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The Firebringer Trilogy by Meredith Ann Pierce (Oh come on, this one was obvious.)
Band of Brothers by Stephen Ambrose (This one, too.)
The Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop (It read likes a fanfic, yeah, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying it immensely every time.)
Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson (...Yeah, the amount of times I've gone capslock over this series should have been an indicator.)
Age of Fire series by E.E. Knight (See above.)

Also, because I didn't get to this yesterday due to working my butt completely rewriting an essay, the five DVDs I'd bring with me to that desert island with electricity:

The Producers (I don't need to explain this one.)
The Great Escape (Nor this one.)
Band of Brothers (Okay, yeah, it's more than one DVD, but I have the boxed set. Hush.)
Sleeping Beauty (If you know me outside the Internet or, you know, paid any attention to my e-mail address, this one's obvious.)
The Swan Princess (Oooh, childhood.)

Right, need to stop with the procrastination for now, methinks. There is a political science midterm to be studying for and I am sooooo behind on the readings. -_-;
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So, what do you do when you'd rather not play WoW, there's nothing that great on TV, you're not in the mood to read fanfiction, and you're procrastinating like crazy about that paper you have to write and the lab report to type up and the midterm to start studying for?

Why, watch The Producers of course!

(I need help. Seriously. Of all the movies in the world I had to love above all others, it just had to be the Mel Brooks movie about putting on a play called Springtime for Hitler.)

(Also, I need a Producers icon. Or ten. Badly.)
So, Jazz has been sick for the past few days with little sign of improvement. Mom's planning on taking her to Angell Memorial, although she hasn't quite said when. My poor kitty.

Have added City of Ember and Max Payne to my list of movies I really need to see (right after Appaloosa, which I've already flailed about). The first because it's post-apocalyptic steampunk (woohoo, steampunk!) and the second because frickin' hell, Mark Wahlberg. I told Billy about the trailer when I IM'd him last night and I'm pretty sure I sent him into keysmashes of joy. He's such a Mark Wahlberg fanboy.

And the Sox are off to Anaheim, with Lowell and Drew looking good on returning to the lineup. Beckett's got a strained oblique (I love baseball, but there are many times throughout the season where a move to the disabled list has caused me to roll my eyes and question my favorite players' masculinity), so he's been pushed back to pitching Game 3 instead of Game 1, and surprisingly Red Sox Nation hasn't gone into panic-mode yet.

Patriots Nation is another story.

And a meme snagged from [livejournal.com profile] foofighter0234.

Have I done this one before? I think I might have done this one before. )
So. Tomorrow I'm trooping down to BLS to meet with Ms. Moylan real quick (and maybe give some of my old teachers a surprise visit). This is going to be a pain in the ass because I'm taking the T and I live pretty much on the tail end of the red line, and the nearest stop to BLS is on the green line. So, I've got to get to Park Street, switch to the E train and ride most of the way down the line to the Longwood Medical Area, then walk about half a block or so to the school.

Estimated travel time? About an hour and a half one way. Ugh. Me and my hatred-fear of the bus system.

Anyway, I was browsing IMDb.com today when I stumbled across a Western based off a Robert B. Parker novel that's going into limited release this week. Normally I would have skipped over it; I'm always wary of book-based movies, plus I'm super picky about my Westerns. I don't care for any of the recent additions to the genre, I much prefer the movies from the 50s, 60s, and 70s (although I'll take a John Wayne film from any era any day of the week). Then I saw the cast list...

Ed Harris, who both terrifies and awes me, as a lawman hired to protect a small town from a devious rancher. Viggo Mortensen, who I have admired and drooled over for a good seven years, as the lawman's partner. Jeremy Irons, who I also drool over and is a fine actor despite some of the absolutely awful movies he's been in, as the evil rancher. Oh, and then there's Renee Zellweger as a mysterious widow or some such.

My ovaries demand I see this movie, and my brain is trying to reason with it and failing miserably. And what's worse is that my dad's a huge Robert B. Parker fan and I know he owns the novel (I saw him reading it a month ago) and now I want to read it, but if I do I'm afraid I'll be disappointed with the movie and I don't want to be!

God damn my snobbishness when it comes to movies.
So, Billy and I got bored because there's only so many times you can watch a particular pixelated scene in Mass Effect without being weirded out every damn time you see it. No, I'm not saying what it is, because that would be a spoiler and spoilers are BAD. (Most of the time.)

While channel surfing, we come across The Great Escape and I squeal long and loudly because OMG I love that movie so damn much. It is epic and awesome and the best three hours of my life every time I watch it.

Billy continues to flip through the listings while we watch it, though (sometimes Comcast is awesome and sometimes it is not, but these time it's the former), and we see The Departed. It's the last half-hour, and Billy spazzes and says, "Oh, oh, oh! Everybody dies! Everybody dies!"

So despite me pining for some WWII awesomeness, we're watching The Departed. If only so we can see everybody die. And Mark Wahlberg be cool, 'cause he is.

My family is so damn weird.
And la )

The awesomeness of this day will never be outdone.

And I am still high off fangirlish squee'ing.
DT's Thoughts After Seeing Revenge of the Sith

-R2 needs its own movie.
-Explosions equal WHHHHEEEEEEE
-General Grevious equals SO BLOODY COOL!
-Romance scenes' dialogue equals sucky. No more romance, Georgie. Ever.
-I wants my own varactyl like Boga.
-Death of children Jedi equals much bawling on my part.
-Yoda owns, yo!
-Reaction to aftermath of duel between Anakin and Obi-Wan: ...ow.
-Wanna know why they didn't know it was twins before.
-So LUKE'S the older... That ends that debate.
-QUI-GON! *flyingtackleglomps most favorite Jedi ever*
-Alderaan ish purdy.
-End of movie equals BLATANT SYMBOLISM.

That is all.




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