Greetings from Ardmore, PA!

So yesterday I moved in to my new apartment. There were a few hiccups but they got smoothed over pretty quickly, mostly involving the gas stove and the gas company being lazy incompetent asses who didn't turn on my gas connection properly (no pilot light on, so there was gas in the apartment and to say we were concerned about that would be an understatement). The head of maintenance took care of it, though, and fixed a few other minor issues, too. Very nice guy, and he gave me his cell number so I can contact him if I have issues with the gas again.

(I won't say anything about the what-ended-up-being eight hour drive to Ardmore from the Cape, other than that the first circle of hell is the Cross Bronx Expressway and George Washington Bridge, and the second circle of hell is the New Jersey Turnpike. Sweet zombie Jesus.)

Dad headed back to the Cape with the rental van we'd used to move most of stuff after we finished moving me in yesterday (poor Dad, didn't get home until three AM because apparently they do nightwork on the roads in Stamford, CT), and Mom and Billy stayed the night. This morning we got my cable box and modem from Comcast (better the devil you know), and while the cable and hardline Internet set up fine, not even Billy could get the wireless to work. :/ So tomorrow I'm going to call Comcast first thing and have them send over a technician. I would like to use my laptop without having to worry about a huge ethernet cable, or possibly just Tony the Tablet, please and thank you.

Anyway, we also got me some groceries (TRADER JOE'S WOOHOO I LOVE YOU BABY!), and then Mom and Billy headed out at about three (with a route plan to go up through Allentown and cross through New York at the Tappan Zee Bridge - apparently that went well!). Definitely cried a lot when Dad left and then Mom and Billy, but the homesickness hasn't been so bad. After Mom and Billy left, I unpacked my clothes and books and some of my smaller knickknacks while Discovery Channel played in the background. I honestly feel a lot more at home being able to glance at my shelf and see my movies and favorite books.

(I'll be unpacking my pots and pans and dishes tomorrow.)

So I think I'm doing okay. My walls definitely need posters, though, and I'll be splurging on some after purchasing my textbooks. I'll do a test run via the train up to Villanova later in the week. Tomorrow's supposed to be rainy, so I might stay in or go up the street to the Milkboy Coffee place and treat myself to some good coffee and a hot meal.

For now, though, I'm watching more Shark Week, and amusing myself with the Tom Hiddleston tag on tumblr (shame what's shame, and yes I adore that man he is enthusiastic and adorable and his voice does things to me, and after watching Henry V I have decided that he is MAGNIFICENT when covered in blood and filth, mmmmmmmmm) and I've slathered my wrists in Delightful Rot Perfumery's Cantina Band. (Description: A bawdy, raucous scent. A mix of smoky air and scuffed wood bar, dusty boots, aliens musks and the sweet molasses edge of rye liquor. [ profile] tinuvielchild, my darling, I demand you buy samples from this company for CB alone it's like a livelier Miskatonic University omg it is so amazing. Also, Star Wars inspired perfume, what is not to love. I also highly recommend Loki if you want to try a green scent. Mmmmmm, precious.)

I think I'm going to be okay here.
So I am officially moving to Pennsylvania in one week on August 12!

I'm simultaneously very excited and very nervous. This is the first time I'll really be living on my own, so I think I'm justifiably freaked out.

On the bright side, I'm not going to have to worry about money. I took out some federal loans through Villanova Law to cover my housing and living costs (BECAUSE I HAVE A FULL TUITION SCHOLARSHIP TO LAW SCHOOL BOO-FUCKING-YAH), and my parents and I did the math and I should be comfortably set. I'm going to be living in a nice building with good reviews that's popular with Villanova law students and seniors, so I'll have people to meet. I live close to the train station, so getting to class won't be a problem and I can head into Philadelphia on the weekend. There are various shops (there's a fucking DSW half a block away JACKPOT) and restaurants all in walking distance, plus a Citizens Bank and a CVS and a goddamn Trader Joe's (*worships*) so I'm not going to starve. I bought a nice mattress at a decent price as well as a super-awesome-comfy loveseat that folds out into a twin bed so I can have guests over, and most of the rest of my furniture is stuff my parents put in storage because we had no room for it in the Cape house. I'm set.

I guess my biggest worry is making friends with people who will share my interests beyond studying law and who I can hang out with outside class. I'm happiest hanging out with one, two, three other people than a large crowd, so I don't intend to party, and I tend to be a little quiet and shy when first meeting people, but I hope I can overcome that to make new friends.

In the meantime, I've been packing and making lists (I pretty much have finalized which books I'll be bringing with me), and also discovered a REALLY perfumery called Delightful Rot that does geeky and nerdy themed perfume; I bought ten samples from them for dirt cheap and I received my package on Thursday, and I've slowly been testing each out. I'll try to remember to post some reviews for them a bit later. :3


Jun. 29th, 2009 01:27 pm
Greetings from West Dennis, Massachusetts!

I finally moved down fully to the Cape yesterday; Mom's going to be back and forth between here and Dorchester for a few more days, mostly because we decided to move the cats down slowly and also there is some stuff that still needs to be packed.

We brought Bam-Bam, Jazz, and Dinky yesterday. Dinky and Jazz kept meowing like crazy on the drive down (an hour and a half of non-stop caterwauling - really wanted to shoot myself at one point, seriously), Bam-Bam tried desperately to get out of the cage a few times before giving up and flopping onto his back for a nap. (Seriously - I've got a picture of him on my phone and all you can see are his hind paws in the air. Billy laughed so hard when he saw it I was sure he was going to turn blue.) Bam-Bam was also the most well-adjusted when we got here and started exploring immediately. He's also found multiple perches to sleep on, including a few boxes in my parents' bedroom.

Jazz and Dinky took cover for most of the day yesterday. Dinky hid beneath the armoire in the TV room and came out only one or twice to survey the room before scuttling back underneath; he finally started exploring the house around when I went to bed at midnight and this morning Billy and I found him hiding behind some large earthenware hugs next to the stairwell on the second floor. Jazz hid out in a little kitty hideout from home we'd set up next to my computer so she could an eye on me. She started exploring a bit earlier than Dinky, but had some trouble finding me after I went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night to hear her mrowing nearby, and I whispered, "Jazzy" and patted the bed next to me. Next second there's a fat cat rubbing against my hand and settling on my lap and purring louder than a car.

'Course it takes a move for her to finally start sleeping on my bed again. Typical.

So the kitties are all napping, I've just finished my lunch of clam chowder from Kream 'n Kone, and Billy and I are watching the Band of Brothers marathon on History Channel whilst I contemplate playing either WoW or Rise of Legends.

Also, I finally got my financial aid package from BU. Suffice to say, I literally squealed at the numbers and immediately called Mom and Dad. I'll be able to pay for college this year, yay!


Jun. 27th, 2009 10:27 pm
Right, so, yeah, still need to move the cats down to the Cape. Everything important is down there, though (including my computer (I'm typing this up on Mom's laptop) and most of my clothes), and the plan is to move the cats down tomorrow in two trips.

We might need to take Skinny to Angell-Memorial tomorrow sometime, however. Mom and I came back from the Cape (trying to clean up and set up before we officially all start sleeping there) and her throat-chest area was obviously bloody. Dad said it was worse this morning, so at least the injury's apparently clotted, but Ma and I had appropriate freak out moment. (Skinny was happy as always to see us, though, and came over for pettings, so she's feeling all right, but STILL.)

There is an up side to multiple hour and a half long trips to and from the Cape, though. Fantastic brainstorming for my stories occurs.


HAPPY (EARLY) BIRTHDAY, SISSY!!! *throws confetti into the air**tackle-hugs [ profile] predikit, smishes, squees*
If everything for the rest of tonight and tomorrow goes as planned, and we're able to fit most of the necessary living items (washing machine, dryer, oven, refrigerator, sofa, plus a couple of boxes) into the rented moving pod (and it looks like we will), and we're able to round up the cats with minimal trauma (doubtful, Boink and Dinky are ridiculously easy to traumatize), than by this time tomorrow I should be sitting in front of my computer down in West Dennis.

Goodbye Boston, hello Cape Cod!


Well, at least until the fall semester starts, eh?
*takes deep breath*



And I have taking inventory of all my manga, and they are packed.


And I was tagged by [ profile] dragon_mouse...
List ten things that make me happy in no particular order and then tag five friends...
1. Chocolate
2. Cats
3. Talking with my friends.
4. Hugging a plushie
5. Listening to mom's crazy stories.
6. A good book
7. Amusing fanfiction
8. Finishing a particularly challenging question/puzzle/whatever.
9. Fire
10. Completely tearing apart a horrendously written fanfiction and destroying the author's self-esteem.

I tag the Lunchtable People (and I'm lumping you all into one "person," so nyeh), Sem, Silver, Krys, and Maze. ^_^

And Inti the Llama had fun today. He's going to rule the world.

That is all.

Left school early. Well, was supposed to - Mum was fifteen minutes late to pick me up because of traffic. And I was half an hour late to my appointment because we had to go all the way to the top of the parking garage, and then had to take the stairs because only one elevator was working and there are a lot of people coming and going from the Children's Hospital parking garage. It was a mess.

So I have to go back next Monday (2:30 appointment; crap, I'm gonna miss another MUN meeting...) to finish my evaluation to see if I've got ADHD (my psychiatrist thought I may also been depressed).

The good thing to come out of this? Brand new plushie (because I'm a little kid at heart). His name is Inti. Lunchtable people will meet him tomorrow. ^_^ You'll love the guy.

Also got more packing done. And I've finally put a sizeable dent in packing my books, because all of my science fiction and fantasy books have been packed. All of 'em. At least five boxes worth. Tomorrow I'm taking inventory of my manga before packing them, and I'll post the complete list afterwards.

Okies. Gonna flop back and watch TV now.
First off: book list!

Bleach volume 10
Fullmetal Alchemist volume 4
The Sudoku Challenge (Sudoku puzzles! WHEE!)
Solo Command by Aaron Allston
Dragon's Blood by Jane Yolen
Heart's Blood by Jane Yolen
A Sending of Dragons by Jane Yolen

And they had the World of Warcraft Atlas. *drools* My mother started laughing when I called it The Precious and said she'd get it for me for Christmas or whenever. Yes, I did glomp her.

Started packing up my books. *snorts* I started on my hardcovers first, filled up two large boxes, and I'm no where near making a dent in my very large personal library. Muahaha.




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