There is just something really, really appropriate about listening to the villain song "In the Dark of the Night" from the movie Anastasia while working on my legal memorandum. I mean, really, what better song to fits lawyers and lawyering?

(Also, I bet Halion and Farran occasionally start singing or humming this when Lailya enters a room, because it's also appropriate for warlocks.

What, why did you think I played a warlock on WoW for seven years? Practice, damnit.)


Nov. 7th, 2012 08:21 pm
Watching the Pennsylvanians freak out about the snow earlier was really, really funny.

*cackles and sips her tea*

/unimpressed New Englander

(Put some boots on, wimps, it's just frozen water.)

P.S. Have graded memo assignment, probably going to want to kill myself sometime within the next week. Ah, law school.
It's been a while since I've said anything of note, so I figured it was about time to let the LJ crowd know I'm still alive.

Fall break starts tomorrow (it's just four days, Friday through Monday, but a break's a break), and Mom's coming down to spend the weekend and YAY I get to see my mommy! Class has been going well - civil procedure still makes no sense, criminal law I'm slowly starting to get my head around, and torts is awesome even if it is at 8:15 on Mondays and Wednesdays - and I survived my first law school exam yesterday (torts midterm). I can decide if I love or loathe legal writing, but I suspect many feel the same; my professor is amazing, though, and I definitely feel like I'm improving.

Been hanging around on tumblr a lot recently. I've gotten back into SWTOR and there's a really awesome SWTOR community on tumblr (made some really awesome friends, and one even lives nearby and she came to visit me shortly after I moved to Ardmore when I was still really down in the dumps and homesick and she flat out told me that if an emergency came up to call her ASAP and really, that made me feel so much better knowing there was at least one person in Pennsylvania I knew I could count on), so I've been bouncing around there a lot. Also just haven't been up to long and involved posting a la LJ, and tumblr's good for quick bits of fangirling and squee.

I've also been posting my perfume reviews up on tumblr, for both BPAL and Delightful Rot Perfumery; they can be found here.

Oh! One of the really awesome things about living in Pennsylvania is that horse country isn't too hard to get to. This past Saturday I took the train up to Devon for Dressage at Devon at the Devon Horse Show grounds and EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ALL THE PRETTY HORSES AND DRESSAGE AND THE PRETTIES THEY WERE SO PRETTY THERE WAS A FRIESIAN I DON'T HAVE WORDS TO DESCRIBE MY SQUEE SATURDAY WAS THE BEST DAMN DAY EVER I TOOK SO MANY PICTURES OMGOMGOMGOMG SO PRETTY OH MY GOD.


Right. I need to get going, I want to talk with one of my professors before the end of her office hours, so I need to scram. I'll be doing a baseball/Red Sox post either tonight or some time this weekend, because I have Feels about My Boys. *sigh*

Holy crap

Mar. 31st, 2011 03:08 pm
Caffeine doesn't really have an effect on me. I'm pretty sure it's because of the ADD - stimulants like my meds are supposed to calm me down rather than rile me up even more, and as the king of stimulants, drinking coffee usually makes me sleepy. I buy Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks because I enjoy the flavor, really.

A double-shot macchiacto from Espresso Royale, however? Holy shit I think my teeth are actually vibrating and my hands are legit shaky-twitchy and my eyes keep darting all over the place.

I don't think I like caffeine highs.

Right, I'm going to stick with hot chocolate from Espresso Royale from now on. And the spinach and feta croissants, those things are godly.
Mildly incoherent and exhausted right now.

Think my American Military Experience midterm went well. I wouldn't say it was easy, but there weren't any surprises; paying attention in lecture and doing all the readings assured that, of course. Well, that and the extensive and thorough study of the ID terms Nicole and I did at the GSU yesterday. Very productive study session, we managed to condense two hundred fifty important terms and names into short, quick sentences we could easily expand on. Said short, quick sentences have likely spawned a number of in-jokes, but hey, it kept the studying interesting!

(I also got to make a crack about pilots and ordinance delivery systems that sent Nicole howling. Considering how long I've wanted to make that joke and the fact that someone appreciated it made me very, very smug.)

Tore through Twilight's Dawn when it came in on Tuesday (four hours of pleasure reading - something I haven't been able to do in a long time), feel torn in my reaction to it, particularly the last novella in it. Might have to reread it this weekend. Heh.

One more week until Spring Break. Two more midterms in the meantime. Today's Chinese quiz was canceled so I can relax for a few more hours.

Better make that birthday card for Dad, then.


Feb. 18th, 2011 10:44 am
Poor Dad! He very rarely gets sick, but when he does, damn.

Dadman has apparently come down with a bad case of the flu. He's got a really bad cough with a lot of phlegm, had some trouble breathing, and he was running a fever of 103 so Mom took him to the emergency room really early this morning. He's doing all right now and is getting discharged about now according to Mom's last update, but geez, Dad doesn't do anything by halves.

I was planning on going home for the weekend (Monday's off, woohoo!), but Mom won't be able to pick me until tomorrow because she needs to keep an eye on Dad, which is fine by me. Poor, poor Dad.

Thank God I'm all caught up on my flu shots.

In happier news, today is disgustingly beautiful except for all the filthy snow melting. It's warm, the sun's shining, there's few clouds despite the meteorologists' claims about rain for today, and I'm wearing a damn t-shirt in February. Ai-ya. Still, it'll make running my errands a little more enjoyable.

Am in especially good mood, too, despite Dad being sick. No Chinese this afternoon, so my only class was my 9AM American Military Experience one, which is always awesome, but today was especially great! The professor briefly toyed with the idea of springing a pop quiz on us (he usually spaces them out more, and the last one was Monday) as the class has only 48 people and we're in a room that barely fits everyone - so the eleven people that weren't there were very conspicuous. I personally wasn't too worried (though I was frantically trying to recall the IDs the professor likes to use in his quizzes that were specific to last night's reading, as I probably hadn't read as thoroughly as I should have, heh), but it was pretty damn funny to watch the looks of rising panic on everyone's faces.

The professor opted not to give us the quiz, but made a few quips about finding out just who was fool enough to skip his class. He's also ex-military, and woe betide the idiot who comes into his class late. (This is the only class I have in which everyone is present and sitting when the professor walks in and starts lecturing at nine on the dot.) We had a few late stragglers today, though, and the professor turned his eye on them but he hadn't started the lecture yet and he said, "You're lucky we're just making jokes right now." We were all already giggling but that set the whole class off. He continued in a similar vein the whole lecture, which was great because it made what could have been an unenthusiastic discussion of the Root Reforms (at least on my classmates' part) vastly more entertaining.

Seriously, love that class. And next time we're starting World War I! Whee!

EDIT: Massachusetts Town Slogans as collected by Universal Hub. Rolling on floor, can't stop laughing. Favorites include "Boston: Lost if by car, late if by T"; "Dorchester: Home of the Wahlbergs!" (Dorchester pride, woo!); and "Amherst: We take pride in being ourselves, as long as that is borderline-offensive political-correctness." But the best is this: "Somerville: Like the US, we have three branches of government: 1/3 Mayor, 1/3 Aldermen, 1/3 Pat's Towing."
dt_maxwell: ([Animals] Baby Eater)
Hawk caught in Jackson Square 'T' Rescued

This is the second red-tailed hawk in two months that's had to be rescued from a T station. This one was found in the Orange Line; the one back in December was rescued from the Andrews Station stop on the Red Line after being trapped in the station for a week.

After animals found riding the T within the past few weeks include:

-Penelope the snake on the Red Line (a pet snake - and Universal Hub made so many damned "snakes on a train" jokes that I was relieved the thing was finally found);
-A turkey at the Alewife station (I don't even...)
-A pigeon on the Red Line (Hey, it's a city bird, you gotta be T savvy in Boston)

I'll start looking around for signs of any eminent forty-day-and-forty-night storms once the inhabitants of Franklin Park Zoo make a break for Green Street Station.

Though seriously, Mother Nature. Why the T? Surely there are better, more reliable, less-prone-to-breaking-down-every-five-minutes options?

Work work

Feb. 9th, 2011 09:44 pm
Wires and Wormwood is now up at deviantART, yay!

"A Year of Dragons" is definitely going to be a bit before I upload it, though. I've been tweaking and fiddling and editing for three hours and I've barely gone past the first page. Still, it is my favorite Watchers 'verse piece that I've yet written, so I want to take care with this baby. *pets it*

Regardless, I think I'm going to take a break from story editing for the night. Probably shouldn't watch Once Upon a Time in the West, I've gotta be in bed by midnight, but perhaps The Princess Bride? Or maybe Stardust. Something fun.
dt_maxwell: ([TV] *headdesk*)
The problem I have with buying notebooks - for journals, notes, random scribbling, whatever - is that inevitably I hesitate to actually write in them.

I think it stems from my general love of books. I take excellent care of all of my books, hardcovers and paperbacks and textbooks alike. I do not write, scribble, underline, or highlight in them; I do not dog ear pages (and I die a little inside every time I see someone do that, it's like watching mutilation); and I am exceedingly careful with the spines of paperbacks. I can't help but wear out some of my books - my paperback editions of the Firebringer Trilogy have gotten a lot of love other the years especially - because some I just read them over and over and over, but I damn well try to keep them as pristine as possible.

(I've even managed to convince my brother to take better care of his books. This is because I would whap him over the head with the mangled remains of the last book I'd lent him. He's even promised to replace some of my paperbacks that he's abused over the years once he gets some money in exchange for the old ones. My parents were boggled. I was smug.)

This fanatic need for pristine pages has bled into taking care of other paper products. Magazines. Newspapers. Handout packets. Spiral-bound notebooks. Journals. Unless it's notes for class (or solving my beloved sudoku and crossword puzzles), I cringe at the thought of marring such lovely pages with filthy, filthy ink.

So I'm staring at my brand new Moleskine notebook and Pilot Precise V5 retractable pens with something akin to trepidation right now.

I bought them for the sole purpose of always having a nice, sturdy notebook on me in either my bookbag or purse for scribbling down story ideas (and having a nice pen that wouldn't smear ink all over the place which is a major pet peeve of mine), but... I haven't even been able to bring myself to write my goddamn name in the thing yet!

Goddamnit, self.
French Toast Alert Level: High Heavy snow predicted. Harvey Leonard breaks into huge grin, can't keep his hands off the weather map. Proceed at speed limit before snow starts to nearest supermarket to pick up two gallons of milk, a couple dozen eggs and two loaves of bread - per person in household.

(Sounds about right. Anyway.)

I have lived in Boston my entire life and I've never seen us get hit by so much snow by the start of February.

I'm done with classes for the day, thank goodness, so I'm currently ensconced at the table in my apartment's common area, staring out over snow-covered Cambridge, the frozen Charles, the slushy mess that is the MassPike, and the university-owned Bobcats trying to desperately keep the Aggannis Arena parking lot and back road for the BU Shuttle clear. Am still profoundly glad the BUS is still running as I haven't spotted a single city-operated plow on Comm Ave all day and trying to cross the BU bridge on a good day is already a terrifying endeavor, never mind when the snow's piling up, the crosswalks aren't cleared, and the roads haven't been salted or sanded.

Oh, Boston. Getting punched in the stomach today and due for a kick in the balls tomorrow. Of course, I keep hearing that this is what winters were like back in the '70s and '80s, so I'm just going to chalk this up to a return to normalcy and smirk viciously at anyone obviously not from New England who starts bitching and moaning in public about the weather.

Oh my God, just read that Cambridge's snow emergency isn't going into effect until eight TONIGHT. That means they don't have any plowing or sanding going on. Oh, Cambridge, giving me yet another reason to be thankful I don't live within your borders.

Wondering why they don't just dump all this snow in the harbor instead of taking it to "snow farms" to melt. I mean, yeah, salt and chemical pollutants from the road and whatnot, but the snow melt is going to end up in the ground water which is going to go to storm drains which will dump it all in Boston Harbor, so save some of the state's rapidly-dwindling snow removal budget and shove it into the harbor. Geez.

And the tea kettle is whistling at me angrily, so it's time for some Earl Grey goodness.

EDIT (12:14 PM): No longer friends locking my journal, though anonymous commenting is still disabled. You don't scare me anymore, Internet.


Jan. 29th, 2010 07:48 pm

So yeah, today was effin' cold, especially this morning when it was windy and the windchill made it feel like negative ten. Srsly. I love mah hometown, but there are down sides to living in Boston. Like JANUARY. (And February. Fuck, next month is not going to be fun.)

Hoping it will at least not be windy tomorrow, as I'm heading down to the Coolidge Corner GameStop to indulge in nerdy-goodness. Won't be walking (waaaaaay too far), but the stroll down to Kenmore to hop on the T ain't going to be pleasant if I can't feel my extremities.

Should go start prepping for the ICC raid tonight (PLEASEGOD LET US DOWN DEATHBRINGER, I AM SO DAMNED SICK OF THAT ENCOUNTER). Will likely instead end up reading fanfiction of the porny variety to giggle over (shutup, it's better written than anything found at the Pit, let me have my vices) until we start pulls. Yar.

Should make myself a Lailya icon. <3 my acerbic, soul-draining, whiskey-and-coffee-drinking warlock.

Ohheythere, made the Dean's List again. Muahahah.
Vacation is nearly over; semester starts on Wednesday. Moved back into Warren today, unpacked, scurried down to City Convenience for ice cream and cookies, came back up to my room and napped after setting up Speirs on the BU network. (It was the fastest computer scan and network set-up I've ever seen. Clearly the BU network is afraid of my laptop. All is right with the world.)

Plan on polishing off a pint of Phish Food while I watch Castle tonight, then going to ponder if I should buy either the Star Wars original trilogy on DVD or the first season of Castle from Amazon. Yes, that is the most pressing issue in my life right now. I'd be spending my money on Rebuild of Evangelion, but for whatever fucked up reason, Funimation released the crappy-quality 1.01 version first, so I have to wait until March for the higher-quality 1.11 version. (Funimation, you suuuuuuuuck.)

Also, apparently there is a studio interested in making a Mistborn movie. ZOMGYAY!!!!!!!!!!


Plans for tomorrow:
1) Pick up textbooks at university bookstore.
2) Drop off textbooks in room, take T down to Babcock Street to Angora Cafe for paninis. (They use FRESH buffalo mozzarella in their panini sandwiches! Of course I adore the place!) Tomorrow is effin' cold and that's a bitch of a walk, don't make yourself any more miserable than you can help.
3) Return to room, enjoy a lovely lunch.
4) Nap.

Right. I have mint Milano cookies in my fridge that need eating.
Happy New Year, everyone!

Been brainstorming the past couple of days and have written down assorted random facts concerning my Watchers 'verse. Some of it will likely be relevant to the story, others not so much, but it gets the ideas written down and fleshes out the world a little bit more. And I felt like sharing, so enjoy!

Miscellaneous Watchers 'Verse Factoids

*The relationship between Nora and Sav is best described as "heterosexual life partners."
*All mages have higher than average metabolisms, due to the stress large reservoirs of magic put on the body, though many average mages experience few negative side effects other than those associated with draining their reserves. Active duty battle mages regularly employed by the Watchers need to consume roughly 8,000 calories a day in order to keep up their magical reserves and maintain healthy weights; Danny, as an S-class mage who can only safely (relatively) use his magic in large bursts or for powerful spells, needs to eat around 10,000 calories daily or risk his magic ravaging his body to keep functioning, but is often several pounds underweight despite his best efforts (and Mama McCormick's).
*Danny says it best: "Being an S-class sucks."
*Lunchtime (or breakfast, or dinner, or any time, really) in the Boston HQ cafeteria during or after a particularly harrowing shift and with five or more mages present is more properly referred to as a "feeding frenzy."
*Nora and her siblings are Irish-Italian, Roman Catholic, born-and-raised-Bostonians. This may or may not explain some of their eccentricities.
*Sav is Haitian-American and from Baton Rouge. Despite living in Boston since her college days, she still has not yet fully adapted to New England winters.
*Watcher-employed battle mages often consume high-energy and/or high-sugar products before engaging in a fight as a cheap magic boost.
*All first aid kits used by the Watchers includes a small bottle of Vermont's finest maple syrup for mages going into shock after expending too much magic.
*Danny is a complete and utter whore for Nutella. Nora exploits this to the fullest.
*Nora is a complete and utter whore for fresh ricotta. Danny exploits this to the fullest.
*Mark attended Columbia University for both his undergraduate and graduate work, and after his freshman year came home a Yankees fan. His siblings have never quite forgiven him for it.
*Nora often calls Rhakunvar "His Nibs" or "His Scaliness" (though never anywhere where he can hear). Yalora finds it hysterical.
*There is only one thing that Rhakunvar fears, and that is an angry Yalora.
*Rhakunvar prefers his humans with Tabasco sauce rather than ketchup. (He hasn't eaten a human since 1904, though, and finds them too gamy and too small to satisfy his appetite.)
*Nora has perfected the art of the knuckleball (a fact that both Jake Warner and his doctor can attest to) and worships at the altar of Tim Wakefield.
*Danny was a chemistry major in college, with a special interest in physical chemistry and especially thermochemistry. He's really good at blowing things up even without magic.
*Veronica is currently attending MIT as a computer science major. Her ultimate goal in life (other than ruling the world) is to usurp Bill Gates in a hostile corporate takeover of Microsoft.
*Nora owns (or is owned by) two Siberian females: silver-shaded with white Mish-Mish and patched tabby with white Zoe. They enjoy acting like dogs, dropping their toys in the water dish, and smothering their mom while she sleeps.
*There is a highly competitive betting pool going in the Boston HQ about how, when, where, and why Aces and Nora will hook up that many of the employees are in on. What they don't know is that Aces and Nora are first cousins (Aces's mother is Nora's father's sister), know about the pool, and have secretly gotten their bets in the book, and plan on robbing everyone else blind. Sav and Danny are quietly laughing in the corner.


Dec. 21st, 2009 01:27 pm
dt_maxwell: ([Anime] Menchi Roll)
Finished with my last final this morning and now I am home on the Cape!

Feeling awesome. Also, finally have a shiny, new, PROPERLY WORKING laptop. OMG, it is so damned awesome, words cannot describe it. The keyboard is awesome and it has a FOUR-HOUR BATTERY LIFE and the screen and graphics are beautiful and I'm in love with Windows 7 already and I could probably play WoW, Aion, AND Dragon Age simultaneously and the sound is clear and sharp and it has a webcam andandand...

This laptop is fantastic. I love it. I adore it. I'm naming it Speirs. He will totally beat up and eat all the wimpy Macs everyone at college has.

*hugs new laptop and squeals*

And now, hot chocolate. Will update later, wherein I bitch about finals, somewhat-unhealthy-obsessions with Facebook apps (I blame myself, my floormates, and others for this), and the recent blizzard.

Whee, home!


Oct. 12th, 2009 06:30 pm
There's a certain amount of irony in eating Chinese take-out while reading the chapter in one's comparative politics textbook on Japan and watching the Thailand episode of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations. (Well, the last isn't so weird, since my TV is perpetually turned to the Travel Channel. The first part still stands, though.)

College is being a bitch. I've got my comparative politics midterm this Thursday, which is the same day I've got a first draft of a paper due for my writing seminar. My professor in the latter likes me, though, and I'm going to e-mail him asking for a few days' extension. Doing well in Chinese and calculus, though, so I can't complain too much. I just kinda wish I knew what the fuck was going on in comparative politics. (On the bright side, everyone else is in the same boat as I am, so it's not just me who's utterly baffled about the midterm.)

Ugh. I cannot remember the last time I read a book for fun and not for class. This depresses me quite a bit. Note to self: take some time this weekend to indulge and start on The Phoenix Transformed, if only to keep from going absolutely loco. Also, drag Katie and/or Megan down to Sushi Express on Saturday (or maybe Friday evening) for lunch (or dinner if Friday).

The Sox broke my heart. I'm going to be ignoring baseball until the trade talks begin after the World Series.

Right, Japanese government. Need to finish that chapter. Can't wait to get rid of this textbook.
Oh God, how the first weeks of school suck, and suck hard.

Been half dead and running on fumes for a while now. Am hopeful the dead-ness will go away once I firmly settle into the swing of things here at BU.

Will offer a proper update later, when my brain is properly functioning. (Just when that will be remains to be seen.)


(P.S. In need of a digital camera. Or just a damn camera. To self: tell parental units that that's my Christmas list this year.)


Aug. 12th, 2009 07:33 pm
Textbooks purchased? Check. (Bless you, Amazon and used book sellers, you guys probably saved me two hundred dollars.)

Tuition payed? Check. (Thank. Christ.)

New laptop purchased? Check. (According to Billy, who helped me pick out a good one, it should last five years at least and is miles better than my desktop. Also, a lot easier to lug a laptop between home and college than a desktop plus monitor-and-keyboard, and I can take it to class to take notes on, so less money I need to spend on supplies!)

NSync song stuck in my head? Check. (Desperately trying to drive it out with German musicals. One day, I will find the person that sets up the music that plays in supermarkets, and I will kill him. Brutally.)

Stories begging to be written? Check. (I've got a little piece starring Tachrivar that's been kicking around my head for a while, and he and the other hatchlings (henceforth referred to collectively as "Rainbow Bite") are such darlings that I have to get around to writing it. *cuddles the baby dragons*)

Dinner time? Check. (Yay!)
Today's Digger comic made me wibble. And it sent chills down my spine, too.

"Was"? Oh dear, oh dear.

And now I have to wait until Tuesday to find out more! Oh, webcomics, how you taunt me.

Right. Yes. Um.

Can't Get a Word in Edgewise will be up later today after some last-minute tweaks and edits. And after I eat a couple of bowls of Lucky Charms and maybe a bagel with cream cheese, too. Is hungry.

P.S. Because I didn't mention this yesterday: JULIO LUGO IS TRADED AND GONE! WOOHOO!


Oh snap.

Jul. 18th, 2009 02:35 pm
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Created a page for the Firebringer Trilogy over at TV Tropes.

Website eating me alive. Not sure if I want help or not escaping. Leaning more toward not.

Stupid evil genius site.


Jun. 27th, 2009 10:27 pm
Right, so, yeah, still need to move the cats down to the Cape. Everything important is down there, though (including my computer (I'm typing this up on Mom's laptop) and most of my clothes), and the plan is to move the cats down tomorrow in two trips.

We might need to take Skinny to Angell-Memorial tomorrow sometime, however. Mom and I came back from the Cape (trying to clean up and set up before we officially all start sleeping there) and her throat-chest area was obviously bloody. Dad said it was worse this morning, so at least the injury's apparently clotted, but Ma and I had appropriate freak out moment. (Skinny was happy as always to see us, though, and came over for pettings, so she's feeling all right, but STILL.)

There is an up side to multiple hour and a half long trips to and from the Cape, though. Fantastic brainstorming for my stories occurs.


HAPPY (EARLY) BIRTHDAY, SISSY!!! *throws confetti into the air**tackle-hugs [ profile] predikit, smishes, squees*



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