These next few weeks are going to suck, and suck hard.

Sunday 2/27: Chinese composition due at 11:59PM - hand in via e-mail.
Monday 2/28: Response paper (5-6 pages) for Campaigns and Elections around the World due; am woefully behind on the readings to begin with, never mind having started the paper
Thursday 3/3: Chinese oral quiz
Friday 3/4: American Military Experience midterm; Chinese quiz; DAD'S BIRTHDAY FUCK I HAVEN'T BOUGHT A PRESENT YET
Monday 3/7: Chinese quiz (whhhhyyyy, Woo Laoshi?! I thought you liked us!)
Thursday 3/10: Media and Politics in the United States midterm
Friday 3/11: Chinese midterm


I have a plan for this weekend that involves no Dragon Age, I swear. Chinese composition will be BS'ed tonight and revised tomorrow or Sunday afternoon, backlog readings will be read tomorrow, paper will be written Sunday. It will GET DONE. I WILL survive midterms. I just really really wish I could fast forward to 2:59PM on March 11 when I run screaming out of the CAS building and throw myself into Mom's waiting car to take me home for break. And then I will sleep for a week.

At least I have good thoughts to comfort me right now, like how I totally aced the Chinese quiz today.

'Kay, quick nap now, then Chinese. Onward!


May. 14th, 2009 09:38 am
dt_maxwell: ([Misc] Fire)
Oh, Murphy, you are such a fucking bitch.

I lived on the sixteenth floor with at least twenty other girls for a good four months. I ate in the dining hall near every day, used the elevators at most buildings on campus constantly, held on to handrails while walking up and down stairs (or going up and down escalators), and frequently forgot to use my hand sanitizer after any such instances. The only time I got sick was a chest cold that resulted from the temperature doing crazy fluctuations over the course of three days.

Sunday, after I finish moving back home, I take a drink from a soda can my mom drank from. My sick mother. The next two days I'm coughing my lungs up. Yesterday my throat was sandpaper. Today I can't even speak. I have never gotten sick so fast before and haven't been this sick in a really freaking long time.

Fuck you, Murphy.
So, right now I'm pretty sure everyone in C tower here at Warren is growling and looking for blood.

This is because the alarm went off at 4:30 this morning. And it was only the C tower alarm, so one has to assume it went off due to someone doing something really fucking stupid, like lighting a candle or burning something or some shit.

I had to climb sixteen flights of stairs when they let us back in at 5. Somehow managed to fall back asleep while I wheezed and my calf muscles twitched violently.

Not a happy camper right now.
So let me tell you about my experience last night.

It's 7 PM. I'm playing WoW, doing some old quests get Argent Dawn reputation 'cause Lailya is so bloody close to exalted. The TV is on and the Red Sox are dueling the Yankees and at this point Varitek has more than redeemed himself with that fucking awesome grand slam earlier and holy crap nothing beats a Sox-Yankees baseball game for sheer intensity-

And the power goes out.

Baffled, the few of us on the floor poke our heads out of our rooms and peer around. The hallway and stairwell lights are still on because they're attached to an emergency power system, but everything else is dark. Is it just C tower?

Turns out no. Two more of our floormates come gasping up the stairs and say everything in Warren Towers is dark - A, B, and C towers, the elevators (and oh shit, there are at least nine elevators in Warren and sixteen floors in each tower, chances are someone's stuck in one), the escalators, the swipe-in stations at the security desk, even the City Convenience store on the ground level.

Fifteen minutes later, the alarm goes off. I grab a jacket - it's a beautiful day and really warm, but it's still kinda windy - and my keys, my ID, and phone. Typical - phone's nearly out of battery. I call home to let them know I'm okay while I'm evac-ing down the stairs with everyone else still in C tower and I'll call later. Turn off the phone. Walk outside.

Smell smoke. See two fire trucks extending their ladders.


Campus police herds us across the street and a lot of us end up sitting on the stairs to the Tsai Performance Center that's connected to the CAS building. I can't see smoke anywhere, but I know I smelled something, and there's more firefighters arriving by the minute and not a few ambulances, too, and a good stretch of Comm Ave is effectively shut down. Students aren't freaking out, but there's a general sense of unease, and I see some of the firefighters hooking up the hoses to the hydrants.

(As I'd find out later, I did smell smoke. The sudden power shortage must have caused something to spark, because apparently smoke started pouring out of the dining hall. And the firefighters did use the hoses, the front entrance was soaked when they left.)

Nothing major ends up happening, so the firetrucks start dispersing at around 8; close to 9 the only cars left are a few campus police cruisers. RAs start making the rounds among the clustered groups of students; the GSU's open, so a lot of people start heading there, but right now they are trying to fix the electrical problems and an update should be coming at 10.

No update at 10.

By 10:30 I'm already parked immediately in front of Warren with a lot of other students. I'm cold, and tired, and hungry, and no one's optimistic about getting inside before 1 AM. In fact, if they do get the power back on, it might take longer to get inside because it might not be safe for anyone yet.


Turn phone back on, call home, hope to God one of the parents is still awake or at least Billy, he's home to help out on the Cape. Both Mom and Billy are still awake and they come get me. Phone dies, wait another half-hour for them to show up. Throw myself into the backseat and sleep most of the way home. Come home, pet Bam-Bam, cuddle with Jazz, go to bed.

Come back to Warren at around 11 AM.

As it turns out, they did start letting people back in in small groups at around 12:30 (close to when I went to bed). However, as I found out from my RA when I got back, we're on generator power right now so things are still iffy. Keep a flashlight close by for later, and throw out any food in your fridge that could have gone bad. The usual. (I'd gotten take-out earlier Saturday afternoon, and it was still fresh enough that I'm sure I can eat it, especially since the dining hall had to throw out a ton of food and lunch and dinner are not assured. My ice cream, however, might be a lost cause.)

At least yesterday was a relatively warm day. And the Sox won, 16-11.

Yesterday still royally sucked, though.
So, today Mom and I ran some errands. Picked up some prescriptions at Walgreen's, went off to the Super Stop & Shop to procure ice cream and milk and vegetables and some meat for dinner. We left, happy as clams, because we had ICE CREAM!

We turn onto Washington Street in Dedham after leaving the parking lot and go fifty feet before the car just does DEAD. No acceleration. We had enough forward momentum still going for Mom to pull over, but the car would not turn on.

The car is still under warranty, thank God, so we call roadside assistance and they tell us it'll be fifty minutes until someone gets there. Cue facepalming.

About thirty minutes later, while talking to the roadside assistance people again, we're told that person won't be coming because said person wasn't in a tow truck, just had jumper cables, and we needed a damn tow truck because the car. Was. Dead. By the time Mom finishes talking to the guy and getting all the information about the car straight (because for some fucked up reason they kept pulling up info about a Volkswagen GTI and not a Volkswagen Touareg), it's six o'clock and we've been sitting there for an hour. We're told the truck will get there in twenty minutes.

Thirty minutes later, we get another call from roadside assistance saying it's going to be forty-five minutes until the truck gets there because they had had trouble finding a company with an available truck that could actually tow the damned Touareg. (At this point I was sorely tempted to kick the dash.) As it turns out, the towers came all the way from Dorchester, and Mom and I are on the freakin' opposite end of Boston. Christ.

Also at this point is when I decide I'm not leaving the house again until it's time to go back to my dorm.

The towers finally show up, and it's obvious we're going to have to wait for Dad to get there (Mom called him as soon as the car went dead and he high-tailed it off the Cape immediately) because the truck cab is tiny and will not fit two grown men plus two women and assorted groceries, and you don't just leave two women and assorted groceries alone on the side of a busy road. So it's another ten minute wait, and Mom and I are cursing Murphy out because we're tired, we have to go to the bathroom, we're hungry, we have ice cream BUT NO SPOONS and said ice cream is probably SOUP and as soon as I'm dead I'm putting a bounty on Murphy's head, that man needs to die, seriously.

Dad finally shows up in his white pickup (which is not a quiet car, sitting in the cab you can hear the engine make this weird buzz-hum-roar sound that goes right to your bones; Dad calls it a kazoo, I'm tempted to start calling the car Beezlebub, or maybe dub it Wild Bill because a, Bill is my Dad's name, and b, that pickup is a tough sonuvabitch and is most definitely not one of those four-door cab pussy trucks I see advertised all the time on TV), we put the groceries in the bed of the truck, and then follow the towers all the way to the Quirk Volkswagen dealership in BRAINTREE because we're not going to idly hand over the keys to the Touareg and be on our merry way. So we don't get home until about eight thirty.

Skip, honey, I love you, you're cute, but you're being one bitchy car and if you're having electrical issues, I'm sorry, but it's going to be bye-bye very soon. Electrical issues + car = death of car veryvery soon.

The ice cream still hasn't returned to normal consistency.

Murphy, you arrogant whoring bitch, YOUR HEAD IS MINE.


Sep. 6th, 2008 08:43 am
dt_maxwell: ([Misc] Fire)
Mom's coming to pick me up today. Not sure when, but she is.

Yeah, that move to 44 Green Street? Supposed to be temporary housing only. And they want to put me in an open double, but the only options I was given were at the Quad (fuck THAT, I hated the Quad), one at Chapin house (fourth floor), and one at Lawrence house (which is so old it's never been renovated, has mice running through the walls and kitchen, way-too-hot rooms, flooding on the second floor, ill-fitting screens on the windows that let bugs in if the window's left open, and is right across the street from a construction site). All this and I hear that there ARE still singles available, but they are saving those for girls stuck in lounges, studies, and maid's quarters.

I can understand that last but JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. My pilonidal sinus has only been fully healed for a fucking WEEK and they expect me to walk to and from the Quad multiple times a day or stick me in a place that fucking screams health code violation when I've got chemical sensitivities and a twin brother who planned on visiting me a lot and because of the medications he takes CANNOT afford to get sick if he doesn't want to end up in the hospital because his immune system is so fucked up by both his Crohn's and said meds.

I have been a stressed out, nervous wreck ever since I got here and a day hasn't gone by where I haven't bawled my eyes out. My parents are furious and are seriously considering taking me out of Smith and sending me somewhere else entirely because this is NOT why they are paying Smith $45,000 a year. I've already sent out e-mails to the transfer and undergraduate admission departments at BC and BU.

I wanted things to work out at Smith, but Jesus Christ. I am terrified and stressed out and I'm still just a Goddamn kid away from home for the first time and no one I've talked to in the administration can seem to grasp that.

I just wanted things to go smoothly for me, or for me not to have to worry about things. I honestly thought things were starting to look up and I would no longer be fucked over by God or Murphy or the fucking schools I attend. Apparently I was wrong.

God, I just want my mom right now.


Feb. 10th, 2007 02:33 pm
So, yesterday was BosMUN. Well, so is today, but I'll get to that in a bit.

Was/is the delegate for Rwanda at SOCHUM (topic: human trafficking and desertification). Got up and said something pertinent and intelligent in moderated caucus. Felt damn good about that. Met [ profile] berryfondue. Awesome girl. ^_^

However, some bad stuff. Got hit by sudden bout of exhaustion at around 6; I think it may have been my Adderall XR finally wearing off coupled with a really long day. And - this is the kicker - my fucking pilonidal sinus returns in all its blood-and-pus glory.

And I'm stuck at MIT until 10. It was a constant fight not to keel out of my chair and pass out on the floor, made even worse by the fact that it kept getting more and more uncomfortable to sit as the night wore on.

I think [ profile] bookworm2007 said it best a while ago that I'm just not Catholic enough for God.

So after my parents picked me up, I just cried from exhaustion the whole ride home, then once I actually got home at about a quarter to 11, I took a hot shower, had Mom put some disinfectant on the pilonidal area, and crawled into bed.

I slept until NOON. Felt guilty about missing SAT prep, but the pilonidal had actually gotten worse through the night to the point it hurt like HELL to sit down. (I hope Meredith got my voice mail that I definitely wouldn't be showing up at BosMUN today. Kinda sulky that I couldn't talk to [ profile] berryfondue again...) So right now I'm laying on my stomach on the futon on the second floor, hopped up on pain meds and some antibiotics my mom dug up, and trying to find a comfortable way to type while on my stomach.

Maybe I should just convert to Buddhism. Though, knowing my luck, I'd end up being not Buddhist enough for frickin' Buddha...



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