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So I'm taking a quick break from paper writing just to get my feels out, because I have a lot of them right now.

End of college stress and start of law school - this past weekend was me and Mom running around getting paperwork together so I could mail it en mass Monday - and holy God, I am graduating on May 20. My last day of classes was yesterday, tomorrow is the Senior Breakfast, I turn in my last paper Friday, my last final is next Wednesday (only two, thank God), then Senior Week (I bought tickets for the whale watch and the Sox game), and then Commencement.

Mother of God.

I don't think it's quite hit me yet - too caught up in the stress of papers, I'm sure. But I'm also going to law school and Mom came up Saturday to drop some stuff off for me and I was just sitting in the car with her and chatting and I suddenly started shaking and crying and God. It's scary, in a way.

I got un-wait-listed by Brooklyn Law School (Dad was...not amused when he realized what its acronym is; admittedly Mom and I had been waiting for him to notice with amused trepidation), and I have to admit the place is kind of amazing. Expensive, yeah, but that's because they have guaranteed housing for first year law students. In Brooklyn Heights. Just a short walk from the law school itself, so I don't have to worry about transportation costs, and their new(ish, it opened in 2005) apartment building is fucking gorgeous and has furnished apartments. I freely admit that not having to worry about housing the first year is one of the school's biggest draws (something Mom admitted to, as well), but the program's damn awesome, and if the financial aid package is any good and I don't hear from BC Law about being taken off their wait list, it looks like I'll be living in Brooklyn this fall.

Excited and terrified, it's all I can say about that.

Trying to maintain my sanity by scrolling through silly Tumblr blogs (haven't gotten my own Tumblr, because like I need to fully immerse myself in that level of crack) and listening to music and writing out Mistwrought scribbles and playing WoW (yes, I fell off the wagon; no, I don't regret it, because I missed my guildmates something fierce) and following news about The Avengers because RDJ in all his snarky glory and the adorableness that is Tom Hiddleston just make me happy and I really need some happy right now.

I also need a hug.

And now I should probably bullshit the last hundred words for this damn religion paper so I can concentrate on the nine pages I need to churn out for my anthropology research paper.

So I've been pretty busy of late, but I just wanted to leave a quick update because I'm actually feeling pretty good today, and I forgot to do this when it actually happened because I was really distracted and then was fighting The Cold From Hell for a solid week, so updating here slipped my mind.

So! Because I'm still riding the high from finding out:


On the evening of February 17, I was at home on the Cape when I was checking my e-mail on the phone. I noticed I had just received something from Villanova University School of Law, and tapped it, curious.

"Congratulations on your acceptance into Villanova University School of Law!"

The following is a rough estimate of what happened next:

Me: O_O Mom!
Mom: Hang on!
Me: MOM!
Mom: One second-
Mom: WHAT?!
Mom: sdlkfjasl;dkfjslksdjf OMG *CLING* OF COURSE YOU GOT IN!
Me: :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dad: *on the phone* One moment, Jerry, my daughter just got into law school. I'll call you back. *hangs up, dials Grandpa*
Grandpa: *at a loss for words (which never happens), but obviously choked with pride*
Mom: Call your brother!
Facebook: *fifty bajillion likes*
Me: *starts dancing around the kitchen* I got into law school, I got into law school, I got into law school~.
Mom: :D
Cats: ...?
Dad: So, can I start drawing up a list of people I'd like you to sue?
Me: Yes.
Dad: >:)

Besides Villanova, I've only heard back from American University (waitlisted), so I've got ten more law schools to hear back from. But my first response was an acceptance, so I am guaranteed somewhere to go this fall!

I got into law school, I got into law school, I got into law school~


Dec. 29th, 2011 06:44 pm
Figured I should post something before the end of the year. *shrug*

So, last few months have been rough. Lots of stress with papers and exams. Came to despise Rise of China something fierce, but Con Law and Presidential Leadership more than made up for it. (Response to 9/11 is iffy; when the lectures were given by Kriner, it was awesome. When it was given by Crawford, it was...less so. Trying to engage a class of nearly two hundred just ain't going to work.) Law school applications still need polishing, but that's just a matter of BSing the "optional" essay about what about my background and experience adds to the diversity of the schools and blah blah blah.

Never have I been so happy to be home, let me tell you.

Had a bit of scare in early December. On Monday the 5th I was in the Law Auditorium waiting for the evening 9/11 panel to start when my heart started racing a mile a minute - I could feel the vibrations throughout my chest and abdominal cavities and my shirt was quite literally vibrating my heart was going so fast. My breathing was fine, but after twenty minutes my heart had barely slowed, so right before the panel started my best friend Nicole hauled me out of the auditorium and flagged down a cab on Comm Ave so I could get to the ER at Brigham and Women's.

Well, when you've got concerns about your heart, the ER people tend to move fast. They hooked me up to an EKG to take some readings and then found me a bed. Nicole showed up a few hours later after I gave her a call to update her and kept me company the rest of the night. (I'm one of those stubborn people who will stoically suffer in silence, but shit, my mother was on the Cape and an hour and a half away and I needed a familiar face. We'd been texting back and forth and Nicole had been asking, "Are you SURE you don't want me to come over?" for the hundredth time before I finally had a minor freak moment and said yes.) I'd called Mom as soon as I'd gotten to the hospital and the doctors had given me the first check up, and she was worried was fuck, of course, but Brigham and Women's is an excellent hospital, so being there helped keep her calm, and I called her regularly throughout the night to update her.

Doctors had no damn idea what was wrong. My heart was undoubtedly beating too quickly - it had slowed from its initial frantic pace, but it was still fast - but it was perfectly regular. They stuck an IV in me and did blood and urine tests, and gave me a lot of water to drink and an anti-anxiety pill. They thought it might have been caused by some combination of dehydration and stress, but they were baffled when I told I'd had a perfectly normal day, drank as much water as I usually did, and wasn't dealing with any more stressful things than was usual for end-of-term; the next theory was hyperthyroidism, which just made me grumpy because every blood test I've ever had has turned up normal results regarding my thyroid. They did a few other tests to be sure, including a CT scan to check for any potential blood clots, which came back negative. (I had registered as on the "high side of normal" on a blood test for clots, which the doctors quickly explained didn't mean I had any once they saw all the blood drain from my face and the heart monitor I was hooked up to beeped frantically, but in order to be one hundred percent sure they had to do the scan. I think Nicole was ready to hit one of them for freaking me out like that.)

Still, it took most of the night, even though the ER wasn't all that busy. *eyeroll* They finally released me at about 1:20AM, and luckily Nicole and I found an empty cab idling right outside that we took back to StuVi2; made it back at 1:30. I passed out for a solid eight hours (doctors gave me letters to show my professors that I'd been in the hospital the night before and was specifically instructed to take it easy for a day or two) before Mom drove up to Boston and took me to see my primary care physician for an immediate follow-up. My doctor dismissed the hyperthyroidism theory right out because of my previous test results, but ordered a blood test to be sure anyway because it never hurts to be thorough. Current working theory is the whole thing likely was a combination of dehydration and stress, but we'll never be entirely sure.

We also discussed some different medication options for me. I've been on the pill for a good six or seven years now for my polycystic ovary syndrome, but I wanted to get off it, especially since I've never been sexually active (go-go virgin powers! *waves pom-poms*). My doctor suggested Metformin - it's used to help treat type 2 diabetes, and Mom takes it for that purpose, but it's also used in PCOS treatment, so we figured it couldn't hurt to try. Only been on it a few days so far (wanted to wait to finish my last pack of the pill), but so far so good.

On a brighter note, Christmas was good. Got the latest Professor Layton game (fuck yeah, puzzles), a Kindle (the book-lover in me is horrified, but some of my books are just not very portable), awesome comfy socks (POLKA DOTS! Muahahah!), a swanky new scarf (I love scarves), and a fantasitcally awesome double-breasted military coat. I loooooooooove that coat!

Also, Star Wars: The Old Republic is just as awesome as I had hoped and dreamed and I love it so. I play a Sith Inquisitor (Assassin advanced class, Deception-spec, 'cause sneaking and stabbing is FUN!) named Tryphaena and I love her! :3 She is so much fun. I have as much fun playing her as I did Lailya, which is the gold standard by which I judge MMOs now. Oh, BioWare, how I love you. <3

All right, I think that covers the important bits. See y'all in the New Year!


Oct. 5th, 2011 08:59 pm
Today was a day of complete and utter suck.

Somehow - and I honestly have no idea how - I ended up falling and twisting my ankle walking down the two steps to get to the idling BU Shuttle. I wasn't in a rush, the shuttle wasn't leaving for another five minutes, the steps weren't wet and my boots had tread on them anyway, so I don't know what the fuck happened. I thought I was fine, I'd walk it off, no big deal.

Get to central campus, realize this hurts like a bitch, drop by the Campus Convenience store in the GSU to buy an Ace bandage, then go to the law auditorium to wait for my Response to 9/11 class to start. Sore as hell.

Midway through the class, my foot hurt like almighty hell.

After class, have half an hour until my Presidential Leadership midterm and I manage to find a place to sit and elevate my foot. Felt a bit better. Managed to keep my foot elevated during the midterm. Don't want to think about the midterm, I really, really don't.

Took the T back to West Campus to go to Student Health Services. (My friend Nicole helped me hobble across the street.) Definitely strained/sprained/whatever something, but my ankle wasn't broken, which was good, but I had enough trouble putting my weight on my foot they gave me crutches. Also, since there were a few spots near my toes that were really tender, they wanted me to get some x-rays just to be sure nothing was broken, but the clinic across the street was closed so I'd have to go to the Boston Medical Center in the South End.


So, get my crutches, hobble home to StuVi2 (with Nicole as escort again). Go up to my room, go the bathroom, grab my wallet (and triple check that yes, my insurance card IS in the damn thing), double check that I've got the x-ray order, and hobble down to the shuttle stop (hah), because one of the shuttle stops is right smack dab in the BU Medical Campus where the BMC is. Managed to find the correct building (crossing wide Boston streets on crutches ain't fun, let me tell you), checked in at radiology, got my x-rays taken, hobbled back to the shuttle stop, went home.

So it's been a long, exhausting day and my foot is still sore as fuck and I've got a hell of a bruise forming. Best I can do now is keep using the Ace bandage, apply ice liberally, keep the foot elevated, and pop Aleve like candy.

And I thought yesterday had been an emotional roller coaster. October has not been my month at all.
Well. Took the LSAT yesterday. Went about as well as could be expected and on the bright side I was in one of the nice 1L classrooms, with a comfy chair and lots of elbow and table room, and the temperature in the room was just perfect with excellent lighting. Was very relieved about my room assignment, I'd been dreading being stuck in the Law Auditorium - I've had classes in there before and my God does the auditorium suck.

So one less thing to worry about, especially since October is going to be the Month of Suck. Why? Let's take a look.

October 5: First Presidential Leadership midterm
October 12: Policy memo for America at War: The Response to 9/11 due
October 18: ConLaw midterm; Rise of China midterm
October 26: Response to 9/11 midterm
October 31: Second Presidential Leadership midterm



Finally received my Pottermore e-mail on Tuesday, much to be everlasting glee; I'm not a huge Harry Potter fan, but do I enjoy the series and love the world Rowling built, so it was really exciting to think of myself as a Hogwarts student and reading all this extra information about the HP 'verse that's never been mentioned before really hits my love of world-building.

So, in the world of Harry Potter, I am:
-The owner of (or properly termed, owned by) a black cat (that I've named Senka);
-In possession of a yew wand with a unicorn hair core, ten and three quarter inches long, surprisingly swishy (and reading up on the lore associated with wand cores and wandwoods made me want to cartwheel with glee);
-A member of Hufflepuff House

I was, admittedly, a bit surprised at being sorted into Hufflepuff; I was hoping for Ravenclaw, honestly. But the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea of being a Hufflepuff - loyalty and tenacity can serve you just as well as booksmarts, and there ain't anything that says I can't be a bit of a know-it-all Hufflepuff. Also, seriously, you just don't fuck with badgers if you want to keep your face intact. *nodnod*

Can't wait until they further expand the site. I'm looking forward to finding out what my Patronus would be, and possibly what my Animagus form could be if they give the option.
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Should really start packing stuff up for move-in. Mom and I are going to get to Boston early on Thursday to get my keys, and start the move-in process, then it'll be off to LSAT prep at 6PM per usual, then back home to the Cape, and then we'll finish moving in Sunday. (Because Mom point blank refuses to have to drive herself home to the Cape on a Saturday afternoon on Labor Day weekend and I can't blame her.)

So, so ready for the semester to begin and be back in Boston and ugh. Have I mentioned that I hate living on Cape Cod? Because I really hate living on Cape Cod.

Despite general apathy toward packing, I'm still feeling really good. Hurricane damage was minimal - the locust tree in the background was blown completely out of the ground, roots and all, much to Dad's displeasure, and all the locust trees in the plot on the other side of the road were either pulled out too or snapped in half, but there's no damage to the house or anything else - and we only had a few brief moments yesterday when the power flickered. Yard's covered in lots of little sticks but that was to be expected, honestly, but Billy doesn't have work today so I don't have to do clean up. *smug happy dance*

Also, I took my third diagnostic exam for my LSAT class on Saturday (did it at home, really didn't want to drive up to Boston) and eeeee! I scored a 151 on the first exam at the very beginning of class - basically I was right on the national average. The second exam I went down to 148, which isn't unusual during the course. But this third one?


*mad grin* If I can keep up this rate of improvement and get my way to a 170, I will totally have my pick of law schools. I'm so utterly ecstatic I'm seeing some real returns on all my hard work.

Let's just hope adding classwork into the mix won't kill me dead, eh?
Ugh, driving two or three times a week up to Boston for three-and-a-half hours of LSAT prep is brutal. Yet another reason to look forward to being back in Boston for fall semester - I'll only be a half-mile away, and after class is over in the evenings I can hitch a ride back to StuVi2 on the BU Shuttle. (No, I have no intention of walking over the BU Bridge at 9:30, that's scary enough to cross in daylight.) Also, y'know, Boston, home sweet home. I hate Cape Cod, seriously.

Hoping for a good year during my senior year. (Oh my God, I'm a senior in college, when did that happen?) Fun classes this fall - full political science lineup with American Constitutional Law (with Silverstein! Fuck yeah!), Special Topics in American Politics: Law and Society, America at War: The Response to 9/11 (with Kriner (!!) and some other professor I don't remember the name of), and Presidential Leadership (also with Kriner!) - and I've got two of them with Nicole (the Kriner classes, and we're even in the same discussion section for Presidential Leadership) which is nothing short of awesome. She's also living on West campus this year, so I've finally got someone to eat dinner with at the dining hall, yay!

Writing's been going pretty slowly, unfortunately. LSAT prep is burning me out, but I've gotten a bit more of the next Downtime fic written over the past few days, which is something. Here's hoping I can at least continue writing bits and pieces.

And I should probably finish up my LSAT homework before I have to get ready to head to Boston. There's a day-night doubleheader at Fenway today, which means traffic in the Longwood Medical Area (where I usually drive through on the way to BU) is going to be at a literal STANDSTILL, so I need to either leave early or take the long way through Dorchester and Brookline once I finally get up there. Ugh. Can't wait for move-in day.
Next part of the Downtime series (Jack's entry) will hopefully be up either Monday or Tuesday, maybe tomorrow if I can push through. I hit a big stretch of writer's block for a few weeks and I thought it best to take a break from writing rather than force it. On the bright side, Jack's piece had already been started and I know where it's going, it's just a matter of how long it's going to take. Likely it won't be as long as the Legion piece.

(All the positive feedback on the Legion piece, by the way, is the reason why my brain has kick-started again on the writing front. Seriously, you guys, my face actually hurt because I was smiling so much. I've never gotten so much feedback before and it thrills me that so many are reading and enjoying my little fics. Thanks, guys.)

Updates will also be slow as I'm currently helping Dad out with yardwork. Blue Water has yet to get back to me about my application and other jobs on the Cape are pretty much non-existent, but I still need spending money and something to do. So Dad offered to pay me ten dollars an hour if I helped out with yardwork, which I agreed to do.

I'm currently only doing two hours a day; I'm woefully out of shape, so Dad wants to build up my stamina. My main job the first few days was watering. Now, that doesn't seem like a big deal, but watering includes taking care of about twenty or so baby Leland Cypresses that Dad planted out front as a privacy screen. They each need roughly five gallons of water (ten gallons in a few of the older trees), and it would take too damn long with the hose, plus the spray would blow all the mulch away and it's really hard to tell just when five gallons have been used.

So. We fill up buckets.

Again, I am out of shape. There is no damn way in hell I can lift a full five gallon without rupturing something. Half a bucket is still heavy as sin, but at least I can carry it, but I have to make two trips out to each Leland Cypress, and the hose I use to fill up the buckets only extends so far.

Also, the front yard gets a lot of sun. So the first few days of yardwork I was absolutely miserable. Dad's telling me he expects me to able to carry a full five gallon bucket in each hand by the end of the summer. For the record, I'm five foot four, he's six foot two and that bucket is down at my ankles when I'm carrying it.

Dad is what some people would call an "optimist."

So I kind of hate my dad just a little bit at the moment, but I am getting out of the house and I am getting exercise and most importantly, I am getting paid. It also hasn't been so bad the past few days because it's been overcast and rainy, so I haven't had to water the Lelands. Thank. God.

I have been weeding, though. There's...a lot of dandelions in the front yard. And the side yard. (We have a really big plot of land.) And the backyard. Some of the little bastards even took root in the sand and gravel driveway. The newer plants come out easily, but the older, bigger ones have such wide root systems that I end up pulling a huge chunk of dirt out with the roots and then I have to spend another five minutes trying to loosen the dirt and fill in the hole.

Front yard currently looks a bit like a warzone with all the pulled up dandelions and I haven't even made a dent in the population. My back and knees hate me.

Christ, maybe I should have asked for fifteen an hour.
The semester is blessedly, finally over. Final grades for the semester:

HI370: The American Military Experience: A
LC212: Fourth-Semester Chinese: B
PO302: Campaigns and Elections around the World: A-
PO324: Media and Politics in the United States: A-

American Military Experience (which is listed for both history and international relations credit) with Professor Bacevich was easily one of the best classes I've ever had. His lectures were always engaging and entertaining - Bacevich had us in stitches on multiple occasions. He could also be terrifying so while I know we all pretty much worshipped him, we also lived in perpetual fear. Still easily my most favorite professor.

On the other end of the spectrum was Media and Politics. This course was...disappointing, to put it very, very mildly - my best friend and I were constantly bitching about it. We have no idea how the hell the professor even got a job at BU (young guy, his first year teaching at BU), his teaching style was terrible. The lecture slides basically parrotted the readings (giving us no incentive to actually do them), he never said anything that wasn't already on the slides, and there was a distinct lack of discussion about current events! Complete and utter waste of time and money. I spent my classes typing up the slides as they appeared and then going back to surfing the 'net.

Campaigns and Elections was all right; not something to gush about, but at least it was interesting and the professor (also in his first year teaching at BU) was better at engaging the class and keeping everyone focused. Chinese was Chinese, though it must be said that Woo laoshi is totally awesome AND I NEVER HAVE TO TAKE CHINESE AGAIN WOOHOO!

I must have kicked ass on my finals. I really hope I did - I ended up catching a cold last Tuesday (first day of finals and I had two) and then spent the rest of the week sick as a dog. Friday was somewhat manageable but Saturday was miserable, and that was the day I had the 3-5PM final. (Everyone was pissed about that - last timeslot on the last day? Christ, we were a seething mass of anger taking that final.) Mom came to pick me up after my final instead of Sunday morning because I was so sick, and it took another hour and a half to pack up.

Good thing I'd sent my video games, books, and PS3 home with Dad after his doctor's appointment the week before. Mom's car was stuffed.

I've spent the last week recovering from my cold and generally vegging out. Trying to catch up on all my backlogged pleasure reading - finally got around to reading A Hard Day's Knight and I'm finally going to finish Proven Guilty. Going to have to flip a coin on whether to read The Way of Kings (I've owned it for nearly a year which makes me want to cry) or White Night next. And then I'm going to be waiting impatiently for The Alloy of Law to come out - NEW MISTBORN BOOK OHMYGOD YAY!!!!!


...Crap, I need to get a job this summer. *groans* Probably going to end up working at Blue Water again, much as I hate the hospitality industry - it's either that or some retail job and there really aren't many pickings on the Cape. And once late July rolls around it's going to have to be part time because I'm going to be driving up to Boston three times a week for my LSAT prep course. God, kill me.

Meh. I'll head over to Blue Water tomorrow to see if they need more people to man the front desk. In the meantime, I'm going to read and plot out my characters for Star Wars: The Old Republic.
Eight more days and I am officially done with junior year.

A tentative schedule of events for the next week or so:

Tomorrow: Study session with Nicole, Nicole, and Jessica (yes, I know two Nicoles - you should see how many Megans I know) at the PAL Lounge in Mugar for Media & Politics. Study session will most likely be half studying, half bitching about how this turned out to be the useless, ill-taught class in the history of ever. (Yeah, we're kinda bitter.)

Sunday: Mix of studying for Media & Politics and Chinese. Likely going to be a lot of me sobbing and banging my head against the wall.

Monday: Review session for Chinese, because Woo Laoshi is awesome. Say fuck it about Media & Politics and attempt to memorize my Chinese dictionary yet again.

Tuesday: 9AM-11AM: Media & Politics in the United States final. Hour and a half break. 12:30PM-2:30PM: Fourth Semester Chinese final. 2:30PM: Run screaming from the CAS building, sobbing hysterically about, "I'm done, I'm done with it, never again, never again!"

Wednesday or Thursday: Study sessions with Nicole, Justin, and possibly a few others in either Mugar or the GSU for American Military Experience. Study session will likely be seventy-five percent studying, twenty-five percent gushing about how this was the most awesomest class ever and Professor Bacevich is the greatest professor ever even though he'a also really scary at times. Also begin packing up last of my stuff

Friday: 3PM: American Military Experience final.

Saturday: 3PM: Campaigns and Elections around the World final. Bitch with everyone else about how unfair it is for the university to schedule any finals at all for 3PM on a fucking Saturday, 9AM is bad enough. Finish packing.

Sunday: Strip the mattress and bug out before residences close at noon.

Right, I'm going to spend the rest of my day today reading fic, watching My Little Pony (it's craaaaaaack; pretty, pretty crack), and playing ME2.

Holy crap

Mar. 31st, 2011 03:08 pm
Caffeine doesn't really have an effect on me. I'm pretty sure it's because of the ADD - stimulants like my meds are supposed to calm me down rather than rile me up even more, and as the king of stimulants, drinking coffee usually makes me sleepy. I buy Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks because I enjoy the flavor, really.

A double-shot macchiacto from Espresso Royale, however? Holy shit I think my teeth are actually vibrating and my hands are legit shaky-twitchy and my eyes keep darting all over the place.

I don't think I like caffeine highs.

Right, I'm going to stick with hot chocolate from Espresso Royale from now on. And the spinach and feta croissants, those things are godly.


Mar. 11th, 2011 09:29 pm
Midterms are over. Scored 28 out of 30 on my American Military Experience midterm and got an A on my Campaign and Elections around the World paper. I'm home. My tummy is full of yummy-delicious Mom!food. My brother and his girlfriend will be here in about thirty minutes. It's spring break. I have a week to play DA2, write, and relax.

Life is good.
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Okay, I should probably be doing work right now, but I am too happy to care.

First off, I finished my Chinese composition last night at around 10:30. YAY! Am still very proud of myself. Then celebrated by playing Origins until 1 AM. I know, I know, I promised this weekend would involve no Dragon Age, but I wasn't going to start reading about political consultants at 10:30 at night on a Friday. And besides, I finished the Stone Prisoner DLC and Soldier's Keep and Return to Ostagar and some of the minor sidequests and all I need to do now is Nature of the Beast and the Landsmeet and then I kill the Archdemon! ...And then I gotta play Awakening. And do the Golems of Amgarrak and Witch Hunt DLCs.


...Moving on! There is another reason why am super-awesome-happy right now, but that requires some backstory!

Many many years, when I was precocious and tiny and around eight or nine, I was obsessed with horses. (Well, one could argue I still am, just to a lesser degree.) My obsession was such that I refused to read any books that didn't involve horses in some way. My mother was delighted that I loved to read but utterly frustrated at my obstinacy on equine-related matters.

I clearly recall the day my mother finally had enough. We were at the Hyde Park branch of the Boston Public Library, before they did the renovations that gutted the main building and added on this truly disgusting-to-look-at glass addition. The Hyde Park branch had great vaulted ceilings, tons of high windows that let in huge amounts of natural light, heavy wooden tables and chairs everywhere, and massive bookshelves built right into the walls; it was a beautiful building inside and out and it remains the image I see when I think "library." It's a shadow of its former self, now.

Anyway, I remember standing in a corner, scanning the shelves in search of something interesting (aka had a pretty horse on the cover). Mom came over and handed me a book, saying, "I know it's not horses, but you've read almost every horse book in the library. At least give this a try." I took it grudgingly.

It was a hardcover and it crinkled with the plastic libraries always put on the dust jackets. There was a green, angry-looking dragon on the cover, breathing blue flame. Facing the dragon so you couldn't see her face was a girl with long hair in a braid, cringing away from the flame; there was a baby dragon in her arms and two more at her feet. The title read Dragon's Milk by Susan Fletcher. (As luck would have it, Amazon has an image of that old hardcover - see it here.)

Mom, thank you.

I fell in love with that book and the story of a girl named Kaeldra, whose green eyes meant she could communicate with dragons, on a journey that started with a need to acquire dragon's milk to save her little sister from dying of vermilion fever. I managed to find the other books in the Dragon Chronicles later: Flight of the Dragon Kyn, a prequel about Kaeldra's ancestor Kara and my favorite of the series, and Sign of the Dove, whose summary would contain spoilers for Dragon's Milk so I won't say anything more. These books were my first really entry into fantasy - I didn't encounter Birth of the Firebringer until a year or two later, after the library defacing renovation began. I own paperback copies of the Dragon Chronicles and they are some of the most battered books I own despite my best efforts as I've just read them so much.

So today I was taking a break from reading and decided to browse deviantArt. On a whim I typed "dragon" into the search engine and scrolled down a bit. A title of one piece caught my eye: Flight of the Dragon Kyn.

No way, I thought. No fucking way.

To my utter delight, a favorite artist of mine (I've got a print of his "Steampunk Dragon" hanging on my wall at home) had done the covers for new paperback editions for some of my most favorite books ever (something I do not say lightly, considering my great and abiding adoration for the Firebringer Trilogy). A link in the picture description leads to the book's Amazon page, and I figured, "You know, my copies are so old, I should probably get some new ones - and with such beautiful cover art!" So I scrolled down to go to the "add all three to cart" option when something caught my eye under "Customer Also Bought" section.

A book called Ancient, Strange and Lovely by Susan Fletcher, published last fall. It's a new stand-alone novel of the Dragon Chronicles.

All four books will arrive on Wednesday. I haven't stopped smiling for hours.

Tomorrow's likely going to suck, but today? Today was awesome.
These next few weeks are going to suck, and suck hard.

Sunday 2/27: Chinese composition due at 11:59PM - hand in via e-mail.
Monday 2/28: Response paper (5-6 pages) for Campaigns and Elections around the World due; am woefully behind on the readings to begin with, never mind having started the paper
Thursday 3/3: Chinese oral quiz
Friday 3/4: American Military Experience midterm; Chinese quiz; DAD'S BIRTHDAY FUCK I HAVEN'T BOUGHT A PRESENT YET
Monday 3/7: Chinese quiz (whhhhyyyy, Woo Laoshi?! I thought you liked us!)
Thursday 3/10: Media and Politics in the United States midterm
Friday 3/11: Chinese midterm


I have a plan for this weekend that involves no Dragon Age, I swear. Chinese composition will be BS'ed tonight and revised tomorrow or Sunday afternoon, backlog readings will be read tomorrow, paper will be written Sunday. It will GET DONE. I WILL survive midterms. I just really really wish I could fast forward to 2:59PM on March 11 when I run screaming out of the CAS building and throw myself into Mom's waiting car to take me home for break. And then I will sleep for a week.

At least I have good thoughts to comfort me right now, like how I totally aced the Chinese quiz today.

'Kay, quick nap now, then Chinese. Onward!
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Having one of those "I don't think my head is screwed on correctly" days. Doesn't help that my internal clock is a bit screwed up from the Monday-schedule-on-Tuesday thing from yesterday that BU is so fond of employing.

Currently sitting in the GSU, waiting for the food court proper to open at 11AM for lunch. Am being somewhat productive despite my currently typing away in my journal, as I've got my Chinese textbook and notes spread out (and a Chinese-English dictionary open in another tab) to help translate a passage for class later today. Also have a vanilla latte so yay caffeine.

Played the Dragon Age 2 demo last night and it was AWESOME. Totally playing a rogue my first full playthrough of the game. Gonna try out the mage and warrior on the demo later when I get back to my room.

Ugh, I want a nap so badly right now. And food. Stupid screwed up Monday-and-Wednesday schedules...
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Back in Boston again, le sigh. Once again did no work despite my best attempts, so I'll be kicking myself in the ass throughout the week while frantically trying to catch up on the readings for my "Campaigns and Elections around the World" class.

God, did it really snow a bit this morning? The sky's so damn blue. So pretty outside right now.

But before I stick my nose into my books and read about World War I and campaign consultants in other countries and start memorizing that passage for Chinese, I'm going to gobble up all the recent articles about spring training. :D YAY BASEBALL!

I still cackle madly every time I'm reminded the Red Sox now have Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez. If the team can stay healthy this season, the Sox are going to kick so much ass.


Feb. 18th, 2011 10:44 am
Poor Dad! He very rarely gets sick, but when he does, damn.

Dadman has apparently come down with a bad case of the flu. He's got a really bad cough with a lot of phlegm, had some trouble breathing, and he was running a fever of 103 so Mom took him to the emergency room really early this morning. He's doing all right now and is getting discharged about now according to Mom's last update, but geez, Dad doesn't do anything by halves.

I was planning on going home for the weekend (Monday's off, woohoo!), but Mom won't be able to pick me until tomorrow because she needs to keep an eye on Dad, which is fine by me. Poor, poor Dad.

Thank God I'm all caught up on my flu shots.

In happier news, today is disgustingly beautiful except for all the filthy snow melting. It's warm, the sun's shining, there's few clouds despite the meteorologists' claims about rain for today, and I'm wearing a damn t-shirt in February. Ai-ya. Still, it'll make running my errands a little more enjoyable.

Am in especially good mood, too, despite Dad being sick. No Chinese this afternoon, so my only class was my 9AM American Military Experience one, which is always awesome, but today was especially great! The professor briefly toyed with the idea of springing a pop quiz on us (he usually spaces them out more, and the last one was Monday) as the class has only 48 people and we're in a room that barely fits everyone - so the eleven people that weren't there were very conspicuous. I personally wasn't too worried (though I was frantically trying to recall the IDs the professor likes to use in his quizzes that were specific to last night's reading, as I probably hadn't read as thoroughly as I should have, heh), but it was pretty damn funny to watch the looks of rising panic on everyone's faces.

The professor opted not to give us the quiz, but made a few quips about finding out just who was fool enough to skip his class. He's also ex-military, and woe betide the idiot who comes into his class late. (This is the only class I have in which everyone is present and sitting when the professor walks in and starts lecturing at nine on the dot.) We had a few late stragglers today, though, and the professor turned his eye on them but he hadn't started the lecture yet and he said, "You're lucky we're just making jokes right now." We were all already giggling but that set the whole class off. He continued in a similar vein the whole lecture, which was great because it made what could have been an unenthusiastic discussion of the Root Reforms (at least on my classmates' part) vastly more entertaining.

Seriously, love that class. And next time we're starting World War I! Whee!

EDIT: Massachusetts Town Slogans as collected by Universal Hub. Rolling on floor, can't stop laughing. Favorites include "Boston: Lost if by car, late if by T"; "Dorchester: Home of the Wahlbergs!" (Dorchester pride, woo!); and "Amherst: We take pride in being ourselves, as long as that is borderline-offensive political-correctness." But the best is this: "Somerville: Like the US, we have three branches of government: 1/3 Mayor, 1/3 Aldermen, 1/3 Pat's Towing."
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I hate this holiday.

I don't even take comfort in the chocolate anymore, because buying chocolate for yourself on this day of all days is just a new level of sad. That said, I'm totally taking advantage of the sale CVS is undoubtedly going to have in the very near future to get rid of the rest of their Valentine's stock.

It's not that I'm bitter. I honestly couldn't give a crap if I had a boyfriend or not - not worth the effort in my mind. I just hate how utterly unromantic this holiday is. It's too commercialized, too focused on red hearts and sparkling diamonds and sub-par chocolate and expensive flowers. Seriously, how is this date more special than any other for expressing your love for someone or giving them a sweet gift or taking your significant other somewhere nice or proposing?

There is, of course, also present the subtle implication that if you don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend on this day then you are a sad, sorry person and I resent that a lot. That could just be me reading too far into things, but that's not exactly outside the norm for me.

Kinda wish today was the day we have off instead of next Monday so I could be at home right now. I could do with a cuddle with Bam-Bam in all his adorable fuzzy glory. Or Jazz, Queen Bitch Cat Extraordinaire, even if snuggle time with her ends with me nursing a newly bruised spleen.

Oh well. At least there's wine in the fridge.
Sitting in the Law Auditorium, waiting for my 9:30 lecture to start. Breakfast consists of a large vanilla hazelnut coffee from the Campus Convenience store (because at $2.10, a large is cheaper than even a Starbucks "tall") and a chocolate-chip bagel with honey nut cream cheese from Aesop's Bagels at the GSU. Mmm, yummy.

Flurries galore outside right now, and what didn't flash freeze yesterday and last night now consists of puddles everywhere. At least Comm Ave isn't a river anymore, though. Small mercies, I guess.

More later.
Twenty-one years old. Good God, I can't believe I lasted this long.

There's a distinct lack of alcohol in my immediate future as there's no booze in the house, but that's okay, I don't even like the feeling of being mildly tipsy. And the thought of going out is just silly, because Mom's making a roast for Billy-twin and I and who needs a restaurant when there's a lovely hunk of beef waiting to be eaten?

(What, I'm an Italian and a carnivore. I like food, sue me.)

Looking like it's going to be a quite birthday otherwise, but that's okay, too. Chatted with my old high school buddy Caitlin on Facebook, and we made plans to meet up at the Cask and Flagon for burgers, beer, and gossip once I roll back into Boston around the 16th. Probably going to spend the rest of the afternoon huffing about where the hell UPS is with my last gift for my brother and the gift for myself. (Hahaha, latest Nightside book you WILL be mine!)

Going to go poke Billy-twin, then Mom and Dad, then maybe flop on the couch with Skinny and a book. WoWing will happen later this evening, yupyup.

Man, I should really update this thing more, shouldn't I?





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