And LJ's gone and changed shit again sonofabitch. Anyway.

Back home on the Cape; took the train out of Philly yesterday, six bloody hours but YAY HOME.

Have survived my first semester of law school. HALLELUJAH.

I would write more, but Billy-twin and I are going to see The Hobbit so HAHAHAHAHAHA CATCH YA LATER WOOHOO!
Christ, can't my family get a break this holiday season?

Dad's plane was supposed to leave at 7:30 this morning; for some reason, it was changed to leave at 9AM at the last minute. So the chances are really high that Dad’s going to miss his connecting flight, and he won’t be able to get another until 6:30.

He was supposed to be home by 4PM when his bus from Logan Airport got to Hyannis.

Fuck. I don’t know whether to be pissed or start crying.

I'm... mostly numb, right now. I did a lot of my crying when I found out on the 31st that Grandpa had cancer, and then even more so a week after that when Dad went down to South Carolina and the docs told him Grandpa didn't really have much time left. I just thought maybe we'd have him until Christmas, at least.

My Grandpa was ninety-six years old. Up until three months ago, he was walking at least nine holes of golf a week, until he suddenly lost most of his strength and went to the doctor. He was highly intelligent (former English teacher), an undisputed BAMF (served in the Army in both the Pacific Theater in WWII and in Korea), and one of my personal heroes. He lived a long, amazing life.

Dad is currently in South Carolina. He was originally planning to go down this Friday to take care of more legal stuff on Grandpa's behalf, but the family friend helping Grandpa at home called at 4AM on Monday and Dad immediately got the next flight to South Carolina. He didn't quite get there in time; Grandpa passed at 8:46AM.

(I was in Torts at the time. I remember feeling... odd the entire time, but I chalked it up to a post-memo daze.

Oddly enough, Mom sorta knew before Dad, because the clock on the cable box at home froze at 8:46AM.)

Mom and Dad decided not to tell my brother and I until we got home yesterday because they didn’t want us, well, "out of it" while traveling. Mom also stopped at the BJ's in Dedham before picking me up at the train station and bought some alcohol (few bottles of wine, some spiced rum for eggnog later in the holiday season, and some Bailey's for me and Disarono for my brother), and once at home we had a few drinks in Grandpa's memory.

(I was also drinking Bailey's-laced coffee this morning. Well, more like coffee-laced Bailey's. Yeah, yeah, booze before noon, I was allowed, I think, m'kay?)

Dad will be home tomorrow. Mom and Billy have been continuously sniping at one another (it's how they show affection, an Italian mother and her only son, both thinking they know everything, bless 'em), and I called Dad to tell him he needs to get home NOW to help referee before I lose my mind. Dad laughed, the traitor.

So, it's been your average Thanksgiving. Just... a little emptier, this year.


Nov. 20th, 2012 10:11 pm
Home for Thanksgiving. Six hours on a train, another hour in the car from Canton to the Cape.

Found out Grandpa passed yesterday.

Gonna go curl up on the couch with Jazz. Back online tomorrow.
By this time tomorrow, I will be at home on the Cape.


(Fun fact: after e-mailing my completed legal memorandum yesterday, I just sat on the floor of my apartment and laughed hysterically for a good five minutes.)
So this graded memo due by 8AM Monday is worth eighty percent of my legal writing grade and while I've got a portion of it written (and even edited), right now I cannot give a damn about the thing.

Here, have some the Blood-Sibs being Not Completely Right In The Head. (Fact: the Blood-Sibs are all rather shameless in incorporating Lailya's children into their pranks on one another. In the process, however, they learn valuable life skills such as subterfuge, blackmail, guerrilla warfare, and the art of the double- and triple-cross.

Yes, Lailya's perception of a proper education isn't exactly normal.)

Read more... )


Nov. 7th, 2012 08:21 pm
Watching the Pennsylvanians freak out about the snow earlier was really, really funny.

*cackles and sips her tea*

/unimpressed New Englander

(Put some boots on, wimps, it's just frozen water.)

P.S. Have graded memo assignment, probably going to want to kill myself sometime within the next week. Ah, law school.
Hope everyone on the flist is doing all right!

I'm fine myself; didn't lose power at all, although it flickered a little bit last night. Campus was closed yesterday and today, so I've spent the past two days curled up in a nest of blankets and pillows. In the event that power did go out, Tony the Tablet was fully charged, as was my 3DS, I had fresh batteries for my flashlight so I could read, and I had plenty of bottled water and snacks.

SEPTA is still clearing the rail lines, though, so I'm going to have to bum a ride from a classmate tomorrow at least.

Friday's going to be fun because I'm going to the Philadelphia County Court in Philly for a court observation assignment for my criminal law class and just observing the proceedings for about three hours. Afterward, I'm going to Reading Terminal Market for lunch (gonna get myself a roast pork sandwich from Dinic's and chase it down with some ice cream from Bassett's) before heading home. Probably going to end up missing civil procedure, but eh, no big deal.

Of course, Friday is contingent on whether or not rail service, at least on my line, has resumed. It freaking better...
It's been a while since I've said anything of note, so I figured it was about time to let the LJ crowd know I'm still alive.

Fall break starts tomorrow (it's just four days, Friday through Monday, but a break's a break), and Mom's coming down to spend the weekend and YAY I get to see my mommy! Class has been going well - civil procedure still makes no sense, criminal law I'm slowly starting to get my head around, and torts is awesome even if it is at 8:15 on Mondays and Wednesdays - and I survived my first law school exam yesterday (torts midterm). I can decide if I love or loathe legal writing, but I suspect many feel the same; my professor is amazing, though, and I definitely feel like I'm improving.

Been hanging around on tumblr a lot recently. I've gotten back into SWTOR and there's a really awesome SWTOR community on tumblr (made some really awesome friends, and one even lives nearby and she came to visit me shortly after I moved to Ardmore when I was still really down in the dumps and homesick and she flat out told me that if an emergency came up to call her ASAP and really, that made me feel so much better knowing there was at least one person in Pennsylvania I knew I could count on), so I've been bouncing around there a lot. Also just haven't been up to long and involved posting a la LJ, and tumblr's good for quick bits of fangirling and squee.

I've also been posting my perfume reviews up on tumblr, for both BPAL and Delightful Rot Perfumery; they can be found here.

Oh! One of the really awesome things about living in Pennsylvania is that horse country isn't too hard to get to. This past Saturday I took the train up to Devon for Dressage at Devon at the Devon Horse Show grounds and EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ALL THE PRETTY HORSES AND DRESSAGE AND THE PRETTIES THEY WERE SO PRETTY THERE WAS A FRIESIAN I DON'T HAVE WORDS TO DESCRIBE MY SQUEE SATURDAY WAS THE BEST DAMN DAY EVER I TOOK SO MANY PICTURES OMGOMGOMGOMG SO PRETTY OH MY GOD.


Right. I need to get going, I want to talk with one of my professors before the end of her office hours, so I need to scram. I'll be doing a baseball/Red Sox post either tonight or some time this weekend, because I have Feels about My Boys. *sigh*


Sep. 7th, 2012 04:39 pm
Red Mass tonight followed by an after party at the law school and then an after-after party at a bar hosted by the Pro-Bono Society. Definitely not going to that last one - I am not a bar person - but there are going to be alumni at the after party hosted by the law school and, well, networking opportunity.

"Networking." I am really beginning to fucking hate that word.

Mostly that's because I'm still getting over a nasty cold and while I'm no longer congested or have a runny nose, I have started coughing. Was coughing so hard and so often today that my abdomen actually hurts. Cough drops have stopped working, I don't have any other medication in the house, and the CVS is too damn far a walk for me.

Fuck but tonight is going to suck.
So today was my first day of law school.

It went well! Just Legal Writing and Civil Procedure today, and I had four hours in between that I used to get a lot of work done. I really like my Legal Writing professor; she's very enthusiastic, excellent at explaining concepts, and seems very approachable.

Civil Procedure... *sigh* Well, it's at the end of the day (plus it's four days a week, ugh, and my only Tuesday class what the hell), the subject matter is incredibly dry to begin with, and the professor, though certainly knowledgeable, is definitely beyond his teaching prime: he's just not engaging. This class is going to be torture, methinks.

Tomorrow is Legal Research (part of Legal Writing) and Criminal Law (plus more Civ Pro, blargh). Monday is Torts for the first time; I've heard really good things about that professor, so even though it's an 8:15 class (KILL MEEEEEE), I'm hopeful it'll actually be fun.

Also, VLS received a big donation this past spring to establish a center for the study of sports law, which is a huuuuuge interest of mine, and while there's no other concrete information yet about the program, I've heard rumors of potential internships with the Phillies and other teams. *happy dance*

So, here's hoping the rest of this semester goes well!
-Washed my hair with new shampoo and conditioner - mmmm, I smell like delicious coconut; also, squeaky clean hair yay!
-Bought nearly six hundred dollars worth of textbooks (and saved another couple of hundred because I made my purchases through Amazon wooooo)
-Made an emergency call to my bank to increase the spending limit on my bank card before Amazon made the final charges because whoops, previous limit was five hundred
-Paid my first utilities bill (first bill was just a deposit, but it counts)
-Bought bottles of Loki, Cantina Band, and Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster plus a set of five more samples (Mewling Quim, Poisonous Dream, Glorious Purpose, Castiel, and TARDIS) from the ever-amazing Delightful Rot Perfumery (I'd been posting my reviews of their scents on Tumblr (I have a tumblr when the fuck did that happen goddamnit at least I don't have a twitter account) and they gave me a coupon as thanks and therefore I love them veryvery much)
-Finished unpacking my dishes, glasses, pots, and pans
-Organized my cupboards
-Made mac and cheese for lunch on the gas stove and successfully did not blow myself up yay!
-Made shopping list for Trader Joe's (primarily concerned with picking up some cooking oil, vanilla extract, and various spices)

And now I'm currently browsing through Poster Revolution for stuff with which to decorate my walls.
Greetings from Ardmore, PA!

So yesterday I moved in to my new apartment. There were a few hiccups but they got smoothed over pretty quickly, mostly involving the gas stove and the gas company being lazy incompetent asses who didn't turn on my gas connection properly (no pilot light on, so there was gas in the apartment and to say we were concerned about that would be an understatement). The head of maintenance took care of it, though, and fixed a few other minor issues, too. Very nice guy, and he gave me his cell number so I can contact him if I have issues with the gas again.

(I won't say anything about the what-ended-up-being eight hour drive to Ardmore from the Cape, other than that the first circle of hell is the Cross Bronx Expressway and George Washington Bridge, and the second circle of hell is the New Jersey Turnpike. Sweet zombie Jesus.)

Dad headed back to the Cape with the rental van we'd used to move most of stuff after we finished moving me in yesterday (poor Dad, didn't get home until three AM because apparently they do nightwork on the roads in Stamford, CT), and Mom and Billy stayed the night. This morning we got my cable box and modem from Comcast (better the devil you know), and while the cable and hardline Internet set up fine, not even Billy could get the wireless to work. :/ So tomorrow I'm going to call Comcast first thing and have them send over a technician. I would like to use my laptop without having to worry about a huge ethernet cable, or possibly just Tony the Tablet, please and thank you.

Anyway, we also got me some groceries (TRADER JOE'S WOOHOO I LOVE YOU BABY!), and then Mom and Billy headed out at about three (with a route plan to go up through Allentown and cross through New York at the Tappan Zee Bridge - apparently that went well!). Definitely cried a lot when Dad left and then Mom and Billy, but the homesickness hasn't been so bad. After Mom and Billy left, I unpacked my clothes and books and some of my smaller knickknacks while Discovery Channel played in the background. I honestly feel a lot more at home being able to glance at my shelf and see my movies and favorite books.

(I'll be unpacking my pots and pans and dishes tomorrow.)

So I think I'm doing okay. My walls definitely need posters, though, and I'll be splurging on some after purchasing my textbooks. I'll do a test run via the train up to Villanova later in the week. Tomorrow's supposed to be rainy, so I might stay in or go up the street to the Milkboy Coffee place and treat myself to some good coffee and a hot meal.

For now, though, I'm watching more Shark Week, and amusing myself with the Tom Hiddleston tag on tumblr (shame what's shame, and yes I adore that man he is enthusiastic and adorable and his voice does things to me, and after watching Henry V I have decided that he is MAGNIFICENT when covered in blood and filth, mmmmmmmmm) and I've slathered my wrists in Delightful Rot Perfumery's Cantina Band. (Description: A bawdy, raucous scent. A mix of smoky air and scuffed wood bar, dusty boots, aliens musks and the sweet molasses edge of rye liquor. [ profile] tinuvielchild, my darling, I demand you buy samples from this company for CB alone it's like a livelier Miskatonic University omg it is so amazing. Also, Star Wars inspired perfume, what is not to love. I also highly recommend Loki if you want to try a green scent. Mmmmmm, precious.)

I think I'm going to be okay here.
So I am officially moving to Pennsylvania in one week on August 12!

I'm simultaneously very excited and very nervous. This is the first time I'll really be living on my own, so I think I'm justifiably freaked out.

On the bright side, I'm not going to have to worry about money. I took out some federal loans through Villanova Law to cover my housing and living costs (BECAUSE I HAVE A FULL TUITION SCHOLARSHIP TO LAW SCHOOL BOO-FUCKING-YAH), and my parents and I did the math and I should be comfortably set. I'm going to be living in a nice building with good reviews that's popular with Villanova law students and seniors, so I'll have people to meet. I live close to the train station, so getting to class won't be a problem and I can head into Philadelphia on the weekend. There are various shops (there's a fucking DSW half a block away JACKPOT) and restaurants all in walking distance, plus a Citizens Bank and a CVS and a goddamn Trader Joe's (*worships*) so I'm not going to starve. I bought a nice mattress at a decent price as well as a super-awesome-comfy loveseat that folds out into a twin bed so I can have guests over, and most of the rest of my furniture is stuff my parents put in storage because we had no room for it in the Cape house. I'm set.

I guess my biggest worry is making friends with people who will share my interests beyond studying law and who I can hang out with outside class. I'm happiest hanging out with one, two, three other people than a large crowd, so I don't intend to party, and I tend to be a little quiet and shy when first meeting people, but I hope I can overcome that to make new friends.

In the meantime, I've been packing and making lists (I pretty much have finalized which books I'll be bringing with me), and also discovered a REALLY perfumery called Delightful Rot that does geeky and nerdy themed perfume; I bought ten samples from them for dirt cheap and I received my package on Thursday, and I've slowly been testing each out. I'll try to remember to post some reviews for them a bit later. :3
dt_maxwell: ([Anime] Smiles are Free)
-Called Grandpa to tell him the news
-Reduced him to one-word responses
-Patted self on the back, because damn, that's twice in my life I've reduced my verbose, former English teacher grandfather to speechlessness!
-Called Villanova back to formally accept offer because full tuition scholarship holy shit
-Based on how excited the assistant admissions director I talked to sounded, possibly made someone do a jig in their office
-Found an apartment in Ardmore, miracle of miracles, that was in walking distance of the train and shopping, had great reviews, AND cheap rent
-It was the last studio left, Villanova University doesn't have housing for seniors so apartments get snapped up fast
-Paid the deposit on said apartment
-It's off the market and MINE NOW, bitches!
-Bought Diablo III for myself because full tuition scholarship, I am totally allowed to get myself a present
-(My battletag is Lailya#1671, come say hi if you can!)
-Received an official copy of my financial aid award letter
-Saw exactly how much "full tuition" meant
-Hyperventilated again
-Told Mom
-Reduced Mom either to speechlessness or just forgetting her English entirely
-Told Brooklyn Law kthnxbye (politely, of course)
-Made Dad very pleased that I am officially no longer going to a school with the acronym "BLS"
-Screamed in frustration that the BPAL 13 scent sounded fucking perfect BUT I HAVE NO MONEY
-Reminded self, A) full tuition scholarship and B) Diablo III, best stress relief ever

It's been a good week.
Watching Band of Brothers, pondering opening a tumblr account (although I don't know anyone over there and I doubt I'd get any more feedback on my original 'verse scribblings then I do anywhere else which is to say none since tumblr is very visually oriented toward art and screencaps and animated .gifs and fandom and wow this has turned bitter let's move on), lusting after Diablo III, laughing at the people stuck in the six-mile (formerly fifteen!) back-up at the Sagamore Bridge trying to get off the Cape, and sorting through the dregs of The Pit for something fluffy to read.

All in all, your average afternoon.

Also, happy Memorial Day. Thank a soldier if you know one, which reminds me: I need to go call my grandpa.
So yesterday I graduated!

BU is a really big university, so it'd be impossible to have all he graduates walk across the stage at commencement, it'd take much too long. So instead each school within he university has its own ceremony throughout Commencement Weekend; CAS, however, is so big that each department has its own ceremony. The political science department had its yesterday at 9AM.

So I got there early for lineup and met up with Mom and Dad and Billy and Billy's girlfriend and yay family! And I got my diploma and before the family left (the All-University Commencement wasn't until 1PM and they'd seen the most important thing, me walking across the stage to get my degree) they gave me my graduation present and OMFG Samsung Galaxy tablet!

Went back to my dorm for a few hours, giggling madly like a mad giggling thing, and changed from my slacks into a skirt because holy God it had gotten hot out. Drank some water, had a snack, and at a quarter to twelve went down to Nickerson for lineup; managed to find Nicole and some other friends and we were close to the head of the line which meant we had some damn good seats after processing in.

(Mother of God, I had no idea Nickerson could hold that many people.)

Ceremony was very good! Executive chairman Eric Schidmt of Google was our commencement speaker and he did a wonderful job! He had a good blend of humor and seriousness, and pretty much told us to go out into the world and be awesome. The real highlight though was definitely Leonard Nimoy, who was receiving an honorary degree (and had also spoke at CFA's ceremony, the lucky bastards). He threw us all the Vulcan salute, and I would have taken a picture, except I - and every other graduate on the field - was too busy returning it.

It warms the cockles of my black heart to know my fellow graduates are a bunch of nerds.

Afterward, I stumbled back to my room and drank three glasses of water and had a two hour nap. There had been a breeze during the ceremony, but the heat had been brutal. (I have a nasty-looking sunburn on my cheeks, nose, forearms, and the bit of my forehead not covered by my cap.) After my nap, I finally got around to setting up my new tablet.

Me: Wow, that was a really fast setup!
Tablet: I'm pretty cool like that.
Me: Will have to set up the Internet later, the university wireless- OH MY GOD THE BU WIRELESS WORKS ON YOU WHAT DEVILRY IS THIS?!
Tablet: I'm just that awesome! :D
Me: OMG Kindle! Netflix! Easy navigation! Clearly marked settings! I LOVE YOU.
Tablet: Aw, I love you, too! Wanna play a few games?
Me: *hugs tablet* I'm going to name you Tony* and I will love you forever and ever and ever.
Tony the Tablet: ♥

Billy: *via text* How do you like your new tablet?

And now I'm just waiting for Mom to arrive so we can move me out. Guess what I wrote this entry on. *grin*

(*[ profile] tinuvielchild will likely get my reasons for this name. *whistles innocently*)


May. 20th, 2012 10:40 am
Guess who's got her degree and is now officially a college graduate?
So yesterday I bought myself a pint of frozen yogurt, ate half of it for dessert, and then put it back in my freezer to finish later.

Tonight, I skip over to the freezer, spoon in hand, open the door-

No pint. Anywhere.

Someone ate my frozen yogurt.





Seriously. WHAT. THE. FUCK.
I still have two finals to take, but I turned my last ever undergraduate paper yesterday (BOOYAH!) so that's a huge load off my shoulders.

I had to go to Mugar Library to return some books and to print out my paper before turning it in because my printer ran out of black ink and decided to be a bitch and not use the option that can mix the other remaining inks into something that's almost-but-quite-true-black. It was weird leaving Mugar because I knew I'd never go back again.

Almost free.

(Also, today is Derby Day, so, PONIES WOOHOO!)



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