So I've been pretty busy of late, but I just wanted to leave a quick update because I'm actually feeling pretty good today, and I forgot to do this when it actually happened because I was really distracted and then was fighting The Cold From Hell for a solid week, so updating here slipped my mind.

So! Because I'm still riding the high from finding out:


On the evening of February 17, I was at home on the Cape when I was checking my e-mail on the phone. I noticed I had just received something from Villanova University School of Law, and tapped it, curious.

"Congratulations on your acceptance into Villanova University School of Law!"

The following is a rough estimate of what happened next:

Me: O_O Mom!
Mom: Hang on!
Me: MOM!
Mom: One second-
Mom: WHAT?!
Mom: sdlkfjasl;dkfjslksdjf OMG *CLING* OF COURSE YOU GOT IN!
Me: :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dad: *on the phone* One moment, Jerry, my daughter just got into law school. I'll call you back. *hangs up, dials Grandpa*
Grandpa: *at a loss for words (which never happens), but obviously choked with pride*
Mom: Call your brother!
Facebook: *fifty bajillion likes*
Me: *starts dancing around the kitchen* I got into law school, I got into law school, I got into law school~.
Mom: :D
Cats: ...?
Dad: So, can I start drawing up a list of people I'd like you to sue?
Me: Yes.
Dad: >:)

Besides Villanova, I've only heard back from American University (waitlisted), so I've got ten more law schools to hear back from. But my first response was an acceptance, so I am guaranteed somewhere to go this fall!

I got into law school, I got into law school, I got into law school~

8:05 AM
Me: *dozing at the kitchen counter*
Mom: *making coffee*
Bam-Bam: *glued to door* Biiiiiiiiirds.
Mom: *glances out door, pauses* Um.
Me: *doesn't open eyes* Whazza?
Mom: Two birds in the bird bath.
Me: That's nice.
Mom: Three...
Me: *cracks an eye open*
Mom: And four.
Me: *leans over to look out the door*

Birds: *having a pool party*

Back in the kitchen
Mom: *staring* Huh.
Me: Looks like they're only missing an umbrella and some mimosas.
Bam-Bam: Birds! Birdsbirdsbirds. Biiiiiiiirds. Birds. Biiiiiiiiiiiiirds. Bir-
Bam-Bam: BIRDS.
Me: *headdesk*
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There are a couple of stray cats that hang around the backyard, including a female tuxedo cat we call Skinny (who desperately wants us to adopt her, apparent from her many (successful!) attempts to get in the house), her almost-identical brother, and on rare occasions, their almost-identical mother. The backyard is also in desperate need of a mowing.

Keep this in mind.

Twenty minutes ago
Me: *glances out the kitchen window* Aw, kitties in the grass! *does a double take* Waitaminute-
Mom: *sitting at the table* Who is it?
Me: Um, it's just the one cat, Skinny's brother. Umm... Skunk. And her two babies.
Mom: WHAT?! *dashes to the window*
Me: I mean, we've seen an adult before, but BABIES?
Mom: ...Three babies.
Mom: Oh, God...
Me: Look at them! They're moving in one undulating mass!
Mom: And Skinny's brother is found of chasing skunks.
Me: *headwindow*
Sometime earlier this afternoon
Me: *rummaging through the fridge* Ugghh, no soda, damnit all. And no more strawberry-kiwi G2! OR blueberry-pomegranate! Sonuva-
Billy: *from the other room* Try the fruit punch!
Me: I hate fruit punch!
Billy: You'll like this one, trust me!
Me: *glares in the general direction of her brother*
Billy: ...Okay, maybe not the best thing to say. But try it!
Me: Fine. *grabs a bottle and wanders back into the den**pops open cap, takes a sip* ...Oh my God.
Billy: *nods*
Me: o_O; It tastes just like NYQUIL!
Billy: Yup!
Me: Greatest. Drink. Ever!
Billy: *nods again*

In summary: Billy and I may or may not have issues regarding NyQuil. (Cherry flavor, anyway, the original is seen unanimously by the family as abhorrent and disgusting.)
This morning
Me: *stumbles down the stairs*
Billy: *has thermometer stuck in his mouth**muffled* Get over here, I'm going to show you the greatest cinematic trailer ever.
Me: Blarghgawhat?
Billy: Sit!
Me: *sits, rubs eyes, yawns*
Billy: *hands over laptop* Read that first.
Me: Wha- ooohh...

Thirty seconds later
Me: Dude!
Billy: Yup. And now... *hits play* I give you Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Three minutes and fifty-two seconds later
Billy: Did you get chills?
Me: O_O *nodding* Oh my God.
Billy: *nods*
Me: Oh my GOD. Oh. My. GOD!
Billy: Exactly what I said.
Billy: That amount sums it up nicely.
Billy: I know, right?
Me: *watches again*

Thirty minutes later
Me: *on her own computer, broswing the TOR website* Dude. Dude, this is beyond epic.
Billy: And those screenshots are only from Alpha.
Me: Holy fuck the finished thing is going to be so fucking sweet.
Billy: Indeed.
Me: Fuck the Force users, I want to play a bounty hunter! Jet packs! Blaster rifles! Wrist-mounted flamethrower! MUST HAVE NOW.
Billy: No ETA yet. Patience.
Me: But it's so pretty...

In summary: Fuck you, Blizzard, I just found my God.


Feb. 25th, 2009 07:08 pm
6:59 PM

Me: La-la-la, procrastinating again, let's see if NESN has any spring training updates...
TV: *shows crowded stadium*
Me: O_O; Really?!
TV: *shows Don Orsillo talking*
Me: Really?!
TV: *shoes start of Red Sox vs. Minnesota Twins spring training game*
No WoW-tastic-ness yet (soon, soon, I promise!), as right now I need to take the time to vent about the ever-increasing trainwreck that is the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) and public transportation (the T) in Boston. And so follows the Saturday afternoon/evening trials and tribulations of one college student just trying to get the hell home.

After leaving the Warren Towers dormitory
Me: *quickly crosses street to get to the Boston University East stop on the Green Line "B" track* Let's see, one of the trolleys was just here ten minutes ago, I believe, so it shouldn't be too long of a wait for the next one!

Twenty minutes later
Everyone on platform: *freezing cold and growling*
Outbound trolleys: *have gone by twice*
Me: Hey, inbound trolley!
Everyone: YAY!
Inbound trolley: *zooms past*
Everyone: *jaws drop*
Conductor: That...wasn't supposed to be an express trolley.
Everyone: *proceed to shout curses at and flip off passing trolley*

Ten minutes later
Inbound trolley: *stops*
Everyone: *snarl*
Inbound trolley: O_O *shivers*

At Arlington station some four stops later
Me: *dozing while standing up*
T announcer: The destination of this train is Park Street.
Everyone else: But... It says Government Center...
Me: *cracks eye open* Lucky for me Park Street's where I need to go.

At Park Street
Me: *descending to Red Line subway level* Almost home... *walks to other end of platform away from where everyone else is bunched in order to grab a seat on a mostly-empty car*
Train: *approaches*
Me: Hm, Braintree train, don't want to go to Braintree, duh. I'll wait for next one. *settles down on a bench and takes out a book*
T announcer: There is no service to Ashmont.
Me: .... *walks over to nearest concrete pillar and proceeds to bang her head against it*
T announcer: If Ashmont is your destination, please disembark at JFK/UMass. There will be shuttle service between JFK and Ashmont.
Me: Oh fuck THAT, there isn't enough money in the world to convince me to put my life in the hands of Boston bus drivers. *fishes around in her pocket for her cell phone* Dad's nearly home anyway, maybe he can swing by JFK to pick me up.

A little more than thirty minutes later
Me: *muttering under her breath as she leaves the JFK station* Jesus H. Christ, talk about Murphy's fucking Law...
Dad: *pulls up in his pick-up and waves*
Me: ;_; Home now, please?

Ooohh, Boston. You chew me up and spit me out on a regular basis and yet I still love you. I'm pretty sure I should be in therapy because of that.


Jan. 6th, 2009 05:42 pm
Tomorrow I find out my housing assignment at BU. Friday I move in.

Today I got my health form filled out.

At the doctor's

Me: *panting* Stupid broken elevator... Where am I now- GOD FINALLY. Fifth floor. *stumbles into office*
Nurse: Ah, yes, I talked to your mother on the phone! Here are your prescriptions, and if you'll just wait a bit, we'll have your form filled out soon!

Thirty minutes later

Me: *twiddles thumbs* Can't believe I forgot my book in the car.
Nurse: All done! *turns over forms*
Me: Thank you! *under breath* FINALLY. *zooms out* Now where did Mom park, time to head to Comm Ave...

Ten minutes later

Me: 871... 881! Here!
Mom: *pulls car over* I'll be right around the corner.
Me: 'Kay! *skips into Student Health Offices* Hi! I'm a new student, was in the area, here's my health form!
Office Guy: Thank you, let me just make sure everything's in order... *checking form* Your tetanus shot is out of date.
Me: ...What.
Office Guy: Yup. Could be error; have your doctor fax in the forms if it is up to date, but if not, better get your shot. *hands over card with fax number on it*
Me: *fumes but takes card* Thanks. *storms out*

Back at Children's Hospital

Me: Stupid goddamn stairs... *storms into office* Yeah, hi, they told me my tetanus shot is out of date.
Nurse: Well that can't be right, we'd have said so... *checking records* Nope, you're good, hon. 2007.
Me: *facepalm* Good God. All right, here's the number of Student Health Services, they said to fax the info over.
Nurse: Okay then, we'll get right on it. And here's a copy of your immunizations, just in case.
Me: Thanks. *stumbles out*

Today was one of those days. Ugh.
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I think Mother Nature has finally decided it's winter for New England after being off her meds since about October or so. Mom and I did an emergency run to BJ's yesterday at about 9 AM for various essentials and when we left the store about two hours later it was pretty much a white-out. Took us an hour to get home from Dedham, but it was far less harrowing then when it took us four hours to get home from school back in December '07 during the first storm of the season.

Mom: We have working breaks! And treaded tires! We aren't gonna die!
Me: *shoves hands under armpits* No, but we'll freeze if you don't turn the heat on!
Skip: *sulks* Stupid snow, no zoomy.
Me: At least it's not last year's fiasco.
Me: *eep* Yes'm.

Yeah, that four hour drive left scars. Damn Boston Public Schools...

Anyway, spent the rest of yesterday after finally getting home bundled under a ton of blankets watching the National Geographic Channel because our heating system spontaneously died. Guy finally showed up at about seven PM to fix it, but Jesus, downstairs in this house gets cold even WITH the heat on so yesterday afternoon was nasty.

And then I rang in 2009 by watching Whose Line Is It, Anyway? and laughing myself silly because it had been a long time since I'd watched it. Ah, improv. I must look into seeing if BU has an improv troupe.

All righty, time to see if Mom needs help with dinner.
So, it's only just stopped snowing in the past two hours or so, and more is expected tomorrow. Today's events, include...

This morning

Me: *ties kerchief around Bam-Bam's neck* Daaawww, who's a handsome boy? *gushes over the floofy one*
Bam-Bam: Out.
Mom: Hmmm...
Me: Eh?
Bam-Bam: OUT.
Mom: *gets out Bam-Bam's harness and the leash*
Bam-Bam: ...Out?
Me and Mom: *takes Bam-Bam outside*
Bam-Bam: OUT!
Mom: *sets down the cat*
Bam-Bam: *possessed by Satan, runs around like a muppet on crack through the snow* OUTOUTOUTOUT!

Sometime after that

Bam-Bam: *dead to the world on his favorite chair*
Me: *rummaging through stuff* Hey, my USB storage whatchamacallit. *goes to see what's on it*

A few minutes after that

Bam-Bam: *twitching in his sleep*
Bam-Bam: *jerks awake and looks around* Whazza?
Me: All my old AP Writing files from junior year! I was wondering where they went to... Hm, I think I used my space pirates for some of the assignments, let's see what I have to rework after nearly three years...
Bam-Bam: *grumbles, paws kerchief off his neck, and crawls into warm lap*
Me: *absently pets cat*

Two hours ago

Billy: *flops onto the couch* Whatcha doing?
Me: Going through old- WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?!
Billy: *takes another bite of pumpkin muffin with creamcheese icing, smirks, points to kitchen*
Me: *ZOOM*

Ten minutes ago

Billy: *playing The Force Unleashed*
Me: *boggle* Shiiiiiiny...
Billy: That's the only thing you've been saying for the past twenty minutes.
Me: Shy. Nee.
Billy: Fangirl.
Me: Shiny.
Billy: Why don't you go watch The Great Escape again or something?
Me: *withering glare*
Billy: ...Which is impossible because I'm currently hogging the entertainment system. I think I'll shut up now.
Me: *smirks* Shiny.
Billy: *facepalm*
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Driven by hormones and an insatiable urge for delicious tasties of many sorts, Mom and I went grocery shopping today.

At Stop & Shop

Mom: Pumpkin filling?
Me: Check!
Mom: Cream?
Me: Check!
Mom: Creamcheese?
Me: Check!
Mom: Overpriced flour?
Me: Check!
Mom: Pumpkin cupcakes are a go!
Me: And creamcheese icing... *drools*
Mom: Hm, ice cream...
Me: The selection here sucks.
Me and Mom: *exchange looks* Shaw's.

At Shaw's

Me: Where is it, where is it... A-HA! The last carton! *proudly holds up the Edy's Peppermint ice cream*
Mom: And Neapolitan for the boys... And a chocolate... And some Häagen-Dazs...
Me: God bless two-for-one deals.

Twenty minutes ago

Me: *high on Tylenol, has dragged Jazz onto her stomach* Craaaaaamps.
Jazz: *purr*
Me: *cracks eye open* One day I'm going to convince you to sleep on my feet.
Jazz: *purr*
Mom: Dinner!
Me: Whazzat?
Mom: Homemade clam chowder!
Me: *runs to the dining room* FreshclamchowderohmygodmusthaveNOW.
Jazz: *sulks*
So, I have some news regarding college.

I've previously mentioned getting into Northeastern University; the trouble was that my tuition money was required the day after I found out about my enrollment. I contacted them and they said they would extend it until December 1 for me so I would have time to hear from the other college I applied to for the spring semester (Boston University).

I e-mailed the admissions office at BU at when I could conceivably expect a response regarding my enrollment. They were very nice, told me they'd told the Board of Admissions about my concerns, but couldn't promise anything. A few days later (the day before Thanksgiving, actually), one of the Directs of Admissions e-mailed me saying that they needed a copy of the College Official's Report, which is normally required for transfer students. I wasn't a transfer student, but because I had been enrolled at Smith for a short period of time, they just wanted to confirm that my disciplinary record was clean. (I had to roll my eyes at that; I'm a freakin' goody two-shoes and teacher's pet.)

So, not a little bit stressed out because the chances of anyone filling out the form in a timely at Smith due to the long holiday weekend, I e-mailed my old academic adviser to see if he could fill out the form as I really didn't want to deal with the dean of first years. He said he'd talk to the dean on my behalf, and I faxed the forms to him on Black Friday at Staples with the fax number for the Office of Admissions at BU, then e-mailed the director who'd initially e-mailed me that the forms should be coming in soon. She told me to contact her in about a week to make sure they did get in.

Monday, I e-mailed her and was informed she'd just received the fax and I would hear about my admissions decision later in the week. So I sat back and twiddled my thumbs, hopeful but nervous because I didn't have a fall back anymore.

Tonight, I decided to check the BU website for information; sometimes the e-mail about enrollment may not go out for a bit, but the site could be updated. And tonight, I saw that "Admissions Status" had changed to "Admissions Decision."

Me: *starts hyperventilating as she clicks link*
Mom and Dad: *calmly watching TV*
Mom: OHMYGOD what?
Dad: What happened?
Dad: Huh?
Mom: O_O
Dad: Well read the letter!
Me: "Congratulations and yadda-yadda. Your impressive credentials-"
Mom: HAH! "Impressive credentials." Print that out and mail that to the Ivy League colleges!
Me: God, they really know how to stroke a girl's ego.
Dad: I'm going to call you I.C. now.



Dec. 7th, 2008 06:26 pm
Sometime this morning

Mom: *pokes head into the room* Honey, Dad and I are going to BJ's. Want anything?
Me: Nyeh. *pulls blankets up over head*
Mom: Okay, pretty sure that's a "no." God, you sleep in the weirdest positions.
Me: *incoherent grumbling, twists away from the door*
Mom: *hums and leaves*

Around eleven AM

Me: *stumbles into kitchen while towel-drying hair* Food...
Bam-Bam: *glued to window* Out.
Me: Sonuvabitch, why's it so damned bright... *puts on glasses* O_O
Bam-Bam: *paws at glass* OUT.
Me: *glues self to window* SNOW.
Bam-Bam: OUT.
Me: Whee, SNOW! *scoops up cat and goes to put in a Trans-Siberian Orchestra CD* It's gonna be a whiiiiite Chriiiiistmaaaaas...
Bam-Bam: But I wanna eat the white fluttery thingies outside!

Early this afternoon

Me: *locked up in room with a notepad and her cell phone**punches in a familiar number* Heya.
Billy: *incoherent grumbling*
Me: If you're going to cuss me out for waking you up, at least speak up so I can return the favor.
Billy: What do you want?
Me: Information on what you've got or will get Mom and Dad for Christmas so I can visit Amazon and do my gift-shopping.
Billy: Fine. *rattles off short list*
Me: Thank you!
Billy: Sooo... Any idea what they're getting us?
Me: Well, I know what they're getting you, and it's expensive enough that it'll be your only Christmas and birthday present. Me, probably a gift card to B&N or Borders. Money's tight this year.
Billy: Yeah, yeah, I know. Sooo... What are you getting me?
Me: If I could hit you, I would.

Couple of minutes ago

Me: I'm in pain.
Dad: I know.
Me: We're going to lose to the Seattle Seahawks.
Dad: A 2-10 team.
Me: Shame doesn't even begin to describe it.

EDIT 7:04 PM Two minutes ago

Me: What the fuck?
Dad: Yep.
Me: You mean we're going to WIN?
Dad: Looks that way.
Me: GodDAMN, why do they always do this to us?
Dad: We might even make the playoffs this year, they're tied with the Jets for first, I think.
I hate Macy's. I also hate their circulars, which always come with those God-awful perfume/cologne/whatever samples that stink up the house. They cause my chemical sensitivities to go haywire and not all the Advil, Tylenol, and NyQuil in the world can make the migraines and hyper-sensitivity to every other smell in the Goddamn world go the fuck away. OW, DAMNIT.

(I don't care how much Mom likes the deals she can find out about with those circulars. The next time one comes in the mail, I'm burning it.)

And yet still there were some amusing spots to the day.

Me: *huddled under a pile of blankets, sipping hot cocoa*
Jazz: *flopped in lap, snoring*
Mom: *pokes head into room* What are you watching?
Me: Sleeping Beauty.*
Mom: *raises eyebrow*
Me: It's pretty!
Mom: Mmmhmm.
Me: Maleficient is the best Disney villain ever!
Mom: Uh-huh.
Mom: Of course it is.
Mom: *raises other eyebrow*
Me: *hangs head* Maybe just a little.
Jazz: *snore*

A little later

Mom: What are you watching now?
Me: Bollywood musical.
Mom: Any plot?
Me: It's based on "White Nights" by Fyodor Dostoevsky.
Mom: Who?
Me: Wrote Crime and Punishment.
Mom: Oh. Any good?
Me: No idea, I never the short story and I hate Dostoevsky.
Mom: Ah.
Me: S'pretty, though.
Mom: Well, Bollywood.
Me: Yeah. Oooh, song and dance number, finally!
Jazz: Zzz...

A little bit ago

Mom: Hey, I think I saw the mail truck out the window.
Me: *whips head around* DID IT STOP HERE?
Mom: I think-
Me: *ZOOM*
Jazz: *is suddenly on the floor* Mrow!
Me: *zooms back in with a box* EEEE!
Mom: Eh?
Mom: Wha-
Mom: o_o;

*Anyone who knows me in RL (or, y'know, has my e-mail) can probably guess what my favorite song from this movie is.
Friday morning

Me: *stumbles down the stairs* Mom!
Mom: Still in the CD drawer!
Me: *rummaging* Burl Ives, John Williams and the Boston Pops, Dion DiMucci* - oohh, I totally need to listen to that, "King of the New York Streets" is ten different kinds of awesome - hey, Mom, I found your copy of Romanza!
Mom: YES!**
Me: Where is it, where is it... BANZAI! *dashes to the radio and pops in a CD*
Radio: *starts blaring out the dulcet tones of a full orchestra with electric guitars*
Me: I love you, TSO!

Friday afternoon

Mom: Errands! *herds children into car*
Billy: *grumble* Should have kept my mouth shut...
Skip: Highway?
Mom: *drops Billy off at Supercuts*
Skip: Highway now?
Me and Mom: *go to Staples to fax things and look at briefcases for Dad*
Skip: *grumbles*
Me and Mom: *get back in car*
Skip: Highway now?
Mom: *picks up Billy from Supercuts*
Skip: NOW?
Mom: *stops at Lambert's for fish and meat*
Skip: NOW?!
Mom: *drives home*
Skip: SON OF A- *says nasty things about Morrisey Boulevard and Dorchester in general*

This morning

Mom and Billy: *going down to the house on the Cape*
Me: *holding down the fort*
Bam-Bam: *possessed by Satan*
Me: *making herself lunch*
Bam-Bam: *running around like a maniac for no reason*
Me: *pops open a can of soda*
Me: O_O; *pokes head into dining room* Boomerang?
Bam-Bam: *covered in packing peanuts* I'm okay, I'm okay! WHEE, ZOOMY! *ZOOM*
Me: *tries to dodge*
Bam-Bam: *CRASH!*
Me: ...My shins. *whimpers*

Early this evening

Bam-Bam: *dead to the world*
Me: *playing World of Warcraft* Dum-de-dum, questing in Icecrown... All right, kill these cultist NPCs for the items I need. Huh, why is this a group quest? The mobs aren't elite... All righty, here we go!
Lailya: *carefully pulls a group of three NPCs*
Cultists: MUAHAHA! *mind blast for insane damage, burn away all mana and knock back into a group of about ten other enemies*
Lailya's felhunter: *dead in two hits* x_x
Lailya: *dead in five* OH, SON OF A- *swears loudly as she stomps back to her corpse*
Me: *jaw drops* What the hell just happened?
Billy: *leans over* Pwnage.
Me: *twitches* This. Means. WAAAAAAAR!!!
Lailya: *revives, manas up, cracks knuckles* You've asked for it, bitches. *takes out an Infernal Stone and starts a summoning spell*
Large meteor: *crashes into ground*
Cultist #1: That... can't be good.
Lailya's Gigantic Infernal: *rises from crater* ROAR!
Cultist #2: I don't think the Lich King's insurance covers death by fiery smash.
Cultist #3: Or vindictive Blood Elf warlock.
Lailya's Gigantic Infernal: *goes on killing spree*
Me: *cackles*

Three hours ago

Billy: We're getting Volkswagens for cars.
Me: Eh?
Billy: I'm getting a GTI. You're getting a Beetle.
Me: *under her breath* I'mma gonna call it Speirs.***
Billy: What was that?
Me: Muttering to self, please ignore.
Billy: *ignores*

*His CD Yo Frankie is something my dad would play on his beat-up old radio while he did odd jobs around the house, mostly building or fixing things. "I've Got to Get to You," "Drive All Night," "King of the New York Streets," and the whole rest of the CD are the sounds of my childhood.
**My mother is a huge Andrea Bocelli fan. Hell, so am I - his CDs are the other sounds of my childhood.
***You read that right, Speirs. It will be black. It will instill fear into the hearts of SUVs and hybrids everywhere. It will be my Cute Little Car of DEATH. Am I going to Hell? YOU BETCHA.
Hit level 80 on Lailya today. BOOYAH! Now I just need to finish the last non-daily quests I've got with her in Icecrown, including a rather longish chain, but that may take a bit of doing because they are nasty group quests which I cannot solo, for I am a squishy, cloth-wearing warlock. Draining souls can't help you if you're dead in two shots.

Mildly disappointed with the yearbook. My father was not impressed with the picture quality, and after dinner he broke out his high school senior yearbook from 1968 and entertained us with stories of his classmates. (My dad is a ham now and he was a ham then, if those pictures I saw were anything to go by. Snerk.)

Also, a bit of flailing on the part of me and my dear brother tonight.

TV: *showing CSI commercial*
Me and Billy: *barely paying attention*
TV: *Laurence Fishburne comes on*
Me and Billy: *whip around to stare at TV*
TV announcer: Laurence Fishburne joins CSI on December 11.
Billy: O_O
Me: Eeeee!
Billy: O_O!!
Me and Billy: *high-five*

Good times, good times.
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So, Billy's home for Thanksgiving and instead of taking a bus like he usually does, he hitched a ride home with four of his friends. Which led to an interesting bit of dinner conversation.

Billy: So, Ray-Ray took the T from the drop-off spot-
Me: Ray-Ray?
Billy: Rachel.
Me: With four guys?
Billy: She got shotgun. Girls always get shotgun.
Me: Where were you?
Billy: Sniper.
Me: Wha?
Billy: Back left. We made up names for the other spots.
Me: What's back right?
Billy: Pistol.
Me: Middle?
Billy: Bitch.

Mom and I promptly burst into hysterical laughter. Billy was smug.

(Also, I am totally using these car seat designations from now on. They are just AWESOME.)
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Turkey Day is coming! A quick recap of what that will be like:

Mom: *running around like a madwoman to get things finished*
Me: *fetching any and all items from wherever that Mom needs*
Dad and Billy: *elsewhere*
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade: *is ignored*
Dog show on after the parade: *is intensely scrutinized*
Mom: Dalmation! *cries*
Me: *patpat* I think the doberman looks good.
Dad: Nah, someone from the herding group, maybe.
Billy: Hell, what kind of dog is THAT?

And the day after Thanksgiving:

Me: *crawls downstairs* Mom?
Mom: Next to the radio!
Me: *pops a Trans-Siberian Orchestra CD into said radio*
Radio: *plays mixture of full orchestra with electric guitars*
Me: Aaaaah. "Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24." Been waiting eleven months for this. *starts humming along*

Also, Wednesday I go back to BLS to pick up my yearbook. I think. Maybe. Anyone have details on what you actually DO when you go back?

More ideas for Sav and Nora and the Watchers 'verse. Most involve our favorite supernatural exterminators babysitting Rhakunvar and Yalora's five hatchlings AKA Rainbow Bite. (Yeah, I went there.) Hilarity will ensue.

Right, time to make some lunch
dt_maxwell: ([Misc] Coffee)
Just sitting around in the morning:

Me: *checking e-mail, watching The Bonnie Hunt Show*
Mom: *checking e-mail, watching The Bonnie Hunt Show*
Bam-Bam: *sitting on the back of the couch, looking out the window, watching the birds* Reh.
Me: *looks up* What was that?
Bam-Bam: Reh-eh.
Mom: *turns to look at Bam-Bam* Squeaky.
Bam-Bam: Rowr-eh-reh!
Me: Really squeaky.
Bam-Bam: Reh!
Mom: He sounds so cute!
Me: I wanna hug him.
Bam-Bam: Reh-eh-eh!
While waiting for Mom to get ready to go out:

Me: *dressed and sprawled out on the couch while watching The View*
Jazz: *jumps onto chest, curls up*
Me: *wheeze* Jazz, I need to be leaving soon.
Jazz: *glare*
Me: Jazz.
Jazz: *glare*
Jazz: *glare of DOOM*
Me: *grumbles* No more watching Band of Brothers with you in my lap. *pets*
Jazz: *purrs*

While heading out to the car:

Me: *walking down the stairs* Damn, lots of birds to- oh my God.
Mom: *following* What? *sees, stares*
Mom: Get the hose!
Me: Not working!
Mom: Damnit! *runs inside to get wet papertowels*
Bam-Bam: *sitting in the kitchen window* Birds. Biiiiiiirds. Birdsbirdsbirdsbirds. Birds.

On the highway:

Skip: Yay, clean! Yay, zoomy! Zoomzoomzoom.
Me: IKEA, okay, fine. But MACY'S?! AGAIN?!
Mom: I have to return stuff!
Me: You were just there yesterday.

On the way home:

Mom: Want some Peppermint Bark from BJ's?
Me: The real question is, do I trust you to go to BJ's for one item and not leave with an overflowing carriage?
Mom: Umm...
Me: Home.

On the couch, updating LJ:

Me: *typing away*
Jazz: *flops in lap*
Jazz: *purrs*

*Um, yeah, I sort of nicknamed the car Skip. Sometimes I call it Skippy. Stop looking at me like that!



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