So yesterday I bought myself a pint of frozen yogurt, ate half of it for dessert, and then put it back in my freezer to finish later.

Tonight, I skip over to the freezer, spoon in hand, open the door-

No pint. Anywhere.

Someone ate my frozen yogurt.





Seriously. WHAT. THE. FUCK.
Dear John Henry,

WHY did you try to keep him?! It's because of Epstein YOU ended up spending MILLIONS of YOUR DOLLARS on deals that went absolutely nowhere - Renteria, Lugo, Matsuzaka (FIFTY ONE MILLION JUST TO TALK TO HIM AND WHAT DID IT GET THE TEAM?! MEDIOCRITY!), JOHN FUCKING LACKEY, to name a few off the top of my head. IT'S TIME FOR NEW BLOOD, DAMNIT.

Bitterly yours,


Dear Chicago Cubs,


Fuck you and your stupid goat,


Also, I got a B+/A- on my Presidential Leadership midterm. \o/


Oct. 5th, 2011 08:59 pm
Today was a day of complete and utter suck.

Somehow - and I honestly have no idea how - I ended up falling and twisting my ankle walking down the two steps to get to the idling BU Shuttle. I wasn't in a rush, the shuttle wasn't leaving for another five minutes, the steps weren't wet and my boots had tread on them anyway, so I don't know what the fuck happened. I thought I was fine, I'd walk it off, no big deal.

Get to central campus, realize this hurts like a bitch, drop by the Campus Convenience store in the GSU to buy an Ace bandage, then go to the law auditorium to wait for my Response to 9/11 class to start. Sore as hell.

Midway through the class, my foot hurt like almighty hell.

After class, have half an hour until my Presidential Leadership midterm and I manage to find a place to sit and elevate my foot. Felt a bit better. Managed to keep my foot elevated during the midterm. Don't want to think about the midterm, I really, really don't.

Took the T back to West Campus to go to Student Health Services. (My friend Nicole helped me hobble across the street.) Definitely strained/sprained/whatever something, but my ankle wasn't broken, which was good, but I had enough trouble putting my weight on my foot they gave me crutches. Also, since there were a few spots near my toes that were really tender, they wanted me to get some x-rays just to be sure nothing was broken, but the clinic across the street was closed so I'd have to go to the Boston Medical Center in the South End.


So, get my crutches, hobble home to StuVi2 (with Nicole as escort again). Go up to my room, go the bathroom, grab my wallet (and triple check that yes, my insurance card IS in the damn thing), double check that I've got the x-ray order, and hobble down to the shuttle stop (hah), because one of the shuttle stops is right smack dab in the BU Medical Campus where the BMC is. Managed to find the correct building (crossing wide Boston streets on crutches ain't fun, let me tell you), checked in at radiology, got my x-rays taken, hobbled back to the shuttle stop, went home.

So it's been a long, exhausting day and my foot is still sore as fuck and I've got a hell of a bruise forming. Best I can do now is keep using the Ace bandage, apply ice liberally, keep the foot elevated, and pop Aleve like candy.

And I thought yesterday had been an emotional roller coaster. October has not been my month at all.

Rant time!

Sep. 22nd, 2011 09:46 pm
Trying not to panic with the LSAT a little over a week away. Fuuuuuuuuuck.

(I am so fucking sick of my LSAT prep class. I want my Tuesday and Thursday nights back so badly.)

Taking comfort in three things: brand new journal (as in, real paper), Pokemon, and Game of Thrones.

First off, new journal. Normally I'd be using my Moleskine, but I've ended up setting that aside for stuff pertaining to my Watchers 'verse: random factoids, bits of character-driven trivia, and little scenes and dialogue exchanges as they pop into my head. I've recently noticed, though, that I've become a little burnt out with the Watchers 'verse. So I picked up a nice hardcover journal; the pages are nice and thick, so the gel pens I favor for writing don't bleed through, which is a pet peeve of mine. Ended up doing a lot of scribbling for my Inn-Between-Worlds idea, which is really fun because I get to write about Lailya being a scary BAMF and I have missed writing about Lailya. <3

Second, Pokemon. This has pretty much become my primary de-stressor for the past week. I bought Pokemon Black around the time it first came out, but I got distracted with papers and projects and finals and it just fell by the wayside. Then the Nintendo 3DS price drop was announced, and then the Flame Red Nintendo 3DS was announced, and thus I bought a 3DS for myself (I'd been saving the money I'd made from yardwork this past summer for a 3DS and I'd just gotten enough saved away when the price drop was announced so I was stoked). I also bought The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but that's a little...involved. Pokemon is pretty straightforward and a bit mindless at times (especially when level grinding), and it's ended up being a really nice way to unwind when I've had a very long, terrible day.

I am also excited because with the 3DS, I can finally connect to the Nintendo Wireless Connection using the Internet at home, so I can freaking trade at long last. :D (Thank you again, [ profile] becca_mew! My babies are growing strong and kicking butt.) Can't use the damn thing with BU's wireless, however, the IT people have it under so much protection it'd be funny if it wasn't so frustrating at times, so I need to find a free wifi spot somewhere in Boston.

And finally, Game of Thrones. *happy twirl* HBO was only added back to our cable package when the folks at Comcast tempted Dad with a pretty sweet deal and we ended up having an impromptu movie marathon the Sunday before Billy and I went back to college. Mom was interested in watching GoT for a while, too, and she finally got around to watching it when I went home this past weekend - five straight hours Saturday, five on Sunday.

I've read the first two books in A Song of Ice and Fire years ago (my copies are...somewhere), and while I haven't read the others yet, I do know what happens, if only because I'm pretty blasé about spoilers. So, y'know, I already knew all the relevant plot points and I kind of gloated a lot because Mom kept pushing me to tell her what the hell was going to happen next and I was all, "Nuh-uh, it's a lot more fun not telling you." Mom retaliated by coming up with the stupidest predictions possible because she knows I will be unable to resist telling her how wrong she is and why in God's good name would even think that, clearly THIS is going to happen next goddamnit Mom, you are terrible, and then Mom just grins triumphantly.

So yeah, GoT was freaking awesome. I of course love and adore Sean Bean with all my heart and soul (and I was both gleeful and horrified when I had first heard he was being cast as Ned Stark, because damn, HBO, you're fucking evil, taunting all those people who hadn't read the book), and he was perfect, and Tyrion is, as always, one of the best characters in the series and Peter Dinklage does such a fantastic job with him, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is so fucking hawwwwt, I don't care that Jaime's a complete bastard at the moment. And then there's the one and only Dany, my favorite character in the series since I first read the book, 'cause come on, dragons. (They did such an AWESOME job with the finale, I wouldn't have changed a thing.)

...I will say, though, that I really wasn't expecting to do any 'shipping with this series. I didn't ship anyone when I read the books (it just didn't seem right to me), but with the TV series canon? Yeah, I am all over Jorah/Dany. Goddamn, Iain Glen, you are a sexy, sexy beast. (I was never on board with Drogo/Dany. Jason Momoa was perfect as Drogo, but the relationship in the book skeeved me a whole lot, especially since Dany was younger there, and the feeling ended up carrying over while I watched the show (though Drogo in the books was actually quite a bit gentler on the wedding night than in the show, which just made me go "o_o"); I interpreted Dany as sort of latching onto Drogo as her sun-and-stars mostly as a way to cope with a really uncomfortable situation rather than going mad, and I think it becomes a bit more apparent in the later books that Dany ends up looking back on the arranged marriage as a, "Yeah, did not want" thing, though she certainly did come out stronger for it.)

So! In short: GoT is win, I want Season 2 right the hell now, and Dany/Jorah FTW. (I am really, really hoping the writers are willing to take a slightly different direction with them than what goes on in the books. We shall see.)
I actually had allowed myself to hope that the BU Shuttle wasn't going to suck too hard this year.

I mean, I had good reason. They'd gotten a completely new fleet that allowed for less sardine-can-like standing room, and now the shuttle route began and ended at Student Village 2, where I live, so I could wait under StuVi2's very generous overhang in inclement weather (which was very useful this week because of all the rain) and not have to trudge to the opposite end of the street. Good times!

But then today happened.

At 5PM, I left my dorm so I could get down to Central Campus and get something to eat before my LSAT prep class began at 6PM. I expected to catch the 5:10 shuttle and get to central at about 5:20. Plenty of time for me to eat and then stroll over to where the class is held.

Fifty minutes later, one the BU police finally comes over to tell a fuming group of college students that the shuttle wasn't stopping at StuVi2.

Y'see, StuVi2 is right behind Agganis Arena - this is where BU's basketball and hockey games are held, and where there are concerts, comedy shows, special performances, etc. The parking garage is around back. And the current big show is Cirque du Soliel's Quidam, which has been kind of obvious to everyone on West Campus since their trucks are parked in every available spot surrounding Agganis Arena and the Student Village areas.

So it would have been really freaking nice to let West residents know that the shuttle wasn't being allowed down the street on the nights the show was being held and was in fact on the other damn side of Commonwealth Avenue for pickup to the Central and Medical campuses! Nearly EVERYONE on campus has a smartphone and the BU app downloaded, and everyone regularly checks the Student Central website and BU Today AND SOME NOTIFICATION WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE. Even just a SIGN taped to the StuVi2 shuttle stop sign. SOMETHING.

As it was, at 6PM, I was practically throwing myself across Comm Ave during rush hour traffic (along with a sizable herd of fellow students) to get to the latest shuttle that finally showed up. I wrenched my right knee trying not to kill myself passing over the Green Line trolley tracks that run down the center of Comm Ave, and then I pulled my left calf when another student practically shoved me aside to get into the shuttle before I did.

I am not a happy camper right now, BU. Communication, damnit all.

P.S. That tiny rinky-dink little piece of paper on the shuttle stop sign I saw coming home at 9:30, after I told the group of miserable students clearing waiting for the shuttle that they needed to go up to Comm Ave and cross over to the Sullivan Tires where the shuttle's new temporary afternoon/evening/late-night stop is? Yeah. IT COULD BE BETTER.
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(Apologies to my beloved Sissy [ profile] predikit who has already seen my spazzes on Facebook.)

First thing on the list!

Last night I was checking my university e-mail, and I saw that my Society and Law professor had sent out a general e-mail saying that the syllabus was up on Blackboard. Fantastic. I scurried right on over.

And then I read THIS:

"The other major piece of work in this class with is a substantial (15-22 pages), hands-on, applied, research paper that you will ideally do with one or two other people."

This paper is worth forty percent of my final grade.


I beg your fucking pardon.

I got lucky with my group project last semester. I worked with three other people who were also of the opinion that group papers and presentations were idiotic at best, but we've got an election to research and dissect, so let's buckle down and get to work. It's always a joy to work with people who are actually willing to do work. And, y'know, the entire project was only worth about twenty percent of our grade, so it wasn't a major problem.

But a huge fucking research paper that I have to DEPEND ON OTHER PEOPLE FOR and is worth FORTY FUCKING PERCENT OF MY FINAL FUCKING GRADE?!

No. Fuck no. No bueno. 很不好. Go die in a fire. I've already got a 500-level course I'll be busting my ass in for an A grade, and I'm not leaving myself to chance that I might work with some schmuck who knows what the fuck they're doing.

So, I immediately dropped PO300 and signed up for PO374: Rise of China.

I can totally work with that.

Second thing.

Today, I was browsing through Amazon, mostly looking for good-quality-but-cheap posters I can hang in my room. And then I clicked on the "we have recommendations for you" link to see if there was anything of interest on the rec list.

Normally I skip over the sample page they've got before I go straight to the list. They never have anything I care for on it. Except today.

Today, right there in the middle, in glorious color, was this:

DT: Oh my God.
DT's Inner Six-Year Old: Oh. My. God.
DT: There is a God and He loves us.
DT's Inner Six-Year Old: *bursts into tears* This is the greatest day of my life.
DT: *lower lip is trembling* Mine, too.

Because there, in the "Frequently Bought Together" section of the page, were these images:

They are finally reprinting Sailor Moon in America. Brand new cover illustrations. Proper right-to-left format. Faithful and accurate English translations.

There are no words to describe my joy right now. Well, unless you want to count the letter "E."


Goddamnit, Blizzard.

Stop sending me "play for seven days free!" e-mails. I am sick to death of them. I am not going to play WoW again. Not ever. There is nothing you can do to make me go back.

No, not even if you made it F2P. Like that would ever happen, anyway, you money-grubbing, soul stealing bastards. I'm this close to deciding to not get Diablo III, even though I've been eagerly anticipating it for years. Always connected? Real fucking money in auctions? What the flying fuck, Blizzard?

Yes, I miss playing Lailya something fierce at times. No, it's not enough to make me resubscribe. Lailya will continue to exist as a snarky, demon-summoning, cane-wielding, monster-plant-raising bitch of an elf in some other form. How about the owner of an interdimensional tavern? Yeah, I've been fiddling with that idea for years. Lailya is all mine. I don't need Azeroth to have one of the best, most fun characters I've ever played to continue existing.

I quit you, you goddamn sonsabitches. Leave me alone.

No love,

P.S. Star Wars: The Old Republic and I are going to have so much fun.
The semester is blessedly, finally over. Final grades for the semester:

HI370: The American Military Experience: A
LC212: Fourth-Semester Chinese: B
PO302: Campaigns and Elections around the World: A-
PO324: Media and Politics in the United States: A-

American Military Experience (which is listed for both history and international relations credit) with Professor Bacevich was easily one of the best classes I've ever had. His lectures were always engaging and entertaining - Bacevich had us in stitches on multiple occasions. He could also be terrifying so while I know we all pretty much worshipped him, we also lived in perpetual fear. Still easily my most favorite professor.

On the other end of the spectrum was Media and Politics. This course was...disappointing, to put it very, very mildly - my best friend and I were constantly bitching about it. We have no idea how the hell the professor even got a job at BU (young guy, his first year teaching at BU), his teaching style was terrible. The lecture slides basically parrotted the readings (giving us no incentive to actually do them), he never said anything that wasn't already on the slides, and there was a distinct lack of discussion about current events! Complete and utter waste of time and money. I spent my classes typing up the slides as they appeared and then going back to surfing the 'net.

Campaigns and Elections was all right; not something to gush about, but at least it was interesting and the professor (also in his first year teaching at BU) was better at engaging the class and keeping everyone focused. Chinese was Chinese, though it must be said that Woo laoshi is totally awesome AND I NEVER HAVE TO TAKE CHINESE AGAIN WOOHOO!

I must have kicked ass on my finals. I really hope I did - I ended up catching a cold last Tuesday (first day of finals and I had two) and then spent the rest of the week sick as a dog. Friday was somewhat manageable but Saturday was miserable, and that was the day I had the 3-5PM final. (Everyone was pissed about that - last timeslot on the last day? Christ, we were a seething mass of anger taking that final.) Mom came to pick me up after my final instead of Sunday morning because I was so sick, and it took another hour and a half to pack up.

Good thing I'd sent my video games, books, and PS3 home with Dad after his doctor's appointment the week before. Mom's car was stuffed.

I've spent the last week recovering from my cold and generally vegging out. Trying to catch up on all my backlogged pleasure reading - finally got around to reading A Hard Day's Knight and I'm finally going to finish Proven Guilty. Going to have to flip a coin on whether to read The Way of Kings (I've owned it for nearly a year which makes me want to cry) or White Night next. And then I'm going to be waiting impatiently for The Alloy of Law to come out - NEW MISTBORN BOOK OHMYGOD YAY!!!!!


...Crap, I need to get a job this summer. *groans* Probably going to end up working at Blue Water again, much as I hate the hospitality industry - it's either that or some retail job and there really aren't many pickings on the Cape. And once late July rolls around it's going to have to be part time because I'm going to be driving up to Boston three times a week for my LSAT prep course. God, kill me.

Meh. I'll head over to Blue Water tomorrow to see if they need more people to man the front desk. In the meantime, I'm going to read and plot out my characters for Star Wars: The Old Republic.
Red Sox are 2-8 and we lost 16-5 to the (now) 2-8 Tampa Bay Rays last night.

The Sox fanatic in me is screaming something about committing ritual suicide to regain lost honor, but I'm trying to be optimistic. We started the season 0-6, and even though no team has won the World Series after starting 0-6, no team's come back from a 0-3 deficit in the ALCS with one out remaining in Game 4 to win the ALCS and the World Series, either.

I just really, really wish pitching could get its shit together now rather than later.

In other news, I've got one page done of a 5-6 page paper about party and electoral systems that is due at 12:30 tomorrow. *facepalm* If I can keep to a rate of one page every two hours like I've been doing (as in between typing I'm frantically pawing through my notes and the readings to find some information to help me bullshit this son of a bitch), I should hopefully be done by midnight. Hopefully.

At least I'm done with that thank you letter for the scholarship the political science department dropped in my lap. (I'm not actually getting any more money, they just retroactively added it to my grant award for this school year.) I hate kissing up to the donors, but a grant's a grant, especially when it makes the resume look nice.

All right, back to bullshitting. Once this is done I can pretty much relax for the rest of the week.

Lord, I can't wait for this semester to be over.
The Boston Red Sox - my love, my boys, my team - are currently 0-6.

It is the most abysmal start since nineteen fucking forty-five. WORLD WAR TWO. WE HAVE NOT SUCKED THIS BADLY SINCE WORLD WAR GODDAMN TWO.

And tomorrow is Opening Day at Fenway Park. And not just any Opening Day, oh no. We're playing the New York Yankees.

My only consolation is that the Rays are doing just as poorly, but it's galling to know that right now the Royals, the Pirates, and and the fucking Nationals are doing better than us. FOR CHRIST'S SAKE THE GODDAMN ORIOLES ARE IN FIRST IN THE AMERICAN LEAGUE EAST AND THEY'VE SUCKED FOR YEARS.


And Lackey's on the mound tomorrow. FUCK.

I need to go curl up in a ball and cry.
These next few weeks are going to suck, and suck hard.

Sunday 2/27: Chinese composition due at 11:59PM - hand in via e-mail.
Monday 2/28: Response paper (5-6 pages) for Campaigns and Elections around the World due; am woefully behind on the readings to begin with, never mind having started the paper
Thursday 3/3: Chinese oral quiz
Friday 3/4: American Military Experience midterm; Chinese quiz; DAD'S BIRTHDAY FUCK I HAVEN'T BOUGHT A PRESENT YET
Monday 3/7: Chinese quiz (whhhhyyyy, Woo Laoshi?! I thought you liked us!)
Thursday 3/10: Media and Politics in the United States midterm
Friday 3/11: Chinese midterm


I have a plan for this weekend that involves no Dragon Age, I swear. Chinese composition will be BS'ed tonight and revised tomorrow or Sunday afternoon, backlog readings will be read tomorrow, paper will be written Sunday. It will GET DONE. I WILL survive midterms. I just really really wish I could fast forward to 2:59PM on March 11 when I run screaming out of the CAS building and throw myself into Mom's waiting car to take me home for break. And then I will sleep for a week.

At least I have good thoughts to comfort me right now, like how I totally aced the Chinese quiz today.

'Kay, quick nap now, then Chinese. Onward!
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I hate this holiday.

I don't even take comfort in the chocolate anymore, because buying chocolate for yourself on this day of all days is just a new level of sad. That said, I'm totally taking advantage of the sale CVS is undoubtedly going to have in the very near future to get rid of the rest of their Valentine's stock.

It's not that I'm bitter. I honestly couldn't give a crap if I had a boyfriend or not - not worth the effort in my mind. I just hate how utterly unromantic this holiday is. It's too commercialized, too focused on red hearts and sparkling diamonds and sub-par chocolate and expensive flowers. Seriously, how is this date more special than any other for expressing your love for someone or giving them a sweet gift or taking your significant other somewhere nice or proposing?

There is, of course, also present the subtle implication that if you don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend on this day then you are a sad, sorry person and I resent that a lot. That could just be me reading too far into things, but that's not exactly outside the norm for me.

Kinda wish today was the day we have off instead of next Monday so I could be at home right now. I could do with a cuddle with Bam-Bam in all his adorable fuzzy glory. Or Jazz, Queen Bitch Cat Extraordinaire, even if snuggle time with her ends with me nursing a newly bruised spleen.

Oh well. At least there's wine in the fridge.
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The problem I have with buying notebooks - for journals, notes, random scribbling, whatever - is that inevitably I hesitate to actually write in them.

I think it stems from my general love of books. I take excellent care of all of my books, hardcovers and paperbacks and textbooks alike. I do not write, scribble, underline, or highlight in them; I do not dog ear pages (and I die a little inside every time I see someone do that, it's like watching mutilation); and I am exceedingly careful with the spines of paperbacks. I can't help but wear out some of my books - my paperback editions of the Firebringer Trilogy have gotten a lot of love other the years especially - because some I just read them over and over and over, but I damn well try to keep them as pristine as possible.

(I've even managed to convince my brother to take better care of his books. This is because I would whap him over the head with the mangled remains of the last book I'd lent him. He's even promised to replace some of my paperbacks that he's abused over the years once he gets some money in exchange for the old ones. My parents were boggled. I was smug.)

This fanatic need for pristine pages has bled into taking care of other paper products. Magazines. Newspapers. Handout packets. Spiral-bound notebooks. Journals. Unless it's notes for class (or solving my beloved sudoku and crossword puzzles), I cringe at the thought of marring such lovely pages with filthy, filthy ink.

So I'm staring at my brand new Moleskine notebook and Pilot Precise V5 retractable pens with something akin to trepidation right now.

I bought them for the sole purpose of always having a nice, sturdy notebook on me in either my bookbag or purse for scribbling down story ideas (and having a nice pen that wouldn't smear ink all over the place which is a major pet peeve of mine), but... I haven't even been able to bring myself to write my goddamn name in the thing yet!

Goddamnit, self.
Normally I don't like to post about politics. I'm usually too busy with college or sleeping or having a life to closely follow what's going on in Washington and City Hall and what's happening on Beacon Hill; kind of ironic, since I'm a political science major. (Maybe I should just switch to history and be done with it.) Politics also tend to be... divisive, and as someone with right-of-center leanings with many staunchly Democratic friends, bringing up politics in a group setting is Not A Good Thing. I'd much prefer to keep my friends than become estranged over something as screwed up as politics.

However, the status messages taking over my front page on Facebook are really starting to tick me off something fierce.

Yes, Massachusetts, one of the bluest (if not the bluest) states in the country, elected Republican Scott Brown to be our second representative in the United States Senate. From the reactions of my peers, this is equivalent to the End Times. The apocalypse is two years early. We are so fucked. Et cetera, et cetera. Never mind that we've had Republican Senators in the past and our governors from 1991 to 2007 were all Republican.

Maybe it's because I took a campaigns and elections course last spring (which is being held again, and I hope Professor Reeves goes to town with the results of this election), but the comments on Facebook, as I've already said, have irked me. A lot.

Like it or not, many people are angry with Washington, and Washington's currently being run by the Democrats; ergo, people are angry with the Democrats. When people are angry with the majority party, they look to the opposition to see if they can't solve some problems, and the opposition is the Republican Party. This is, after all, why the Democrats are in power right now: people were pissed with how the Republicans were handling things, so voted for Barack Obama and Democratic representatives and senators. It has happened before, it will happen again; it's the cycle of politics.

Coakley also ran the sorriest campaign I've ever seen. No election is ever decided before the voters go to the polls; you have to make an effort to win over voters, especially the undecided. Incumbents have a greater chance of staying in power because they have name recognition, greater resources, and results to show their constituents; running for an empty seat, though, in a political climate as toxic as the current one? It means you HAVE TO WORK FOR IT, EVEN IF YOU ARE A DEMOCRAT IN MASSACHUSETTS. Coakley didn't campaign between the primaries and a week and a half ago, and the stupidity of waiting until her opponent was only a few percentage points behind her in the polls is incomprehensible.

Scott Brown campaigned diligently and it paid off for him; it helped that he was Republican in a time when many voters are so dissatisfied with Democrats. How dissatisfied and angry? I live on Cape Cod (which is the entirety of Barnstable County), the bastion of Ted Kennedy's power. Driving through the towns on the Cape on the way to back to school last week, I saw a damn lot of Scott Brown signs on lawns and not one Coakley sign. And Brown beat Coakley by five thousand votes in fucking Barnstable!

I can't say whether or not I truly like Scott Brown; there isn't a politician out there with whom I one hundred percent agree with and I'm just hoping Brown does a good job, it's all I can ask. Am I happy with the results? Certainly! I do not like Martha Coakley. I'm neutral on what she's done as Attorney General of Massachusetts, but I will never forgive her during her stint as Middlesex County's DA for refusing to indict that child rapist cop in 2005 and having him released without cash bail, especially when the next DA got the cop two life sentences. There are no words to accurately describe just how much that case outraged me.

Moving on.

Regardless of personal feelings, Scott Brown's the senator-elect. Fellow college students, I know you're angry, but please shut up. Many of you aren't Massachusetts citizens and can't vote; you don't have a right to bitch about our elections and their results. And fellow students who are citizens? You're still outnumbered by the rest of the state. You may, of course, bitch, as is your right as a voting citizen, but you're going to have to deal with it. There's always the next election, after all.

(The request to shut up also goes for the few full-blown right-winger friends I've got on Facebook. Oh. My. God. I know you're happy about the results, but shut up and get off your high horses. You're getting sanctimonious. I'm tempted to punch you in the face.)

Right, then. I'm swearing off a politics-centered entry for the next few months. Time to prepare for my discussion sections later this afternoon.


Oct. 12th, 2009 06:30 pm
There's a certain amount of irony in eating Chinese take-out while reading the chapter in one's comparative politics textbook on Japan and watching the Thailand episode of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations. (Well, the last isn't so weird, since my TV is perpetually turned to the Travel Channel. The first part still stands, though.)

College is being a bitch. I've got my comparative politics midterm this Thursday, which is the same day I've got a first draft of a paper due for my writing seminar. My professor in the latter likes me, though, and I'm going to e-mail him asking for a few days' extension. Doing well in Chinese and calculus, though, so I can't complain too much. I just kinda wish I knew what the fuck was going on in comparative politics. (On the bright side, everyone else is in the same boat as I am, so it's not just me who's utterly baffled about the midterm.)

Ugh. I cannot remember the last time I read a book for fun and not for class. This depresses me quite a bit. Note to self: take some time this weekend to indulge and start on The Phoenix Transformed, if only to keep from going absolutely loco. Also, drag Katie and/or Megan down to Sushi Express on Saturday (or maybe Friday evening) for lunch (or dinner if Friday).

The Sox broke my heart. I'm going to be ignoring baseball until the trade talks begin after the World Series.

Right, Japanese government. Need to finish that chapter. Can't wait to get rid of this textbook.


Apr. 15th, 2009 08:12 pm
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Finally started on the sixth page of my research paper, which is due first thing Friday morning in class. It needs to be between six and eight pages, and I'm not yet finished with all the points I want to make before I do the conclusion, so I figure bang out another paragraph tonight and tomorrow I'll do one last page plus the conclusion, proofread and edit, and I'll be good.

I hope.

And afterward? I never, ever, EVER want to see ANYTHING about Minnesotan politics EVER AGAIN. Minnesota: I hate your politicians, almost as much as I hate my own. Especially your senate candidates.

*headdesk* On the bright side, at least my topic wasn't the New Hampshire senate race. THAT paper would have turned into eight pages of vitriolic screaming about seeing nothing but New Hampshire campaign ads on every channel for four straight months and wanting to beat Shaheen AND Sununu with a wooden baseball bat. Seriously, I hate New Hampshire election cycles.

Right, enough ranting and raving, time to get back to work.
The eighth [ profile] randompulp challenge is now up. (And we'd dearly love more members; it's so lonely with only five people! *puppy eyes*)

Also, a few rants.

1) NaNoWriMo. It's only the third day, but I think I hate it. Yesterday I stared at my Word Processor for a good ten minutes, exchanged baffled looks with my muses, and swore a blue streak. This quickly has become something akin to work for me and I've always written because it's fun and I love doing it. Writing fifty thousand words in thirty days or less is an impressive achievement, yes, but I refuse to write crap to meet that. I love and respect my stories and my characters and I want to use them in works I'd be proud to show off.

Plus, y'know, [ profile] randompulp challenges keep me on my toes in terms of character and world development. I mean, Hell, I didn't think I'd ever have Nora and Sav babysit dragons.

Ugh. I'll stick it out for a few more days, but I shouldn't be apprehensive about opening up a document in Word.

2) 'Tek rumors. Word on the grapevine is is that the Tigers are interested in Jason Varitek. Seeing as how this rumor was started by Scott Boras (who, as Bill Simmons so deftly put it, is "one of the worst human beings in America who hasn't actually committed a crime") and just how much the Tigers are in need of young talent, I find this laughable. DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING THAT COMES OUT OF SCOTT BORAS'S MOUTH, especially since this is obviously an attempt to start a bidding war over Varitek's contract. As painful it is to watch Varitek bat (almost as painful as watching Mike Timlin pitch), he is the best catcher the Sox have. He has the best relationship with our pitchers, something neither Kevin Cash nor our prospects in the minors can boast. I'd like to see 'Tek return next season, but at this point I can't predict what the Sox front office will do.

...Other than that, I know of no other trade or free agent talks the Sox are involved in at the moment. Time to scour the Internet.

3) IEAH. They just bought Stardom Bound (winner of the Breeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies, shoe-in for Champion Two Year Old Filly) for a whopping $5.7 million and to say I'm pissed off would be an understatement. IEAH is buying up the good talent almost as fast as Coolmore and the sheikhs (and if Godolphin/Darley/whatever had gotten a hold of Stardom Bound, you'd still be hearing my screams of rage) and to top it all off they send the filly to train with RICK FUCKING DUTROW. I hate Rick Dutrow just as much as Scott Boras, if not more so.

Right, I think I'm going to go read for a bit, get my blood pressure down.

EDIT 12:38 AM: Starting to freak out about my voter registration status. I haven't gotten any information from the Boston Elections Department, I haven't gotten any responses to my e-mails, I can't get a hold of anyone at the department on the phone... I'm really, really worried I won't be able to vote tomorrow.


Oct. 22nd, 2008 10:02 pm
*sulks* Dad gets home late and watches World Series, RIGHT before Criminal Minds comes on and goes to bed JUST as it ends and I missed an episode of Criminal Minds where WIL WHEATON was a guest star. Goddammit, my inner nerd is NOT amused.

Surprisingly, I am not feeling any great amounts of despair after the Sox lost last night.

If we'd lost to the Yankees, that would be a different story. As it was, the Sox went down fighting in the end (unlike the Dodgers and Cubs, who died with a whimper) and long after a lot of people thought they'd last. We had numerous injuries this season and some of our pitchers weren't on their game; if Mike Lowell hadn't had to have surgery and Beckett had been at his peak, I'm reasonably sure we could have taken the ALCS.

I do like some of the Rays player: Longoria's a good kid with a lot of raw talent, and Carlos Pena's a freakin' New England boy. That said, I can't stand Maddon and a lot of the other players like Upton and Iwamura. There's a lot of douches in the Rays clubhouse, but I will grudgingly admit we were beaten by the better team.

But I hate the Rays fans. Oh, do I fucking loathe the Rays fans.

A lot of shit's been given to Red Sox and Yankee fans alike about being bandwagon fans; y'know, only cheering for them because they win. I can't speak for the Yankees fans, but a lot of Red Sox fans have been die-hards most of their lives and even after the 2004 and 2007 seasons, we still treat every loss like a heartbreaker and every win like our birthdays came early. Rays fan, though? Most didn't even know the names of their players a month ago and wouldn't be caught dead in a jersey, but they've gone from oblivious to smug so fast I'm surprised they don't have whiplash. I despise Rays fans with all my heart and soul. They are the lowest of the low.

Hence why I'm cheering for the Phillies.

The Phillies are one of the MLB's oldest teams and have only one World Series title. The Rays team is all of ten years old. The Rays are called basement-dwellers because they've finished last in the AL East so often, but does that make them special? Hell no! The Royals are synonymous with suck and let's face it, the Red Sox weren't so hot themselves not all that long ago. The Phillies have the most losses of any team in the history of baseball; the Rays don't have a history. Plus the Phillies winning would mean Rays "fans" would get a very large combo of sucker punch and knife to the kidneys.

So as the Phillies and Rays duke it out, I'm going to be arguing with my dad over whether or not resigning Varitek is a good idea, hoping Mike Lowell's surgery and recovery go well, reveling in most of the team being signed off for the next few seasons, and rejoicing over the fact that we probably won't ever have to watch Mike Timlin pitch for us again.

There is, after all, always next season.
dt_maxwell: ([Misc] Fire)
Despite my complaints that my friends are horrible and utterly bad influences, I'm still having a ridiculous amount of fun with that fic meme, even if the two WoW fic ideas stuck in my head are distracting me from my zombie story.

Also, a quick rant and warning:

If for whatever reason you're at the South Shore Plaza in Braintree and are in need of some cold creamy goodness, stick with the Brigham's on the first floor and not the new cafe/gelateria/whatever-it-calls-itself up at the food court.

While Mom was having the time of her life in the Macy's furniture department, I was finishing up my lunch and after a decent dessert. Since I was feeling lazy and didn't want to walk halfway across the mall to the nearest escalator, I decided to try out the gelato at the new place.

For five bucks, so not worth it.

First, tiny portions. I mean TINY. Like, a tablespoon's worth of gelato. I've frequented a lot of ice cream places in my life (including a couple of gelaterias in the North End) and I've never seen such stinginess before.

Second, taste. Or lack there of. Proper gelato should be an explosion of oh-so-good delicious flavor upon the tongue. I'd ordered mint gelato and couldn't taste a damned thing.

If I want something cold and flavorless, I'll crush a few ice cubes, thanks.

My Italian genes are so pissed right now.



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