Been beating my head against the wall with a Mistwrought ficlet the past week. Lailya and Halion and Farran and the morning after a truly epic absinthe bender and the drunken blackout thaumaturgical engineering (this ficlet, in fact, only came to exist because I wanted to use the phrase "drunken blackout thaumaturgical engineering" because seriously LOOK AT IT is that not an awesome phrase?) that said absinthe bender resulted in and "Fuck what did we create?" "It's going to get us preemptively banned from another five realms at least, whatever it is." "It's an unholy mating of engineering and arcana, we're looking at someone declaring war." "Oooh, we haven't had one of those recently! :D" and it's stalled out on me for various reasons, most of them boiling down to Lailya and Halion and Farran deciding to be temperamental bitches and not cooperating. AGAIN.

Why do I love these three so much despite the agony they put me through?


Had funtimes last night in the wonderful world of Azeroth! Ran through Icecrown Citadel 10-man on heroic with the guild for achievements and titles and it was awesome! Got the Glory of the Icecrown Raider achievement (hel~lo there, Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher, you are my precious new shiny) AND the "Bane of the Fallen King" title (it's my favorite title in-game, too) on (original!)Lailya. The Lich King remains my absolute favorite boss fight in the whole of WoW - great mechanics and a truly epic ending; Deathwing honestly kind of sucks on various levels - and on heroic it's still tricky for a group of level 85's with top-tier raid gear. We steamrolled through the rest of ICC pretty easily, but wiped four times on Arthas. So much fun.

Also, still way too obsessed with BPAL for my own good. We'll just end it there.

Feeling antsy, otherwise. Must find something to do and/or entertain myself. Meh. Where did I put my copy of The Alloy of Law...
So my graduation present to myself finally arrived today: one vial of Miskatonic University from the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's "A Picnic in Arkham" collection. I honestly don't know whether to write some Lovecraftian-inspired Watchers 'verse ramblings (the Irish coffee tones are particularly strong right now and Irish coffee is something I strongly associate with Nora and the other Siblings McCormick) or something for the Mistwrought 'verse (as I can totally imagine Lailya's private library - full of treatises on demonology and thaumaturgy and necromancy and transmutation and magical encyclopedias galore and Lokyn how in the Nether did you find my trashy romance collection get out! - smelling like this).

My order also came with two free imp's ears, one of The Forest Reverie and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat which I haven't opened yet as the scent of Miskatonic University is pretty damn potent right now, but I suspect I will like anyway. I have pretty damn eclectic tastes in just about every category one can imagine.

I may or may not be considering putting in an order for imp's ears of various scents I'd love to try, with my top choices at the moment being Absinthe, Dragon's Milk, Fenris Wolf, Hellcat, Jabberwocky, Tamora, The Little Wooden Doll and The Obsidian Widow.

[ profile] tinuvielchild, my darling? I love you This is all your fault!
So Zaeed's being an uncooperative bastard about his entry for the Downtime series. I got two paragraphs written before the smarmy ass lit up a cigar, sat back, and told me to fuck off. Jack, at least, was simply resistant to the idea of showing a side that wasn't Tough Raging Psycho Bitch; Zaeed is just being contrary and a pain in my ass.

...Christ, I have video game characters for muses who live in my head. Fuck but I am a therapist's goldmine.

On the bright side, while Zaeed is being an ass, I've taken the time to finalize what I want to do with the rest of the series - well, mostly. Joker's only being grudgingly helpful and my Mordin muse is flat out gone so I've had to move his piece down to the twelve spot, but Garrus, Grunt, Samara, and Thane are at least cooperating.

Still, I think I'm going to just let this writer's block run its course and do something not related to ME to give myself a break. So. What to do that isn't yardwork.


Star Wars fanfiction? Yeah, let's start with that.
So there has been a suspicious lack of DA2-playage this spring break so far, as I've been distracted by the muses suddenly plinking a Watchers 'verse story in my head.

They have the worst timing, I swear. So gaming has been put on the wayside whilist I wrestle with this idea.

It's got potential. Rhakunvar and Yalora drop their hatchlings off at Watchers HQ (an emergency's come up that requires their immediate attention (i.e., the Sidhe have rendered them a grave insult, so they're gonna go eat some uppity Fae) and the babies can't be left unattended at home, of course), and Hilarity Ensues as six precocious baby dragons wander about chased by their honorary aunts Nora and Savannah trying to keep the damage to HQ and their sanity to a minimum.

It's totally an excuse to write about Rainbow Bite being cute. It's also the perfect excuse to show Rhakunvar being a creepy-scary son of a bitch*, but for all his creepy-scariness, when provoked, Yalora is worse. :D

Now I just need to figure out how to start this sucker. Damnit.

*Okay, I'm finally going to admit that I've always envisioned Matthew Settle as Rhakunvar (at least when he's bothered to put his human glamor on), and I'll probably remove all meta jokes about that if I ever turn this 'verse into a proper novel. I've always loved Matthew Settle's portrayal of the scary-intense Captain Speirs from Band of Brothers, and I honestly believe he could pull off Rhakunvar's Yalora-is-going-to-let-me-eat-some-pathetic-lower-lifeforms-slasher smile veryvery well. DON'T JUDGE ME.
So I've spent the last three days with my nose buried in a book.

Well, not just one book. Quite a few, actually. I've been spending a great deal of time since the semester ended trying to catch up on my pleasure reading with a vengeance, mostly books I'd bought sporadically since January but hadn't had time to fully indulge in. I managed to catch up on those (oh my Goooooood, Dead Beat by Jim Butcher is officially the best book EVER in terms of sheer AWESOME!), and then thought it'd be a good idea to cycle back to some of my old favorites that I hadn't read in a while.

This inevitably lead me to deciding to pick up Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar series once again.

They're very readable and very fun - and, not gonna lie, ever since I first read Arrows of the Queen I've always wanted a Companion. The thing is, every time I finish reading a Lackey book (and today I tore through the Vows and Honors books specifically), I get the itch to fiddle around with my Brindlewood 'verse, specifically the components dealing with mercenary companies, and combined with some other books I've been reading and a show I rewatched recently, I've actually gotten a bit of inspiration for writing and the muses are staring at me and cackling and grinning evil grins, help!

So, yes, urge to write (something, probably just a short story) rising. And stick in stupidly-obvious shout outs to favorite things (which, admittedly, might only seem stupidly-obvious to me) and post it here on LJ to have my ego stroked. Siiiigh.

Oh, well.


Apr. 20th, 2009 10:20 pm
You know, normally I don't mind it so much when the Muses decide to be uppity bitches (it is the default setting for at least three of my six Muses), take an extended coffee break, and leave the Writer's Block Demon perched on my shoulder, chittering away about butterscotch-and-white-chocolate brownies (CURSE YOU, FOOD CHANNEL AND YOUR PROGRAMS ABOUT COMFORT FOOD!). The Writer's Block Demon isn't so bad, and is an expert on food, movie and TV trivia, and which books on Amazon might be worth it. Normally the WBD and I can get along.

But I have a presentation for my writing seminar due first thing tomorrow at 12:30 PM on my third and final essay topic for the class and I've been staring at a blank Word Document for the past three days!

You can see my problem.

Normally, I would be more than pleased to explore the ideas for my Heaven'n'Hell 'verse currently bouncing around in my head, especially since it would mean extensive revision of my celestial and infernal hierarchies and I love making lists and the universe is so much more upbeat (or at least sarcastic) than it used to be and I would dearly love to write banter between Dranyari and Eitan (who I still feel needs a new name, but I don't want to use one of the typical -(i)el names from A Dictionary of Angels 'cause Eitan isn't a and-then-the-Lord-spoketh-and-there-was-an-angel-angel but rather a human-who-died-and-went-to-Heaven-angel) while beating up another would-be Anti-Christ (and that's another post entirely) and this sentence has gone on long enough so I'll get to the point. The point is I NEED MY BRAIN SPACE TO BE FOCUSED ON SOMETHING THAT COULD MAKE OR BREAK MY FINAL PAPER AND SONUVABITCH I WANT TO SLEEP TONIGHT.

Stupid fickle muses.

EDIT 10:33 PM: *pinches the bridge of her nose* Of course it takes me bitching about it, nearly having an aneurysm, and then sobbing hysterically for five minutes to convince the muses to evict the WBD and get to work. Fucking typical.
dt_maxwell: ([TV] *headdesk*)
Due to a combination of A) growing interest in fantasy noir books a la Glen Cook, B) having my copy of A Dictionary of Angels: Including the Fallen Angels constantly at hand, C) a relatively recent return to watching Supernatural after two years, and D) an overactive imagination that's procrastinating like the pro it is since I have a large exam looming on the near horizon, the muses have decided to chuck ideas at me.

For my old Heaven-Hell mystery/supernatural-noir/whateverthefuckitwas that was my first major novel idea back when I was what, ten?, and which I decided to put on indefinite hiatus two or three years ago. New plot, reworking of some of the concepts, complete character revamps and redesigns for both Dranyari and Eitan. (Eitan's in need of a name change, I think, and Dran's weapon of choice isn't a scythe anymore. It's a baseball bat. Bludgeoning's more her thing, anyway. Or just tearing 'em apart with her bare hands.)

Goddamnit. I don't need Dran challenging Nora and Shae Valya to a Snark Off in my head! Sonuvabitch.

Stupid easily available occult lore. Stupid show with awesome characters and a really frickin' pretty blue-eyed angel (and, therefore, stupid hormones). Stupid overactive imagination. Stupid muses. Ah, fuck it, where's my writing notebook?
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No cracktastic example of my everyday life today, kiddies, unless you want me to rehash Jazz and her demands for a lap to snuggle on. (Funny to you, maybe, but you don't have to go get the hydrogen peroxide when your displeased cat decides to bite.)

The muses are stirring, though.

Not quite sure whether or not some of the ideas I've got will be written down, however. There's my old melting-pot idea, which is set in a tavern a la the Worlds' End Inn from The Sandman where I throw characters from my favorite movies, books, and TV shows in with my original characters and see what chaos comes forth; a few WoW-based ideas due to far too much gaming, including how Ashke became a Death Knight ("So, I can kill things now with far too much glee and no one will look askance at me? Awesome.") and Lailya's travels in Northrend ("I love my fur cloak, I love my fur cloak, I love my fur cloak..."); the further adventures of Nora and Sav ("What the fuck is with this Twilight shit? Goddamn teenagers, I'd like to show them a real vampire in all its decrepit, decomposing, bloodsucking vileness."); a truly cracktastic AU of epic proportions involving the Easy boys as a mercenary company that I talked about a while back; and a few crossovers so improbable and so very wrong that they will never, ever happen.

...Yeah, the muses are starting to leer at me. Never a good sign to see one part of your brain declare war on the other.

Right. I have Peppermint Bark and V8. And Comcast. Maybe I'll watch a movie.

Awww, Jazz is snoring!
So, I finally started playing WoW again.

Yeah. Bye-bye, soul. Nice knowing you.

*facedesk* I am so weak-willed.

No, damnit, Muses! Back! Stay back! Don't you DARE put that crossover in my head! That's unholy! It's wrong! I DON'T CARE IF HE'D MAKE A GREAT PALADIN! Don't you fucking dare! There is a line between crack and wrong, and you're crossing it! I will not put the boys of Easy in Azeroth! Get back, ye demons of the pit! BACK I SAY!



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