So. I have been in possession of Codename: Sailor V volume one and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon volume one for a week now.



*ahem* And now that that's out of my system, we can move on.

First off, I must say that I really love the bindings. Excellent size - as much I loved my old Tokyopop editions when I was younger, I really freaking hated the "pocket size" thing, sooo hard to hold open the damn things even with tiny hands like mine - with a nice depth and heft to it and I love the pages! They're thick and lightly textured; they're also a bit off-white, which I actually like, as I think it imparts a softer look to Naoko Takeuchi's art that fits with the way I've always imagined Sailor Moon. The cover art is beautiful, and the first three or so pages of both Sailor V and Sailor Moon are glossy and full-colored, which is so rarely done with manga in the U.S. that I couldn't help but squeal when I saw them. It's little things like that that make me happy.

The art's been very nicely touched up and updated, which I'm aware Takeuchi originally did for the 2007 revival in Japan. I don't have my Tokyopop editions to compare with at the moment, but I do recall the art being a little...wonky at times, likely a result of the flipping they did. Some little background updates to the art that blend in pretty well include something I noticed during Act 2 when Ami is introduced: the seminar (cram school in the old translation) Ami attended originally used floppy disks, and the art and dialogue has been updated to change it to CDs. Next time I'm home I'll have to see how digging up my Tokyopop editions to make side-by-side comparisons.

The translation is much better than the Tokyopop one though I wouldn't call it perfect. There are some minor spelling and grammar mistakes, and some of the English seems stilted at times; I personally think both volumes could have benefited from an editor tweaking the translation to something more natural sounding. They also constantly had the term "Legendary Silver Crystal" bracketed by quote marks and good God did that get annoying fast for me, 'cause hello, we get it, it's important and powerful and a WMD of epic proportions, IT DOESN'T NEED QUOTATION MARKS, IT'S DISTRACTING, MOVE ON.


Other minor things I had with the translation: "bump head" and "bun head" as teasing nicknames for Usagi? *blank stare* Why. They're ridiculous and don't really flow well and yes, I know the DiC dub was shit (but Saban could have gotten their hands on it, so we got off lucky!), but "meatball head" does work as it is poking fun of a hairstyle that looks like a food as with the original "odango atama" taunt, yes, it's not a proper hairstyle name like dango and argh, it annoys me, okay? And for the most part the use of honorifics was handled all right, except in one glaring case where Luna says, "We must find the Princess-sama and protect her."

*facepalm* I don't think I need to tell you how ridiculous that is. Sometimes direct, literal translations just don't work. They could have just said "the Princess" or "Her Highness the Princess" to be more formal if they wished and it would have worked fine.

So, overall, squee and joy and happiness and OMG IT'S SO PRETTY *spazflailcartwheel*. Not perfect, but I'm hopeful as the translator continues to work on the forthcoming volumes, the dialogue will flow a lot better and be much more natural. Practice makes perfect, after all.
Jesus Christ, what the fuck am I doing watching SciFi? Anyway.

Cut for any potential spoilers. )
Yup. 'Nother fic review. Will have real update tomorrow.

The Fic: Mating Habits of the Species Shinigami
The Author: Kouri Arashi
Rating: PG (PoV: K+)
Fandom: Yami no Matsuei
In a Nut Shell: Fluffy piece narrated by 003, Watari's pet owl.
Stand-out Pairings: Tatsumi/Watari, some Tsuzuki/Hisoka
Grammar/Spelling: 8/10
Originality and Creativity: 10/10 (Business!DT: Silliness abounds in this fandom, but there's a lot of relatively original pieces floating around.)
Plot and Characterization: 8/10 (Business!DT: Tiny bit of OOCness, but it's not rampant, and the plot moves at a good pace.)
Status: Finished at six chapters.
Nota Bene: Probably shouldn't read unless you're familiar with the series, otherwise it might get confusing. Still, it doesn't rely too heavily on background information.
Spoonage: None, unless you can't stand rampant fluffiness. ^-^


So! Starting something to keep me updating at LJ: The Random Fic Reviews!

Every now and then (could be any time; tomorrow, later in the week, not for another two months, etc.) I will randomly chose a fic from the Pit of Voles to review. No, I'm not reviewing any of my f'list's fics, because I'll end up raving about how wonderful it is.

So. Here we go! Today's fic is on, but I'm linking to the MediaMiner.Org version, for it is better, yes.

The Fic: Trigun 'Action!'
The Author: katsa5
Rating: R/NC-17 (PoV: M)
In a Nut Shell: A "behind the scenes" look at Trigun. With yaoi, drugs, language, sex, and all that good stuff.
Stand-out Pairings: Vash/Legato (Fangirl!DT: It's so bloody hot! *slobber*)
Grammar/Spelling: 8/10 (Business!DT: Some minor stuff, but overall, very good job.)
Originality and Creativity: 10/10 (Business!DT: Couldn't be happier on this point. This was a refreshing read, and luckily no one was stupid enough to blatantly copy (though considering how often I cringe away from the Pit, I could be wrong on this point).)
Plot and Characterization: 7/10 (Business!DT: Obviously, there's some out of character stuff, but it's still pulled off very well, and the plot is wonderfully complex, but won't make your brain hurt.)(Fangirl!DT: VASH/LEGATO! VASH/LEGATO!)
Status: Finished at 42 chapters (though it's more of a discontinuation due to the author's real life obligations)
Nota Bene: There are going to be squick parts, so be careful. No, seriously, I was tempted to run away screaming at some points. (Fangirl!DT: Though luckily it wasn't as bad as some of the stuff [ profile] nefyr has told me, the sadist.)
Spoonage: None. This is a great long read while we're all waiting for that next chapter of The Mirror of Maybe.

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