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-Called Grandpa to tell him the news
-Reduced him to one-word responses
-Patted self on the back, because damn, that's twice in my life I've reduced my verbose, former English teacher grandfather to speechlessness!
-Called Villanova back to formally accept offer because full tuition scholarship holy shit
-Based on how excited the assistant admissions director I talked to sounded, possibly made someone do a jig in their office
-Found an apartment in Ardmore, miracle of miracles, that was in walking distance of the train and shopping, had great reviews, AND cheap rent
-It was the last studio left, Villanova University doesn't have housing for seniors so apartments get snapped up fast
-Paid the deposit on said apartment
-It's off the market and MINE NOW, bitches!
-Bought Diablo III for myself because full tuition scholarship, I am totally allowed to get myself a present
-(My battletag is Lailya#1671, come say hi if you can!)
-Received an official copy of my financial aid award letter
-Saw exactly how much "full tuition" meant
-Hyperventilated again
-Told Mom
-Reduced Mom either to speechlessness or just forgetting her English entirely
-Told Brooklyn Law kthnxbye (politely, of course)
-Made Dad very pleased that I am officially no longer going to a school with the acronym "BLS"
-Screamed in frustration that the BPAL 13 scent sounded fucking perfect BUT I HAVE NO MONEY
-Reminded self, A) full tuition scholarship and B) Diablo III, best stress relief ever

It's been a good week.



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