Jul. 2nd, 2012 12:07 pm
Civilization V is crack.

Diablo III is also crack.

The difference is I actually own Civ 5 (thank you, Amazon sale from months ago) versus having access to just the guest pass version of D3, plus Civ 5 allows me to indulge my world domination guilty pleasure. D3 is a lot better for venting frustrations, though, what with being able to annihilate hordes of zombies and demons in various messy ways.

D3, however, is still sixty bucks, and I refuse to buy the full version until my wallet is less lean or they have a sale, but considering this is Blizzard I highly doubt they're going to allow Amazon to sell it for less than full price for a long, long time.

Stupid lack of summer jobs on the Cape.


Jun. 19th, 2012 12:34 pm
First Look: Angelina Jolie as the evil sorceress 'Maleficent' -- BREAKING


(Oh hey, six hundred posts!)
So I just need to share with the world at large that today my copy of The Last Unicorn on two-disc DVD/Blu-ray combo arrived AND ALL IS RIGHT AND GLORIOUS IN MY WORLD.

Seriously, this movie is like the living embodiment of my childhood; I have no idea how many times I rented it on VHS from Blockbuster as a little kid and I watched it and watched it and watched it. The three great things that introduced me to to fantasy: The Last Unicorn, the Dragon Chronicles by Susan Fletcher, and the Firebringer Trilogy by Meredith Ann Pierce. THEY ARE MY TRIFECTA OF HAPPY AND YAY AND CHILDHOOD. (I didn't pick up the original book of The Last Unicorn for many years, but after reading it all I could think was, "Hm, which was better at tearing out my heart and stomping on it, the book or the movie? Think, think... Tie. Definitely a tie. LET'S READ IT AGAIN YAY.") The amount of happies and feels I have right now is indescribable.

(Yes, I will totally be buying bottles of The Lilac Wood and The Last Unicorn and Lady Amalthea from BPAL's Last Unicorn collection once I have the money. I WILL NOT BE DENIED. Also: lilac. Best smell ever.)

Been beating my head against the wall with a Mistwrought ficlet the past week. Lailya and Halion and Farran and the morning after a truly epic absinthe bender and the drunken blackout thaumaturgical engineering (this ficlet, in fact, only came to exist because I wanted to use the phrase "drunken blackout thaumaturgical engineering" because seriously LOOK AT IT is that not an awesome phrase?) that said absinthe bender resulted in and "Fuck what did we create?" "It's going to get us preemptively banned from another five realms at least, whatever it is." "It's an unholy mating of engineering and arcana, we're looking at someone declaring war." "Oooh, we haven't had one of those recently! :D" and it's stalled out on me for various reasons, most of them boiling down to Lailya and Halion and Farran deciding to be temperamental bitches and not cooperating. AGAIN.

Why do I love these three so much despite the agony they put me through?


Had funtimes last night in the wonderful world of Azeroth! Ran through Icecrown Citadel 10-man on heroic with the guild for achievements and titles and it was awesome! Got the Glory of the Icecrown Raider achievement (hel~lo there, Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher, you are my precious new shiny) AND the "Bane of the Fallen King" title (it's my favorite title in-game, too) on (original!)Lailya. The Lich King remains my absolute favorite boss fight in the whole of WoW - great mechanics and a truly epic ending; Deathwing honestly kind of sucks on various levels - and on heroic it's still tricky for a group of level 85's with top-tier raid gear. We steamrolled through the rest of ICC pretty easily, but wiped four times on Arthas. So much fun.

Also, still way too obsessed with BPAL for my own good. We'll just end it there.

Feeling antsy, otherwise. Must find something to do and/or entertain myself. Meh. Where did I put my copy of The Alloy of Law...
Miskatonic University: Love it, love it, love it! It smells very powerfully of Irish coffee in the bottle as well as on my skin the first hour; I personally love the smell, but it's boozy enough I'd likely have to refrain from using it first thing in the morning to avoid suspicions that I hadn't left the pub until 5AM. *eyebrow waggle* I don't get the oakwood or dusty tome elements, but the Irish coffee does mellow out and again, it's something I utterly adore. Best of all, this scent sticks to me: fourteen hours after first putting it on, my wrists still smelled lovely, but the Irish coffee had turned into a very pretty cream-and-brown-sugar, bordering on vanilla-like. Gorgeous.

The Forest Reverie: Interesting scent in the imp. The opium smoke and grape vine is strongest, pleasant but heady; definitely makes me think of shadowy, smoky parlors. (In fact, it gives me this great imagery of the Imp's Head Tavern on a night when its bursting at the seams with guests, but everyone's pretty quiet and mellow and content with keeping to themselves.) On my skin though... Ugh. Burning vineyard - acrid, overwhelming, and I could feel a headache building in my temples the likes of which I haven't had since the height of my chemical sensitivity in high school. I had to immediately wash it off my skin, it was that bad. I might keep it, though, it'd make a great diffuser for a room.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat: Wonderful scent out of the imp! Definitely get the melon and the lime, with just the faintest trace of green tea; very light and fresh. On my skin the green tea and lime fade, but the mint comes out and oh my goodness, it is heavenly, and I think I'm starting to get that champagne grape with the lemon balm, too. The mint-melon is strongest, though, and I love it! Not too overpowering, either; again, definitely very light and refreshing. I might have to get a bottle of this, this is a really wonderful spring/summer scent.

In conclusion, two hits, one sorta hit-and-miss. Immensely pleased overall. I also really need to stop browsing the BPAL catalog and the forum, as now that my eye is no longer being drawn the more interesting product names, I keep finding more stuff that I'd love to try, like How Doth the Little Crocodile and Embalming Fluid.
Watching Band of Brothers, pondering opening a tumblr account (although I don't know anyone over there and I doubt I'd get any more feedback on my original 'verse scribblings then I do anywhere else which is to say none since tumblr is very visually oriented toward art and screencaps and animated .gifs and fandom and wow this has turned bitter let's move on), lusting after Diablo III, laughing at the people stuck in the six-mile (formerly fifteen!) back-up at the Sagamore Bridge trying to get off the Cape, and sorting through the dregs of The Pit for something fluffy to read.

All in all, your average afternoon.

Also, happy Memorial Day. Thank a soldier if you know one, which reminds me: I need to go call my grandpa.
I should not be this damn happy to go daily-questing in Deepholm's Crumbling Depths, idly decide to use that bomb from that other daily to launch myself up to the otherwise-inaccesible-chamber to see if maybe Jadefang has spawned, FIND THAT JADEFANG HAS SPAWNED AND THERE'S NO ONE ELSE THERE, kill him, and get myself the Tiny Shale Spider companion pet at long last.

I really shouldn't. And yet I am, mostly because I am NEVER this lucky.

Tiny Shale Spider: *squeak!*
Lailya: *kisses its carapace* I'm going to name you Sirpa.
Sirpa: *squeak!*
Ituhala: *eyes the spider* It's animated stone and precious gems, how in the Nether is it able to squeak?
Lailya: Don't know, don't care. *coos*
Sirpa: *squeak!* *scurries up Lailya's arm and shoulder, and ends up perching on the warlock's head*
Lailya: *squee* So precious!
Sirpa: ♥
Ituhala: You worry me.
Lailya: Hush.
So my graduation present to myself finally arrived today: one vial of Miskatonic University from the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's "A Picnic in Arkham" collection. I honestly don't know whether to write some Lovecraftian-inspired Watchers 'verse ramblings (the Irish coffee tones are particularly strong right now and Irish coffee is something I strongly associate with Nora and the other Siblings McCormick) or something for the Mistwrought 'verse (as I can totally imagine Lailya's private library - full of treatises on demonology and thaumaturgy and necromancy and transmutation and magical encyclopedias galore and Lokyn how in the Nether did you find my trashy romance collection get out! - smelling like this).

My order also came with two free imp's ears, one of The Forest Reverie and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat which I haven't opened yet as the scent of Miskatonic University is pretty damn potent right now, but I suspect I will like anyway. I have pretty damn eclectic tastes in just about every category one can imagine.

I may or may not be considering putting in an order for imp's ears of various scents I'd love to try, with my top choices at the moment being Absinthe, Dragon's Milk, Fenris Wolf, Hellcat, Jabberwocky, Tamora, The Little Wooden Doll and The Obsidian Widow.

[livejournal.com profile] tinuvielchild, my darling? I love you This is all your fault!
So yesterday I graduated!

BU is a really big university, so it'd be impossible to have all he graduates walk across the stage at commencement, it'd take much too long. So instead each school within he university has its own ceremony throughout Commencement Weekend; CAS, however, is so big that each department has its own ceremony. The political science department had its yesterday at 9AM.

So I got there early for lineup and met up with Mom and Dad and Billy and Billy's girlfriend and yay family! And I got my diploma and before the family left (the All-University Commencement wasn't until 1PM and they'd seen the most important thing, me walking across the stage to get my degree) they gave me my graduation present and OMFG Samsung Galaxy tablet!

Went back to my dorm for a few hours, giggling madly like a mad giggling thing, and changed from my slacks into a skirt because holy God it had gotten hot out. Drank some water, had a snack, and at a quarter to twelve went down to Nickerson for lineup; managed to find Nicole and some other friends and we were close to the head of the line which meant we had some damn good seats after processing in.

(Mother of God, I had no idea Nickerson could hold that many people.)

Ceremony was very good! Executive chairman Eric Schidmt of Google was our commencement speaker and he did a wonderful job! He had a good blend of humor and seriousness, and pretty much told us to go out into the world and be awesome. The real highlight though was definitely Leonard Nimoy, who was receiving an honorary degree (and had also spoke at CFA's ceremony, the lucky bastards). He threw us all the Vulcan salute, and I would have taken a picture, except I - and every other graduate on the field - was too busy returning it.

It warms the cockles of my black heart to know my fellow graduates are a bunch of nerds.

Afterward, I stumbled back to my room and drank three glasses of water and had a two hour nap. There had been a breeze during the ceremony, but the heat had been brutal. (I have a nasty-looking sunburn on my cheeks, nose, forearms, and the bit of my forehead not covered by my cap.) After my nap, I finally got around to setting up my new tablet.

Me: Wow, that was a really fast setup!
Tablet: I'm pretty cool like that.
Me: Will have to set up the Internet later, the university wireless- OH MY GOD THE BU WIRELESS WORKS ON YOU WHAT DEVILRY IS THIS?!
Tablet: I'm just that awesome! :D
Me: OMG Kindle! Netflix! Easy navigation! Clearly marked settings! I LOVE YOU.
Tablet: Aw, I love you, too! Wanna play a few games?
Me: *hugs tablet* I'm going to name you Tony* and I will love you forever and ever and ever.
Tony the Tablet: ♥

Billy: *via text* How do you like your new tablet?

And now I'm just waiting for Mom to arrive so we can move me out. Guess what I wrote this entry on. *grin*

(*[livejournal.com profile] tinuvielchild will likely get my reasons for this name. *whistles innocently*)


May. 20th, 2012 10:40 am
Guess who's got her degree and is now officially a college graduate?
So yesterday I bought myself a pint of frozen yogurt, ate half of it for dessert, and then put it back in my freezer to finish later.

Tonight, I skip over to the freezer, spoon in hand, open the door-

No pint. Anywhere.

Someone ate my frozen yogurt.





Seriously. WHAT. THE. FUCK.
dt_maxwell: ([Animals] Baby Eater)
The siblings are huddling within a nest of pillows and blankets and pilfered couch cushions situated in the far corner of a small third floor parlor. Greylin is wearing his wolfshape, not so much in the corner as laying along the entire back wall, but even he has a blanket big enough to cover him. Lykke and Siad are firmly cuddled up on either side of their elder brother, arms and fingers entangled in the thick brindled gray fur of his neck and chest. All three are staring at the parlor door, which stands slightly ajar.

A burst of high, raucous laughter pierces the silence hanging throughout the inn - a gleeful cackle that has made archdevils shake (Mama), a whispering giggle reminiscent of cracking bones (Uncle Halion), and a diabolical laugh worthy of the maddest of mad scientists (Uncle Farran).

Greylin - Scourge of the Southern Wastes, Wolf-Prince of the Crossroads, future Lord of Mistwrought - whines and flattens his ears.

"You'd think we'd be used to this by now," Siad says, trying and failing to keep his voice from shaking.

"There are non-interference rules usually in effect," Lykke says, pressing closer to her brother, "so Mama and the Uncles can't go out and do anything when someone manages to do something really stupid and piss them all off, just fume quietly and try to find something to distract themselves while we forget they have Done Things Back In The Day that would make Old Gods run screaming into the night."

"And then there are the times when they are allowed to do something," Greylin rumbles, nosing a blanket until it covers his head and shoulders and younger twin sibs. The warm darkness is a welcome comfort and muffles the lingering echoes of twisted planning. "And they make up for all the other lost opportunities-"

"-and end up going batshit crazy," says Siad.

"I was thinking more indulge their megalomaniacal tendencies in the search for sweet, sweet vengeance, but go batshit works, too."

They are not afraid of their mother and uncles. They are afraid of what they can do, as Mama, Uncle Halion, and Uncle Farran are normally able to control their tempers and act as the cool voices of reason for the eccentric collection of people that live and work in and around the Imp's Head Tavern and Mistwrought and is, for all intents and purposes, a truly sprawling extended family. It is unnerving for the Lunamortis children to see Mama and the Uncles outside the roles most familiar to them: guardians and guides and founts of wry, hard-earned wisdom. (Uncle Halion would argue there was nothing wise about Uncle Farran, who would say, nN, but I make up for it in charisma and dashing good looks, you introverted beanpole, and then they'd start hurling insults and trying to out-drink the other and draw the whole rest of the tavern into the contest and Mama would bang her head against the table and mutter brothers as both a benediction and a curse.)

The mad laughter is a reminder that their mother and uncles are people, too, three of the individuals with power over and responsibility for the spaces between worlds, not just the people who raised Greylin and Lykke and Siad, and sometimes that power goes to their heads. They have never claimed to be good people, but when you've seen the Matron Protectorate up to her elbows in cookie dough, or the Lord of Rimehaven asleep on the couch and drooling on a pillow, or the Lord-Commander of Ravens' Hold repairing a clockwork toy for the child of one his Ravens, it's hard to remember that the rest of the multiverse has only seen them at their most terrifying.

It doesn't make the audible plotting of some poor idiot's inevitable demise any less of a disturbing experience, though. Mama and the Uncles are an inventive, vindictive trio when given the opportunity.

"Do we have cookies?"

"Mint chocolate chip and snickerdoodle."

"Do we have booze?"

"Assorted Jabberwocky brands."

"Do we have board games?"

"Oh so many."

"Can we close the door, please?"

Greylin pokes his head out from the blanket and huffs a deep breath. The parlor door swings closed, muffling the echoes of laughter, and the direwolf burrows fully back under the covers.

"Best big brother ever."
I've been up since six because after a mere five hours of sleep my brain decided to yell "LET'S BE AWAKE NOW :D" at an ungodly hour, and I am bone tired after a long day and it was rainy and my jeans got soaked up to my knees and the left sleeve of my rain jacket was so saturated from water my arm was damp when I took my coat off when I finally trudged through the door at 8:30PM but fuck it all, today was glorious and wonderful and perfect.

I got to see a Sox game with my twin brother and my friends. As in, actually at Fenway. I haven't been to Fenway since I was eight or ten, but BU was offering tickets to tonight's game as part of Senior Week festivities, so weeks ago I said screw it, I'mma going to see the Sox.

I managed to snag another ticket so I could bring my bro along, but it was for standing room only on the first base pavilion and the other BU tickets (one of which was mine when I originally bought it) were for right field bleacher seats. Not too worry - as section 42 was effectively BU territory, myself, my brother, and my friends merely blithely sauntered into the section, compared tickets to see who had gotten the best row, found said row, and snagged seats a good thirty minutes before first pitch at 4:05PM.

(We were four seats down the row from the Red Seat. Score!)

It was glorious. Rainy, but glorious. My brother sat quietly for the most part - he's probably more introverted than I am, and he busy watching baseball - but did respond when I poked him to verify his status as "alive," and wasn't bothered much by the rain since he had a jacket with a proper hood. My bestie and I occasionally had to huddle under my umbrella when the misty showers turned into proper rain, but the rain let up finally at the top of the ninth, which was awesome.

I had so much fun. Again, section 42 of the right field bleachers had essentially become de facto BU territory and I saw a lot of people I knew. Smart-ass comments were thrown around a lot during the game by myself and others in the rows around us, mostly about the game itself and sometimes about the people around us.

"Beckett's ERA is going down!"
"Anything is better than his last outing."
"Looks like he's on the way to securing a shut out, anyway."
"Yeah, Beckett is, but what happens when middle relief comes in?" (This was me.)
"On the bright side, Beckett's pitch count is still low, so he might be good for seven." (Also me.)
"Let's hope."
"Is that... Is that chick getting the cops because someone's sitting in her seat?"
"Oh for the love of- we're all BU students here! PICK A SEAT, the view sucks from everywhere!"
"Hey, we've got seats at Fenway, we're not stuck behind a pillar in the grandstand or in standing room only, and we've got an unencumbered view of the whole damn park."
"The middle schoolers are trying to start a wave again."
"Oh come ON, we did two rounds of that already, no more!"

There was the first pitch by a BU student, and a moment of silence for BU students killed in an accident in New Zealand (a gesture all the attending students appreciated), and acknowledgement of the awesomeness of Tim Wakefield (with special appearance by Doug Mirabelli, woohoo!), and hotdogs and draft beer (we all turned green at the prices, but fuck it, you gotta eat a ballpark frank and a beer at Fenway at least once in your life), and the girls and I split a plate of fried dough with powdered sugar (girls need sugar, damnit), and Big Papi hit a home run into the bullpen (I GOT TO SEE DAVID ORTIZ HIT A HOMERUN AT FENWAY, HOW COOL IS THAT?!), and pretty much all the BU students did impromptu dances in our seats every time Adrian Gonzalez came to bat because his player intro song is catchy, and we sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the seventh inning stretch and then "Sweet Caroline" in the eighth, and then "Dirty Water" and "Tessie" when the Sox stomped over the Mariners 5-0, and then had Noodle Street for dinner, andandand...

And today was just perfect. There are literally no words I can fathom that can accurately describe the depths of my joy right now. I am so exhausted I can't sleep, hence why I decided to update now rather than later, but I just can't stop smiling.

Today was, unequivocally, the best day of my life.


May. 9th, 2012 02:18 pm
As of 10:35AM, I am done with my undergraduate career.

I still have two finals to take, but I turned my last ever undergraduate paper yesterday (BOOYAH!) so that's a huge load off my shoulders.

I had to go to Mugar Library to return some books and to print out my paper before turning it in because my printer ran out of black ink and decided to be a bitch and not use the option that can mix the other remaining inks into something that's almost-but-quite-true-black. It was weird leaving Mugar because I knew I'd never go back again.

Almost free.

(Also, today is Derby Day, so, PONIES WOOHOO!)
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So I'm taking a quick break from paper writing just to get my feels out, because I have a lot of them right now.

End of college stress and start of law school - this past weekend was me and Mom running around getting paperwork together so I could mail it en mass Monday - and holy God, I am graduating on May 20. My last day of classes was yesterday, tomorrow is the Senior Breakfast, I turn in my last paper Friday, my last final is next Wednesday (only two, thank God), then Senior Week (I bought tickets for the whale watch and the Sox game), and then Commencement.

Mother of God.

I don't think it's quite hit me yet - too caught up in the stress of papers, I'm sure. But I'm also going to law school and Mom came up Saturday to drop some stuff off for me and I was just sitting in the car with her and chatting and I suddenly started shaking and crying and God. It's scary, in a way.

I got un-wait-listed by Brooklyn Law School (Dad was...not amused when he realized what its acronym is; admittedly Mom and I had been waiting for him to notice with amused trepidation), and I have to admit the place is kind of amazing. Expensive, yeah, but that's because they have guaranteed housing for first year law students. In Brooklyn Heights. Just a short walk from the law school itself, so I don't have to worry about transportation costs, and their new(ish, it opened in 2005) apartment building is fucking gorgeous and has furnished apartments. I freely admit that not having to worry about housing the first year is one of the school's biggest draws (something Mom admitted to, as well), but the program's damn awesome, and if the financial aid package is any good and I don't hear from BC Law about being taken off their wait list, it looks like I'll be living in Brooklyn this fall.

Excited and terrified, it's all I can say about that.

Trying to maintain my sanity by scrolling through silly Tumblr blogs (haven't gotten my own Tumblr, because like I need to fully immerse myself in that level of crack) and listening to music and writing out Mistwrought scribbles and playing WoW (yes, I fell off the wagon; no, I don't regret it, because I missed my guildmates something fierce) and following news about The Avengers because RDJ in all his snarky glory and the adorableness that is Tom Hiddleston just make me happy and I really need some happy right now.

I also need a hug.

And now I should probably bullshit the last hundred words for this damn religion paper so I can concentrate on the nine pages I need to churn out for my anthropology research paper.
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(Should be doing something productive with my time, like working on the three papers I have due this week, but instead I am brainstorming for Mistwrought and reading fanfic. Le sigh, self.

But anyway. Scribble ahead.

Lykke and Corbin are two of my new favorites, by the way. I REGRET NOTHING.)

Corbin has seen far too many eldritch abominations pass through Mistwrought's fog-shrouded streets (and what the Matron Protectorate did to the eldritch abominations that thought her town's citizens made decent snacks) to be phased by anything that happened at the Inn any longer. Still, walking in on his way to report to the Matron, the Raven couldn't help but notice the remains of one hell of a party in the front parlor.

He detoured to Lykke's office.

"Why is there an entire pantheon of gods passed out in the main parlor?"

Lykke glanced up from preparing her morning dose of spiced coffee. "Oh, that," she said, lifting her mug and taking a careful sip. Frowning at the taste, she set it down and added another spoonful of sugar and a few dashes of nutmeg. "First-time visitors to the Imp's Head. Got a bit too big for their britches, as it were. Mama dared them to a drinking contest, started tapping the kegs of Jabberwocky, then finally brought out the Wormwood. "Test the integrity of their livers," she said."

Corbin blinked once, then again. "Your mother fights dirty," he said. He'd have to ask Quinzel later about what precisely these gods had done to earn the ire of Lailya Lunamortis. Springing Jabberwocky Wormwood on the uninitiated without any advance warning was just...mean.

Lykke smirked and sipped her coffee. "Well, if it's a fair fight, you're doing it wrong."

The Red Sox.

My team. My boys. My fucking heart.

There are no words in the English dictionary or .GIFs on Tumblr that can accurately convey the complete and profound depths I have reached with my rage, my horror, and my grief.

I didn't watch the Sox collapse last September - I was too busy with school and LSAT prep to pay attention to baseball. But it was awful to read about, to see my favorites in all of baseball become an utter laughing stock. And over the winter it was hard to watch Terry Francona leave, and then see Tim Wakefield and Jason Varitek (the elder statesman and captain, respectively, and undoubtedly two great steadying influences in the clubhouse) retire. I put my faith in the team, though, that there was always next year, and that spring training would be a fresh start. I ignored the impassioned, bitter insults my dad, a Sox fan for all sixty-one years of his life, slung at the team, because someone in the family had to be the optimist.

(Optimism is most assuredly not normally My Thing, but I had to try.)

The Sox got off to a rocky start. They kicked the Rays' collective butts on Opening Day weekend, but so far it's been the only highlight to the season.

And then this past weekend. I mean... Jesus Christ.

The Sox lost 6-2 to the fucking New York Yankees on Fenway Park's one hundredth birthday. And then fucking YESTERDAY. Ahead 9-1 going into the seventh inning, and the bullpen - ONCE AGAIN - fucking collapses and the Yankees rally to win FIFTEEN TO FUCKING NINE.


The season is three weeks old and the Sox have already hit ROCK FUCKING BOTTOM. I have been a loyal fan my whole life, but I am so tempted to throw up my hands and find myself another team, if only for the sake of my blood pressure.

Seriously. There are quite literally no words that can accurately express what I'm feeling right now.

Screaming, at least, gets close.
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Taking a quick break from my research paper (just hit the fifteen page minimum and I am still not done! Woohoo!) to share the hilarity myself and some friends on Facebook (and by friends I mean people I actually know and have seen in person) are indulging in regarding what the weather in Boston is going to be like this week.

Some gems include:
  • "New England: where in the morning you wear a parka and have the heat in the car on high, and in the afternoon you wear shorts and have the air conditioning blasting away!"
  • "This week we will be experiencing highs in the high 80s AND the low 50s. Welcome to New England, where the forecasts are made up and the seasons don't matter!"
  • "I'm Drew Carey and I'll be your host today. The first game is called "holy fuck I would have worn shorts today had there not been a layer of snow on the ground.""
Oh, Boston. As much as I bitch about you, never change, my love, never change. 
...and wanted to share, too.

(And also, hey, look, an update. Kinda.)

One day I'll do a proper backstory for this 'verse. In the meantime, I have no idea what this is. Huzzah! )



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