And by bunnies I mean both the Peter Cottontail variety and the plot variety.

Lots of rabbits here on the Cape (and chipmunks and deer and even a hawk or two plus more songbirds than I can possibly count). So many rabbits that the new family in-joke is that Mom's declared war on them and plans on making rabbit pie and rabbit stew and many other rabbit-themed dishes. Whether or not this will actually happen is another matter, and most likely depends on if they start nibbling on her tomato plants or her little lemon tree sprouts. (Actually, if it's the lemon tree seedlings, she might forgo war entirely and just move into complete eradication. Seriously, don't touch the lemon tree seedlings.)

As for the plot bunnies, those have been clustered at my feet for a good week now, subsisting on chocolate chip cookie dough and what I strongly suspect is Baileys with mint chocolate. (And me not even of legal drinking age. I wonder sometimes about my subconscious.) Normally the presence of a horde this size would have me reaching for a large flyswatter, but rather than giggling madly and putting utterly outrageous ideas in my head, they've been feeding me bits and pieces of concepts that flesh out my various 'verses. What cleverly-disguised weapons would best serve a Retruvian noblewoman for a day at the Imperial Court, the interactions between the Sidhe and non-Sidhe Fae, why necromancers piss off the Watchers so much, figuring out the layout and neighborhood names for Brindlewood, etc. I love world-building.

Oooh, marshmallows!


Jul. 12th, 2009 02:09 pm
Dad's finally put some actual shelves in the bookcases, so the mess in the library/den/whatever has been somewhat taken care of. I'll start worrying about actually putting the books in some semblance of order once Dad gets all the shelves in.

Of the books that have been unpacked, I've been doing inventory and figuring out which ones I really don't give a damn about and wouldn't mind donating to the library - or even better, selling on eBay. The unpacked books are mostly hardcovers and large softcovers like omnibus editions and trade paperbacks, as they were packed in large plastic tubs that could be reused for moving other stuff from Boston to the Cape.

My OCD-ness about keeping my books in pristine condition has paid off at long last, because a lot of the books are in almost new condition and I'm positive I could get a good price for them. There's quite a few hardcovers and large softcovers I'm more than happy to part with, so once I finally start organizing the shelves I'll make a list of the books I don't want anymore and set them aside. Then I'll get the shoeboxes with my mass market paperbacks (seriously, large shoeboxes, like the ones you get boots in, are perfect for small paperback books) and do the same with those, because I know there's a ton of paperbacks I own that I don't really want anymore.

Once I know which books have to go, I'll try to figure out some reasonable prices for them (I'm thinking half-off the original prices for the hardcovers, omnibuses, and trade paperbacks, will think of something for the mass market paperbacks and some of the more beat up books) and have Billy help me with putting them on eBay. And maybe before I put them up on eBay, I'll put a list of what I'm selling up here to see if anyone's interested in what I've got on hand.

Hopefully I can start selling before the end of the July and go through August, before school starts up again. Be so nice to have some more spending money at BU.
It's vacation. Sweet, lovely, wonderful, February vacation. *sighs happily and hugs her pillow* My plans include sleeping, catching up on my manga and other comics, sleeping, watching History Channel, and did I happen to mention sleeping?

Got most of the important stuff back for my WoW characters. Treated myself to a nice, nine-hour long grind for an Azure Whelpling for Lailya (thanks for keeping me company, [ profile] preylee!). Must do another to get Ashkae back her Tiny Crimson Whelpling. Going to have to see if I can beg Prey and Jaktuth into helping me with my last two quests in the dreadsteed questline. I want my demonic horse, Goddamnit!

Also, plot bunnies. I has them. In hordes. And they will not leave me be! At the forefront are a whole bunch with ideas concerning Nora and Sav. Remember them? From my University of Chicago essay? Yeah, them. Except instead of staying as programmers working for this nameless company, they're employed as hunters for supernatural exterminators. The bunnies have been making me write out insanely detailed profiles. Hell, they've been making me write drafts of profiles, and in order to get them to shut up I need to do some extensive research about Haitian Vodoun!

Goddamn, I already have three universes for the bunnies to play in, why do they need to expand? Especially when school has sucked away all urges to write?

*bangs head against the wall*

EDIT (9:00 PM): Also, fans of Mac Hall Comics might find this link to be interesting.
Okay, so, the DT went to visit Aunt Roo at the Bourne National Cemetary today. Cried. A lot. Not much can be said, she was DT's all-time favorite relative.

And then DT went with Mama to Shrewsbury to pick up a rug. Did so because they (read: she) wanted to go down to IKEA, but so did everyone else in New England. On way home from picking up rug, stopped at Borders.

Watch DT go into geeky fangirl hyperventilating as that most awesome amount of manga. DT has found her nirvana. DT's mama takes pity on DT (for DT's mama was a comic geek herself once-upon-a-time), and buys her stuff.

DT squeals in joy.

Bitten by Kelley Armstrong
The Legend of Drizzt Book One: Homeland (GRAPHIC NOVEL!!!!)
Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden volume 2
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle volume 7
Clamp no Kiseki volume 1
The Art of Fushigi Yugi (artbook)
And a Furuba lenticular

DT now melts and wrenches her soul away from school and World of Warcraft (both who cry out in shock) and gives it to Borders.

DT is now off to plot science fiction stuff, for the plot bunnies always go fucking nuts after a Star Wars movie has been watched or a Star Wars book read. The plot bunnies will be smacked into submission, yes.

DT needs to stop referring to herself in third person, yes.

~The DT



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