May. 25th, 2012

So my graduation present to myself finally arrived today: one vial of Miskatonic University from the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's "A Picnic in Arkham" collection. I honestly don't know whether to write some Lovecraftian-inspired Watchers 'verse ramblings (the Irish coffee tones are particularly strong right now and Irish coffee is something I strongly associate with Nora and the other Siblings McCormick) or something for the Mistwrought 'verse (as I can totally imagine Lailya's private library - full of treatises on demonology and thaumaturgy and necromancy and transmutation and magical encyclopedias galore and Lokyn how in the Nether did you find my trashy romance collection get out! - smelling like this).

My order also came with two free imp's ears, one of The Forest Reverie and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat which I haven't opened yet as the scent of Miskatonic University is pretty damn potent right now, but I suspect I will like anyway. I have pretty damn eclectic tastes in just about every category one can imagine.

I may or may not be considering putting in an order for imp's ears of various scents I'd love to try, with my top choices at the moment being Absinthe, Dragon's Milk, Fenris Wolf, Hellcat, Jabberwocky, Tamora, The Little Wooden Doll and The Obsidian Widow.

[ profile] tinuvielchild, my darling? I love you This is all your fault!



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