Jun. 19th, 2012 12:34 pm
First Look: Angelina Jolie as the evil sorceress 'Maleficent' -- BREAKING


(Oh hey, six hundred posts!)
So I just need to share with the world at large that today my copy of The Last Unicorn on two-disc DVD/Blu-ray combo arrived AND ALL IS RIGHT AND GLORIOUS IN MY WORLD.

Seriously, this movie is like the living embodiment of my childhood; I have no idea how many times I rented it on VHS from Blockbuster as a little kid and I watched it and watched it and watched it. The three great things that introduced me to to fantasy: The Last Unicorn, the Dragon Chronicles by Susan Fletcher, and the Firebringer Trilogy by Meredith Ann Pierce. THEY ARE MY TRIFECTA OF HAPPY AND YAY AND CHILDHOOD. (I didn't pick up the original book of The Last Unicorn for many years, but after reading it all I could think was, "Hm, which was better at tearing out my heart and stomping on it, the book or the movie? Think, think... Tie. Definitely a tie. LET'S READ IT AGAIN YAY.") The amount of happies and feels I have right now is indescribable.

(Yes, I will totally be buying bottles of The Lilac Wood and The Last Unicorn and Lady Amalthea from BPAL's Last Unicorn collection once I have the money. I WILL NOT BE DENIED. Also: lilac. Best smell ever.)

So yesterday I graduated!

BU is a really big university, so it'd be impossible to have all he graduates walk across the stage at commencement, it'd take much too long. So instead each school within he university has its own ceremony throughout Commencement Weekend; CAS, however, is so big that each department has its own ceremony. The political science department had its yesterday at 9AM.

So I got there early for lineup and met up with Mom and Dad and Billy and Billy's girlfriend and yay family! And I got my diploma and before the family left (the All-University Commencement wasn't until 1PM and they'd seen the most important thing, me walking across the stage to get my degree) they gave me my graduation present and OMFG Samsung Galaxy tablet!

Went back to my dorm for a few hours, giggling madly like a mad giggling thing, and changed from my slacks into a skirt because holy God it had gotten hot out. Drank some water, had a snack, and at a quarter to twelve went down to Nickerson for lineup; managed to find Nicole and some other friends and we were close to the head of the line which meant we had some damn good seats after processing in.

(Mother of God, I had no idea Nickerson could hold that many people.)

Ceremony was very good! Executive chairman Eric Schidmt of Google was our commencement speaker and he did a wonderful job! He had a good blend of humor and seriousness, and pretty much told us to go out into the world and be awesome. The real highlight though was definitely Leonard Nimoy, who was receiving an honorary degree (and had also spoke at CFA's ceremony, the lucky bastards). He threw us all the Vulcan salute, and I would have taken a picture, except I - and every other graduate on the field - was too busy returning it.

It warms the cockles of my black heart to know my fellow graduates are a bunch of nerds.

Afterward, I stumbled back to my room and drank three glasses of water and had a two hour nap. There had been a breeze during the ceremony, but the heat had been brutal. (I have a nasty-looking sunburn on my cheeks, nose, forearms, and the bit of my forehead not covered by my cap.) After my nap, I finally got around to setting up my new tablet.

Me: Wow, that was a really fast setup!
Tablet: I'm pretty cool like that.
Me: Will have to set up the Internet later, the university wireless- OH MY GOD THE BU WIRELESS WORKS ON YOU WHAT DEVILRY IS THIS?!
Tablet: I'm just that awesome! :D
Me: OMG Kindle! Netflix! Easy navigation! Clearly marked settings! I LOVE YOU.
Tablet: Aw, I love you, too! Wanna play a few games?
Me: *hugs tablet* I'm going to name you Tony* and I will love you forever and ever and ever.
Tony the Tablet: ♥

Billy: *via text* How do you like your new tablet?

And now I'm just waiting for Mom to arrive so we can move me out. Guess what I wrote this entry on. *grin*

(*[ profile] tinuvielchild will likely get my reasons for this name. *whistles innocently*)


May. 20th, 2012 10:40 am
Guess who's got her degree and is now officially a college graduate?
I've been up since six because after a mere five hours of sleep my brain decided to yell "LET'S BE AWAKE NOW :D" at an ungodly hour, and I am bone tired after a long day and it was rainy and my jeans got soaked up to my knees and the left sleeve of my rain jacket was so saturated from water my arm was damp when I took my coat off when I finally trudged through the door at 8:30PM but fuck it all, today was glorious and wonderful and perfect.

I got to see a Sox game with my twin brother and my friends. As in, actually at Fenway. I haven't been to Fenway since I was eight or ten, but BU was offering tickets to tonight's game as part of Senior Week festivities, so weeks ago I said screw it, I'mma going to see the Sox.

I managed to snag another ticket so I could bring my bro along, but it was for standing room only on the first base pavilion and the other BU tickets (one of which was mine when I originally bought it) were for right field bleacher seats. Not too worry - as section 42 was effectively BU territory, myself, my brother, and my friends merely blithely sauntered into the section, compared tickets to see who had gotten the best row, found said row, and snagged seats a good thirty minutes before first pitch at 4:05PM.

(We were four seats down the row from the Red Seat. Score!)

It was glorious. Rainy, but glorious. My brother sat quietly for the most part - he's probably more introverted than I am, and he busy watching baseball - but did respond when I poked him to verify his status as "alive," and wasn't bothered much by the rain since he had a jacket with a proper hood. My bestie and I occasionally had to huddle under my umbrella when the misty showers turned into proper rain, but the rain let up finally at the top of the ninth, which was awesome.

I had so much fun. Again, section 42 of the right field bleachers had essentially become de facto BU territory and I saw a lot of people I knew. Smart-ass comments were thrown around a lot during the game by myself and others in the rows around us, mostly about the game itself and sometimes about the people around us.

"Beckett's ERA is going down!"
"Anything is better than his last outing."
"Looks like he's on the way to securing a shut out, anyway."
"Yeah, Beckett is, but what happens when middle relief comes in?" (This was me.)
"On the bright side, Beckett's pitch count is still low, so he might be good for seven." (Also me.)
"Let's hope."
"Is that... Is that chick getting the cops because someone's sitting in her seat?"
"Oh for the love of- we're all BU students here! PICK A SEAT, the view sucks from everywhere!"
"Hey, we've got seats at Fenway, we're not stuck behind a pillar in the grandstand or in standing room only, and we've got an unencumbered view of the whole damn park."
"The middle schoolers are trying to start a wave again."
"Oh come ON, we did two rounds of that already, no more!"

There was the first pitch by a BU student, and a moment of silence for BU students killed in an accident in New Zealand (a gesture all the attending students appreciated), and acknowledgement of the awesomeness of Tim Wakefield (with special appearance by Doug Mirabelli, woohoo!), and hotdogs and draft beer (we all turned green at the prices, but fuck it, you gotta eat a ballpark frank and a beer at Fenway at least once in your life), and the girls and I split a plate of fried dough with powdered sugar (girls need sugar, damnit), and Big Papi hit a home run into the bullpen (I GOT TO SEE DAVID ORTIZ HIT A HOMERUN AT FENWAY, HOW COOL IS THAT?!), and pretty much all the BU students did impromptu dances in our seats every time Adrian Gonzalez came to bat because his player intro song is catchy, and we sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the seventh inning stretch and then "Sweet Caroline" in the eighth, and then "Dirty Water" and "Tessie" when the Sox stomped over the Mariners 5-0, and then had Noodle Street for dinner, andandand...

And today was just perfect. There are literally no words I can fathom that can accurately describe the depths of my joy right now. I am so exhausted I can't sleep, hence why I decided to update now rather than later, but I just can't stop smiling.

Today was, unequivocally, the best day of my life.


May. 9th, 2012 02:18 pm
As of 10:35AM, I am done with my undergraduate career.


So I've been pretty busy of late, but I just wanted to leave a quick update because I'm actually feeling pretty good today, and I forgot to do this when it actually happened because I was really distracted and then was fighting The Cold From Hell for a solid week, so updating here slipped my mind.

So! Because I'm still riding the high from finding out:


On the evening of February 17, I was at home on the Cape when I was checking my e-mail on the phone. I noticed I had just received something from Villanova University School of Law, and tapped it, curious.

"Congratulations on your acceptance into Villanova University School of Law!"

The following is a rough estimate of what happened next:

Me: O_O Mom!
Mom: Hang on!
Me: MOM!
Mom: One second-
Mom: WHAT?!
Mom: sdlkfjasl;dkfjslksdjf OMG *CLING* OF COURSE YOU GOT IN!
Me: :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dad: *on the phone* One moment, Jerry, my daughter just got into law school. I'll call you back. *hangs up, dials Grandpa*
Grandpa: *at a loss for words (which never happens), but obviously choked with pride*
Mom: Call your brother!
Facebook: *fifty bajillion likes*
Me: *starts dancing around the kitchen* I got into law school, I got into law school, I got into law school~.
Mom: :D
Cats: ...?
Dad: So, can I start drawing up a list of people I'd like you to sue?
Me: Yes.
Dad: >:)

Besides Villanova, I've only heard back from American University (waitlisted), so I've got ten more law schools to hear back from. But my first response was an acceptance, so I am guaranteed somewhere to go this fall!

I got into law school, I got into law school, I got into law school~

dt_maxwell: ([Anime] Smiles are Free)
Okay, I should probably be doing work right now, but I am too happy to care.

First off, I finished my Chinese composition last night at around 10:30. YAY! Am still very proud of myself. Then celebrated by playing Origins until 1 AM. I know, I know, I promised this weekend would involve no Dragon Age, but I wasn't going to start reading about political consultants at 10:30 at night on a Friday. And besides, I finished the Stone Prisoner DLC and Soldier's Keep and Return to Ostagar and some of the minor sidequests and all I need to do now is Nature of the Beast and the Landsmeet and then I kill the Archdemon! ...And then I gotta play Awakening. And do the Golems of Amgarrak and Witch Hunt DLCs.


...Moving on! There is another reason why am super-awesome-happy right now, but that requires some backstory!

Many many years, when I was precocious and tiny and around eight or nine, I was obsessed with horses. (Well, one could argue I still am, just to a lesser degree.) My obsession was such that I refused to read any books that didn't involve horses in some way. My mother was delighted that I loved to read but utterly frustrated at my obstinacy on equine-related matters.

I clearly recall the day my mother finally had enough. We were at the Hyde Park branch of the Boston Public Library, before they did the renovations that gutted the main building and added on this truly disgusting-to-look-at glass addition. The Hyde Park branch had great vaulted ceilings, tons of high windows that let in huge amounts of natural light, heavy wooden tables and chairs everywhere, and massive bookshelves built right into the walls; it was a beautiful building inside and out and it remains the image I see when I think "library." It's a shadow of its former self, now.

Anyway, I remember standing in a corner, scanning the shelves in search of something interesting (aka had a pretty horse on the cover). Mom came over and handed me a book, saying, "I know it's not horses, but you've read almost every horse book in the library. At least give this a try." I took it grudgingly.

It was a hardcover and it crinkled with the plastic libraries always put on the dust jackets. There was a green, angry-looking dragon on the cover, breathing blue flame. Facing the dragon so you couldn't see her face was a girl with long hair in a braid, cringing away from the flame; there was a baby dragon in her arms and two more at her feet. The title read Dragon's Milk by Susan Fletcher. (As luck would have it, Amazon has an image of that old hardcover - see it here.)

Mom, thank you.

I fell in love with that book and the story of a girl named Kaeldra, whose green eyes meant she could communicate with dragons, on a journey that started with a need to acquire dragon's milk to save her little sister from dying of vermilion fever. I managed to find the other books in the Dragon Chronicles later: Flight of the Dragon Kyn, a prequel about Kaeldra's ancestor Kara and my favorite of the series, and Sign of the Dove, whose summary would contain spoilers for Dragon's Milk so I won't say anything more. These books were my first really entry into fantasy - I didn't encounter Birth of the Firebringer until a year or two later, after the library defacing renovation began. I own paperback copies of the Dragon Chronicles and they are some of the most battered books I own despite my best efforts as I've just read them so much.

So today I was taking a break from reading and decided to browse deviantArt. On a whim I typed "dragon" into the search engine and scrolled down a bit. A title of one piece caught my eye: Flight of the Dragon Kyn.

No way, I thought. No fucking way.

To my utter delight, a favorite artist of mine (I've got a print of his "Steampunk Dragon" hanging on my wall at home) had done the covers for new paperback editions for some of my most favorite books ever (something I do not say lightly, considering my great and abiding adoration for the Firebringer Trilogy). A link in the picture description leads to the book's Amazon page, and I figured, "You know, my copies are so old, I should probably get some new ones - and with such beautiful cover art!" So I scrolled down to go to the "add all three to cart" option when something caught my eye under "Customer Also Bought" section.

A book called Ancient, Strange and Lovely by Susan Fletcher, published last fall. It's a new stand-alone novel of the Dragon Chronicles.

All four books will arrive on Wednesday. I haven't stopped smiling for hours.

Tomorrow's likely going to suck, but today? Today was awesome.


Jan. 30th, 2010 07:37 pm
Day well spent.

Rolled outta bed around 11:30, loafed around for an hour and a half nibbling on wild berry flavor Pop-Tarts (God's gift to students on the run, they are) and wandering through the bowels of Teh Interwebs before I convinced myself I should go run those errands.

So trundled down to Kenmore and hoped on the C line down to Coolidge Corner where I made a beeline for the GameStop. Spent a little bit browsing the shelves after getting the Nintendo-distributed Shiny Pichu (yes, I'm a nerd, shut up) before deciding to buy Torchlight. It's like the PG/PG-13 rated version of Diablo III (GODDAMNIT BLIZZARD GIVE ME A RELEASE DATE FOR THAT ALREADY) and hell, some of the designers for Torchlight also worked on Diablo and Diablo II. I expect good things from this game.

And such nice people at the GameStop. I love it when I can talk gaming trade with the staff, unlike some other places. (I'm looking at YOU, Best Buy.)

So, Inner Nerd purring happily in the back of my brain, I stepped outside as I was zipping up my jacket and thought about what I wanted to do next since I wasn't quite ready to head back to my dorm just yet. Right next to GameStop was a Trader Joe's, and having some extra cash on hand and a somewhat empty fridge back home (plus having never shopped at Trader Joe's before - yes, yes, I know, I'm a barbaric heathen), I decided to take a look around and see if I couldn't get a few things for less than twenty bucks.

Trader Joe's has a new convert.

I left with a half-gallon of chocolate milk, a package of strawberry flavored mochi ice cream, a case of Virgil's root beer, and a quart of Trader Joe's own chocolate ice cream. The last two I'm (still) particularly ecstatic about, as I can never find Virgil's root beer ANYWHERE and I only paid FOUR DOLLARS for the quart of the most delicious ice cream I HAVE EVER EATEN. (I shell out $5.39 a pop for a pint of Ben & Jerry's, so my wallet is also very happy.)

All in all, an excellent day.



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