And LJ's gone and changed shit again sonofabitch. Anyway.

Back home on the Cape; took the train out of Philly yesterday, six bloody hours but YAY HOME.

Have survived my first semester of law school. HALLELUJAH.

I would write more, but Billy-twin and I are going to see The Hobbit so HAHAHAHAHAHA CATCH YA LATER WOOHOO!
So I just need to share with the world at large that today my copy of The Last Unicorn on two-disc DVD/Blu-ray combo arrived AND ALL IS RIGHT AND GLORIOUS IN MY WORLD.

Seriously, this movie is like the living embodiment of my childhood; I have no idea how many times I rented it on VHS from Blockbuster as a little kid and I watched it and watched it and watched it. The three great things that introduced me to to fantasy: The Last Unicorn, the Dragon Chronicles by Susan Fletcher, and the Firebringer Trilogy by Meredith Ann Pierce. THEY ARE MY TRIFECTA OF HAPPY AND YAY AND CHILDHOOD. (I didn't pick up the original book of The Last Unicorn for many years, but after reading it all I could think was, "Hm, which was better at tearing out my heart and stomping on it, the book or the movie? Think, think... Tie. Definitely a tie. LET'S READ IT AGAIN YAY.") The amount of happies and feels I have right now is indescribable.

(Yes, I will totally be buying bottles of The Lilac Wood and The Last Unicorn and Lady Amalthea from BPAL's Last Unicorn collection once I have the money. I WILL NOT BE DENIED. Also: lilac. Best smell ever.)



Aug. 4th, 2009 10:25 am
Patch Day, Patch Day, Patch Day!

New pets and mounts and quests and druid forms-

Ituhala: YAY!

-and Northrend Children's Week-

Lailya: *cuddling a wolvar pup and cooing*

-rogues can use axes (which makes sense, they're good at weaponizing everything)-

Ashke: *hefts an axe and carefully examines its edge* Meh, I'll stick with swords.

-engineering stuff-

Raseleane: *mad scientist laughter*
Ituhala, Lailya, and Ashke: *inch away slowly from the gnome mage*

-and it's PATCH DAY, YAY!

Ituhala and Raseleane: Cheap riding skill! Yay!

...Hello, my name is DT, and I'm a World of Warcraft addict who talks to her characters.

XD I may not be able to do exactly what this entails, but I'll try my damnedest at school!

AND TEDDY BRUSCHI IS COMING BACK! WOOOOOHOOOOO! *runs around like a muppet on crack*

Yup. 'Nother fic review. Will have real update tomorrow.

The Fic: Mating Habits of the Species Shinigami
The Author: Kouri Arashi
Rating: PG (PoV: K+)
Fandom: Yami no Matsuei
In a Nut Shell: Fluffy piece narrated by 003, Watari's pet owl.
Stand-out Pairings: Tatsumi/Watari, some Tsuzuki/Hisoka
Grammar/Spelling: 8/10
Originality and Creativity: 10/10 (Business!DT: Silliness abounds in this fandom, but there's a lot of relatively original pieces floating around.)
Plot and Characterization: 8/10 (Business!DT: Tiny bit of OOCness, but it's not rampant, and the plot moves at a good pace.)
Status: Finished at six chapters.
Nota Bene: Probably shouldn't read unless you're familiar with the series, otherwise it might get confusing. Still, it doesn't rely too heavily on background information.
Spoonage: None, unless you can't stand rampant fluffiness. ^-^


Twenty random facts about me (Tag a number of friends equal to the number of minutes it takes you to complete this):

1. I honestly cannot stand Charles Dickens at all.
2. I adore Ben & Jerry's Karamel Sutra ice cream very, very much.
3. I hate romance novels with a passion. Not fantasy-romance, just straight romance, which is basically a woman getting fucked six ways to Sunday.
4. Yes, I can be incredibly crude if I want to.
5. I am a proud slave to World of Warcraft, though I haven't been playing too much of late.
6. I'm going to get a chinchilla if it kills me.
7. I cannot stand incest or twincest in fanfiction, and just barely in canon. Twin, right here. *waves hand*
8. I like older men. I drool profusely over actors who are over forty years old, and I am not ashamed in the least.
9. I like to watch cheesy horror and sci-fi flicks. They're fun to laugh at.
10. The prequel Star Wars trilogy PISSES ME OFF.
11. I ship some of the oddest pairings of all time. Seriously, I like Saitou/Misao and Kakashi/Sakura, and no, I don't know why. (If I hear one word out of the Naruto fans here, you're getting smacked at lunch tomorrow.) And those are just the het pairings, my slash pairings get even weirder (case in point: Tsume/Kiba, which I have never seen).
12. I loathe, with all my being, the stick-figure actress of Hollywood. I admire Jennifer Lopez for the fact she is not ashamed of having wide hips, and therefore, a big butt. Hips = sexy.
13. I'm pretty sure I'm bi-polar. One second I'm happyhappyjoyjoy, then the next I'm down in the dumps.
14. I want to take over the world and turn France into Western Europe's parking lot.
15. I like watching movies or shows where lots of blood and guts are flying. And something explodes, too.
16. I like clothes, but I hate shopping for them. Dunno why.
17. I'm going as a corsair for Hallowe'en this year. With my Cavalier's hat. ^____^
18. I adore lasanga, but for some reason I just could never like spaghetti. o.O
19. I still collect plushies and Beanie Babies.
20. I've never been on a T bus. Never. In my life. Nope. Train and subway yes, bus, no. The way the drivers drive scares me.

Tag: [ profile] bardicsidhe, [ profile] snowfox176, [ profile] tenseiv, [ profile] careful_i_bite, [ profile] misscam, [ profile] dragon_mouse, [ profile] chrissy_sky, [ profile] sunracer, [ profile] aska_langley, [ profile] pocketfox.
So! Starting something to keep me updating at LJ: The Random Fic Reviews!

Every now and then (could be any time; tomorrow, later in the week, not for another two months, etc.) I will randomly chose a fic from the Pit of Voles to review. No, I'm not reviewing any of my f'list's fics, because I'll end up raving about how wonderful it is.

So. Here we go! Today's fic is on, but I'm linking to the MediaMiner.Org version, for it is better, yes.

The Fic: Trigun 'Action!'
The Author: katsa5
Rating: R/NC-17 (PoV: M)
In a Nut Shell: A "behind the scenes" look at Trigun. With yaoi, drugs, language, sex, and all that good stuff.
Stand-out Pairings: Vash/Legato (Fangirl!DT: It's so bloody hot! *slobber*)
Grammar/Spelling: 8/10 (Business!DT: Some minor stuff, but overall, very good job.)
Originality and Creativity: 10/10 (Business!DT: Couldn't be happier on this point. This was a refreshing read, and luckily no one was stupid enough to blatantly copy (though considering how often I cringe away from the Pit, I could be wrong on this point).)
Plot and Characterization: 7/10 (Business!DT: Obviously, there's some out of character stuff, but it's still pulled off very well, and the plot is wonderfully complex, but won't make your brain hurt.)(Fangirl!DT: VASH/LEGATO! VASH/LEGATO!)
Status: Finished at 42 chapters (though it's more of a discontinuation due to the author's real life obligations)
Nota Bene: There are going to be squick parts, so be careful. No, seriously, I was tempted to run away screaming at some points. (Fangirl!DT: Though luckily it wasn't as bad as some of the stuff [ profile] nefyr has told me, the sadist.)
Spoonage: None. This is a great long read while we're all waiting for that next chapter of The Mirror of Maybe.

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Oct. 6th, 2005 09:57 pm
Your Mood Ring is Magenta


I wouldn't know about "thriving," but I guess everything else fits okay... *shrugs* Murr.




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