Feb. 19th, 2011 02:43 pm
I have a purring, snuggly, fluffy Bam-Bam curled in my lap. All is right with the world.
Spent most of the day down on the Cape, didn't get home until about seven. Scribbled down stuff in my notebook for the pirate story on the drive down, grumbled angrily about the haphazard shelving practices of my family as I tried to rearrange the bookshelves, and read Wraith Squadron by Aaron Allston on the drive home. Fun times.

(Billy was reading Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn in the backseat. Sign you've successfully gotten your twin brother to read something: he reads specific quotes aloud. Score one for me, especially since he's never even thought about picking up a Star Wars EU book before. I can probably thank the Star Wars: The Old Republic forums for that; he asked me about the first Star Wars books written and released about a week ago after trolling the forums for an hour.)

Gorged myself on strawberries after getting home, returned a call from the editor of the Ashmont Outlook (they're more than happy to put in a short article about Petey and just needed a cleaner image of her to put with the article, so I got the editor's e-mail and sent it off to her), read a few more pages of my book, and then logged on.

Perhaps I should take a nap.
Right, so, still no Beep. We're going to expand our poster reach by putting up posters at both the Super Stop & Shop off Morrissey Boulevard and the Shaws in Lower Mills, stopping off at the Neponset Pet Center again to talk to the techs (much more likely to see Beep than the front desk people) and ask one of them to put a poster up in the back so the vets can see it, dropping by Angell Memorial with a fresh poster (Mom needs some blood work done so we'll be in the area anyway), and maybe-possibly the post office down the ways on Washington Street. We're also looking into putting adverts in both the Ashmont Outlook (which is a monthly newsletter that circulates only in Ashmont Hill) and the Dorchester Reporter (the weekly newsletter that circulates all throughout Dorchester, duh). We especially want the posters up at the supermarkets because of their high traffic profiles (people gotta eat, y'know) and the Reporter; the more people see Beep's picture and our contact information, the better.

And now on to other topics, 'cause I desperately need to get my mind on happier things.

On the writing front, I've been doing some massive rehauling of my Heaven'n'Hell 'verse. For one thing I've chucked an entire class of demon because they bore too much resemblance to the Harpies from Anne Bishop's Black Jewels series. On t' other hand I still find the idea of vengeance demons incredibly awesome and decided to use the Erinyes (better known as the Furies) for my own devious purposes, and tweaked them to suit my setting (and enrage classical scholars the world over). Most of the tweaking involved making them a species with both males and females rather than just females, although with a definite matriarchal bent.

Of the new characters that waltzed into my head following this reorganizing of Hell, the most prominent was Thanatos, Dranyari's big brother type figure and the eldest son of the Erinyes Queen, Alecto. Blatant bastardization of Greek mythology? You betcha! But that's how he introduced himself and I wasn't inclined to argue.

Thanatos will also firmly remain Dran's big brother figure (as well her regular drinking buddy and partner in crime); I briefly toyed with the idea of some romantic element between Dran and another character (not Eitan), and then promptly made said idea die in a fire. Romance? In Hell? If I couldn't suspend my disbelief, there was no chance I could make any potential readers do so, either.

Speaking of readers...

So. Many. Books. I want. To read!

Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson: It's Brandon Sanderson, I'm already in love with this book. Elantris was fantastic, I'm still spazzing like a loon over the Mistborn trilogy and it's effing Brandon Sanderson! This man's world-building skills leave me speechless and the summary for this book makes me wiggle in my seat and giggle hysterically. It's not coming out for another week and I want it NOW.

Santa Olivia by Jacqueline Carey: It's Jacqueline Carey! While admittedly I've gotten very, very behind with her Kushiel series (I still need to read Kushiel's Justice and Kushiel's Mercy, and now Naamah's Kiss is nearly out...), I love her writing style, and I'm really interested to see where Carey goes with this. It's a far cry from her Kushiel books: werewolves plus comicbook-style superheroes. Oh hell yes. It sounds like a fun read and I wants it, precious, yes.

Dragon Rule by E.E. Knight: FUCK YES MORE AGE OF FIRE BOOKS! Admittedly it's not coming out until December 1 and there isn't even cover art up yet much less a summary, BUT THERE IS NO DOUBT IN MY MIND THAT THIS BOOK WILL ROCK MY SOCKS OFF. Draaaaaagons. *makes grabby hands*

Tales from the Perilous Realm by J.R.R. Tolkien: I had no damned idea this was out until I saw it waaaay down the line on my Amazon "Recommended for You" list and I was mad as hell because holy crap, it's TOLKIEN and it came out in NOVEMBER. Four Tolkien novellas I have been dying to read ever since I started fangirling Tolkien? HELL. YES. (I'm not entirely sure I'm all that excited about "The Adventures of Tom Bombadil," which is a poem, but oh my God, "Farmer Ham of Giles" and "Leaf by Niggle"!)

The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun by J.R.R. Tolkien: ...Do I really need to say more?

Norse Code by Greg Van Eekhout: Fun with Norse mythology! Steven Burst speaks highly of him, plus a renegade valkyrie? Hell yeah! Good old urban fantasy fun. Sounds like my cup of tea.

Traitor to the Crown: The Patriot Witch by C.C. Finlay: First of a series; is to the American Revolution as the Temeraire series is to the Napoleonic Wars, except no dragons. That's cool, gimme a copy! Sounds pretty damn awesome, plus I'm of the opinion the American Revolution needs a bit more love in the alternate history department.

*sighs happily* Books.


May. 24th, 2009 07:16 pm
Beep's still missing. No calls since the Friday one saying they saw her Thursday night. Trying to remain upbeat and hopeful (most of the neighborhood is keeping an eye out for her and working under the assumption that you see her, you GRAB HER), but it's getting hard. Dad hasn't done a damn thing to help since Beep went missing, Billy hasn't done a damn thing to help since he's gotten home, and Mom's starting spouting pessimism so badly I just leave the room every time she brings the subject up. I've been doing at least three walk arounds of the neighborhood daily by myself since at least Wednesday. I'm pretty much in tears by the time I get back home because I just want some fucking help.

Updated the posters to say "still lost" as of tomorrow's date, when I'll go around the neighborhood to put them up and replace the old ones that have ever gone missing, are falling off, or were torn off.

Should ask Dad to bring up my paperback copies of the Firebringer Trilogy next time he's down at the Cape house. I'm due for a reread of 'em and maybe reading them will cheer me up a bit. Probably not, but I just need to get my mind off this.

Should go do another walk around in a bit.
I am so strangling that cat when we find her, I swear.

Beep was apparently spotted last night heading up Mellen Street, crossing Ocean, and going between the houses to Alban. The person who saw her did not call until 10 this morning; on t' other hand, Mom and I went down Alban Street last night calling for Beep and we got nothing.

So she is definitely in the area; Mom and I were starting to think she'd left the Ashmont neighborhood and headed over to Bailey Street or Fuller, and if she had chances are we would have never found her. So I spent about a good five or so hours canvassing the neighborhood today, calling for Beep and talking to people I met on the street (and giving them posters - I always carry a folder of them with me so I can hand them out and they'll have both her picture and our phone numbers at the ready if they should spot her) and asking them to grab and hold onto her should they see her.

I'll probably go out again in a bit, once I get my second wind back and I chug a few more bottles of water and Gatorade. Right now I'm alternating between putting my poor feet up on a pillow on the coffee table and dunking them in a tub of water I dragged over. Ugh, I'm so fucking exhausted, and Mom and I are about ready to kill Dad and Billy for not helping us out.

Fuck, I need a nap.
dt_maxwell: ([Animals] Baby Eater)
Well, someone saw Beep yesterday.

She was apparently close to the Alban Street cross section and crossing to that side of Ashmont and from the other and apparently coming up from the direction of Dorchester Avenue. Cue Ma and I panicking for a moment because Dot Ave is a VERY busy street and nothing good can come of Beep being anywhere near the place. (We talked to one of the homeowners on that part of Ashmont on our morning walk around today and she said there's a "cat alley" near the side of her house, so Beep probably wasn't coming up from Dot Ave when she was seen but STILL.)

The person who called said Beep was clearly one confused little cat and actually stopped in the middle of the street at one point (BEEP YOU MORON GET OUTTA THE STREET). This was apparently at around 1:30, two o'clock in the afternoon, and the person called at three, while Mom and I were out putting more posters up. They did NOT call the cell phone, for some reason, otherwise Mom and I would have rushed over to Alban immediately. As it was, we didn't get the message until 6.

On the bright side, Beep's still in the area, and the posters are obviously working because a lot of people we ran into on the morning walk around today have said they are keeping an eye out for her. (Thank GOD that cat comes when called, it's about the only thing working in our favor right now.) We're putting up new rounds of posters on some of the side streets we missed and replacing ones that have suddenly gone missing, with a new message on the posters that says, "Please hold on to her if found!" (I'm also writing it in on the old posters with a sharpie.)

(Beep was apparently also spotted by the same person who saw her yesterday on Saturday on Mellen Street - the day of the huge neighborhood-wide yard sale where everyone and their grandmother flooded Ashmont, and Mellen Street's one of the side streets not a block from the house - and again on Sunday on Roslin Street, before we managed to get the posters up. WE LIVE ON THE CROSS SECTION OF OCEAN AND ROSLIN. DAMNIT, BEEP, YOUR SENSE OF DIRECTION IS WORSE THAN MOM'S.)

Here's a picture of the cat who's giving us so much damn grief:


At least Billy's coming home today, we desperately need a third person to help cover more ground.

I'm going to strangle that cat when she comes home.
So I'm waiting for the Sox game to come on at ten by watching the Cubs lose to the Dodgers while eating Edy's ice cream. (Cubbies, COME ON. You want that ring, WORK FOR IT. Don't get shown up by the Official Team of the Retirement Home of the Boston Red Sox.*) I hate it when the Sox play on the West Coast, it screws up my internal clock; the regular season lulls me into complacency with most games starting at seven.

Took Jazz to the vet today, she's already doing better, although I'm not looking forward to giving her her medicine. I ended up footing the bill ($426.02) and yeah, it hurt signing that check. (Mom looked smug, Dad laughed when we told him about it.) Adulthood sucks at times.

And since we were in the area, we got Chinese takeout from Chef Chang's (the route Mom took convinced me Brookline is just a less confusing and frustrating younger sibling of Cambridge with all its damn one-way streets) and zipped on home. Good food, but inevitably I am hungry again. Time to go make myself a bagel.

*All credit for this Dodgers' nickname goes to one of the great folks over at [livejournal.com profile] redsox. Can't quite remember who...
Well, I did manage to get that mess of a research paper done (thank God), so now it's time to speak of other things.

Like the new cat.

Most of you know that my family has seven cats. We used to have a dog, too, Tango, but we had to put him down the day before Thanksgiving due to acute kidney failure. We miss the big sweetheart (my cat Jazz got really clingy after and she pined for a long time), and he's currently sitting on the mantle in a big red box, but it still felt like something was missing.

Well, my mom and I usually leave a plate of food out for some of the stray cats that hang around in the morning before we're off to school. And one day we notice this new cat a week before February break, an orange one that looks startlingly like Dinky, except he has less white on his face and his nose is brown. He was really cute, but the first time he saw us he ran off. We thought it'd take months for him to get used to us so we could bring him to the shelter.

Two days later he's running mell-pell towards us, throwing himself against our legs, and begging for pettings. It was hysterical.

He gradually wormed his way inside a week later, as we had some really big cold snaps, so we put him on the enclosed porch with a litter box and some food and water. His friendliness and ability to use the litter box right away convinced us he may have been a domestic cat abandoned by his old owners.

So Ma took him to the vet, where he was pronounced healthy and with very clean ears for a stray and no fleas. And apparently he purred all during the check-up, he was so happy to have some attention. We think he's a little older than six months, but not more than a year because he doesn't have the build of an adult male. Still kittenish.

We're calling him Bam-Bam. He's probably the sweetest cat we've ever owned. He loves to snuggle and be picked up, doesn't claw, and doesn't struggle when he wants to get down, just waits patiently. When he's not sleeping in some odd contorted position, he's running around like mad, playing with rubber bands, string, the water in his dish (he gets very excited when he drinks, gets water all over himself), and chasing the other cats (he scares the crap out of them when he pounces). Considering the other seven cats are antisocial to varying degrees, snobby, and apathetic (except when it comes to food), this is a very nice change. Bam-Bam also seems to have an extra paw-pad: on his left front food seems to have an extra pad growing from it, complete with extra toes, but it doesn't seem to bother him and he walks and runs about very normally.

Took us eight tries, but we have a normal cat at last.

And now for pictures!

Prepare yourselves, for you are going to be squealing and cooing like MAD. Every time I see him I turn into this burbling puddle of starry-eyed goo. )

In some not-so-great-news, my mom's been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. She was in the hospital for a few days this week (originally she was admitted because she had really high blood pressure), and she threatened to break out more than once because she was going stir-crazy. Mostly she just has to be careful of just what she eats and how much of it, and she has to take insulin, but she seems to be doing okay. Mostly we just have to comfort her when she realizes she can't eat much chocolate anymore (a crime against nature), and she has to cut back on the bread (a crime in general, because what Italian doesn't like her bread and pasta?).

Not the best week in the world for me, but not too bad overall.

And I still haven't heard back from any colleges. Dammit.



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