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Taking a quick break from my research paper (just hit the fifteen page minimum and I am still not done! Woohoo!) to share the hilarity myself and some friends on Facebook (and by friends I mean people I actually know and have seen in person) are indulging in regarding what the weather in Boston is going to be like this week.

Some gems include:
  • "New England: where in the morning you wear a parka and have the heat in the car on high, and in the afternoon you wear shorts and have the air conditioning blasting away!"
  • "This week we will be experiencing highs in the high 80s AND the low 50s. Welcome to New England, where the forecasts are made up and the seasons don't matter!"
  • "I'm Drew Carey and I'll be your host today. The first game is called "holy fuck I would have worn shorts today had there not been a layer of snow on the ground.""
Oh, Boston. As much as I bitch about you, never change, my love, never change. 
French Toast Alert Level: High Heavy snow predicted. Harvey Leonard breaks into huge grin, can't keep his hands off the weather map. Proceed at speed limit before snow starts to nearest supermarket to pick up two gallons of milk, a couple dozen eggs and two loaves of bread - per person in household.

(Sounds about right. Anyway.)

I have lived in Boston my entire life and I've never seen us get hit by so much snow by the start of February.

I'm done with classes for the day, thank goodness, so I'm currently ensconced at the table in my apartment's common area, staring out over snow-covered Cambridge, the frozen Charles, the slushy mess that is the MassPike, and the university-owned Bobcats trying to desperately keep the Aggannis Arena parking lot and back road for the BU Shuttle clear. Am still profoundly glad the BUS is still running as I haven't spotted a single city-operated plow on Comm Ave all day and trying to cross the BU bridge on a good day is already a terrifying endeavor, never mind when the snow's piling up, the crosswalks aren't cleared, and the roads haven't been salted or sanded.

Oh, Boston. Getting punched in the stomach today and due for a kick in the balls tomorrow. Of course, I keep hearing that this is what winters were like back in the '70s and '80s, so I'm just going to chalk this up to a return to normalcy and smirk viciously at anyone obviously not from New England who starts bitching and moaning in public about the weather.

Oh my God, just read that Cambridge's snow emergency isn't going into effect until eight TONIGHT. That means they don't have any plowing or sanding going on. Oh, Cambridge, giving me yet another reason to be thankful I don't live within your borders.

Wondering why they don't just dump all this snow in the harbor instead of taking it to "snow farms" to melt. I mean, yeah, salt and chemical pollutants from the road and whatnot, but the snow melt is going to end up in the ground water which is going to go to storm drains which will dump it all in Boston Harbor, so save some of the state's rapidly-dwindling snow removal budget and shove it into the harbor. Geez.

And the tea kettle is whistling at me angrily, so it's time for some Earl Grey goodness.

EDIT (12:14 PM): No longer friends locking my journal, though anonymous commenting is still disabled. You don't scare me anymore, Internet.
Today is a lovely day celebrated by all Bay Staters (and Mainers, 'cause Maine belonged to us until 1820, and some habits are hard to break) known as Patriots' Day. On this day we commemorate the Battles of Lexington and Concord that began the American Revolution (although technically that was yesterday) and we do it with no school, an 11 AM home game at Fenway, and the world's oldest and most famous marathon, which is also the reason why today is Marathon Monday.

I can actually see parts of the route on Beacon Street from my room. Glee.

Ah, Boston, you know how to throw a party. <3
No WoW-tastic-ness yet (soon, soon, I promise!), as right now I need to take the time to vent about the ever-increasing trainwreck that is the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) and public transportation (the T) in Boston. And so follows the Saturday afternoon/evening trials and tribulations of one college student just trying to get the hell home.

After leaving the Warren Towers dormitory
Me: *quickly crosses street to get to the Boston University East stop on the Green Line "B" track* Let's see, one of the trolleys was just here ten minutes ago, I believe, so it shouldn't be too long of a wait for the next one!

Twenty minutes later
Everyone on platform: *freezing cold and growling*
Outbound trolleys: *have gone by twice*
Me: Hey, inbound trolley!
Everyone: YAY!
Inbound trolley: *zooms past*
Everyone: *jaws drop*
Conductor: That...wasn't supposed to be an express trolley.
Everyone: *proceed to shout curses at and flip off passing trolley*

Ten minutes later
Inbound trolley: *stops*
Everyone: *snarl*
Inbound trolley: O_O *shivers*

At Arlington station some four stops later
Me: *dozing while standing up*
T announcer: The destination of this train is Park Street.
Everyone else: But... It says Government Center...
Me: *cracks eye open* Lucky for me Park Street's where I need to go.

At Park Street
Me: *descending to Red Line subway level* Almost home... *walks to other end of platform away from where everyone else is bunched in order to grab a seat on a mostly-empty car*
Train: *approaches*
Me: Hm, Braintree train, don't want to go to Braintree, duh. I'll wait for next one. *settles down on a bench and takes out a book*
T announcer: There is no service to Ashmont.
Me: .... *walks over to nearest concrete pillar and proceeds to bang her head against it*
T announcer: If Ashmont is your destination, please disembark at JFK/UMass. There will be shuttle service between JFK and Ashmont.
Me: Oh fuck THAT, there isn't enough money in the world to convince me to put my life in the hands of Boston bus drivers. *fishes around in her pocket for her cell phone* Dad's nearly home anyway, maybe he can swing by JFK to pick me up.

A little more than thirty minutes later
Me: *muttering under her breath as she leaves the JFK station* Jesus H. Christ, talk about Murphy's fucking Law...
Dad: *pulls up in his pick-up and waves*
Me: ;_; Home now, please?

Ooohh, Boston. You chew me up and spit me out on a regular basis and yet I still love you. I'm pretty sure I should be in therapy because of that.


Feb. 14th, 2007 10:43 am
Jesus Christ, I hope Mayor Menino and School Superintendent Contompasis are getting massive amounts of hateful phone calls from outraged parents.

The BPS is probably the only damned school system that isn't closed. Fucking Hell, people, a bad storm isn't determined by the amount of snow on the ground! There are high winds, it's warm enough that it's SLEETING, and the temperature could drop any minute and cause EVERYTHING to freeze over! It's dangerous out there!

I'm not in school because my mom wasn't willing to risk the roads, and my dad was in full agreement, nevermind the fact that if we'd left at seven I more than likely wouldn't have gotten to school until 9 or 10. The roads weren't even plowed until 9, which would have made driving worse since that means they probably still haven't been salted/sanded, and nevermind the accidents the moronic drivers of Boston would cause every three feet (especially on the damned Jamaica Way). Dad's current jobsite is down in Falmouth, and he knows every south-bound route out of Boston, and he couldn't LEAVE Boston because there were so many accidents involving tractor-trailers that were blocking the highways!

THIS IS BAD DRIVING WEATHER. What the fuck was the city thinking?! I'm willing to bet that the T was screwed up badly, and then there are the teachers from out of town! WHAT THE HELL, CONTOMPASIS?!




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