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So this graded memo due by 8AM Monday is worth eighty percent of my legal writing grade and while I've got a portion of it written (and even edited), right now I cannot give a damn about the thing.

Here, have some the Blood-Sibs being Not Completely Right In The Head. (Fact: the Blood-Sibs are all rather shameless in incorporating Lailya's children into their pranks on one another. In the process, however, they learn valuable life skills such as subterfuge, blackmail, guerrilla warfare, and the art of the double- and triple-cross.

Yes, Lailya's perception of a proper education isn't exactly normal.)


An explosion rocked the tavern. Halion's mug rattled across the tabletop, spiced coffee sloshing everywhere.

The mage raised his gaze from his newspaper to the ceiling, one dark auburn eyebrow quirked. "What in the Nether was that?"

Lailya made a notation in her grimoire and turned the page. "Farran promised the twins how to make their own smoke bombs."

"Even I know smoke bombs aren't supposed to do that."

"Says the man who taught my eldest how to turn a purification potion into bone-eating acid." Lya picked up the delicate black and emerald cup floating next to her and took a sip of her manathistle tea.

Hal's expression turned mournful. "You told Far to use the alchemic storeroom, didn't you?"

His sin'amilia didn't look at him, but the crinkling at the corner of her eyes gave away the smirk she was likely hiding behind her teacup.

Hal sighed, folded up his paper, and went to fetch one of his leather-bound notebooks. All right, he supposed he deserved it, especially after Greylin decided to experiment on some of Lya's more esoteric summoning equipment, but his primary storeroom, really? That was just uncalled for, and Far's cooperation even more so.

Lykke and Siad would probably be delighted to put their new skills to use.



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