There is but only one reason I bother to watch the Boston Pops Fourth of July special, and it is this:

The 1812 Overture.

They always kick ass performing it. And any piece that requires the use of cannons as musical instruments is automatically awesome anyway, but Keith Lockhart and the Pops fucking own this piece.

Boston knows how to throw a birthday party!


Dec. 25th, 2008 02:42 pm
Merry Christmas, everyone!

Small haul this year, but that's okay, watching Bam-Bam go nuts with the wrapping paper was nothing short of hysterical. Haul this year included Hellboy II (from [ profile] predikit and it is SO FRICKIN' AWESOME), Bullitt (ooohhh, Steve McQueen and car chases, I am a happy fangirl!), a UMass t-shirt (that'll be interesting to explain at BU), a cozy red Red Sox zip-up sweater (warm and toasty!), black leather cowboy boots (they pinch a little, but I just need to stretch them out), and my favorite, a black Ascot cap! (Hat! Hathathat! Haaaaaat! Hat!)

Got some writing done today, too, so hopefully the first chapter of my mini space pirate epic will be posted soon. (No ETA, yet, y'all will just have to be patient.)

All right, Jazz is demanding snuggles, so it's time to indulge my kitty.

Also, HAT!


Dec. 7th, 2008 06:26 pm
Sometime this morning

Mom: *pokes head into the room* Honey, Dad and I are going to BJ's. Want anything?
Me: Nyeh. *pulls blankets up over head*
Mom: Okay, pretty sure that's a "no." God, you sleep in the weirdest positions.
Me: *incoherent grumbling, twists away from the door*
Mom: *hums and leaves*

Around eleven AM

Me: *stumbles into kitchen while towel-drying hair* Food...
Bam-Bam: *glued to window* Out.
Me: Sonuvabitch, why's it so damned bright... *puts on glasses* O_O
Bam-Bam: *paws at glass* OUT.
Me: *glues self to window* SNOW.
Bam-Bam: OUT.
Me: Whee, SNOW! *scoops up cat and goes to put in a Trans-Siberian Orchestra CD* It's gonna be a whiiiiite Chriiiiistmaaaaas...
Bam-Bam: But I wanna eat the white fluttery thingies outside!

Early this afternoon

Me: *locked up in room with a notepad and her cell phone**punches in a familiar number* Heya.
Billy: *incoherent grumbling*
Me: If you're going to cuss me out for waking you up, at least speak up so I can return the favor.
Billy: What do you want?
Me: Information on what you've got or will get Mom and Dad for Christmas so I can visit Amazon and do my gift-shopping.
Billy: Fine. *rattles off short list*
Me: Thank you!
Billy: Sooo... Any idea what they're getting us?
Me: Well, I know what they're getting you, and it's expensive enough that it'll be your only Christmas and birthday present. Me, probably a gift card to B&N or Borders. Money's tight this year.
Billy: Yeah, yeah, I know. Sooo... What are you getting me?
Me: If I could hit you, I would.

Couple of minutes ago

Me: I'm in pain.
Dad: I know.
Me: We're going to lose to the Seattle Seahawks.
Dad: A 2-10 team.
Me: Shame doesn't even begin to describe it.

EDIT 7:04 PM Two minutes ago

Me: What the fuck?
Dad: Yep.
Me: You mean we're going to WIN?
Dad: Looks that way.
Me: GodDAMN, why do they always do this to us?
Dad: We might even make the playoffs this year, they're tied with the Jets for first, I think.
Note: I like to say 'Merry Christmas' instead of 'Happy Holidays.' Why? Because I get a kick out of making the waaaaaaaay-too politically correct ACLU turn dark blue. XP

In any event, the best way to kick off one's winter break is to spend practically an entire 24-hour period watching and/or discussing the joy that is The Lord of the Rings. And making fun of it. Especially making fun of it. (Saruman ain't never getting any, not even from the fighting (and knitting, and singing, and cleaning...) Uruk-hai. *snerk* And Aragon's a whore! He says he's faithful to Arwen, but we all know that's a load of bs.)

And [ profile] nefyr has a convert to the House/Wilson shipping. IT IS SO OBVIOUS. XD

Christmas was okay. Not much this year because we've all been so busy, but some of the favorites include an interactive R2-D2, two t-shirts with lists at the back that will offend people (not that I give a damn, I think they're hysterical), Star Wars Saga Edition chess set (Vader and Kenobi as the queen pieces! *falls over laughing), two sided Vader-head shaped jigsaw puzzle (are we seeing a pattern here?), and a sudoku set. Whoot.

And Granpa sent us Bissinger's chocolates. The bear claws = SO MUCH LOVE. ^_^

And today I played WoW. Did an Uldaman run. So much fun. My group got a bunch of awesome stuff (I got a new sword and an excellent set of spaulders), and what none of us needed, we greed rolled to sell on the auction house. Though, a guildmate of mine is kind of starting to freak me out. I think he thinks I'm his girlfriend of something. Suggested today that us meeting in real life. He tries anything fishy, I'm telling him off. He thinks I'm 'nice.' He's never met the DT the Bitch Queen Who Likes Destorying A Person's Self-Esteem.

Mmhmm, Mom just came home and bought me a Lindt's extra creamy milk chocolate bar. *purr*


P.S. OH MY FUCKING GOD, JOHNNY'S A YANKEE. *sobs* I mean, I've known for days, but it just finally sank in! Oh GOD...



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