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-Called Grandpa to tell him the news
-Reduced him to one-word responses
-Patted self on the back, because damn, that's twice in my life I've reduced my verbose, former English teacher grandfather to speechlessness!
-Called Villanova back to formally accept offer because full tuition scholarship holy shit
-Based on how excited the assistant admissions director I talked to sounded, possibly made someone do a jig in their office
-Found an apartment in Ardmore, miracle of miracles, that was in walking distance of the train and shopping, had great reviews, AND cheap rent
-It was the last studio left, Villanova University doesn't have housing for seniors so apartments get snapped up fast
-Paid the deposit on said apartment
-It's off the market and MINE NOW, bitches!
-Bought Diablo III for myself because full tuition scholarship, I am totally allowed to get myself a present
-(My battletag is Lailya#1671, come say hi if you can!)
-Received an official copy of my financial aid award letter
-Saw exactly how much "full tuition" meant
-Hyperventilated again
-Told Mom
-Reduced Mom either to speechlessness or just forgetting her English entirely
-Told Brooklyn Law kthnxbye (politely, of course)
-Made Dad very pleased that I am officially no longer going to a school with the acronym "BLS"
-Screamed in frustration that the BPAL 13 scent sounded fucking perfect BUT I HAVE NO MONEY
-Reminded self, A) full tuition scholarship and B) Diablo III, best stress relief ever

It's been a good week.


Jun. 19th, 2012 12:34 pm
First Look: Angelina Jolie as the evil sorceress 'Maleficent' -- BREAKING


(Oh hey, six hundred posts!)
So I just need to share with the world at large that today my copy of The Last Unicorn on two-disc DVD/Blu-ray combo arrived AND ALL IS RIGHT AND GLORIOUS IN MY WORLD.

Seriously, this movie is like the living embodiment of my childhood; I have no idea how many times I rented it on VHS from Blockbuster as a little kid and I watched it and watched it and watched it. The three great things that introduced me to to fantasy: The Last Unicorn, the Dragon Chronicles by Susan Fletcher, and the Firebringer Trilogy by Meredith Ann Pierce. THEY ARE MY TRIFECTA OF HAPPY AND YAY AND CHILDHOOD. (I didn't pick up the original book of The Last Unicorn for many years, but after reading it all I could think was, "Hm, which was better at tearing out my heart and stomping on it, the book or the movie? Think, think... Tie. Definitely a tie. LET'S READ IT AGAIN YAY.") The amount of happies and feels I have right now is indescribable.

(Yes, I will totally be buying bottles of The Lilac Wood and The Last Unicorn and Lady Amalthea from BPAL's Last Unicorn collection once I have the money. I WILL NOT BE DENIED. Also: lilac. Best smell ever.)

Been beating my head against the wall with a Mistwrought ficlet the past week. Lailya and Halion and Farran and the morning after a truly epic absinthe bender and the drunken blackout thaumaturgical engineering (this ficlet, in fact, only came to exist because I wanted to use the phrase "drunken blackout thaumaturgical engineering" because seriously LOOK AT IT is that not an awesome phrase?) that said absinthe bender resulted in and "Fuck what did we create?" "It's going to get us preemptively banned from another five realms at least, whatever it is." "It's an unholy mating of engineering and arcana, we're looking at someone declaring war." "Oooh, we haven't had one of those recently! :D" and it's stalled out on me for various reasons, most of them boiling down to Lailya and Halion and Farran deciding to be temperamental bitches and not cooperating. AGAIN.

Why do I love these three so much despite the agony they put me through?


Had funtimes last night in the wonderful world of Azeroth! Ran through Icecrown Citadel 10-man on heroic with the guild for achievements and titles and it was awesome! Got the Glory of the Icecrown Raider achievement (hel~lo there, Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher, you are my precious new shiny) AND the "Bane of the Fallen King" title (it's my favorite title in-game, too) on (original!)Lailya. The Lich King remains my absolute favorite boss fight in the whole of WoW - great mechanics and a truly epic ending; Deathwing honestly kind of sucks on various levels - and on heroic it's still tricky for a group of level 85's with top-tier raid gear. We steamrolled through the rest of ICC pretty easily, but wiped four times on Arthas. So much fun.

Also, still way too obsessed with BPAL for my own good. We'll just end it there.

Feeling antsy, otherwise. Must find something to do and/or entertain myself. Meh. Where did I put my copy of The Alloy of Law...
Miskatonic University: Love it, love it, love it! It smells very powerfully of Irish coffee in the bottle as well as on my skin the first hour; I personally love the smell, but it's boozy enough I'd likely have to refrain from using it first thing in the morning to avoid suspicions that I hadn't left the pub until 5AM. *eyebrow waggle* I don't get the oakwood or dusty tome elements, but the Irish coffee does mellow out and again, it's something I utterly adore. Best of all, this scent sticks to me: fourteen hours after first putting it on, my wrists still smelled lovely, but the Irish coffee had turned into a very pretty cream-and-brown-sugar, bordering on vanilla-like. Gorgeous.

The Forest Reverie: Interesting scent in the imp. The opium smoke and grape vine is strongest, pleasant but heady; definitely makes me think of shadowy, smoky parlors. (In fact, it gives me this great imagery of the Imp's Head Tavern on a night when its bursting at the seams with guests, but everyone's pretty quiet and mellow and content with keeping to themselves.) On my skin though... Ugh. Burning vineyard - acrid, overwhelming, and I could feel a headache building in my temples the likes of which I haven't had since the height of my chemical sensitivity in high school. I had to immediately wash it off my skin, it was that bad. I might keep it, though, it'd make a great diffuser for a room.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat: Wonderful scent out of the imp! Definitely get the melon and the lime, with just the faintest trace of green tea; very light and fresh. On my skin the green tea and lime fade, but the mint comes out and oh my goodness, it is heavenly, and I think I'm starting to get that champagne grape with the lemon balm, too. The mint-melon is strongest, though, and I love it! Not too overpowering, either; again, definitely very light and refreshing. I might have to get a bottle of this, this is a really wonderful spring/summer scent.

In conclusion, two hits, one sorta hit-and-miss. Immensely pleased overall. I also really need to stop browsing the BPAL catalog and the forum, as now that my eye is no longer being drawn the more interesting product names, I keep finding more stuff that I'd love to try, like How Doth the Little Crocodile and Embalming Fluid.
I should not be this damn happy to go daily-questing in Deepholm's Crumbling Depths, idly decide to use that bomb from that other daily to launch myself up to the otherwise-inaccesible-chamber to see if maybe Jadefang has spawned, FIND THAT JADEFANG HAS SPAWNED AND THERE'S NO ONE ELSE THERE, kill him, and get myself the Tiny Shale Spider companion pet at long last.

I really shouldn't. And yet I am, mostly because I am NEVER this lucky.

Tiny Shale Spider: *squeak!*
Lailya: *kisses its carapace* I'm going to name you Sirpa.
Sirpa: *squeak!*
Ituhala: *eyes the spider* It's animated stone and precious gems, how in the Nether is it able to squeak?
Lailya: Don't know, don't care. *coos*
Sirpa: *squeak!* *scurries up Lailya's arm and shoulder, and ends up perching on the warlock's head*
Lailya: *squee* So precious!
Sirpa: ♥
Ituhala: You worry me.
Lailya: Hush.
So yesterday I graduated!

BU is a really big university, so it'd be impossible to have all he graduates walk across the stage at commencement, it'd take much too long. So instead each school within he university has its own ceremony throughout Commencement Weekend; CAS, however, is so big that each department has its own ceremony. The political science department had its yesterday at 9AM.

So I got there early for lineup and met up with Mom and Dad and Billy and Billy's girlfriend and yay family! And I got my diploma and before the family left (the All-University Commencement wasn't until 1PM and they'd seen the most important thing, me walking across the stage to get my degree) they gave me my graduation present and OMFG Samsung Galaxy tablet!

Went back to my dorm for a few hours, giggling madly like a mad giggling thing, and changed from my slacks into a skirt because holy God it had gotten hot out. Drank some water, had a snack, and at a quarter to twelve went down to Nickerson for lineup; managed to find Nicole and some other friends and we were close to the head of the line which meant we had some damn good seats after processing in.

(Mother of God, I had no idea Nickerson could hold that many people.)

Ceremony was very good! Executive chairman Eric Schidmt of Google was our commencement speaker and he did a wonderful job! He had a good blend of humor and seriousness, and pretty much told us to go out into the world and be awesome. The real highlight though was definitely Leonard Nimoy, who was receiving an honorary degree (and had also spoke at CFA's ceremony, the lucky bastards). He threw us all the Vulcan salute, and I would have taken a picture, except I - and every other graduate on the field - was too busy returning it.

It warms the cockles of my black heart to know my fellow graduates are a bunch of nerds.

Afterward, I stumbled back to my room and drank three glasses of water and had a two hour nap. There had been a breeze during the ceremony, but the heat had been brutal. (I have a nasty-looking sunburn on my cheeks, nose, forearms, and the bit of my forehead not covered by my cap.) After my nap, I finally got around to setting up my new tablet.

Me: Wow, that was a really fast setup!
Tablet: I'm pretty cool like that.
Me: Will have to set up the Internet later, the university wireless- OH MY GOD THE BU WIRELESS WORKS ON YOU WHAT DEVILRY IS THIS?!
Tablet: I'm just that awesome! :D
Me: OMG Kindle! Netflix! Easy navigation! Clearly marked settings! I LOVE YOU.
Tablet: Aw, I love you, too! Wanna play a few games?
Me: *hugs tablet* I'm going to name you Tony* and I will love you forever and ever and ever.
Tony the Tablet: ♥

Billy: *via text* How do you like your new tablet?

And now I'm just waiting for Mom to arrive so we can move me out. Guess what I wrote this entry on. *grin*

(*[livejournal.com profile] tinuvielchild will likely get my reasons for this name. *whistles innocently*)
Why do they suck? Because my schedule looks like this:

10AM-11AM: RN106 discussion section
11AM-12:30PM: Religion 106: Death and Immortality
2PM-3:30PM: Anthropology 101: Introduction to Anthropology
4PM-7PM: Political Science 342: Women and Politics

Seven fucking hours of class. I love them all, but goddamn do I crash hard once I stumble back to my apartment.

On the bright side, I have Fridays off, Thursdays aren't quite so bad since Women and Politics is only once a week, and Mondays and Wednesdays are light because my only class is a R.A.D. class held at FitRec. :D I am learning how to kick ass (or, more probably said, defend myself so I can run like hell and get help) and it is awesome.

(Also, I am updating this now because as much as I adore AN101 with Professor Barfield, who is totally awesome and made of much win, I can't concentrate worth a damn at all today.)

Would babble madly about SW:TOR and how much I love my Sith Assassin, but I don't quite have the focus to stay on topic. I also have Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning to play (IT'S MADE BY CURT SCHILLING'S STUDIO HOW COULD I NOT GET IT ohmgod Farther Curt you are so awesome if ever you come back to the Red Sox organization in some capacity I will die of joy I miss yoooooouuuuuu okay putting the baseball fanatic away now) so tomorrow afternoon I'll be having some awesome pretty traditional sword-and-sorcery to entertain me, yay.

Okay, uh, should probably go back to taking notes for class now...

Nov. 8th, 2011 05:34 pm
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*takes deep breath*


*shrieks with glee*

*does a cartwheel*

*collapses into a pile of madly giggling fangirl joy*

(My copy of The Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson is here. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!)
Well. Took the LSAT yesterday. Went about as well as could be expected and on the bright side I was in one of the nice 1L classrooms, with a comfy chair and lots of elbow and table room, and the temperature in the room was just perfect with excellent lighting. Was very relieved about my room assignment, I'd been dreading being stuck in the Law Auditorium - I've had classes in there before and my God does the auditorium suck.

So one less thing to worry about, especially since October is going to be the Month of Suck. Why? Let's take a look.

October 5: First Presidential Leadership midterm
October 12: Policy memo for America at War: The Response to 9/11 due
October 18: ConLaw midterm; Rise of China midterm
October 26: Response to 9/11 midterm
October 31: Second Presidential Leadership midterm



Finally received my Pottermore e-mail on Tuesday, much to be everlasting glee; I'm not a huge Harry Potter fan, but do I enjoy the series and love the world Rowling built, so it was really exciting to think of myself as a Hogwarts student and reading all this extra information about the HP 'verse that's never been mentioned before really hits my love of world-building.

So, in the world of Harry Potter, I am:
-The owner of (or properly termed, owned by) a black cat (that I've named Senka);
-In possession of a yew wand with a unicorn hair core, ten and three quarter inches long, surprisingly swishy (and reading up on the lore associated with wand cores and wandwoods made me want to cartwheel with glee);
-A member of Hufflepuff House

I was, admittedly, a bit surprised at being sorted into Hufflepuff; I was hoping for Ravenclaw, honestly. But the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea of being a Hufflepuff - loyalty and tenacity can serve you just as well as booksmarts, and there ain't anything that says I can't be a bit of a know-it-all Hufflepuff. Also, seriously, you just don't fuck with badgers if you want to keep your face intact. *nodnod*

Can't wait until they further expand the site. I'm looking forward to finding out what my Patronus would be, and possibly what my Animagus form could be if they give the option.

Rant time!

Sep. 22nd, 2011 09:46 pm
Trying not to panic with the LSAT a little over a week away. Fuuuuuuuuuck.

(I am so fucking sick of my LSAT prep class. I want my Tuesday and Thursday nights back so badly.)

Taking comfort in three things: brand new journal (as in, real paper), Pokemon, and Game of Thrones.

First off, new journal. Normally I'd be using my Moleskine, but I've ended up setting that aside for stuff pertaining to my Watchers 'verse: random factoids, bits of character-driven trivia, and little scenes and dialogue exchanges as they pop into my head. I've recently noticed, though, that I've become a little burnt out with the Watchers 'verse. So I picked up a nice hardcover journal; the pages are nice and thick, so the gel pens I favor for writing don't bleed through, which is a pet peeve of mine. Ended up doing a lot of scribbling for my Inn-Between-Worlds idea, which is really fun because I get to write about Lailya being a scary BAMF and I have missed writing about Lailya. <3

Second, Pokemon. This has pretty much become my primary de-stressor for the past week. I bought Pokemon Black around the time it first came out, but I got distracted with papers and projects and finals and it just fell by the wayside. Then the Nintendo 3DS price drop was announced, and then the Flame Red Nintendo 3DS was announced, and thus I bought a 3DS for myself (I'd been saving the money I'd made from yardwork this past summer for a 3DS and I'd just gotten enough saved away when the price drop was announced so I was stoked). I also bought The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but that's a little...involved. Pokemon is pretty straightforward and a bit mindless at times (especially when level grinding), and it's ended up being a really nice way to unwind when I've had a very long, terrible day.

I am also excited because with the 3DS, I can finally connect to the Nintendo Wireless Connection using the Internet at home, so I can freaking trade at long last. :D (Thank you again, [livejournal.com profile] becca_mew! My babies are growing strong and kicking butt.) Can't use the damn thing with BU's wireless, however, the IT people have it under so much protection it'd be funny if it wasn't so frustrating at times, so I need to find a free wifi spot somewhere in Boston.

And finally, Game of Thrones. *happy twirl* HBO was only added back to our cable package when the folks at Comcast tempted Dad with a pretty sweet deal and we ended up having an impromptu movie marathon the Sunday before Billy and I went back to college. Mom was interested in watching GoT for a while, too, and she finally got around to watching it when I went home this past weekend - five straight hours Saturday, five on Sunday.

I've read the first two books in A Song of Ice and Fire years ago (my copies are...somewhere), and while I haven't read the others yet, I do know what happens, if only because I'm pretty blasé about spoilers. So, y'know, I already knew all the relevant plot points and I kind of gloated a lot because Mom kept pushing me to tell her what the hell was going to happen next and I was all, "Nuh-uh, it's a lot more fun not telling you." Mom retaliated by coming up with the stupidest predictions possible because she knows I will be unable to resist telling her how wrong she is and why in God's good name would even think that, clearly THIS is going to happen next goddamnit Mom, you are terrible, and then Mom just grins triumphantly.

So yeah, GoT was freaking awesome. I of course love and adore Sean Bean with all my heart and soul (and I was both gleeful and horrified when I had first heard he was being cast as Ned Stark, because damn, HBO, you're fucking evil, taunting all those people who hadn't read the book), and he was perfect, and Tyrion is, as always, one of the best characters in the series and Peter Dinklage does such a fantastic job with him, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is so fucking hawwwwt, I don't care that Jaime's a complete bastard at the moment. And then there's the one and only Dany, my favorite character in the series since I first read the book, 'cause come on, dragons. (They did such an AWESOME job with the finale, I wouldn't have changed a thing.)

...I will say, though, that I really wasn't expecting to do any 'shipping with this series. I didn't ship anyone when I read the books (it just didn't seem right to me), but with the TV series canon? Yeah, I am all over Jorah/Dany. Goddamn, Iain Glen, you are a sexy, sexy beast. (I was never on board with Drogo/Dany. Jason Momoa was perfect as Drogo, but the relationship in the book skeeved me a whole lot, especially since Dany was younger there, and the feeling ended up carrying over while I watched the show (though Drogo in the books was actually quite a bit gentler on the wedding night than in the show, which just made me go "o_o"); I interpreted Dany as sort of latching onto Drogo as her sun-and-stars mostly as a way to cope with a really uncomfortable situation rather than going mad, and I think it becomes a bit more apparent in the later books that Dany ends up looking back on the arranged marriage as a, "Yeah, did not want" thing, though she certainly did come out stronger for it.)

So! In short: GoT is win, I want Season 2 right the hell now, and Dany/Jorah FTW. (I am really, really hoping the writers are willing to take a slightly different direction with them than what goes on in the books. We shall see.)
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(Apologies to my beloved Sissy [livejournal.com profile] predikit who has already seen my spazzes on Facebook.)

First thing on the list!

Last night I was checking my university e-mail, and I saw that my Society and Law professor had sent out a general e-mail saying that the syllabus was up on Blackboard. Fantastic. I scurried right on over.

And then I read THIS:

"The other major piece of work in this class with is a substantial (15-22 pages), hands-on, applied, research paper that you will ideally do with one or two other people."

This paper is worth forty percent of my final grade.


I beg your fucking pardon.

I got lucky with my group project last semester. I worked with three other people who were also of the opinion that group papers and presentations were idiotic at best, but we've got an election to research and dissect, so let's buckle down and get to work. It's always a joy to work with people who are actually willing to do work. And, y'know, the entire project was only worth about twenty percent of our grade, so it wasn't a major problem.

But a huge fucking research paper that I have to DEPEND ON OTHER PEOPLE FOR and is worth FORTY FUCKING PERCENT OF MY FINAL FUCKING GRADE?!

No. Fuck no. No bueno. 很不好. Go die in a fire. I've already got a 500-level course I'll be busting my ass in for an A grade, and I'm not leaving myself to chance that I might work with some schmuck who knows what the fuck they're doing.

So, I immediately dropped PO300 and signed up for PO374: Rise of China.

I can totally work with that.

Second thing.

Today, I was browsing through Amazon, mostly looking for good-quality-but-cheap posters I can hang in my room. And then I clicked on the "we have recommendations for you" link to see if there was anything of interest on the rec list.

Normally I skip over the sample page they've got before I go straight to the list. They never have anything I care for on it. Except today.

Today, right there in the middle, in glorious color, was this:

DT: Oh my God.
DT's Inner Six-Year Old: Oh. My. God.
DT: There is a God and He loves us.
DT's Inner Six-Year Old: *bursts into tears* This is the greatest day of my life.
DT: *lower lip is trembling* Mine, too.

Because there, in the "Frequently Bought Together" section of the page, were these images:

They are finally reprinting Sailor Moon in America. Brand new cover illustrations. Proper right-to-left format. Faithful and accurate English translations.

There are no words to describe my joy right now. Well, unless you want to count the letter "E."




Mar. 7th, 2011 05:53 pm
My copy of Dragon Age 2 has shipped!

Dragon Age 2 tomorrow! WOOHOO!

"Excited" doesn't even begin to cover it. I managed to finish my idle DA:O playthrough on Saturday; it is just so satisfying to slay the archdemon. Can always do an Awakening playthrough with that save later, but for now I'll be set for tomorrow. Already know I'm going to be playing a rogue Hawke, though I'm tempted to play as a mage, they're just so awesome, but I'm still trying to think up a good name for my Hawke. I take naming my characters seriously and I've been obsessing over this for a while without success, so I'm going to spend part of my evening browsing through Behind the Name again.

A bit frustrated my media and politics professor is having a review session tomorrow morning when he previously said there would be no class, but that's just yet another frustration with that class to add to the list. Going to show up, of course, but I hope it won't take the full hour and a half; tomorrow's pretty much going to be my only day to play DA2 until I go home Friday afternoon and I want to indulge in my nerdiness a little bit before I have to buckle down and study more.

Watched part of the spring training game against the Marlins on Saturday. Was... less than impressed with Daisuke. I'm not entertaining high hopes for him this season. I suppose that isn't very fair, as it's just spring training for Christ's sake, but he hasn't been very impressive for a long time. Trying to be optimistic about the team in general, though - yay we have Adrian Gonzalez! - and so long as the Sox stay healthy (and kick ass), I'll be happy.

Less than a month to go until the first Sox game of the season! YAY BASEBALL!
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Having one of those "I don't think my head is screwed on correctly" days. Doesn't help that my internal clock is a bit screwed up from the Monday-schedule-on-Tuesday thing from yesterday that BU is so fond of employing.

Currently sitting in the GSU, waiting for the food court proper to open at 11AM for lunch. Am being somewhat productive despite my currently typing away in my journal, as I've got my Chinese textbook and notes spread out (and a Chinese-English dictionary open in another tab) to help translate a passage for class later today. Also have a vanilla latte so yay caffeine.

Played the Dragon Age 2 demo last night and it was AWESOME. Totally playing a rogue my first full playthrough of the game. Gonna try out the mage and warrior on the demo later when I get back to my room.

Ugh, I want a nap so badly right now. And food. Stupid screwed up Monday-and-Wednesday schedules...
Vacation is nearly over; semester starts on Wednesday. Moved back into Warren today, unpacked, scurried down to City Convenience for ice cream and cookies, came back up to my room and napped after setting up Speirs on the BU network. (It was the fastest computer scan and network set-up I've ever seen. Clearly the BU network is afraid of my laptop. All is right with the world.)

Plan on polishing off a pint of Phish Food while I watch Castle tonight, then going to ponder if I should buy either the Star Wars original trilogy on DVD or the first season of Castle from Amazon. Yes, that is the most pressing issue in my life right now. I'd be spending my money on Rebuild of Evangelion, but for whatever fucked up reason, Funimation released the crappy-quality 1.01 version first, so I have to wait until March for the higher-quality 1.11 version. (Funimation, you suuuuuuuuck.)

Also, apparently there is a studio interested in making a Mistborn movie. ZOMGYAY!!!!!!!!!!


Plans for tomorrow:
1) Pick up textbooks at university bookstore.
2) Drop off textbooks in room, take T down to Babcock Street to Angora Cafe for paninis. (They use FRESH buffalo mozzarella in their panini sandwiches! Of course I adore the place!) Tomorrow is effin' cold and that's a bitch of a walk, don't make yourself any more miserable than you can help.
3) Return to room, enjoy a lovely lunch.
4) Nap.

Right. I have mint Milano cookies in my fridge that need eating.


Aug. 25th, 2009 03:09 pm
*scowls at [livejournal.com profile] predikit* You're an evil wench, you know that, right?

Getting me interested in Aion of all things. Like I need another MMORPG eating up my time and money. Even if it is visually stunning and the character creation is mind-boggling and the wings and the...



*grumbles and prods her pre-order*
*insane giggle* The Mummy is on! Yay, Oded Fehr! And then Eureka's on afterward. Score! Love that show so much.

Right, anyway, today's topic: video games.

More specifically, video games I can't wait to get my grubby hands on. At the top of my list are, in no particular order:

Diablo III (Blizzard Entertainment)
Final Fantasy XIII (Square Enix)
Star Wars: The Old Republic (BioWare/Lucasfilms)
Dragon Age: Origins (BioWare)

TOR is an MMO and very likely won't be released until sometime next year at the earliest, but it's Star Wars and it's from BioWare so I'm down with it. I'm a die-hard Final Fantasy fangirl, so of course XIII's on the list (I'm still hemming and hawing about Versus XIII), and while it's not due out until December next year, it might be a very, very long time before I can acquire a PS3. (Billy and I are thinking about splitting the cost of one since there's a lot of games coming out on it that we're both drooling over, but God only knows when we'll actually buy the sucker.) Diablo III is more of a hack-and-slash action RPG and admittedly I've never played the previous titles in the series, but it looks like a lot of fun (and very, very bloody, but I know enough about the Diablo series to expect that); hopefully a bit more info about the game will be released at BlizzCon in August.

Dragon Age is the title that's really caught my fancy. Again, it's BioWare, and BioWare is the master of the RPG, I swear. It's dark heroic fantasy; the amount of blood I've seen in the trailers (both cinematic and gameplay) makes Diablo III look like Hello Kitty, and while normally that level of violence would turn me off a game, glancing around the official website, the wiki, and the forums has convinced me otherwise. The game's been in development for nearly a decade and not due to problems with developing it but because the production team's been so careful to create a world with in-depth history and fascinating characters and politics.

What impresses me the most is how the Player Character interacts with party members and NPCs. Alignment isn't tracked here (unlike with previous BioWare titles like KOTOR and Mass Effect), but your actions in one part of the game can have ramifications later on is not right away. Who you have in your party can affect who else can become a companion character, and even your PC's origin (Human Mage, City Elf, Dalish Elf, Mage (Elf or Human), Dwarf Commoner, and Dwarf Noble) affects how you perceive the world and how other characters react to you. And all of this has a huge affect on the game's ending, giving the game an insane amount of replayablitiy.

So, to put it in a nutshell, Dragon Age is a game I am gleefully anticipating and one I intend to have a lot of fun playing.

...I can't believe I just waxed poetic about video games. Christ, maybe I should start seeing a therapist again.


Jul. 3rd, 2009 06:32 pm
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No popcorn, but I have Wheat Thins. And The Empire Strikes Back on TV. Oooh, Battle of Hoth, you remain one of my most favorite battle scenes in all of Star Wars, right after the capital-ship-on-capital-ship action that is the Battle of Endor in Return of the Jedi. Squee!

Yes, I'm a Star Wars fangirl. This is not new.

Proper update later, there is a battle to watch!

P.S. Yay, General Veers!

P.P.S. Silly AT-AT designers. There's a reason the weaponsmakers of today make sure tanks have low centers of gravity!
This morning
Me: *stumbles down the stairs*
Billy: *has thermometer stuck in his mouth**muffled* Get over here, I'm going to show you the greatest cinematic trailer ever.
Me: Blarghgawhat?
Billy: Sit!
Me: *sits, rubs eyes, yawns*
Billy: *hands over laptop* Read that first.
Me: Wha- ooohh...

Thirty seconds later
Me: Dude!
Billy: Yup. And now... *hits play* I give you Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Three minutes and fifty-two seconds later
Billy: Did you get chills?
Me: O_O *nodding* Oh my God.
Billy: *nods*
Me: Oh my GOD. Oh. My. GOD!
Billy: Exactly what I said.
Billy: That amount sums it up nicely.
Billy: I know, right?
Me: *watches again*

Thirty minutes later
Me: *on her own computer, broswing the TOR website* Dude. Dude, this is beyond epic.
Billy: And those screenshots are only from Alpha.
Me: Holy fuck the finished thing is going to be so fucking sweet.
Billy: Indeed.
Me: Fuck the Force users, I want to play a bounty hunter! Jet packs! Blaster rifles! Wrist-mounted flamethrower! MUST HAVE NOW.
Billy: No ETA yet. Patience.
Me: But it's so pretty...

In summary: Fuck you, Blizzard, I just found my God.



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