There is just something really, really appropriate about listening to the villain song "In the Dark of the Night" from the movie Anastasia while working on my legal memorandum. I mean, really, what better song to fits lawyers and lawyering?

(Also, I bet Halion and Farran occasionally start singing or humming this when Lailya enters a room, because it's also appropriate for warlocks.

What, why did you think I played a warlock on WoW for seven years? Practice, damnit.)
So this graded memo due by 8AM Monday is worth eighty percent of my legal writing grade and while I've got a portion of it written (and even edited), right now I cannot give a damn about the thing.

Here, have some the Blood-Sibs being Not Completely Right In The Head. (Fact: the Blood-Sibs are all rather shameless in incorporating Lailya's children into their pranks on one another. In the process, however, they learn valuable life skills such as subterfuge, blackmail, guerrilla warfare, and the art of the double- and triple-cross.

Yes, Lailya's perception of a proper education isn't exactly normal.)

Read more... )
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So I'm taking a quick break from paper writing just to get my feels out, because I have a lot of them right now.

End of college stress and start of law school - this past weekend was me and Mom running around getting paperwork together so I could mail it en mass Monday - and holy God, I am graduating on May 20. My last day of classes was yesterday, tomorrow is the Senior Breakfast, I turn in my last paper Friday, my last final is next Wednesday (only two, thank God), then Senior Week (I bought tickets for the whale watch and the Sox game), and then Commencement.

Mother of God.

I don't think it's quite hit me yet - too caught up in the stress of papers, I'm sure. But I'm also going to law school and Mom came up Saturday to drop some stuff off for me and I was just sitting in the car with her and chatting and I suddenly started shaking and crying and God. It's scary, in a way.

I got un-wait-listed by Brooklyn Law School (Dad was...not amused when he realized what its acronym is; admittedly Mom and I had been waiting for him to notice with amused trepidation), and I have to admit the place is kind of amazing. Expensive, yeah, but that's because they have guaranteed housing for first year law students. In Brooklyn Heights. Just a short walk from the law school itself, so I don't have to worry about transportation costs, and their new(ish, it opened in 2005) apartment building is fucking gorgeous and has furnished apartments. I freely admit that not having to worry about housing the first year is one of the school's biggest draws (something Mom admitted to, as well), but the program's damn awesome, and if the financial aid package is any good and I don't hear from BC Law about being taken off their wait list, it looks like I'll be living in Brooklyn this fall.

Excited and terrified, it's all I can say about that.

Trying to maintain my sanity by scrolling through silly Tumblr blogs (haven't gotten my own Tumblr, because like I need to fully immerse myself in that level of crack) and listening to music and writing out Mistwrought scribbles and playing WoW (yes, I fell off the wagon; no, I don't regret it, because I missed my guildmates something fierce) and following news about The Avengers because RDJ in all his snarky glory and the adorableness that is Tom Hiddleston just make me happy and I really need some happy right now.

I also need a hug.

And now I should probably bullshit the last hundred words for this damn religion paper so I can concentrate on the nine pages I need to churn out for my anthropology research paper.
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Okay, I should probably be doing work right now, but I am too happy to care.

First off, I finished my Chinese composition last night at around 10:30. YAY! Am still very proud of myself. Then celebrated by playing Origins until 1 AM. I know, I know, I promised this weekend would involve no Dragon Age, but I wasn't going to start reading about political consultants at 10:30 at night on a Friday. And besides, I finished the Stone Prisoner DLC and Soldier's Keep and Return to Ostagar and some of the minor sidequests and all I need to do now is Nature of the Beast and the Landsmeet and then I kill the Archdemon! ...And then I gotta play Awakening. And do the Golems of Amgarrak and Witch Hunt DLCs.


...Moving on! There is another reason why am super-awesome-happy right now, but that requires some backstory!

Many many years, when I was precocious and tiny and around eight or nine, I was obsessed with horses. (Well, one could argue I still am, just to a lesser degree.) My obsession was such that I refused to read any books that didn't involve horses in some way. My mother was delighted that I loved to read but utterly frustrated at my obstinacy on equine-related matters.

I clearly recall the day my mother finally had enough. We were at the Hyde Park branch of the Boston Public Library, before they did the renovations that gutted the main building and added on this truly disgusting-to-look-at glass addition. The Hyde Park branch had great vaulted ceilings, tons of high windows that let in huge amounts of natural light, heavy wooden tables and chairs everywhere, and massive bookshelves built right into the walls; it was a beautiful building inside and out and it remains the image I see when I think "library." It's a shadow of its former self, now.

Anyway, I remember standing in a corner, scanning the shelves in search of something interesting (aka had a pretty horse on the cover). Mom came over and handed me a book, saying, "I know it's not horses, but you've read almost every horse book in the library. At least give this a try." I took it grudgingly.

It was a hardcover and it crinkled with the plastic libraries always put on the dust jackets. There was a green, angry-looking dragon on the cover, breathing blue flame. Facing the dragon so you couldn't see her face was a girl with long hair in a braid, cringing away from the flame; there was a baby dragon in her arms and two more at her feet. The title read Dragon's Milk by Susan Fletcher. (As luck would have it, Amazon has an image of that old hardcover - see it here.)

Mom, thank you.

I fell in love with that book and the story of a girl named Kaeldra, whose green eyes meant she could communicate with dragons, on a journey that started with a need to acquire dragon's milk to save her little sister from dying of vermilion fever. I managed to find the other books in the Dragon Chronicles later: Flight of the Dragon Kyn, a prequel about Kaeldra's ancestor Kara and my favorite of the series, and Sign of the Dove, whose summary would contain spoilers for Dragon's Milk so I won't say anything more. These books were my first really entry into fantasy - I didn't encounter Birth of the Firebringer until a year or two later, after the library defacing renovation began. I own paperback copies of the Dragon Chronicles and they are some of the most battered books I own despite my best efforts as I've just read them so much.

So today I was taking a break from reading and decided to browse deviantArt. On a whim I typed "dragon" into the search engine and scrolled down a bit. A title of one piece caught my eye: Flight of the Dragon Kyn.

No way, I thought. No fucking way.

To my utter delight, a favorite artist of mine (I've got a print of his "Steampunk Dragon" hanging on my wall at home) had done the covers for new paperback editions for some of my most favorite books ever (something I do not say lightly, considering my great and abiding adoration for the Firebringer Trilogy). A link in the picture description leads to the book's Amazon page, and I figured, "You know, my copies are so old, I should probably get some new ones - and with such beautiful cover art!" So I scrolled down to go to the "add all three to cart" option when something caught my eye under "Customer Also Bought" section.

A book called Ancient, Strange and Lovely by Susan Fletcher, published last fall. It's a new stand-alone novel of the Dragon Chronicles.

All four books will arrive on Wednesday. I haven't stopped smiling for hours.

Tomorrow's likely going to suck, but today? Today was awesome.


Apr. 20th, 2009 10:20 pm
You know, normally I don't mind it so much when the Muses decide to be uppity bitches (it is the default setting for at least three of my six Muses), take an extended coffee break, and leave the Writer's Block Demon perched on my shoulder, chittering away about butterscotch-and-white-chocolate brownies (CURSE YOU, FOOD CHANNEL AND YOUR PROGRAMS ABOUT COMFORT FOOD!). The Writer's Block Demon isn't so bad, and is an expert on food, movie and TV trivia, and which books on Amazon might be worth it. Normally the WBD and I can get along.

But I have a presentation for my writing seminar due first thing tomorrow at 12:30 PM on my third and final essay topic for the class and I've been staring at a blank Word Document for the past three days!

You can see my problem.

Normally, I would be more than pleased to explore the ideas for my Heaven'n'Hell 'verse currently bouncing around in my head, especially since it would mean extensive revision of my celestial and infernal hierarchies and I love making lists and the universe is so much more upbeat (or at least sarcastic) than it used to be and I would dearly love to write banter between Dranyari and Eitan (who I still feel needs a new name, but I don't want to use one of the typical -(i)el names from A Dictionary of Angels 'cause Eitan isn't a and-then-the-Lord-spoketh-and-there-was-an-angel-angel but rather a human-who-died-and-went-to-Heaven-angel) while beating up another would-be Anti-Christ (and that's another post entirely) and this sentence has gone on long enough so I'll get to the point. The point is I NEED MY BRAIN SPACE TO BE FOCUSED ON SOMETHING THAT COULD MAKE OR BREAK MY FINAL PAPER AND SONUVABITCH I WANT TO SLEEP TONIGHT.

Stupid fickle muses.

EDIT 10:33 PM: *pinches the bridge of her nose* Of course it takes me bitching about it, nearly having an aneurysm, and then sobbing hysterically for five minutes to convince the muses to evict the WBD and get to work. Fucking typical.


Apr. 15th, 2009 08:12 pm
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Finally started on the sixth page of my research paper, which is due first thing Friday morning in class. It needs to be between six and eight pages, and I'm not yet finished with all the points I want to make before I do the conclusion, so I figure bang out another paragraph tonight and tomorrow I'll do one last page plus the conclusion, proofread and edit, and I'll be good.

I hope.

And afterward? I never, ever, EVER want to see ANYTHING about Minnesotan politics EVER AGAIN. Minnesota: I hate your politicians, almost as much as I hate my own. Especially your senate candidates.

*headdesk* On the bright side, at least my topic wasn't the New Hampshire senate race. THAT paper would have turned into eight pages of vitriolic screaming about seeing nothing but New Hampshire campaign ads on every channel for four straight months and wanting to beat Shaheen AND Sununu with a wooden baseball bat. Seriously, I hate New Hampshire election cycles.

Right, enough ranting and raving, time to get back to work.
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Due to a combination of A) growing interest in fantasy noir books a la Glen Cook, B) having my copy of A Dictionary of Angels: Including the Fallen Angels constantly at hand, C) a relatively recent return to watching Supernatural after two years, and D) an overactive imagination that's procrastinating like the pro it is since I have a large exam looming on the near horizon, the muses have decided to chuck ideas at me.

For my old Heaven-Hell mystery/supernatural-noir/whateverthefuckitwas that was my first major novel idea back when I was what, ten?, and which I decided to put on indefinite hiatus two or three years ago. New plot, reworking of some of the concepts, complete character revamps and redesigns for both Dranyari and Eitan. (Eitan's in need of a name change, I think, and Dran's weapon of choice isn't a scythe anymore. It's a baseball bat. Bludgeoning's more her thing, anyway. Or just tearing 'em apart with her bare hands.)

Goddamnit. I don't need Dran challenging Nora and Shae Valya to a Snark Off in my head! Sonuvabitch.

Stupid easily available occult lore. Stupid show with awesome characters and a really frickin' pretty blue-eyed angel (and, therefore, stupid hormones). Stupid overactive imagination. Stupid muses. Ah, fuck it, where's my writing notebook?
Taking a short break from midterm-studying to stare at something other than campaign data/polarization of the electorate/political paradoxes/MAKE IT END OH GOD. *headdesk* Stupid multiple fifty-plus page readings.

So. Some randomness. Kinda.

First, a meme, shamelessly snagged from [ profile] foofighter0234.

i ship it // my thread

Have at it!

Today is Dad's birthday. Not heading home for spring break until Friday afternoon, so texted him this morning wishing him happy birthday and then went present shopping at the B&N after class. Managed to find a sweater I know he'll like in XXL - miraculous - and also a BU hat in size 7 7/8 which is even MORE miraculous because my daddy has a very large head and it is a biiiiiitch to find hats for him that will actually fit. And a book, got him a book. And then called home about half an hour ago to sing him happy birthday. Yay, Daddy!

Also got myself a book. The Shadow Queen by Anne Bishop. EEEEEEEE!!! Must not read all at once! Have to finish studying!

Oh, hey, would ya look at that, Manny's finally signed to a team. The Dodgers. Two years, $45 million and- wait. Didn't the Dodgers offer him that deal before? Twice?


Holy crap have you seen those pictures of Jacoby Ellsbury from spring training? OH. MY. GOD. He was adorable before but now OH. MY. GOD. My brain is still mush and my ovaries are still clanging madly and ohmyGooooooooood. Holy crap those arms. Oh. My. God.

[Error: unknown template qotd]

The Firebringer Trilogy by Meredith Ann Pierce (Oh come on, this one was obvious.)
Band of Brothers by Stephen Ambrose (This one, too.)
The Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop (It read likes a fanfic, yeah, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying it immensely every time.)
Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson (...Yeah, the amount of times I've gone capslock over this series should have been an indicator.)
Age of Fire series by E.E. Knight (See above.)

Also, because I didn't get to this yesterday due to working my butt completely rewriting an essay, the five DVDs I'd bring with me to that desert island with electricity:

The Producers (I don't need to explain this one.)
The Great Escape (Nor this one.)
Band of Brothers (Okay, yeah, it's more than one DVD, but I have the boxed set. Hush.)
Sleeping Beauty (If you know me outside the Internet or, you know, paid any attention to my e-mail address, this one's obvious.)
The Swan Princess (Oooh, childhood.)

Right, need to stop with the procrastination for now, methinks. There is a political science midterm to be studying for and I am sooooo behind on the readings. -_-;
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So, what do you do when you'd rather not play WoW, there's nothing that great on TV, you're not in the mood to read fanfiction, and you're procrastinating like crazy about that paper you have to write and the lab report to type up and the midterm to start studying for?

Why, watch The Producers of course!

(I need help. Seriously. Of all the movies in the world I had to love above all others, it just had to be the Mel Brooks movie about putting on a play called Springtime for Hitler.)

(Also, I need a Producers icon. Or ten. Badly.)
Slowly trying to do some more writing for NaNoWriMo, although since Bam-Bam is currently curled up in my lap and snoozing away, typing is something of a problem right now. Such a cute kitty, is Bam-Bam. Probably a dog in his past life. I'm going to teach him to fetch and bark if it kills me.

Watching The Producers right now. Am going to have that song stuck in my head for the next week, and I will no doubt end up humming it the next time I watch Band of Brothers. *facedesk* I am going to Hell. Most definitely going to Hell.

Should do more writing. I really should.

Screw it, I can write after I finish snuggling with Bam-Bam.



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