I've gotten incredibly lax about updating this thing, haven't I?

So, as per the sole single senior privilege alloted to the seniors at my illustrious high school (), my last day ever was last Friday. Senior sign-out day is June 6th, and I'm graduating June 9th.


So, yeah, I've totally been wasting my days online, reading fic, playing WoW, kicking my brother's ass at Literati (Yahoo's online version of Scrabble - waaaaay fun) as we yell at each other over Ventrilo. Been working on leveling a feral druid and am slowly but surely working my way to exalted with the Netherwing. >_< I wants a purdy netherdrake! (I've also been running Shadow Labyrinth like mad because I really want the Greatsword of Horrid Dreams from Murmur for my warlock but it hasn't been dropping and I'm mad as hell about it. Rawr!)

Um, in non-WoW news I've been trying to write. The muses seem to be focusing more on my supernatural exterminators idea with Nora and Sav; playing with regular humans in unusual circumstances in the modern world is actually both easier and more challenging than say, using demons as main characters or creating alien species for my sci-fi world I've had forever. I know how humans react, with variations depending on personality, but making their reality seem plausible in a world as opposed with fact and science as our own is tricky.

I don't have any solid scenes yet, just bits and pieces - a sentence here, a description there. But Nora and Sav are becoming more "real" in my head, and some of their co-workers are starting to show up, too. So hopefully I'll be writing some actual stories with them this summer.

But now it's time to work on my druid's leatherworking. To Azeroth!

And look, [livejournal.com profile] predikit! Papelbon icon for you!
So, grades for second term came out this week, and my lowest one was an A- in AP Lit. Watch me grin smugly and kick back, assured that I am indeed ridiculously intelligent (and very much the egoist because of it) and that Yale will regret every decision and assumption it made about me. Am I feeling decidedly superior? Hells yes, bitches.

Also, an update in the ongoing saga of getting-my-brother-a-way-to-graduate-with-me: A while ago, back in October-November or so, my parents and Will decided for him to take the GED exam. He ordered a study book (that was, like, 1000+ pages and heavier than my biology honors textbook from last year, which I thought was impossible), did two hours of work every day in it, and took the six different parts on two separate days in December. He passed with flying colors and did better than ninety percent of graduating high school seniors. We all chortled and pointed fingers at BLS.

Then I realized that that effectively meant he had graduated before I did and I smacked him upside the head for it. He steals all the tall genes in the womb and he gets out of high school before me? What the hell?!

And then I remind myself that in the future, while Will is family and I am obligated as the lawyer in the family to help him with whatever legal troubles he gets himself into, I am fully within my rights to charge him a very large bill. And I am comforted.

Also, newest issue of Popular Science came in the mail. Watch me flail about as I geek out over the latest advances in the field of medicine and really sweeeet technology.

Before I forget, to Congress: I know this whole steriods in baseball thing is kind of dominating the sports news world, but don't you have better things to do? Like, fix Social Security? And manage the budget? And the war in Iraq? And immigration? And, you know, pass important pieces of legislation that affect millions of people across the country?

Just wondering, is all.
O_O I'm going to be on LIVE, NATIONAL TELEVISION tomorrow morning.

The C-SPAN Campaign 2008 bus is stopping in Boston for a bit on its way to New Hampshire for the primaries, and tomorrow it's going to be parked right outside school. Since all the U.S. government classes have, by now, finished going over stuff like primaries and the election process, the history department asked interested students to submit questions (and how you thought they'd be answered) and two or three kids from each class would be picked based on who had the best questions.

I'm one of them! *squeaks happily*

My only problem is that I must be at school by 7:15 for silly photo op. *grumble*

But I'm going to be on C-SPAN at 9 AM! Zomg!
R1: Study - Various Teachers
*hysterical giggles* Studies, whee! And no more gym! Double whee!

R2: Calculus - Mr. Luis
Could have been worse. Could have been Statistics with Mr. Centeio. Still, a thirty-one student class? Good things can't be happening this year.

R3: Humanities - Mr. Concannon
I signed up for Latin Tradition, but there was only one section for it, same with Myth Tradition, so I got shunted to my second back-up class. Teacher is new, but we're practically guaranteed field trips this year! Plus, Mr. Concannon seems pretty neat.

R4: Comprehensive Chinese - Mr. Ureneck
My teacher is a white male of Polish decent who lived in China for twelve years. Rock. Seems like a cool guy, although since the make-up of the class is mostly guys who probably picked it because it would be easy, I'm still iffy on how this will turn out. Good, I hope.

R5: American Foreign Policy - Ms. Kirkpatrick
I actually like Kirkpatrick, it's just that APUSH last year was like doing slave labor because we had to do Columbus to now by May for the exam. Foreign Policy makes me giddy with joy, plus it's my smallest class with twenty kids.

R6: AP English Literature - Mr. Mulhern
Mostly girls in my class, but smart girls (and the boys are intelligent, too, thank God), plus Mr. Mulhern is so damned cool. Though I don't know why we had to start with Crime and Punishment...

R7: AP American Government - Ms. Sweeney
'Nother new teacher, but she seems really nice. And, shallow as it is, the best thing about this class is going to be sitting anywhere we want once she learns all our names. *beams* I'm awful, I know.

And now I'm off. Have to do reading for AP Lit, Comp. Chinese, and Humanities, AND write a short autobiography for Humanities, to boot. Oi vey.

P.S. Patriots are on, woohoo!


May. 24th, 2007 08:37 pm
Holy crap, I'm alive.

So, quick update in the life and times of the awesome me:

1.) Got Approtation with Distinction on my report card
2.) Got into the National Honor Society
3.) Got 2060 on the SAT


Am also sick as a dog currently. x_X; Despite the fact that I have a precalculus test tomorrow, I'll probably end up staying home because I'm still doing disgustingly well in that class. (Plus, y'know, I deserve a sick day after perfect attendence last term.) Woohoo, four day weekend! *cheers, then starts hacking up a lung* x_x Ow.

Okies, more napping now. And liquids.

P.S. I have Pokemon Diaaaaaaaamond! *happy flail*
Stupid damn fluctuating temperatures giving me a new Cold from Hell. At this rate I'm going to get pneumonia before February.

At least my anti-congestion medicine is kicking in. I was starting to wear down a roll of paper towels after making mincemeat out of the tissues.

I also made Approbation with Distinction for second term. o_o Holy shit. First time in five years I finally get my own little purple congratulations card. Seeing that nice raw of A's on my report card still makes me grin like the Cheshire Cat.

Damnit, I still have to do APUSH. *grumbles* Kirkpatrick is a slave driver. Why couldn't I have gotten Ms. Elliot? She's hard, but she's nice.

P.S. TBC in a week! WOOHOO!

P.P.S. This icon never ceases to crack me up. Should go hunting for new ones, though.
So, back to school tomorrow. I have a 60-question APUSH test fifth period, and even though it's going to cover twenty-three chapters (Creation to Reconstruction), I am not worried. History is my joy.

My birthday is the day after tomorrow. SEVENTEEN, BABY!

And Burning Crusade is coming out in exactly two weeks. I can't wait!

...I should probably start research on BosMUN's SOCHUM topics. *sweatdrops* Just remembered that, and I'm supposed to have a position paper by our next meeting. Shit, I don't know how to write one. [livejournal.com profile] bookworm2007? [livejournal.com profile] semchance? Expect me to bug you both about it, because Yahoo is being a bitch and the only e-mail I got concerning BosMUN was (apparently) the second one, so I don't have the PowerPoint.

Despite that bit, 2007 is looking like it may be okay.

I know I'm going to regret that statement.

P.S. I also have a new bookshelf. I rearranged all my SF&F books, and the new shelf is so big that I was able to fit nearly my entire collection onto it. This means I now have FREE SHELVES AND ROOMS TO PUT MY NON-SF&F BOOKS ON! YAY!

I am so easily amused.
Woohoo! My Bio Honors powerpoint presentation is finally done! Victory is mine!

Now if you'll excuse me, I intend to zone out while reading Kingdom Hearts slash for the gazillionth time. (Sora/Riku is good for the soul, darnit.)

Which reminds me that Final Fantasy XII is coming out in little more than a week! YAY! *dances around the room*

Sudden slump in the creativity department, which is pissing me off. The narrative for AP Writing that I did actually helped me finalize how I could actually start my bloody book, and now the muses AND plot bunnies have taken off. Oi.

Currently reading Dracula. Let's see if I can't get beyond chapter three this time around; maybe having a new edition with larger text and thicker pages than the tiny travel-size one I still have packed will help. After all, I want to relive the horror of how Stoker intended his book to be, not how the movies do it these days. (Not to say some of Dracula flicks aren't good; they just aren't really done in the spirit of Bram Stoker.)

Mr. Centeio gave me two extra points for basically being smarter than everyone else in precalc today. Common sense when applied for to partial sums for the win. Feeling decidedly superior.

Should really get started on my article for the Argo. Sigh.

That is all.


P.S. Mr. Smith the gym teacher is the Antichrist and Evil Incarnate. BLS is full of academic nerds and geeks! Gung-ho gym teachers DO NOT BELONG HERE, DAMMIT. I had gym last period yesterday and my legs and back still hurt.
Okay, so, almost everyone taking APUSH this year? Babies. Absolute whimps. We had the test on the first five chapters of the textbook/OUR FREAKIN' SUMMER READING today, and almost everyone I hear is bitching about how hard it is.

IF YOU READ THE GODDAMNED PACKET, YOU WOULDN'T BEING CRYING. It's your own damned fault, because if you had read it, it's the most fucking easy test you'll have all damn year.

Sometimes, I can't stand my classmates.

And this afternoon, the dog decided he wanted to go 'sploring. After I decide to go quickly check on the pototoes for dinner to see if they were boiling.

So I come outside, see Tango across the street, and they probably heard me screech in Medford.

We live on a busy street. My reasons for freaking out are justified.

This is how the conversation went when I managed to haul the dog back to our side of the street.

Me: OMG, I can't leave you alone for a second!
Tango: *whines*
Me: I was gone for one minute and you decided to take off!
Tango: *whines*
Tango: *whines*
Me: You gave me a heart attack!
Tango: *whines*
Tango: *big puppy eyes even though Tango is anything but a puppy*
Me: ...Let me angry, goddammit, it's the least you could do!
Tango: *more puppy eyes*
Me: I'll sic Jazz on you!
Tango: *behaves*

Yeah, I got strange looks from the neighbors.

And a quick 'lil meme to leave things off for the evening. )

And I still have the PotO soundtrack stuck in my head! Dammit, I do not want "Point of No Return" popping into my head when I'm trying to invision a scene from my book! >_<

And so the school year begins once again. And my brother's back! YOU WILL NEVER WIN, CORNELIA KELLY! NEVER!


Three words: Mrs. Powell rocks. If there's even the slightest chance I'd get her for AP U.S. Government next year, I'd sign up in a flash.

R1: Chinese 4 Honors - Dr. Chiu
Okay, yeah, nothing more can be said about this class. Knew everyone from previous years, Dr. Chiu is still cool, and we're getting our books tomorrow. Yay.

R2: Biology 2 Honors - Ms. Wood
So, after trudging up three flights of stairs from the basement, tried to breathe. Have [livejournal.com profile] bookworm2007 in my class! *does a jig*

R3: Precalculus - Mr. Centeio
Quiet. Odd, after geometry with Mr. Power full of kids who continuously talked back to him. Had Centeio for homeroom back in freshman year, and I still can't understand his accent. Dammit. >.<

R4: English 11 - Mr. Mikalaitis
Never heard of this guy before, but he seems pretty cool while obliviously not taking shit from anyone. However, stuck with mostly idiots for classmates. *sighs*

R5: AP U.S. History - Ms. Kirkpatrick
Fellow smart people! Including Herrissa. This means when I'm in desperate need of a study-partner or group project partner, I'm trooping down the street to her house. ^_^ Also, had lunch with [livejournal.com profile] nefyr, [livejournal.com profile] argentum_draco, [livejournal.com profile] julia_dreamer, [livejournal.com profile] griffinfire, Dianna (I heard she got a new lj - anyone know what it is?), and two other people I don't know. Still, whatever sanity I had left is going bye-bye after eating lunch with these guys for the next 179 school days.

R6: AP Language & Composition - Ms. Palmer
ZOMGWTFBBQYAY, I got Ms. Palmer! *dances* Also have [livejournal.com profile] julia_dreamer and [livejournal.com profile] phelegthon11 with me, yay! And having been affirmed of the awesomness of Palmer, THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BESTEST CLASS EVER.

R7: Gym - Mr. McDonough
Had him last year. The fact that he really doesn't give a damn about what you do so long as you're inconsistent makes him the coolest gym teacher ever. And Billy has the same gym period as me! ^_^ Yay, I get to bother my twin every Day 1.

Apparently, I am still considered a part of the music program despite having dropped band last year. The hell? Waited in line outside 105 for nearly ten minutes, told to go find Mr. Pitts about it. Going to go back to the Registrar tomorrow morning so that I can give Mr. Bunker the form thingie. I want my studies, dammit.

Also, am officially an A&E writer for the Argo. Applied late last year, completely forgot until I got the e-mail this afternoon. Already have two ideas for articles - one concerning the Temeraire series by Naomi Novik or depending on when publications happen, doing a collabrotive article with Billy for the WoW expansion The Burning Crusade since it's coming out... what is it now, November? Ooh, or maybe a Final Fantasy XII review; I've never seen any game reviews period in the school paper...

Huh. Extraordinarily good day, except for having to get my schedule fixed.

Must not get complacent, must not get complacent, most not get complacent...



Jun. 25th, 2006 06:52 pm
So, school is finally out, yippee. And I've got a nasty blister on my foot. ;_; Damned sandals.

So far, I know my final grade for the year in English is an A-, history is an A+, Chinese is a B, and that's about it. I'll let you know when report cards come in the mail.

And for the damnable research paper, I got an A. ^_^ Yays for bullshitting!

KHII rocks. Got the soundtrack Friday and it is gorgeous. Almost done with the game - just need to meet the objectives for the mini-games so I can see the secret ending. *eye glint* Thank God it's summer, I can grind like mad for hours and still be able to play my other games.

And since it's summer, I'm thinking of getting Ashke (my 60 rogue) ready for raiding. The new Naxxramas instance looks really cool - I've looked over my brother's shoulder while he was in the instance and the Death Knight wing is my favorite by far. Eeee, the Four Horsemen! *giggle* Still, I'm going to need to clear up my questlog - I've still got Blackrock Depths quests that need to be done, except I can never find anyone in my guild who's available to help and I depise pickup groups. *sighs* And no one from my guild before its merger with Midnight Cartel ever seems to be on, and when they are they're usually raiding. I hate WoW's emphasis on raiding for end-game content, it's the only way I'll be able to interact with my guild.

All right, that when melancholy rather quickly.

Ashke: Kill things.
Autumnrain: And sell their body parts for gold so you can actually buy stuff on the AH.

*shoves both her Night Elf rogue and Tauren hunter back into her Closest of Characters* I'm actually going to take their advice. Toodles. *goes to log onto WoW*

Why is the English final always pointless and insulting to one's brain? Why, why, why?

Aaannnd my draft for the research paper for Sanford-Devil is now done. Ugh. The first part makes no sense, but I blame the migraine I had earlier this afternoon for that. And if I mention to any of you that I'm reading a Frank Herbert book, smack me, okay? I don't think I can read his stuff again. Ever.

And KH2 is wwwooooaaaahhh. You know the crazy cut scene they kept pimping when a whole hoard of Heartless come running at Sora and the gang at Hollow Bastion and Sora basically runs off to fight them alone? You actually get to fight those Heartless. All. One. Thousand. *SQUEE* It was so fucking awesome! Best part of the game for me so far. Except maybe the reintroduction of Squall/Leon. *purrs* FFVIII Squall = angsty lil' bitch. KH Leon = sexy hot leetness. XP We luvs him, yes we do. (And my secret KH OTP is now Leon/Aerith. I still ship Cloud/Aerith, though, so no coming after me with pitchforks and torches. Oooohhh, Cloud/Aerith/Leon... *eyebrow wiggle*)

As for The Book... Good God, I still have ideas for more scenes. o.O I just wrote one today that involved Eitan, book!DT, and my version of the Grim Reaper in a diner. Yes, a diner. No, I'm not off my rocker. Yes, it does make sense in context with the scene. Shut up.

Okies, time to get ready for bed. Tomorrow after school I can go back to KH2 again... *weeps with joy*


P.S. Methinks I need to get the OSTs for KH and KH2. Yis.
*grumblegrumble* Stupid school tomorrow...

Anywhoot, have the damned Ethan Frome essay done for my bat-crazy English teacher who seems to think he teaches a pyschology course. Also have one page down for the reading assessment (which he originally said we didn't have to do; yellow-bellyed liar), but since it's due Tuesday I should only have to worry about punching out a second page before wrapping it up for the night.

Been playing a paladin the Dalvengyr PvP server, which my bro is on; he rocks, he sent me [Runecloth Bag]s. And he's going to run me through the Deadmines. ^_^ I love having a bro with a 60 mage.

Fun for the WoW players: The furbolg as a possible Alliance race for the upcoming expansion? This guy seems to think so, and he presents a thoroughly convincing arguement; I'm impressed, and converted. *grins* I'd love to play a furbolg! Think of the RP possibilities!

And more fun: The Alliance Herald and The Horde Watchman, two roleplayer-aimed newszines for WoW fans. *laughs* These are excellent and highly entertaining! Go read!

Okay, back to work.


Ah, snap.

Apr. 18th, 2006 09:24 pm
So. Many things have happened in the life of the DT since her last entry, and almost none of them are revalent to the real world.

For the revelance to the real world: has not been able to properly hear out of her right ear since last Wednesday. Has gotten slightly better (so it MAY just be wax), but is still partially deaf in that ear.

Also, read all of The Santaroga Barrier by Frank Herbert today. DT thinks someone was on LSD when it was written, and then laughs hysterically (you'll get this if you read the book). DT plots demise of her English teacher for assigning a reading assessment, an essay on Ethan Frome (which is up there with Great Expectations as one of the stupidest books ever), vocabulary to memorize for a quiz, AND to finish memorizing declamations all over April break and due/beginning Monday and/or Tuesday. DT has Sanford to thank for ruining her vacation, and DT is planning things that could potentially get her thrown in jail (like homicide). DT, however, is an expert at bullshitting, so the essay and reading assessment will probably turn out okay.

For the nonrelavance: her WoW guild, Guildy as Sin, merged with Elune server's largest guild, Midnight Cartel over the weekend. And damn if the MC people aren't incredibly awesome and nice folk. DT likes being to share insane observations with others in the guild chat, like how Stratholme/Scholomance = death in redundancy, that [Homemade Cherry Pie] is the greatest ingame food ever, and that ISPs the world over desperately need to be pummeled with a sledgehammer.

DT's main character, Ashke, also reached the long-awaited for LEVEL SIXTY (60) on Sunday. She proceeded to dance about the room, scaring the hell out of her cats-

We interupt this message to say that Manny Ramirez has hit a single to drive in both Mark Loretta and David Ortiz to bring the score to 4-2 Red Sox over the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in the bottom of the seventh inning. Please excuse the author of this post as she runs wildly about the room, screaming in hysterical joy at the top of her lungs. Thank you.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled post.

as she screamed in hysterical joy. Her brother danced with her, and the guild sent her kudos and 'grats' after their encouragements of "Grind like you've never grinded before!" and "KIIIILLLLLL!".

DT loves her new guild, yes she does.

DT also purchased books yesterday! ...Well, two are real books, anyway.

Bleach volume 12
Fruits Basket volume 13
Full Moon wo Sagashite volume 5
Summer Knight by Jim Butcher
The Unicorn by Nancy Hathaway
Kaplan SAT Subject Test: World History 2006-2007 (She's taking the WH SAT II in June)
SAT Subject Test: Latin (REA) (The Latin one, too)
The Kingdom Hearts II Strategy Guide

No, she doesn't own KHII. Yet.

DT is also happily plotting out a science fiction story, which has come along a lot more quickly than her Heaven/Hell and Brindlewood ones, which she finds vastly amusing. Is, however, happy the muses are cooperating for once.

DT is pleased right now.

DT needs to stop referring to herself in third person, that she does.


[EDIT 9:31 PM] The game is tied again. God damnit!

[EDIT 11:02 PM] We won! 7-4! And in the AL East standings, Boston is first and the New York Yankees are LAST! *insane laughter*
Name ten of life's simple pleasures that you like most, then pick ten people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used.

1. Warm towels.
2. Hot chocolate on a cold day.
3. A hot shower.
4. Being used as a convenient pillow by multiple cats.
5. Watching a Red Sox game and heckling the other team.
6. Engaging in rapid fire discussion/debate about either books or anime or politics.
7. Being able to finish one crazy-long homework assignment completely and correctly.
8. Spontaneous story inspiration.
9. Good-quality milk chocolate.
10. A caffiene buzz.

Tagging: The 14th Division (lumping you all into one, because I can), [livejournal.com profile] bookworm2007, [livejournal.com profile] bardicsidhe, [livejournal.com profile] predikit, [livejournal.com profile] pocketfox, [livejournal.com profile] chrissy_sky, [livejournal.com profile] barcelona_pho, [livejournal.com profile] twistingstar, [livejournal.com profile] tinuvielchild, and [livejournal.com profile] chai_swiller.

To [livejournal.com profile] tinuvielchild: ....EEEEE! Definitely going to ask my mom about going to the Gaelic College session in Vermont! *dances* Sounds so awesome! *wants to learn Celtic harp so bad*

Taking the timed writing test for AP Composition tomorrow. Oh, God, that will mark the fourth day in a row I haven't been home before 4 or 5... Please let Friday be relatively normal for me, pleasepleaseplease.

Subscription time on LJ running out Friday. Sad, but is over it already. Must pick out the six icons I want to keep.




Mar. 20th, 2006 07:22 pm
That is IT. I bloody give up on chemistry! *tosses her textbook over her shoulder*

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the volume of the dry hydrogen gas from the partial pressure, because even though my class was told to use the combined gas law, I don't know what to use the combined gas law proportion against. I tried for THREE FUCKING HOURS. I am NOT touching my chemistry binder until tomorrow!

Never been so damn thrilled to do Latin before. *pets her translation of "The Great Eruption of Vesuvius"*

Model UN today was interesting. Seriously want to be on either the ICJ or ICC, depending on what countries we get. Nothing can be cooler than North Korea vs. The United States in the International Court of Justice. *waves little flag* Wanna be China!

Tomorrow, need to stay after for the seminar/lecture/whatever thingy for AP U.S. History. Also need to type up the damned Statement of Purpose paper thing for Bio 2.

Grah. Back to Latin.

So. Most excellent movie marathon!

I <3 Huckabees - really cute. And really, really trippy.
X-Men 2 - ...We know Logan secretly wanted to stabbity Bobby throughout the movie. Probably John, too, for being too close to Rogue. And the teeny-tiny Kurt/Charles stuff was both amusing and disturbing all at once.
Star Trek: Nemesis - Oh, man, this was fun. XP Shinzon's got so much angst. And Data 'sploded. ;_; So sad.
Jesus Christ Superstar - I ship Judas/Jesus now. It's just so damn obvious now. Can never read the Bible with a straight face ever again.
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Jag! Screw plot, I'm happy with the eye candy! *eye boggles*

And even though we didn't get to watch Batman Begins, the little tiny bit that I saw with [livejournal.com profile] nathaara and [livejournal.com profile] semchance was wonderful because there was Liam Neeson. Whee!

And then I got home and did more of the paper for Chinese due Monday that I started Thursday evening (because I'm a good girl). Then I went to the bookstore.

DUDE! The Barnes & Noble was selling a bunch of manga for 30% off! WHEE! So, yeah, I bought a bunch, a few books (One Good Knight, The Pirate Queen, Two for the Dough, and Khai of Khem), and the FFX game guide after much begging and pleading. Going to start up tomorrow, yeeeesss.

Finished Chinese paper. Gots the lab report to do tomorrow, but that'll be easy enough. Will do work on the damned script for Sanford tomorrow evening.

Watching a program on Blackbeard at the moment. Much amused.



Mar. 2nd, 2006 03:38 pm
Okay, my dad is home hours early. HIS boss kicked everyone off the jobsite early because, according to Dad, it's blizzard conditions down in Falmouth.

Now, if (a big if, we know how the BPS works) school is cancelled tomorrow, this throw's a wrench in my plans because I'd decided (and gotten permission) to go on a quick trip to Harvard Square with the rest of the 14th after school. (I came to the conclusion that after this week, there was no way I'd be able to make it through the Fashion/Talent Show because I'd run screaming for the door due to having to stay in school longer than should be healthy.)

Anywhoot, if the trip to Tokyo Kid is still on regardless of school, just let me know. ^^;

I'm going to go read more of the Black Jewels Trilogy; I love the series so much.



Feb. 28th, 2006 07:02 pm
Jumping Jesus on a pogostick, it's only Tuesday and already I'm exhausted. Damn last-week-of-term weeks to the lowest pits of Hell.

Let's see, Chinese term final today (which I think I did okay on, but I refuse to become complacent), declamation tomorrow, Chinese declamation Thursday (and we only found out yesterday, damnit all), annnnd... *thinks* History test Friday. Not worried. Really need to finish reading Lord of the Flies. Possibly geometry quiz tomorrow or Thursday, not too worried, been doing pretty good this term.

Contemplating going to the Faculty Talent and Fashion Show after school Friday; anyone else planning on attending?

Dad's birthday Saturday. Need to get something for him. Possible trip to bookstore or other places with Mom in search of present for him; he likes action/mystery/horror stuff, so maybe I'll get Stephen King just to freak him out. XP Or something about baseball. He still worships the huge Baseball Encyclopedia we got him four years. Heh.

Speaking of which, early baseball dose this year! World Baseball Classic starts Friday. The Dominican Republic team will own everyone, mark my words.

Let's see, from the Sox, we've got Alex Cora for Puerto Rico, Lenny DiNardo for Italy, Trent Durrington for Australia, David Ortiz for the Domincan Republic (Paaaappppiii!!), Roberto Petagine for Venezuela, Manny Ramirez for the Domincan Republic, Adam Stern for Canada, Julian Tavarez for the Dominican Republic, Mike Timlin for the US, and Jason Varitek for the US (all hail V-Tek!).

Ooohhh, yeah, DT is pumped!

Now if you'll pardon me, I need to go beat the plot for my Book back into submission. Ciao.


P.S. My WoW subscription ran out. Sad now. Need to definitely bug Mom into taking me to Best Buy so I can get a new prepaid game card.



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