Obviously you were very, very wrong.) You're pretty sure if a radical environmentalist group saw you with it, they'd kill you in a really unspeakable way and your body (or what was left of it) would never be found.

Now, pick up the other thing. Time to savor.

It's Pokemon: Platinum.

Go ahead. Squeal.


You done yet?




Awesome, you're still breathing. Let's carry on.

Take off the plastic shrink-wrap and open the case. Dance a little, no one can see you.

Take out the game cartridge.

Pick up your Nintendo DS. (It's been sitting patiently on the table next to your bed since Friday and it surprisingly refrained from being a seductive lure to procrastinate. You should name it.)

Insert the game cartridge.

Turn on the DS.


Note: referring to yourself in second person is even creepier than referring to yourself in third person. Stop it. Please.


Mar. 26th, 2009 10:21 am
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So, I roll out of bed later than usual for me on Thursday (as my first class isn't until eleven), and I decide to check my e-mail before shuffling down to the dining room for a late-ish breakfast.

And I see that my public policy class (the eleven o'clock class) has been canceled for today.



*throws self back into bed*

(Screw breakfast, I can have lunch today!)


Mar. 17th, 2009 12:23 am
Ironsong Tribe downs Sapphiron and Kel'Thuzad! Naxxramas has fallen!


Screenshots in the morning when I'm not half-dead.



Mar. 6th, 2009 12:18 pm
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Done with midterms, done with class, just finished with packing! After I finish checking my e-mail and other things, I'll turn off my computer, unplug it for easier travel convenience (thank GOD my monitor is flat), then watch some TV until Mom arrives shortly after 1 PM.

Then it's HOME! Homehomehomehooooooooome!

I get to hug my Jazzy and sleep in a bed that's comfortable and not have to turn a fan on to drown out the noise of the MassPike or the people down the hall and I don't have to get up for classes and I can SLEEP. Oh my GOD, I CAN ACTUALLY GET A DECENT NIGHT'S SLEEP. A week of glorious, wonderful, SLEEP!

*sobs happily*

EDIT 12:23 PM: YATTA! Mom and Dad had to go the paint store that's on Harvard Street in... Brighton, I think, so they'll be heading over here once they're done! I get to go home even earlier! WOOHOO!


Feb. 25th, 2009 07:08 pm
6:59 PM

Me: La-la-la, procrastinating again, let's see if NESN has any spring training updates...
TV: *shows crowded stadium*
Me: O_O; Really?!
TV: *shows Don Orsillo talking*
Me: Really?!
TV: *shoes start of Red Sox vs. Minnesota Twins spring training game*
So, I was just minding my own business this morning, surfing the 'Net 'cause I had time before my first class, when lo, I idly decide to check out the awesome that is And what do I find?


Ulduar raid! Yogg-Saron boss! Hodir himself! (Well damn, it's about time, maybe he can tell us where all the Daughters of Hodir have gone, because the Sons haven't been getting any if the quests are anything to go by!) Titles! Mounts! Pets! ([ profile] predikit hasn't stopped spazzing about those two.) Dual specialization! Patterns!

Lailya: PATTERNS?!
Ashke: Ah, hell.
Eboncloud: *facepalm* She won't shut up now.
Lailya: PATTERNS! *dive tackles the tailoring patterns and sobs happily*
Ashke: Freak.
Eboncloud: There's something wrong with you if you're more excited about making clothes than currently raiding Naxxramas with your new guild.
Lailya: SILENCE, HEATHENS! Sshhh, babies, mama's here, don't listen to the silly Death Knights...
Ashke and Eboncloud: *sigh*

...Um, yes. Patterns. AND A TOURNAMENT! The Argent Tournament! Titles! The ability to represent your faction in the tournament or all of them at once! MOUNTED COMBAT! OH MY GOD, WE FINALLY HAVE MOUNTED COMBAT!

Somewhere in Icecrown
Highlord Darion Mograine: ...I was under the impression you and the Argent Crusade were preparing to build Justice Keep.
Highlord Tirion Fordring: Nope, Argent Coliseum.
Darion: But, Arthas? In Icecrown Citadel? Right over there? *waves vaguely in the direction of the gigantic metallic structure that dominates most of Icecrown*
Tirion: Screw Arthas, we must have blood sport!
Darion: *headdesk*

And new talents and abilities and items and Ulduar is shiiiiiiiny, lookit all the siege weaponry, and ooohhh, legendary item!

Ashke: *rubs her temples* Where's the booze?


Feb. 6th, 2009 06:58 pm
Do you what today was?

Today was TRUCK DAY!

For all of you non-crazy Sox fans, Truck Day is when all the training equipment is packed up into an 18-wheeler and begins the two day drive from Fenway Park to Fort Myers for spring training, well before pitchers and catchers need to report on Thursday. Truck Day is the Red Sox Nation equivalent of Groundhog Day, because it means spring is just around the corner. Along with...


First game of this year's Grapefruit League is on February 25, against, as always, Boston College as an exhibition game. (BC regularly gets trounced.) And then in March, the WORLD BASEBALL CLASSIC (competitive baseball in March, yeeeeeeeeesssssss).

And then the Red Sox kick off the season at home on April 6.




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