Dec. 29th, 2011 06:44 pm
Figured I should post something before the end of the year. *shrug*

So, last few months have been rough. Lots of stress with papers and exams. Came to despise Rise of China something fierce, but Con Law and Presidential Leadership more than made up for it. (Response to 9/11 is iffy; when the lectures were given by Kriner, it was awesome. When it was given by Crawford, it was...less so. Trying to engage a class of nearly two hundred just ain't going to work.) Law school applications still need polishing, but that's just a matter of BSing the "optional" essay about what about my background and experience adds to the diversity of the schools and blah blah blah.

Never have I been so happy to be home, let me tell you.

Had a bit of scare in early December. On Monday the 5th I was in the Law Auditorium waiting for the evening 9/11 panel to start when my heart started racing a mile a minute - I could feel the vibrations throughout my chest and abdominal cavities and my shirt was quite literally vibrating my heart was going so fast. My breathing was fine, but after twenty minutes my heart had barely slowed, so right before the panel started my best friend Nicole hauled me out of the auditorium and flagged down a cab on Comm Ave so I could get to the ER at Brigham and Women's.

Well, when you've got concerns about your heart, the ER people tend to move fast. They hooked me up to an EKG to take some readings and then found me a bed. Nicole showed up a few hours later after I gave her a call to update her and kept me company the rest of the night. (I'm one of those stubborn people who will stoically suffer in silence, but shit, my mother was on the Cape and an hour and a half away and I needed a familiar face. We'd been texting back and forth and Nicole had been asking, "Are you SURE you don't want me to come over?" for the hundredth time before I finally had a minor freak moment and said yes.) I'd called Mom as soon as I'd gotten to the hospital and the doctors had given me the first check up, and she was worried was fuck, of course, but Brigham and Women's is an excellent hospital, so being there helped keep her calm, and I called her regularly throughout the night to update her.

Doctors had no damn idea what was wrong. My heart was undoubtedly beating too quickly - it had slowed from its initial frantic pace, but it was still fast - but it was perfectly regular. They stuck an IV in me and did blood and urine tests, and gave me a lot of water to drink and an anti-anxiety pill. They thought it might have been caused by some combination of dehydration and stress, but they were baffled when I told I'd had a perfectly normal day, drank as much water as I usually did, and wasn't dealing with any more stressful things than was usual for end-of-term; the next theory was hyperthyroidism, which just made me grumpy because every blood test I've ever had has turned up normal results regarding my thyroid. They did a few other tests to be sure, including a CT scan to check for any potential blood clots, which came back negative. (I had registered as on the "high side of normal" on a blood test for clots, which the doctors quickly explained didn't mean I had any once they saw all the blood drain from my face and the heart monitor I was hooked up to beeped frantically, but in order to be one hundred percent sure they had to do the scan. I think Nicole was ready to hit one of them for freaking me out like that.)

Still, it took most of the night, even though the ER wasn't all that busy. *eyeroll* They finally released me at about 1:20AM, and luckily Nicole and I found an empty cab idling right outside that we took back to StuVi2; made it back at 1:30. I passed out for a solid eight hours (doctors gave me letters to show my professors that I'd been in the hospital the night before and was specifically instructed to take it easy for a day or two) before Mom drove up to Boston and took me to see my primary care physician for an immediate follow-up. My doctor dismissed the hyperthyroidism theory right out because of my previous test results, but ordered a blood test to be sure anyway because it never hurts to be thorough. Current working theory is the whole thing likely was a combination of dehydration and stress, but we'll never be entirely sure.

We also discussed some different medication options for me. I've been on the pill for a good six or seven years now for my polycystic ovary syndrome, but I wanted to get off it, especially since I've never been sexually active (go-go virgin powers! *waves pom-poms*). My doctor suggested Metformin - it's used to help treat type 2 diabetes, and Mom takes it for that purpose, but it's also used in PCOS treatment, so we figured it couldn't hurt to try. Only been on it a few days so far (wanted to wait to finish my last pack of the pill), but so far so good.

On a brighter note, Christmas was good. Got the latest Professor Layton game (fuck yeah, puzzles), a Kindle (the book-lover in me is horrified, but some of my books are just not very portable), awesome comfy socks (POLKA DOTS! Muahahah!), a swanky new scarf (I love scarves), and a fantasitcally awesome double-breasted military coat. I loooooooooove that coat!

Also, Star Wars: The Old Republic is just as awesome as I had hoped and dreamed and I love it so. I play a Sith Inquisitor (Assassin advanced class, Deception-spec, 'cause sneaking and stabbing is FUN!) named Tryphaena and I love her! :3 She is so much fun. I have as much fun playing her as I did Lailya, which is the gold standard by which I judge MMOs now. Oh, BioWare, how I love you. <3

All right, I think that covers the important bits. See y'all in the New Year!
Likely my last post of the year, unless I absolutely need to spaz about something later today or tomorrow.

Love my new laptop. LoveitloveitLOVEIT. Speirs is awesome. WoW runs beautifully - I think the only other machine in the house that could run it better is Billy's monster of a desktop - and the setup is clear and easy to navigate. And like I mentioned last time, the sound is GORGEOUS, even playing it through my headset! I loooooove my laptop. *smishes happily*

Christmas was awesome. Billy got me hardcover copy of the World of Warcraft: Ashbringer comic, which is really nice (and he practically flipped out over my gifts to him, so I know he's happy). Mom and Dad, though, RULED this year. They got me hardcover, AUTOGRAPHED copies of the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson and signed directly to me, with these messages: "Keep on writing!" and "May you never run out of atium!" I died and went to heaven. (The books also came with a beautiful pewter medallion showcasing Mistborn's allomatic metal table - see here.) However, I am hard-pressed to say if I love the autographed books most, as the parental units also got me a sweet Navy SEALs cap, which hasn't left my head since Christmas save for bedtime and showering. Just wearing this cap makes me feel like a badass.

To reiterate: Christmas was awesome!


WR150 Seminar: A-
First Semester Chinese: A
Calculus 1: A
Introduction to Comparative Politics: A
Semester GPA: 3.93
Cumulative GPA: 3.84

Why yes, I did indeed cackle like a witch when I saw all that. As well as did a cartwheel. (Billy did an excellent impression of a stranded fish. Dad was speechless. Mom was smug. The cats didn't care.)

Have most of my books for next semester purchased. (Already gave my sociobiology professor +100 respect points, he sent out a class-wide e-mail telling us flat out he didn't place an order with the BU bookstore because what they charge (and also what they offer for textbook buy-back) is highway robbery and just to go ahead and get everything from Amazon. Awesome.) Plotting crazy hi-jinks with Katie and Megan for when we get back to the dorm, mostly involving the use of foam fencing swords. It's gonna rule.

Very very excited about Band of Brothers being shown again on HBO on January 3. Billy's response to finding out? "You mean a birthday present from HBO? Excellent!" Well said, twin, well said.

Twenty on Monday. Ringing in the new year tomorrow night with a glass of Bailey's and possibly another snowstorm. Ah, New England.

Good times.


Dec. 25th, 2008 02:42 pm
Merry Christmas, everyone!

Small haul this year, but that's okay, watching Bam-Bam go nuts with the wrapping paper was nothing short of hysterical. Haul this year included Hellboy II (from [livejournal.com profile] predikit and it is SO FRICKIN' AWESOME), Bullitt (ooohhh, Steve McQueen and car chases, I am a happy fangirl!), a UMass t-shirt (that'll be interesting to explain at BU), a cozy red Red Sox zip-up sweater (warm and toasty!), black leather cowboy boots (they pinch a little, but I just need to stretch them out), and my favorite, a black Ascot cap! (Hat! Hathathat! Haaaaaat! Hat!)

Got some writing done today, too, so hopefully the first chapter of my mini space pirate epic will be posted soon. (No ETA, yet, y'all will just have to be patient.)

All right, Jazz is demanding snuggles, so it's time to indulge my kitty.

Also, HAT!


Dec. 16th, 2008 10:08 pm
Got my financial aid award from Boston University today. EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS IN GRANT MONEY FOR THE SEMESTER, YES. I love my brain, I really do. *pets it gently*

Worked on my Watchers Christmas story today (bickering, sugar highs, tinsel fights and more booze than you can shake a stick at) and a little bit on the Watchers glossary (why Upstairs is scary, why any mention of the Sidhe Wars of Succession make the Watchers cry, and just why Rhakunvar is a scary sumbitch). I'm hoping the story will be up sometime next week, hopefully just before Christmas, but I don't know if I'll post the glossary or not. Depends on if I get enough feedback on it.

Last of my ordered gifts arrived today, and they've been wrapped and hidden in my room until we get a tree set up. (We always get a tree rather late, plants tend not to last long in the house. Except the cacti. We couldn't kill those if we tried.)

Right, I still have some saltwater taffy to polish off. And a book to read (Empress by Karen Miller - review forthcoming upon finishing it).

...Holy shit, I turn nineteen in a little under three weeks. o_o;


Dec. 7th, 2008 06:26 pm
Sometime this morning

Mom: *pokes head into the room* Honey, Dad and I are going to BJ's. Want anything?
Me: Nyeh. *pulls blankets up over head*
Mom: Okay, pretty sure that's a "no." God, you sleep in the weirdest positions.
Me: *incoherent grumbling, twists away from the door*
Mom: *hums and leaves*

Around eleven AM

Me: *stumbles into kitchen while towel-drying hair* Food...
Bam-Bam: *glued to window* Out.
Me: Sonuvabitch, why's it so damned bright... *puts on glasses* O_O
Bam-Bam: *paws at glass* OUT.
Me: *glues self to window* SNOW.
Bam-Bam: OUT.
Me: Whee, SNOW! *scoops up cat and goes to put in a Trans-Siberian Orchestra CD* It's gonna be a whiiiiite Chriiiiistmaaaaas...
Bam-Bam: But I wanna eat the white fluttery thingies outside!

Early this afternoon

Me: *locked up in room with a notepad and her cell phone**punches in a familiar number* Heya.
Billy: *incoherent grumbling*
Me: If you're going to cuss me out for waking you up, at least speak up so I can return the favor.
Billy: What do you want?
Me: Information on what you've got or will get Mom and Dad for Christmas so I can visit Amazon and do my gift-shopping.
Billy: Fine. *rattles off short list*
Me: Thank you!
Billy: Sooo... Any idea what they're getting us?
Me: Well, I know what they're getting you, and it's expensive enough that it'll be your only Christmas and birthday present. Me, probably a gift card to B&N or Borders. Money's tight this year.
Billy: Yeah, yeah, I know. Sooo... What are you getting me?
Me: If I could hit you, I would.

Couple of minutes ago

Me: I'm in pain.
Dad: I know.
Me: We're going to lose to the Seattle Seahawks.
Dad: A 2-10 team.
Me: Shame doesn't even begin to describe it.

EDIT 7:04 PM Two minutes ago

Me: What the fuck?
Dad: Yep.
Me: You mean we're going to WIN?
Dad: Looks that way.
Me: GodDAMN, why do they always do this to us?
Dad: We might even make the playoffs this year, they're tied with the Jets for first, I think.
Bad accents aside, I present to one and all my Christmas haul! (Rhyming not intended.)

Dragon! Guardian of Dragon Pass Sculpture (It's a tradition.)
Treasure of the Dragon Pendant (*wearing it now*)
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (So. Fucking. AWESOME!)
Bleach volume 1 (Squee!)
The Phantom of the Opera (SQUEE!!!)
A Nintendo DS Lite - Onyx (O_O!!!)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Dungeon (I'm an Eevee, my partner's a Pikachu, AND THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST AWESOME POKEMON GAMES EVER.)
Age of Empire: The Age of Kings (FOR THE DS. *nerdgasm*)
Age of Empires III (*cries happily* My precious! MY PRECIOUS!)
Rise of Nations Gold Edition (O_O *keels over in shock at teh awesome*)
CSI: The Ultimate Guide (Inner Geek = Uber Happy)
Battle: A Visual Journey Through 5,000 Years of Combat (Inner Geek = Dead of Bliss)
Japanese Prints (SO. PRETTY.)
A pair of knee-high, zip-up leather boots (Sexy as HELL)
A leather jacket
A purple (!!) Boston Red Sox cap
Three comfy sweaters (one light blue, one purple, one black)
Two uber-soft and comfy bathrobes
A Chinese porcelain dinnerware set (including actual wooden laquer chopsticks!)
And a hundred bucks for manga purchases

Glee. Such an awesome haul this year. And for dinner, we had PRIME RIB. It was delicious and the meat almost literally melted in the mouth and we had leftovers for lunch today and there's STILL enough for munchies the rest of the week. Big hunk of prime rib. God bless cows.

Come to me, AoE III! *pounces on her precious*



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